Top 15 Best International Schools in Asia

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There are thousands of schools accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation across the world that provide the well-established and reputable IB ... read more...

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    Concordia International School Shanghai

    Concordia International School Shanghai is a co-educational day school with a 10-acre campus in Jinqiao - Shanghai's most international area, for students aged 3 to 18. Jinqiao, usually known as the "green city", is a popular location for ex-pat families from all over the world due to its abundance of open green areas and family-friendly facilities.

    The school is noted for its academic emphasis as well as its well-developed athletic, artistic, service, and cultural learning programs. Their award-winning educators provide a diverse American curriculum and engaging activities to assist students in achieving life success in whatever form that may take. They strive to develop the student as a whole, rather than only their intellectual progress. Fair play, good character, and a desire to assist others are all emphasized in their holistic educational approach. They think that educating a kid is a collaborative effort involving parents, students, and schools. All parties collaborate to ensure that pupils are well-prepared for the future.

    Grades: Kindergarten – 12th grade

    Address: 999 Mingyue Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China

    Fee: 171,000 CNY-244,000 CNY

    Contact: +86-2158-990-380


  2. Top 2

    Taejon Christian International School

    Taejon Christian International School was founded. TCIS, Korea's first three-program IB World School, provides students with an ideal learning environment. They are proud to offer a wide range of experiential learning opportunities to augment their curriculum. Teachers, parents, students, and other support staff work together to deliver high-quality, globally-centered educational programs.

    As a boarding school, they provide a high-quality education and a welcoming community to families from all over the world. TCIS values and encourages the growth of each student's individual personality, intellect, and identity. Students develop goals, gain research skills, reflect, self-assess, and apply new understandings to real-life experiences using an interesting and successful inquiry-based learning approach. Students learn to ask difficult questions in order to solve challenges and come up with creative solutions. They also help students identify their passions and devise tactics for following those passions in real-life situations.

    Grades: Grades K1-12

    Address: 77 Yongsan 2-ro, Yuseong Gu) Daejeon, South Korea

    Fee: 20,000 USD- 40,000 USD

    Contact: +8242-6209-116

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    Jerudong International School

    Jerudong International School was founded in 1997 in Brunei Darussalam, a small Southeast Asian country on the island of Borneo. Direct flights are available from a number of regional hubs, including Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur, to name a few. The school's goals include communication, engagement, integration, leadership, resilience, and thinking. Students are taught to push themselves, respect others, and take initiative to make a difference.

    Around 200 highly qualified instructors work at JIS, the majority of whom are from the United Kingdom, with a small number from Australia and New Zealand. Their language tutors include Chinese, French, and Bruneian native speakers.

    Junior School, which is for children aged 3 to 11, and Senior School, which is for children aged 12 to 18, are the two departments of the school. Children in Years 7-9 (ages 11-14) are part of Senior School, whilst students in Years 10-13 are part of the IGCSE, IB Diploma, and A-Level programs.

    Grades: Nursery - 12th grade

    Address: Jerudong International School, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Seri Begawan, BE2119, Brunei Darussalam

    Fee: 53044 BND-56452 BND

    Contact: +6732-411-000

  4. Top 4

    Jinseki International School

    Jinseki International School (JINIS), Japan's first dual-language British Curriculum residential school, was founded in April 2020. JINIS, which is nestled in the picturesque Chugoku Mountains, stresses academic excellence as well as health and wellness through sports such as skiing, golf, and horseback riding. The school is situated on a 50,000-square-meter site that also contains a hotel, golf course, and a farm that provides fresh food and dairy to students.

    The National Curriculum of England will be taught at the school, with international content supplemented. The curriculum will be rigorous and imaginative, with defined objectives and a focus on exploratory learning. As a result of a comprehensive and enlarged dual language program, JINIS students will develop as global citizens and become highly fluent in both written and spoken English and Japanese.

    The importance of students' independence will be highlighted, allowing them to take on more responsibility for their studies, personal belongings, and self-care. JINIS will provide the highest level of pastoral care possible, developing a family atmosphere that will serve as a "home away from home" for everyone.

    Grades: 1-6
    Address: 5020-77 Tokiyasu, Jinsekikogen, Jinseki District, Hiroshima 720-1603 Japan
    Fee: 6,000,000 JPY
    Contact: +8184-7853-003
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    North London Collegiate School Jeju

    Since 1850, North London Collegiate School has developed a reputation for delivering a high-quality education, consistently producing some of the best academic results in the country. The school's goal has remained true to this day, and it is a school that believes deeply in what pupils 'can do,' never placing ceilings or labels on them. It was founded by Frances Mary Buss, a Victorian pioneer of education, and it is a school that believes profoundly in what pupils 'can do,' never placing ceilings or labels on them.

