Top 10 Best Day Trips From Luxembourg

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You've come to the right place if you're seeking for inspiring Day Trips From Luxembourg. These gorgeous ten sites are all easily accessible for a day trip ... read more...

  1. Outdoor enthusiasts should definitely visit Mullerthal, a place known as 'Little Switzerland' for its magnificent landscape with limestone cliffs that give it an Alpine vibe. Mullerthal is not only gorgeous to drive around and explore, but it also has a lot of exciting things to do! Echternach is a good place to start exploring Mullerthal. It is easily accessible from Luxembourg City via bus number 110 or 111, which takes around one hour.

    The Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg's best long distance trail, is a must-see for hikers. To be more specific, the Mullerthal Trail is a network of three interconnected loops that take roughly a week to complete, but you may alternatively pick a segment and hike it as a day excursion. For example, you could easily hike from Echternach to Moersdorf in a day and then take bus 485 back to Echternach.

    Cycling is particularly enjoyable in the Mullerthal area, which has a fantastic network of bike routes that go along rivers or across the hills, offering possibilities for both beginner and expert cyclists. Kayaking the River Sure from Dillingen to Echternach is another exciting activity. The route is quite simple and is set up such that you can pick up your kayak at the beginning and drop it off at the conclusion, so even if you are new to kayaking, you may give it a try!

    Google rating: 4.9/5.0
    Location: Waldbillig, Luxembourg

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    Esch, also known as Esch-sur-Alzette, is the second largest town in Luxembourg, located 17 kilometers from the city and 25 kilometers from the airport. As the home of architects such as Violet le Duc, Joseph Stübben, and Gottfried Böhm, the city has a lot to offer in terms of architecture, history, and cultural attractions. St. Joseph's church, the city hall, the Berwart tower, and the National Museum of the Resistance are among the most notable attractions.

    The Rue de l'Alzette and its huge pedestrian area are a shopping lover's dream, thanks to its various shops, cafés, and cafes, as well as its weekly market. The city also boasts a large green space where visitors can spend time in nature, marveling at the Gaalgebierg hill, its natural ice rink in the winter, and its extensive woodland. Trains operate every half hour between the two cities, and you'd be in Esch in 25 minutes. The ticket should only cost you €5.

    Google rating: 4.8/5.0
    Location: southwest of Luxembourg, in the district of Luxembourg
  3. Vianden Castle, like a huge stronghold, sits high on its mountain, overlooking the village below. Vianden castle, built in the 11th century on top of a Roman fortress, is a historical masterpiece with breathtaking views. There are various places to stop and photograph the forest as you drive through it. The true splendor, however, is found once inside. The Castle features several exquisite rooms that have been maintained just as they would have appeared when it was inhabited.

    Take the little audio guide with you as you wander the grounds to learn about the castle, and when you're finished, stop at the small cafe for a drink or a bite to eat with the majestic castle as your backdrop. The admission fee to the Castle is €7 for adults and €2 for children. The audio guide costs €2 per person and is a terrific opportunity to learn more about this amazing castle.

    The most convenient way to travel to Vianden is to rent a car in Luxembourg City and drive there. The travel to Vianden Castle will take around one hour, depending on traffic conditions. There is lots of parking at the castle and it costs 2 euros to park. You, on the other hand, take public transportation to Vianden Castle. Take the train from Luxembourg City to Ettelbruck and then the bus 570. The bus station is right near to the train station. Vianden is the second-to-last stop on the route and should take around an hour to arrive. A return ticket costs €4.

    Google rating: 4.6/5.0

    Address: Mnt du Château, 9408 Vianden, Luxembourg
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    Ghent is a beautiful city in Belgium. It takes around an hour to reach there by rail from Luxembourg and costs about £20 for a roundtrip ticket. You can also drive there, but it will take over three hours. There are numerous things to do after you arrive, such as visiting the many castles, architecture, and breathtaking views. Gravensteen Castle, a medieval castle dating back to 1180, is one castle you can see. After being restored in 1893-1903, this castle is now a museum and a key municipal icon, and it is truly stunning. It is approximately an 8-minute walk from the center of Ghent.

