Top 10 Best IB Schools in Riyadh

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Discover excellence in education at the Best IB Schools in Riyadh. With a commitment to providing top-notch International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, these ... read more...

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    SEK International School Riyadh

    Established in 1892, SEK International School Riyadh is the second Middle East branch of the esteemed SEK Education Group, SEK-Riyadh that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation to create a unique educational experience. At the heart of SEK-Riyadh's mission is a commitment to providing a well-rounded education that nurtures the unique talents of each student. The school focuses on preparing students to shape their futures and fostering a learning mindset.

    Since its inauguration in September 2021, SEK-Riyadh has made strides in providing quality education. The school is accredited for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) and is on track towards being accredited for the Middle Years Program (MYP). The school's comprehensive approach aims to provide a complete IB education tailored to Saudi Arabia, covering age groups from 3 to 18 years old, ensuring a solid pre-university educational foundation.

    In a strategic partnership with the Royal Riyadh Municipality Commission (RCRC), SEK-Riyadh is in line with the city's modernization plan, known as "Vision 2030". This partnership highlights SEK's role in achieving Riyadh's educational goals, reinforcing SEK's position as a key player in the city's development.

    has a dedicated international team of dynamic teachers and support staff who operate as a community of learners. They focus on preparing students for the challenges of the future through an engaging and comprehensive curriculum. The school's commitment to excellence is evident not only in its status as an authorized IB PYP school but also as a candidate for MYP and DP, with a track record of over 40 years in delivering successful IB programs. labour.

    SEK International School Riyadh
    is a center of quality education in Riyadh, combining tradition and innovation to prepare students to become future global leaders. As the school continues to grow, SEK-Riyadh demonstrates the transformative power of education, playing a pivotal role in shaping a modern and progressive Riyadh.

    Hotline: +966530633295
    Address: District، Al Toq Street Ar Rabie, Riyadh 13315, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $13,034 - $21,160

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    Al Faris International School

    Established in 2004, Al Faris International School has consolidated its position as a respected institution for quality education in Riyadh. Recognized for its commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience and recognized globally, this private co-educational school serves students from Pre-K to Grade 12 and is also an outstanding choice among the Best IB Schools in Riyadh.

    Positioned as a fully authorized IB World School, Al Faris International School expands its educational offerings, including the Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP). The school's dual accreditation by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education and Cognia is a testament to the school's dedication to maintaining the highest standards in international education.

    Al Faris International School
    goes beyond mere accreditation, making a difference by creating a unique educational environment that goes beyond conventional academic achievement. At its core, the school desires to inspire students to develop into compassionate, knowledgeable, ethical and socially successful citizens, establishing itself as one of the leading choices among schools in Riyadh.

    The teaching philosophy at Al Faris International School emphasizes inquiry-based learning. This empowering approach encourages students to actively engage in the learning process through exploration and discovery. It not only facilitates the acquisition of knowledge but also instills in students the ability to reflect on their learning experiences and apply the knowledge they have learned in practical and meaningful ways.

    Al Faris International School's commitment is a daily dedication to educating individuals who are not only academically proficient but also have a deep understanding of global perspectives. As Al Faris International School continues to shape the future leaders of tomorrow, the school remains steadfast in its mission of nurturing compassionate, knowledgeable and socially responsible citizens.

    Hotline: +966114547070
    Address: Abi Saad Ibn Muhammad, At Taawun, At Taawun, Riyadh 12476, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $9,867 - $12,000

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    Al Hussan International School Riyadh

    Al-Hussan International School is part of the famous Al-Hussan Group, the school's journey began in 1956 when Sheikh Abdel Aziz Rashid Al-Hussan founded the Arab Cultural Institute for adult education. Since then, Al-Hussan's legacy has flourished, growing into a network of 19 schools and academies across the Eastern Province.

    Rashid Abdel Aziz Al-Hussan is the head of Al-Hussan International School in Riyadh, which was founded in 1998 and opened a campus there in 2011. The school has since grown to include students from outside the Eastern Province. Located in Qurtaba, a modern suburb of Riyadh, the purpose-built campus reflects a commitment to providing an optimal learning environment. The school includes separate areas for boys and girls, including a dedicated preschool building in spacious gardens.

    Al-Hussan International School
    offers a curriculum designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, offering English-medium day programs. External inspection agencies have attested to and validated the school's reputation for offering a robust and excellent education.