    North London Collegiate schools offer a challenging academic education that is both traditional and forward-thinking, as well as outward-looking. NLCS Jeju's rigorous curriculum encourages pupils to think critically and solve challenges. The curriculum and aspirational approach to delivery are identical to those of NLCS, with a few small local differences.

    They hire some of the top teachers from all around the world; they are highly certified and encourage their students to develop a lifelong love of learning. Teachers are chosen for their enthusiasm for their topic and spend time at NLCS UK to ensure they share the school's ethos. They urge kids to go beyond the curriculum and discover their own interests.

    The school is active and purposeful, with pleasant and respectful relationships developing between staff and students, as well as among students. It's a place where everyone's opinion counts.

    Grades: 1-12
    Address: 33 Global edu-ro 145beon-gil Daejeong-eup Seogwipo-si Jeju-do 63644, South Korea
    Fee: 23870 USD-33450 USD
    Contact: +8264-7938-004
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    Korea International School

    Korea International School (KIS) is a private, proprietary, non-profit, nonsectarian school. In addition, KIS is a WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). As a high-performing college preparatory school, they provide a comprehensive education in humanities, foreign languages, engineering, arts, math, and science using both traditional and innovative teaching approaches, emphasizing internationally-minded applied learning opportunities.

    In the year 2000, KIS was founded by a small group of students in the Gangnam district of southern Seoul. Their new campus in the Pangyo/Bundang area, which opened in August 2006, was a watershed moment in their school's history. KIS membership has grown year after year since its inception. The KIS community celebrated the graduation of its 1000th graduate in 2018, and they are extremely proud of their creative, brilliant, and philanthropically motivated alumni, who are studying at prestigious institutions and working in countries all over the world.

    Their campuses in Seoul and Pangyo are both well-equipped to provide cutting-edge multidisciplinary learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). KIS also offers winter and summer programs with an emphasis on hands-on learning.

    Grades: PK-G12
    Address: Korea International School Pangyo Campus, #27 385, Daewangpangyo-ro, Baekhyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
    Fee: 22000 USD-30500 USD
    Contact: +8231-7890-509
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    Georgia School Ningbo (GSN)

    The Zhejiang Province Ministry of Education has licensed Georgia School Ningbo (GSN) as the first licensed independent school for overseas families in the Ningbo region. GSN provides a research-based, college-preparatory American curriculum for children in pre-kindergarten through high school.

    GSN, which has students from more than 25 countries, provides an enriching learning environment where students are directed on a well-mapped road to success. GSN students can participate in the Student Leadership Council, Model United Nations, Debate League, Wharton Young Business Leaders Academy, and National Honor Society, to name a few academic activities. GSN offers competitive sports such as skateboarding, golf, soccer, basketball, and volleyball, to name a few.

    Georgia School Ningbo is pleased to have been granted WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) Full Certification for a period of six years, the maximum time allowed for accreditation. The school also offers the Advanced Placement Program and is a College Board/AP-authorized on-site PSAT and SAT testing center.

    Grades: PreK - 12
    Address: No. 377 Jiangbei Avenue – Jiangbei, Zhejiang, Ningbo – China
    Fee: 115,000 RMB-155,000 RMB
    Contact: +86-5748-7564-023
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    Keystone Academy

    In China and around the world, Keystone Academy is a cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind institution. It uses a strong multilingual education method that blends Chinese, American, and worldwide learning traditions. In China, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    The curriculum is bilingual in primary school, with more intensive English instruction in middle and high school. They stress inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving in a rigorous intellectual environment. This aids Keystone pupils in preparing for the challenges of today's globalized world. Keystone's academic program is international in scope, with a strong and purposeful focus on central China's national identity, language, culture, and history.

    The school offers a boarding program, optional in grades 7 and 8 but mandatory in grades 9 and 12. Through their residential program, the students will develop the ideas, strong relationships, and independence necessary for constructive leadership and success. Western educational systems provide a model of authentic cultural fusion and global knowledge in a Chinese context. Although the majority of its students will be Chinese, they will also have a significant number of international students.

    Grades: 1-12
    Address: No.11, Anfu Street, Houshayu, Shunyi District, Beijing, China
    Fee: 250,000 yuan-387,500 yuan
    Contact: +8610-8049-6008
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    Tamagawa Academy

    As a MEXT Article 1 school, Tamagawa Academy, which has prioritized international education throughout its history through its Zenjin (well-rounded) principles, offers students the unique opportunity to earn a Japanese secondary school completion certificate as well as an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Students can choose from a variety of international and domestic university options because of their versatility.

    Tamagawa Academy's four-year IB Middle Years Program and two-year Diploma Program, both of which are virtually entirely in English, aim to promote broad opinions, understanding, and intellectual curiosity among its students. They promote global perspectives while also providing students with the skills and confidence they need to make a difference in the world.