    Climbing to the top of Ghent Belfry, a World Heritage Site and medieval tower that overlooks the city, is another adventure you can do in Ghent. It is located just east of Ghent's center and takes only 7 minutes to walk there, making it yet another location that is quite accessible. Driving to this tower from the center will actually take longer. To round up the day, head to Korenmarkt for some excellent food and Belgian waffles.

    Google rating: 4.5/5.0

    Location: Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
  5. Beaufort Castle, an amazing medieval castle from the 11th century, is another lovely day trips from Luxembourg. Beaufort was built in four stages, the earliest of which was an old and modest square-shaped stronghold on a large rock. The Renaissance section of the castle was erected in 1649 by a famous Luxembourger, Jean Baron de Beck. Anne Marie Linckels lived in Beaufort until her death in 2012, at the age of 97. Following her husband's death, Anne Marie Linckels served as Beaufort's last true "chatelaine." She left the castle in excellent shape for the government and the public, and visitors were not permitted for another year.

    Beaufort Castle is only a 20-minute drive away from Luxembourg City. It would take roughly 1.5-2 hours to get there using public transportation. Take bus 447 to Ettelbruck, then change to bus 502 and get out at Beaufort, Op der Gare. The castle is only a 5-minute walk away.

    Google rating: 4.4/5.0

    Address: : 24 Rue du Château, 6310 Beaufort, Luxembourg
  6. The Bourscheid Castle is located near the hamlet of Bourscheid in northern Luxembourg. The castle was built during the Roman era and stands towering with its spectacular circular wall and 11 watchtowers. The real building began around the year 1000, and it has been renovated and expanded numerous times over the ages. Structures of Roman, Merovingian, Carolingian, and Ottonian antiquity have been discovered.

    Adult admission is €5, with discounts available for adults, students, and children. Make use of the complimentary audio guides available at the entrance to get a good insight of the castle's history. Don't forget to bring your camera; as you reach the castle, you'll have a spectacular view of the surrounding area. The castle is open to visitors all year, with the following hours of operation:

    From April 1st to October 15th, from 9.30 AM to 6 PM, with the last admittance at 5.30 PM. From the 16th of October to the 31st of March, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the last entrance at 3.30 p.m. The quickest way to get to the castle is by automobile, which will take you about 40 minutes. The quickest way to get to the castle is by automobile, which will take you about 40 minutes.

    You might also take a train from Luxembourg's main station to Ettelbruck and then change to bus 545. The bus will take you to Bourscheid, where you should get out at the eighth stop, Bourscheid, Bei der Kiirch (at the church). The castle is only approximately 1.2 kilometers away. This entire route should take you slightly more than an hour.

    Google rating: 4.4/5.0

    Address: Schlasswee, 9140 Buerschent, Luxembourg
  7. Cologne and Dusseldorf, located along the Rhine River, are renowned twin tourist destinations in the Rhine-Ruhr region that mix the best of the old and the new. Cologne commemorates its almost 2,000-year history with a plethora of heritage sites, museums, and landmarks. The city also shares a passion for food, with an interesting variety of dining options and the most bars per capita in Germany. The towering Cologne Cathedral dominates the city's skyline among the many Romanesque and Gothic churches dispersed across Cologne's old town; it is the city's most visited attraction. The cathedral still retains the world record for the highest twin-spired church, towering at 157 meters.

    Luxembourg has an easy day excursion to Cologne. In the morning, visit one of the city's many museums, such as the Kolumba Museum for cathedral ruins, the Ludwig Museum for modern art, the Romano-Germanic Museum for ancient antiquities, or the Wallraf-Richartz Museum for classical art and history. Then, see the city's architecture, such as Saint Maria im Kapitol and Groß Saint Martin; don't forget to visit the Belgian Quarter, the city's trendiest quarter, which is filled with galleries, cafes, theaters, boutiques, and more. No trip to Cologne is complete without purchasing a bottle of Cologne, a perfume that originated in this city and makes an excellent keepsake and gift. Cologne is about 250 kilometers away from Luxembourg which take about two and a half hour to drive there. There are a number of trains connecting the two cities daily and the journey takes about four hours.

