Top 9 Best Hair Salons In Tennessee

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It's not as simple as walking into any old salon to find a colorist and stylist who knows how to give you the perfect hairstyle. Finding a location that fits ... read more...

  1. Dandelion Salon is an East Nashville salon that specializes in new, modern techniques for achieving easy, effortless styling. In a relaxed, creative atmosphere, the salon strives for distinction and excellence. It believes that in order to educate, inspire, and challenge its customers, the salon must equally educate, inspire, and challenge itself.

    Dandelion Salon's staff is dedicated to improving and evolving services, education, goods, and sustainability. They believe in working with integrity and honesty, as well as having meaningful encounters with their guests. Dandelion derives its name from a combination of playfulness and hard effort. Dandelion Salon believes in the power of positive thinking and that a positive attitude is always attractive.

    Google rates 5 with 664 reviews

    Contact information:

    1117 Porter Road, Nashville, TN 37206
    Phone: (615) 953-3234

  2. Vanity Salon is a specialty hair salon in Memphis, Tennessee that provides the best hairdressing services. Katherine Arthur is a talented stylist who keeps up with the latest trends and is always willing to try new techniques. They have talented and well-educated hairdressers who strive to provide their customers with high-quality hair styling and coloring services. Balyage, fantasy colors, modern haircutting, keratin blowouts, and Halo Couture hair extensions are all specialties of their stylists.

    Vanity Salon's hairdressers with a lot of experience in the hairdressing industry and exceptional styling skills can create any style that you want. They carry a great selection of products designed to deliver the perfect results that you are looking for. They even have a specialized design line of styling products to help give you the look you desire. Vanity Salon offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere to make you feel comfortable while you are getting your hairdressing services.

    Google rates 4.9 with 653 reviews

    Contact information:

    Address: 7215 Highway 64, Memphis, TN 38133
    Phone: (901) 373-8182
  3. Kaleidoscope Salon provides a full-service Aveda product concept salon on Chattanooga's North Shore. Dennis, Co-Owner, has been in the salon industry for 20 years and has a passion for hair color and cutting. The salon's excellent team of hairstylists is committed to providing precise haircuts and coloring services to their valued clients.

    Kaleidoscope Salon's staff is constantly updating themselves and receiving training in the latest techniques and trends in order to provide you with the best results possible. Their stylists provide and use all agenda products to achieve exceptional results based on your preferences. Kaleidoscope Salon is pleased to provide useful gift certificates for all of its customized hair care services.

    Google rates 4.9 with 587 reviews

    Contact information:

    901 Cherokee Boulevard, Chattanooga, TN 37405
    Phone: (423) 321-8056
  4. Great Lengths Hair Salon, located in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, offers a full-service Deva Inspired haircutting salon. They employ well-trained hairstylists who are individually certified in various hairstyling techniques and methods. Hairstylists at the salon continue their education to stay up to date on design trends and new approaches to individual styles. They are a board-certified hair coloring studio that recommends to its customers a new healthier approach to hair color.

    In addition, all of the Great Lengths Hair Salon's products are made from certified organic plant ingredients that deliver the desired results. They strive to meet your hairdressing needs by offering a wide range of styling and coloring services. They use the guest time to successfully teach you how to achieve your Best Curls at home.

    Google rates 4.9 with 209 reviews

    Contact information:

    1019 South Yates Road, Memphis, TN 38119
    Phone: (901) 683-7773
  5. The Strand Salon is one of the great and comprehensive Hair Salons in Chattanooga, TN. It is an eco-friendly hair salon in Chattanooga, Tennessee, offering a variety of customized and creative hair salon services. All of their friendly and knowledgeable hairstyle designers offer cutting-edge techniques and services to their happy customers.

    For your convenience, the Strand Salon provides additional services such as Bridal Hair and Makeup. The Strand Salon also provides a complimentary consultation to assist you in determining the best services and products for your fashion style. They also have a parking garage above them that offers up to 45 minutes of free parking.

    Google rates 4.9 with 192 reviews

    Contact information:

    Address: 833 Chestnut Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402
    Phone: (423) 760-8399
  6. For over ten years, 'The Rain Tree Salon' has been one of the most reputable hair salons in the area, providing a wide range of professional haircare services. Their talented team of hairstylists and estheticians work tirelessly to provide you with high-quality services that are dependable.

    The Rain Tree Salon maintains the highest consultation and service standards. They take great care to provide custom-designed treatments that allow their valued guests to both relax and renew. Customers can also get great gift certificates from The Rain Tree Salon.

    The Rain Tree Salon has customers' loyalty and receives a lot of praise.

    "I’ve never left Malerie’s chair unhappy! She’s the sweetest and never fails to make my hair look and feel amazing. I love the environment at Seville, it is wonderful and welcoming! They always make you feel right at home "
    _Clemmie Rose Cauthen_
    "LOVE Seville!!! I don’t get to see Jen anywhere close to as often as I’d like to. But each experience has left more than happy with my hair and in a fantastic mood from the company."
    _Miriam Nicholson_

    Google rates 4.8 with 437 reviews

    Contact information:

    Address: 1674 Memorial Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
    Phone: (615) 867-3000
  7. The Empire Hair Studio is a stylish hair salon that offers a wide range of hairdressing services at reasonable prices. Becky, the owner, has over 20 years of hairdressing experience and has worked as a platform artist for major hair product lines, Joico and Chi. Their team consistently raises the bar in cutting and color techniques tailored to your individual style.

    The Empire Hair Studio's hairstylists are experts in Seamlessly layered cuts, Keratin smoothing treatments, and corrective services. The Empire Hair Studio provides a full range of salon services to help you look and feel your best. Hairdressers in the salon transform trends into fashion and elegance. Their fantasy colors are specifically designed to highlight all of your features.

    Google rates 4.8 with 87 reviews

    Contact information:

    Address: 615 South Cooper Street, Memphis, TN 38104
    Phone: (901) 672-7926
  8. Bombshells Hair Studio serves the Murfreesboro, TN area with high-quality hairdressing and color enhancement services. Their well-trained team of hairstyle designers provides clients with the best hair and salon services available. They specialize in balayage, extensions, color correction, deep conditioning treatments, brow waxing, and tinting.

    The Bombshells Hair Studio's staff at the salon is well-versed and educated in the most recent trends and methods. The Bombshells Hair Studio is always coming up with new ways to keep your hair's texture and color looking great.

    Google rates 4.5 with 137 reviews

    Contact information:

    Address: 803 North Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
    Phone: (615) 907-8004
  9. Hair a Go-Go is a long-standing hair salon in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that provides professional hair care services. They have a skilled team of hairstylists who specialize in balayage, foiling, blowouts, and HaloCouture extensions. The team specializes in French and English cutting techniques that are tailored to your facial shape, hair texture, and way of life.

    Natural hair specialists at the Hair a Go-Go are dedicated to ongoing advanced education classes and will recommend the best combination of services based on your specific needs. Hair a Go-Go is always ready to create a customized look in its one-of-a-kind environment.

    Google rates 4.4 with 106 reviews

    Contact information:

    Address: 1000 Dallas Road, Suite 104, Chattanooga, TN 37405
    Phone: (423) 752-0500

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