    The facilities at Al-Hussan International School - Riyadh combine functionality and aesthetics. The campus has science labs, art rooms, clinics, computer labs, libraries, covered play areas, cafeterias, and gyms. Each classroom is equipped with modern technology, such as projectors and computers, to promote an interactive and engaging learning environment.

    Collaboration between the organization and its stakeholders is vital to the school's success, evident in the positive response and favorable views of the school's facilities. Al-Hussan International School continues to maintain its commitment to providing excellent learning opportunities and maintaining well-maintained facilities that support a positive and transformative educational experience.

    Al-Hussan International School in Riyadh continues its journey of educational excellence, remaining dedicated to creating an environment that stimulates learning, encourages collaboration and prepares students for dynamic futures. With its rich history and commitment to quality education, Al-Hussan International School is a shining example of the profound impact that learning can have on shaping future leaders.

    Hotline: +966112489338
    Address: Rumman, Qurtubah, Riyadh 13244, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $4,800 - $9,067

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  4. American International School-Riyadh (AIS-R) is proud to be a leader in academic excellence, marking 61 years of impressive educational impact. Founded in 1963, AIS-R has grown into a prominent nonprofit, general education institution, providing a strong American curriculum with an unwavering focus on cultivating universal citizenship. bridge. Serving students from Preschool to Grade 12, AIS-R has become synonymous with great education and is honored to be authorized to offer the esteemed International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

    is guided by a prudent seven-member strategic board. AIS-R is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience. The school's curriculum is designed to stimulate growth in all aspects of a child's development, striving to nurture learners who are inquisitive, independent and resilient.

    Accreditation from prominent organizations such as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools demonstrates AIS-R's commitment to maintaining the highest educational standards. The remarkable achievement of International Accreditation by the Council of International Schools further underscores the school's dedication to fostering intercultural skills and instilling a deep sense of global citizenship.

    Boasting a diverse faculty of 123 teachers, including U.S. citizens, host country nationals, and third-country nationals, AIS-R is steadfast in providing a global learning environment. The 2023-2024 school year is underway, with an enrollment of 1,499 students, creating a dynamic and diverse community that includes American citizens, host country nationals, and third-country nationals.

    boasts state-of-the-art facilities. From classrooms, dining halls and gyms to sports fields, tennis courts, theaters, science laboratories, computer labs, television journalism studios and dance studios, the school ensures a conducive environment. beneficial for comprehensive development and global awareness. With a commitment to shaping future leaders, AIS-R fosters a mindset that not only values cultural differences but also champions the principles of global citizenship.

    Hotline: +966114597500
    Address: RJWM+XVJ, Prince Saud Ibn Abdullah Ibn Jalawi, Al Aarid, Riyadh 13332, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $11,742 - $29,471

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    British International School Riyadh (BISR)

    British International School Riyadh (BISR)'s unwavering commitment to its vision and mission forms the foundation of its approach, influencing the creation of innovative learning experiences, programs Rich and strong support for student welfare. Embraced by the entire community, the REACH motto embodies the spirit of resilience, excellence, achievement, cooperation and happiness.

    BISR's vision is to provide a world-class learning experience in a nurturing environment where students not only shine academically but also develop into active global citizens. This vision drives BISR to reach new heights in every aspect of its educational journey.

    What sets BISR apart is its unwavering dedication to educational standards. Following the National Curriculum for England to Year 9, GCSE courses for Years 10 and 11, and A-level courses for Years 12-13, BISR benchmarks itself against other schools. best in UK. With strong links with British universities and consistent staff training in the UK, BISR ensures its students are well-prepared for a seamless transition to schools or universities in UK.

    Aware of the rapidly changing world, BISR's teaching methods, derived from the British curriculum, emphasize the development of individual learning and thinking skills. This strategic focus aims to nurture students who embrace change with flexibility and confidence, preparing them for the dynamic challenges of 21st-century life.

    In Riyadh, BISR has emerged as a prominent institution, recognized as one of the best IB schools. The school's commitment to excellence, global citizenship and a forward-thinking approach to education make it a top choice for parents seeking a top-notch education.

    BISR moves forward in the pursuit of educational excellence, the school remains resolute in its vision and mission. Commitment to cultivating well-rounded individuals who are future-ready has established BISR as an exemplary institution among the best IB schools in Riyadh. Each passing day sees the school persistently preparing students not only for the present but also for the challenges and opportunities that tomorrow will bring.