    Google rating: 4.3/5.0
    Location: western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, German
  8. Echternach is renowned as Luxembourg's oldest town and is a wonderful hidden gem with a plethora of amazing things to do. Everything is just one step away, from wine tasting to hiking and outdoor climbing to museum and castle hopping, shopping, and wellness. Echternach is the Mullerthal region's historical and cultural center, and it has retained its medieval character. The Abbey and its gardens, the defensive walls, and Lake Echternach are the most notable tourist attractions in Echternach. You can also see the only Dancing Procession in Europe, an annual Roman Catholic rite celebrated every Whit Tuesday around Echternach. The location is ideal for gatherings of families, friends, and people from many cultures.

    It is strongly advised to rent a bike and ride along the Echternach Lake. Running, skating, and biking are popular activities along the lake's promenade, however swimming is not permitted. Rare bird and fish species can also be found here. One might easily spend a day here soaking in the tranquil ambiance. The annual E-lake festival, a free-entry music festival held in August, is one of Echternach's most interesting events. Echternach is also an excellent starting place for exploring Mullerthal, a beautiful location with numerous hiking trails. There are three restaurants around the lake where you can quench your hunger: the Lakeside Restaurant, the De grenge Schapp, and the Youth Hostel Cantine.

    Google rating: 4.0/5.0

    Location: canton of Echternach, district of Grevenmacher, eastern Luxembourg
  9. Only an hour and a half drive from Luxembourg City, you'll find yourself in the little but lovely town of Monschau. This beautiful valley setting is just across the border in Germany and is ideal for a day trip. Consider timbered cottages, cobblestone streets, and cozy adorned terraces! Monschau has a beautiful river that runs through it, allowing you to sit in one of the many cafés and restaurants and enjoy the scenery while the water flows by. Monschau has a lot to offer for visitors of all ages, including the beautiful panorama stroll above, the World War One Monschau Castle, and the Museum Rotes Haus. Monschau is also close to Vogelsang Former Nazi Military Training Camp, which you can now visit to learn more about the area's history.

    Because you're in Germany, you might find yourself stopping for a wonderful schnitzel and beer for lunch. After that, go to the Felsenkeller Brauhaus, where they have over 1000 bottles of beer in the brewery area for you to learn more about. You can also do some local shopping, such as visiting the Mustard Mill, which produces and sells 22 different kinds of mustard. There are also a few local boutiques that sell clothing, jewelry, and gifts. On this list of day trips from Luxembourg, this is an ideal location. From

    Google rating: 4.0/5.0

    Location: Eifel, Germany
  10. Have you ever wondered why a Schengen Visa is called that, or why the EU countries are known as Schengen countries? In 1985, in the little town of Schengen in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany signed an accord for a unified Europe on a ship on the Mosel. It's a little village that makes an excellent day trips from Luxembourg City.

    The European Museum, which provides information on the European Union, is located here. There are a few installations, such as the Column of Nations, which depicts landmarks from the member nations, the Padlock for Schengen, which is inspired by lovelocks, the Monument of the Schengen Agreement, and so on. There's also a sliver of the Berlin Wall.

    Maps are available at the tourism office, which is housed on a floating pontoon on the Mosel. You may walk along the Mosel river and through the vineyard passageways on the hills, overlooking the Mosel - the entire region is lush and picturesque. There are several vineyards nearby, as well as a few walking/hiking pathways of varying difficulty. If you're interested in wine tourism and have some extra time, you can visit Schengen as a weekend excursion. Mosel wine is a delicacy, and a wine-tasting tour down the Mosel River stopping at numerous estates would take a full day!

    Google rating: 4.0/5.0
    Location: Remerschen, Luxembourg

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