Top 13 Best Electric Bikes

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No segment of bicycles is growing faster than electric bikes —and that demand is good for you, the e-bike shopper. Designs keep improving, tech is becoming ... read more...

  1. First on the list of the best electric bikes is the Aventon Level. It is the city and commuter e-bike equivalent of a sleeper car. The Level, like the Volvo V70 R wagon, is utilitarian and simple, but it delivers a punch. The Level has the same upright geometry, full fenders, rear cargo rack, kickstand, and understated graphics as many other commuter-styled bikes on the market. It's not until you get on the bike and flick the throttle that you discover the Aventon Level has some significant muscle hidden beneath its conservative look.

    A rear hub motor provides the Level's muscle, producing 500 watts of steady power and 750 watts of peak power. A 672-watt-hour lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers the motor, which is neatly placed inside the bike's downtube. The Shimano 8-speed gearbox shifts nicely, the SR Suntour fork absorbs road imperfections adequately, and the e-27.5- bike's 2.2-inch Kenda tires rode swiftly and quietly.

    • Power: 500W
    • Weight: 58 lb.
    • Top speed: 28 mph
    • Price: $1,799.00
    • Competitively priced commuter e-bike
    • Stock with fenders and rear rack

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  2. Number two among one of the best electric bikes is the Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remixte. They like the Treadwell because of its clean lines and upright riding stance. Cannondale's Treadwell models are distinctive, functional bikes for city commuting or riding around town. They're neither a hybrid nor a foot-forward style cruiser. The Treadwell Neo 2 foregoes several of the heavier equipment featured on many other bikes in the category, such as a suspension fork, rack, and fenders. This results in a lighter, faster-riding bike at a lesser cost.

    The Treadwell is powered by a Class 1 rear hub motor that provides up to 20 mph of pedal-assisted speed. The Maxxis 650b tires run quickly on tarmac, while the 7-speed transmission and wide-range cassette allow you climb longer slopes. The Treadwell is available in two frame styles: step-through (mixte) and traditional.

    • Power: 40Nm
    • Weight: 35 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $1,925.00
    • Unique styling
    • Lightweight

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  3. The RadMission is a city bike that could easily function as a short-haul commuter and is one of the most affordable e-bikes on list. For $1,199, you get a stripped-down single-speed that goes 20 mph and has a throttle to assist you accelerate or climb steep hills. The Kenda Kontact tires are exactly broad enough to feel fast while yet providing comfort on paved and rocky bike trails.

    The RadMission is quite simple, except from incorporated lights and a bell. It contains a 504Wh detachable battery and a hub motor driving unit that delivers 50Nm of torque. With this singlespeed, it can be difficult to get going from a stop, but RadPower provides a throttle to help you get moving, which is useful if you have a coffee in one hand.

    • Power: 50Nm
    • Weight: 49.4 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $1,199.00
    • Integrated lights and bell

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  4. Aventon just updated their already excellent Pace line with a new frame and fork, integrated battery, and sleekly designed tail lights built into the seat stays. With a new appearance and a price of $1,399, the Aventon Pace 350 continues to offer an excellent mix of price and performance. It features a maximum pedal-assist speed of 20 mph and a thumb-controlled throttle as a Class 2 e-bike. The Pace 350 is equipped with mechanical disc brakes and rides on 27.5 x 2.2-inch e-bike tires. A Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and five degrees of pedal assist give you plenty of options. Despite the lack of fenders and integrated racks, the Pace 350 seemed suitable for daily commuting.

    Check out the Aventon Pace 500 for $300 extra if you need a little more speed and range. It boasts a top speed of 28 mph, hydraulic disc brakes, an adjustable stem, and an eight-speed transmission. Read on for thoughts on the great new Pace 500 model.

    • Power: 350W
    • Weight: 49 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $1,399.00
    • Great bike at a great price
    • Updated frame with integrated battery
    • Integrated brake light

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  5. The single-speed RadRunner 2 is built to transport cargo while remaining agile enough to beat deadlines. The moped-style step-through frame has attachments for front and rear racks (which can hold baskets, bags, insulated bags, platforms, panniers, and more), and you can also add a center console for extra storage (the battery is mounted behind the seat tube to free up space for it). A double kickstand keeps it upright so you can load it up with cargo without worrying about it tipping over, and an integrated taillight illuminates when you press the brakes.