    The Tamagawa campus, just outside of Tokyo and covering 610,000 square meters/150 acres, offers students not only the best technological amenities but also the chance to interact with nature. Take a stroll by a pond, visit our farm, or simply relax and listen to the sounds of nature on the forest campus. Multiple libraries, including a new on-campus University Library, provide students with access to 305,640 English texts, as well as a number of fully equipped audiovisual rooms and many theaters.

    Grades: 1-12
    Address: 6 Chome-1-1 Tamagawagakuen, Machida, Tokyo 194-8610, Japan
    Fee: 1,886,000 JPY-1,902,000 JPY
    Contact: 8142-7398-601
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    Dover Court International School

    Dover Court International School is a British international school located in the educational district of Dover in western Singapore. It is part of the Nord Anglia Education family and is known for being inclusive. The school has a curriculum that follows the English National Curriculum. They focus on individual well-being and celebrate diversity.

    The school campus is spread across 12 acres and has many open green areas. It has a swimming pool, sensory garden, playgrounds, and unique science, music, design technology, art, and drama rooms. Students gain valuable advantages from engaging in a hands-on learning experience, including access to a dedicated maker space.

    educates students from a young age, beginning with Nursery and Reception years for 3- and 4-year-olds. Students then move on to Key Stages 1 and 2, following the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This curriculum focuses on an interdisciplinary and thematic approach to learning.

    At DCIS, collaborative learning is a fundamental part of primary education. We use Kagan Cooperative Learning structures to facilitate this approach. The Secondary School provides a well-rounded curriculum that follows the English National Curriculum. Students in Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to earn IGCSE qualifications.

    For post-16 education, DCIS offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the International BTEC Diploma in business, providing a well-rounded preparation for higher education or careers.

    The school has a program called English as an Additional Language (EAL) to help students who don't speak English as their first language. This program provides personalized assistance and intervention to help students become proficient in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English.

    is a member of the Nord Anglia Education global community. This means that students at DCIS can participate in the Global Campus, which provides enriching experiences and collaboration opportunities. The school focuses on innovative learning and partners with MIT and The Juilliard School.

    not only emphasizes academic excellence but also prioritizes inclusivity. The school provides various pathways to accommodate and engage students based on their unique abilities and interests. The school benefits greatly from parents who are actively involved, creating a strong sense of unity and support within the community. Dover Court International School is located in multicultural Singapore, which offers a special setting for students to connect and engage with a diverse international environment.

    Age range from 3 to 18 years old

    Address: 301 Dover Rd, Singapore 139644

    Yearly fee from 25,488 - 49,806 SGD


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    Dover Court International School
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    St. Joseph’s Institution International

    Established in 2007, St. Joseph’s Institution International provides a holistic and values-driven international education to a diverse student body comprising 40 nationalities. With a Lasallian Catholic foundation, SJI International welcomes students, teachers, parents, friends, and supporters of all faiths and cultural backgrounds.

    At present, the school boasts a community of over 2,000 students across two schools on a single campus. The High School accepts both Singaporean and international students in Grades 7 – 12 (ages 12 – 18). Meanwhile, the Elementary School caters to expatriate children, offering programs from pre-school Prep 1 – 2 (ages 4 turning 5 – 6) and Grade 1 – 6 (ages 7 – 12).

    Students benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that includes the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), IGCSE, and the IB Diploma Programme. The school employs a child-centered and active learning approach, fostering individual development. Experienced and caring teachers create a safe and inspiring environment where students are empowered to become resilient, critical thinkers who nurture their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

    In 2024, the Elementary School will introduce the Bilingual Programme, designed to make students equally proficient in English and Chinese. This program accommodates both native and non-native speakers, incorporating alternating language instruction to ensure equal commitment to both languages.

    A core component of SJI International's education is the emphasis on 'Service.' All students have opportunities to support various charities and organizations, promoting a global perspective, skill development, and personal growth.

    Extracurricular activities are integral to the Elementary School experience, with students beginning Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) in Prep 2 and having access to a diverse range of options in Grades 1-6, spanning sports, visual arts, performing arts, academics, environment, and sustainability, digital technology, martial arts, and robotics. Additionally, the school offers music enrichment opportunities, including orchestras, choirs, and individual music tuition.

    High School students also have a wide array of CCA options, encouraging personal growth, resilience, and a lifelong passion for creative interests.

    For Grade 9 and onwards, SJI International provides a boarding option at St. Andrew’s Hall, a co-educational residence managed by St. Andrew’s Junior College. Boarding is mandatory for new students without a direct blood relative, ensuring a supportive and supervised living environment. The boarding facility offers communal study areas, a gymnasium, dance studio, and music room, and students have access to St. Andrew’s wider recreational facilities.