    Hotline: +966920033963
    Address: 2786 Ibrahim Mubarak Said Ad Dusari، 7693, Riyadh 13241, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $12,528 - $28,081

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    Advanced Learning Schools

    The foundation of the Advanced Learning Schools rests firmly on its dedicated teaching staff. These educators not only pay attention to detail but also have impressive expertise, forming the foundation for an exceptional learning environment. They actively participate in shaping their students' future pathways through an unwavering commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience.

    Instructors at the Advanced Learning Schools display an impressive range of credentials. Covering a wide range of subjects and holding degrees from prestigious institutions, these educators are adept at delivering a comprehensive curriculum. Their degrees, which range from science to literature, emphasize a dedicated effort to remain at the forefront of their respective fields.

    In addition to their remarkable expertise, it is the collective experience of our instructors that sets them apart. With years of dedication to honing their teaching skills, these educators bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom. The combination of academic competency and real-world insight ensures that students receive not only theoretical understanding but also practical application.

    Their passion for learning constantly motivates them to keep up with the latest teaching techniques, technological advances, and educational trends. This commitment ensures that students benefit from cutting-edge methods and a curriculum that evolves with the changing times.

    The instructors at the Advanced Learning Schools form a collaborative and supportive community. In addition to individual classes, they are actively involved in sharing best practices and innovative teaching methods. This collaborative spirit creates an atmosphere in which faculty members support each other, ultimately benefiting the student body as a whole.

    Instructors at the Advanced Learning Schools in Riyadh also serve as mentors, guides and protectors of their student's potential. With a focused approach to qualifications, experience, personal attention, continuous learning and collaborative community, these educators play a key role in shaping bright futures. As the Advanced School continues to build on its legacy of educational excellence, faculty serve as the architects of a brighter and more informed tomorrow.

    Hotline: +966112070926
    Address: PJH3+M39, Jabal Al Karmil, An Nakheel, Riyadh 12395, Saudi Arabia

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    King Faisal School (KFS)

    King Faisal School (KFS) is considered a symbol of educational excellence, demonstrating its essence through its unique qualities and dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals. At the heart of KFS's educational journey are the globally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, including the Primary School Program, the Secondary Program and the Diploma Programme.

    KFS makes a difference through a strong educational structure that combines national and international programs that promote intellectual development. More than just an academic institution, KFS also aims to train individuals with a solid foundation in faith, knowledge and commitment to building a sustainable and harmonious world through understanding and respect. cultural importance.

    The teaching philosophy at KFS revolves around nurturing young minds within a challenging national and international curriculum. The focus goes beyond academic achievement to instill values rooted in faith and a sense of responsibility toward creating a global society marked by harmony. KFS prides itself in bridging respect for Arab Islamic heritage with an international outlook, an important aspect of navigating the complexities of the contemporary world.

    Integral to the educational legacy of KFS is the King Faisal Foundation (KFF), a powerful charitable organization founded in 1976. Committed to preserving King Faisal's legacy, KFF has grown into a global force. demand, harmonizing tradition with progress. With a diverse portfolio, KFF maintains financial autonomy, allowing it to create and develop programs consistent with its mission.

    From its inception to 2020, KFF has invested more than 2.4 billion Saudi Riyals in pillar programs, charity projects and educational scholarships. KFF's dedication to development is evident through its continuous efforts, achieving important milestones since the completion of its first project in 1979. With a firm commitment to creating a positive impact, KFF's investments expand globally, leaving a lasting impact on education and development.

    King Faisal School
    is an outstanding institution, embodying a comprehensive approach to education that cultivates not only academic excellence but also a sense of responsibility and global understanding. As they move forward, the collective impact of schools and organizations will resonate across empowered generations and the positive transformations they bring to communities around the world.

    Hotline: +966114820802
    Address: DQ, Al Idrisi، Alkhawabi Street, Riyadh 11614, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $13,067 - $18,000

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    Video by King Faisal School
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    Beech Hall School Riyadh

    Beech Hall School Riyadh is a renowned educational institution and a testament to the transformative power of learning. Strategically located in the city of Riyadh, the school is committed to providing world-class education that goes beyond traditional academic boundaries.

    Founded on the principles of academic excellence and holistic development, Beech Hall School Riyadh serves as the educational platform where students begin their journey of intellectual development and personal enrichment. The school's welcoming campus and dedicated faculty create an environment conducive to learning and nurturing personal potential.

    Beech Hall School Riyadh
    looks forward to a future where each student emerges as a well-rounded individual, equipped not only with academic knowledge but also with the essential skills and values needed to succeed in a new world. new world. The vision is the guiding light that drives the school towards setting educational standards of excellence in the region.