    A good e-bike sits beneath all of this functionality. The 750-watt rear-hub motor produces enough torque to propel you and your belongings up hills and across level pavement at a comfortable 20 mph, and the wide 20-inch Kenda K-Rad tires balloon out over rough pavement and rocks, allowing you to take the RadRunner 2 (and whatever you put on it) almost anywhere. Choose the $1,899 RadRunner Plus variant with a 7-speed drivetrain if you live in a hillier location.

    • Power: 80Nm
    • Weight: 65 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • On the low end of the price spectrum

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  6. The City is a well-equipped commuter and one of the most affordable electric bikes they have tested. A hub motor, five levels of pedal help, and a throttle are included on this Class 2 e-bike. It does, however, include fenders, a rear rack, and running lights (nice additions at this price). The foldable pedals and handlebar are ideal for those with limited space (a flip of a lever at the stem rotates it 90 degrees). The Charge is offered in one size only, with a low-step or regular frame, and four appealing colors (red, blue, silver, and turquoise) (it fits riders from 5-foot-1 to 6 feet).

    In comparison to many other city-style e-bikes they have lately tried, the City seems surprisingly quick on the road. This is most likely due to the City's weight, which is 10 to 25 pounds less than many other e-bikes in its class. By excluding any type of suspension, the City saves a significant amount of weight (and money). There was still enough of comfort built-in, courtesy to some Goodyear 700 x 40c tires, a plush saddle, and ergonomic grips. It doesn't have as many features as some of its more expensive city e-bike competitors (which typically use larger capacity batteries and more powerful motors). The city, on the other hand, manages to be both practical and easy to live in with a get-around-town bike.

    • Power: 45NM
    • Weight: 45 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $1,699.00
    • Great price
    • Comes with running lights, fenders, and a rear rack
    • Class 2 e-bike with throttle

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  7. The Model X, one of the best electric bikes, has the impression of being a higher-quality device than its price suggests. It's made in the United States, and the attention to detail is instantly apparent; aside from the faint whir of the rear hub motor, the bike produces almost no noise while in motion. The Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, aluminum frame, and steel fork work together to provide a smooth ride, and the comfy saddle and classic handlebar put you in a relaxing position while the e-assist does the heavy lifting. The Model X's 500-watt motor reaches 1,500 watts for rapid bursts of power, making it sporty enough for most people. The pedal-assist speed is limited to 28 mph, and you also have a throttle.

    The model pictured above starts at $1,949, but it can be modified (for a fee) to include features such as a front basket that can hold one or two batteries, a rear rack, unique frame colors, suspension seatpost, GPS tracker, and more

    • Power: 60NmW
    • Weight: 53 lb.
    • Top speed: 25 mph
    • Price: $1,999.00
    • 100% customizable, arrives fully built
    • Can get up to 180 miles with battery upgrade
    • Comes with a throttle

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  8. Aventon's cheap single-speed bike combines simplicity and flair in a way that's hard to top. The bike also comes with a 7-speed geared alternative, but they prefer the one-speeder for its ease of maintenance and convenience. Simply press the throttle to get started, and the brushless hub motor kicks in to help you pedal more gently. Disc brakes (on the 7-speed) or rim brakes (on the singlespeed) are available, as well as an integrated light.

    When compared to the bolt-on vibe of many bikes in this price range, the battery is hidden in the bike's frame. The Soltera combines the most important elements a city cyclist needs in a remarkably light 41-pound package, making it ideal for smoother roads and bike lanes.

    • Power: 350W
    • Weight: 41 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $1,199.00
    • Sleek frame with integrated battery
    • Lightweight

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  9. They rented the RadWagon from Rad Power Bikes to investigate if a $2,000 fully loaded e-cargo bike could compete with competitors that cost thousands more. In a nutshell, yes. A 750-watt direct-drive hub motor provides significant pedal assistance at a considerably quieter hum than the mid-drive motors used on most e-cargo bikes; the only drawback is that torque isn't quite as high, although this is only noticeable on steep slopes.

    The bike may be ridden like a scooter thanks to a throttle, and the 7-speed Shimano Altus gearbox and Tektro mechanical disc brakes performed admirably. Lights, fenders, and a kickstand are included as standard equipment. They thrashed the RadWagon around an abandoned golf car path and didn't scrape the rear foot platforms against the ground, which is a promising indicator for low-speed handling. It's a lot easier to charge $5,000 or more for an e-cargo bike when you pitch it as a car replacement, but the RadWagon illustrates that for the price of an e-bike, not another car, you can render your car mostly obsolete.

