Top 5 Best Custom Motorcycle Builders

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You could go to your local store and buy a pre-built bike or look into some of the top custom motorcycle builders and construct one yourself. And, let's be ... read more...

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    Rodsmith Motorcycles

    Craig Rodsmith, who was born in Australia and raised in North America, is adept at infusing motorcycles with a distinct punk rock edge. Rodsmith, a true expert in his trade, operates out of Lake County, Illinois, and is well-known for his unique masterpieces and intricate patterns.

    If you want a one-of-a-kind design, this is the place to go: no two of Rodsmith's sculptures are ever the same. Cafe Racers, Bobbers, and Choppers are among his favorite bikes to reproduce, but nothing is off-limits. If you have an idea but no additional clues, this shop also creates totally unique bikes from the ground up. Craig Rodsmith is one of the greatest options if you're seeking an international mix of custom motorbike makers.

    Phone: 224-234-7576

    Location: 35110 N Illinois 83, Grayslake, IL 60030, USA


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    Popbang Classics

    PopBang Classics will be interested in building on anything that has wheels. As the name implies, this custom motorcycle maker specializes in older bikes that are in desperate need of some TLC. Even if the bike you want to restore is in disrepair, PopBang Classics' vast knowledge implies that a complete 180 is only the beginning.

    This motorbike customizing firm is situated on Australia's Gold Coast, but it has all the contacts to incorporate particular items from anywhere in the world. They blend iconic names at reasonable prices, transforming bespoke motorcycles from a pipe dream into a reality.

    Phone: +61 412 372 268

    Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


    Photo:  Pipeburn
    Photo: Pipeburn
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    Hookie Co

    The Germans are well-known for their outstanding engineering and sleek designs, and Hookie Co combines the best of both. This bespoke store in Dresden, Germany, not only completes renovations but also sells goods and parts as well as its own merchandise.

    Hookie Co's goal is to not only extend the life of your motorcycle but also to preserve its unique character through holistic advances that always appear real. Even better, it is a firm that is led by sustainability, which means that it uses ecologically friendly processes and products whenever possible. Hookie Co was the first workshop in Germany to combine a garage with a coffee shop, allowing you to enjoy a strong brew while designing your personalized item.

    Phone: +49 35184169260

    Location: Großenhainer Str. 137, 01129 Dresden, Germany


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    DAB Motors

    Dab Motors combines the best of the past with the best of the future: a true fusion of design that is both traditional and timeless yet futuristic and one-of-a-kind. Dab doesn't hold back when it comes to getting to know each of its customers before rebuilding a bike from wheels to finish.

    It's a shop in France that finally promotes your greatest desires when it comes to constructing a bike, causing you to believe that nothing is impossible. When it comes to Dab Motors, the only limit is gravity.

    Phone: +33 5 64 11 11 05

    Location: 9 Rue Pierre Georges Latecoere, 64100 Bayonne, France


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    Hazan Motorworks

    Hazan Motorworks is a custom motorcycle shop that knows what's in the world of motorcycling and isn't afraid to push the boundaries, much like practically everything else that comes from Los Angeles, California.

    One of the most appealing aspects of this custom-made motorbike store is how individually personalized each bike is: each design is completed solely by one person: Max. He combines his home base of New York with his past expertise in upcycling bikes as a hobby to construct motorcycles that would look more at home in a superhero movie than in real life.


    Location: 407 E Pico Blvd #200, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States


    Photo:  Hazan Motorworks
    Photo: Hazan Motorworks
    Photo: Hazan Motorworks
    Photo: Hazan Motorworks

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