    With a mission to transcend traditional academic goals, Beech Hall School Riyadh aims to nurture the potential of every student. In addition to imparting knowledge, the school is dedicated to imparting values that lay the foundation for responsible global citizenship. Through a comprehensive curriculum and commitment to providing a stimulating learning environment, the mission is to help students become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and thriving individuals.

    Beech Hall School Riyadh
    emphasizes holistic development, recognizing that education goes beyond academic achievement. The school is dedicated to nurturing creativity, physical health and emotional intelligence. Through a variety of extracurricular, athletic and artistic activities, Beech Hall School ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the real world.

    Beech Hall School Riyadh's
    commitment to its vision and mission reflects the school's dedication to educational excellence. As the school continues to nurture the potential within each student, it serves as a pillar of academic excellence in Riyadh, contributing to the development of a generation that will surely shape the future with their knowledge, skills and knowledge. their abilities and values.

    Hotline: +966550492708
    Address: 7490 Al Baldah, Al Khuzama, 4036, Riyadh 12581, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $14666.49 - $22666.39

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    Video by Blue Apple Education
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    One World International School (OWIS)

    In Riyadh, One World International School (OWIS) is an exceptional place to learn, combining the American Primary and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB PYP) approaches. As a candidate for the IB PYP, OWIS focuses on providing a well-rounded education that prepares students for lifelong learning and emphasizes multiculturalism.

    What makes OWIS stand out are its exceptional qualities. The school believes in bringing students from different cultures together, creating a welcoming and inclusive space. It's not just about saying they value diversity - it's about living that diversity every day at OWIS. Students are encouraged to understand and appreciate different perspectives, fostering a sense of mutual respect.

    At OWIS, the way of teaching is also very special. It's a combination of IB PYP, American Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards. What sets it apart is the way it encourages practical, hands-on learning. Students don't just learn from books; Children actively explore and connect different subjects, making learning a fulfilling experience.

    The school wants students to take responsibility for their learning. This means being an active part of your child's education, not just sitting back and listening. The IB learner profile mainly focuses on developing skills such as critical thinking, good communication and working together – things that are important in today's world. OWIS aims to become a fully accredited IB PYP school, and its dedication to providing a broad, balanced and connected curriculum remains strong. The school's mission is to help students become lifelong learners with a global mindset.

    In every classroom, OWIS shows that education goes beyond books; it is about understanding different cultures, actively learning and growing into well-rounded individuals. One World International School in Riyadh demonstrates that when education is combined with a commitment to multiculturalism and authentic learning, it becomes a powerful force for positive change.

    Hotline: +966552504149
    Address: Maan, St, Building No 2517, Al Muruj, Olaya St, Riyadh 13334, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $15,064 - $17,319

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    Video by One World International School Riyadh
  10. Top 10

    Dome International School

    Dome International School has emerged as a pioneer in education, receiving many awards as the best International Baccalaureate (IB) institution in the region. The story of these schools unfolds as a fascinating chronicle rooted in an unwavering commitment to providing excellent educational experiences.

    From humble beginnings, Dome International School was envisioned as more than a mere institution; They are conceived as a dynamic center of learning, fostering an environment dedicated to nurturing critical thinking, well-rounded development, and academic excellence. Over time, these schools have grown proficiently, remaining flexible to respond to dynamic changes in the educational landscape.

    Central to Dome International School's success is the integration of the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework into its curriculum. This deliberate choice sets them apart, positioning them as flag-bearers of academic excellence on a global scale. Being recognized as the Best IB School in Riyadh is a testament to their unyielding commitment to providing education that transcends conventional boundaries.

    However, the story goes beyond academic achievements. Dome International School prides itself on building inclusive spaces where students from diverse backgrounds come together. More than simply educational institutions, they operate as vibrant communities that celebrate diversity, fostering an environment where mutual understanding and appreciation thrive.

    As Dome International School continues its inspiring journey, the mission remains unchanged. This steadfast commitment is reflected in their pursuit of academic excellence and in their dedication to forming well-rounded individuals. For discerning parents looking for an educational institution that perfectly blends academic excellence with a nurturing ethos, Dome International School emerges as the epitome of educational difference in Riyadh.

    Hotline: +966920000088
    Address: 2336 Al Maidani, Almasiaf, Riyadh 12467, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $6,700 - $10,700

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    Video by Dome International Schools

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