    • Power: 80NM
    • Weight: 73 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $1,999.00
    • omes with lights, fenders, and a kickstand
    • Throttle gets you off the line more easily

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  10. Nothing about this well-thought-out and well-equipped device appears or feels cheap. The down tube houses a sleek 500Wh battery, a ring lock on the back wheel, dependable hydraulic disc brakes, an adjustable dynamo-powered spotlight, and a taillight neatly fitted into the rear rack. Aside from appearances, a bike must also ride well, which the Gazelle Ultimate C380 does. The bike's low step-through frame is pleasantly stable and balanced, and its Bosch Performance Line 3.0 mid-drive engine quietly hums through paved and unpaved roads at up to 20 mph. The low-maintenance belt drive and Enviolo Trekking Manual stepless gear system will appeal to busy people, as it provides all the gearing needed for normal urban—and suburban—hills.

    The C380 is a great choice for riders who want an upscale downtown e-bike—and who want to feel good about their investment. It has ergo leather grips, a mushy Selle Royal saddle, and a bit of suspension in the steerer tube and seatpost.

    • Power: 65Nm
    • Weight: 54.6 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $4,249.99
    • High-quality parts throughout
    • Low-maintenance belt drive and internal gearing

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  11. The Trek Allant+ 9.9S is a laser-focused, get out of my way e-rocket ship with aggressive geometry to match. It features a full carbon frame and fork, Shimano XT brakes, and a Bosch Performance Speed motor (that means it tops out at 28 mph). Even better news for commuters: it's Range Boost compatible, allowing you to add a 500Wh Bosch battery to the already-integrated 625Wh Bosch PowerTube, thus doubling your range. The Bosch Smartphone Hub display, which is Bluetooth compatible with the COBI.Bike app, allows you to charge your phone, listen to music, obtain turn-by-turn directions, make and receive calls, and track data.

    However, don't expect to haul much on the back rack due to its small size. Perfectionists beware: the easily smudged matte frame and fenders will drive you insane if you can't manage even the tiniest smudge.

    • Power: 85Nm
    • Weight: 52 lb.
    • Top speed: 28 mph
    • Price: $6,299.99
    • Range Boost lets you add a second battery
    • Carbon frame and fork
    • Quality parts from Bosch and Shimano

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  12. Rad Power has created a fat tire e-bike with the Radrover 6 Plus that is pleasant to ride on almost any terrain, from city streets filled with potholes to off-road pathways littered with pebbles or snow. The RadRover 6 Plus is significantly nicer to ride than its predecessor, thanks to an updated display and hydraulic disc brakes.

    The bike's extreme weight can make it feel sluggish at times, making it difficult to move it up or down any stairs. The strong 750w rear hub motor of the RadRover, on the other hand, helps overcome higher rolling resistance and the weight of the four-inch-wide tires. The bike is offered in charcoal or white and comes with a regular or step-through frame.

    • Power: 80Nm
    • Weight: 74 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $1,999.00
    • Lots of features
    • Comfortable ride quality

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  13. The Cero One is a heavy-duty motorcycle designed specifically for this purpose. They often carried huge quantities of stuff utilizing a combination of the front and rear baskets because the One's maximum load rating is 77 pounds (but no more than 55 pounds on one rack). Large or oddly shaped things can be transported using an optional platform rack.

    The One has been designed with commuting and usability in mind. A Gates belt drive and five-speed internally geared hub need little maintenance and deliver consistent results. You can see and be seen while riding thanks to integrated headlights and taillights. Fenders that wrap completely around you keep you safe from road spray. The included Abus wheel lock is useful for quick errands and prevents someone from riding away with the bike; however, they recommend using a heavy-duty lock when parking the bike somewhere for an extended amount of time or locking it up out of sight.

    With pedal help up to 20 mph, the Shimano Steps E6100 motor has a natural sensation. The motor settings may be adjusted using the display screen or a phone app, which also allows you to update firmware and alter riding modes and maximum assist speed. For example, when beginning or climbing hills, you can switch from Natural to Sportive mode for a bit extra torque. This was especially beneficial when transporting heavy goods.

    • Power: 60Nm
    • Weight: 63.8 lb.
    • Top speed: 20 mph
    • Price: $3,799.00
    • Intuitive feeling Shimano Steps motor
    • Gates belt drive and internal gear hub
    • Can add baskets

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