    St. Joseph’s Institution International
    is dedicated to delivering a well-rounded, values-driven education that fosters global perspectives, individual growth, and a love for learning.

    Age range from 4 to 18 years old

    Address: 490 Thomson Rd, Singapore 298191

    Yearly fee from 34,952 to 44,192 SGD


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    Holland International School

    Holland International School is a nurturing and safe haven for learners, offering a personalized and enriching education within a welcoming boutique school environment. At this institution, the goal is to enable children to blossom into their best selves. Its longstanding history as one of Singapore's oldest international schools underscores its success in instilling a love for learning in its students, making them academically adept and self-assured about the future.

    The school's distinctive educational approach places the child's interests at the forefront of its mission. Every facet of education is customized to cater to individual needs, with language programs tailored to varying proficiency levels. The focus here is to stimulate and empower children, guiding them to achieve their personal best. Children are encouraged to build their confidence by emphasizing the learning process, allowing them to learn at their own pace and even make mistakes along the way.

    The school fosters exploration, independence, and self-discovery, granting students a voice and the autonomy to seek answers and solutions independently. All these skills are pivotal for thriving in today's globalized world. Notably, the school believes in creating a happy and enjoyable learning environment where structured playfulness and purposeful learning go hand in hand.

    In terms of academics, Holland International School offers a comprehensive educational journey, starting with bilingual preschool for children aged 18 months to 4 years old. The primary school caters to children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. The English Stream provides instruction in English for both the English National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). On the other hand, the Dutch Stream offers a similar educational experience, delivering the Dutch National Curriculum and IPC in Dutch. In the daily curriculum, children can also access language lessons in Dutch or English.

    Beyond academics, the school recognizes the importance of co-curricular and extracurricular activities in a student's life. These after-school endeavors allow students to engage in team-based sports, explore new interests, hone their social skills, play together, and, most importantly, have fun. Holland International School boasts many activities, spanning sports programs, performing arts, coding, culinary arts, MMA, nature exploration, and world languages. These activities enrich the students' overall learning experience, fostering holistic development.

    Age range from 1 to 12 years old
    Address: 65 BUKIT TINGGI ROAD, Singapore 289757
    Yearly fee from 7290 to 18,235 USD

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    North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

    NLCS (Singapore) takes great pride in being the fourth institution in the esteemed NLCS network, drawing on its founding school's rich legacy and traditions in the UK. With a deep commitment to providing students with an educational journey that's inspirational and life-changing, NLCS (Singapore) aspires to nurture successful, well-rounded, and compassionate individuals who possess the skills and determination to make a positive impact on the world.

    The cornerstone of NLCS (Singapore) is its exceptional education delivered by a dedicated team of subject specialists and experts in their respective fields. Teachers are empowered to instill a genuine love for their subjects and provide a curriculum beyond conventional syllabi. With a strong emphasis on academic rigor, the school cultivates confidence in students, encouraging them to aim high and realize their full potential. This approach fosters a "floors, not ceilings" mindset, inspiring lifelong learning.

    Outstanding pastoral care is a fundamental element, recognizing each individual's unique needs, not merely a cohort's collective needs. The school acknowledges that every classroom is a diverse mix of unique individuals with varying interests, skills, talents, experiences, and perspectives. NLCS (Singapore) creates a caring and supportive environment within and outside the classroom, building a community founded on positive relationships among staff and students and among students themselves.

    The Senior School team at NLCS (Singapore) speaks to its students' remarkable dedication and excellence, who have embraced the school's ethos and gone above and beyond in academics, community service, and co-curricular activities.

    A culture of scholarship prevails at NLCS (Singapore), instilling in students the belief that excellence is attainable regardless of their backgrounds. The transformative power of academic engagement is at the core of the school's philosophy, extending beyond the classroom. Students benefit from the 'McCabe Lectures,' named after former NLCS (UK) Headmistress Bernice McCabe OBE, offering opportunities to engage with industry experts and high-level academic discourse.

    Enrichment is another vital component of the school's educational program, supporting academic development and character-building. NLCS (Singapore) provides various co-curricular activities encompassing academic subjects, music, drama, sports, and the creative arts.

    The NLCS (Singapore) campus, centrally located on Depot Road, boasts modern facilities across a substantial 300,000 sqft area. These include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball courts, a sports field, a gymnasium, tennis courts, fitness and dance studios, a purpose-built performing arts center, an auditorium, a lecture theatre, a music technology suite, and a recording studio.

    Sports enthusiasts at NLCS (Singapore) can participate in both recreational CCA programs and school-representative sports teams, benefiting from elite coaching. The school is a full member of the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS), allowing students to compete in various sports with international schools across Singapore.

    (Singapore) takes pride in welcoming its first cohort of Sixth Form students to the IB Diploma Programme, graduating in summer 2023 with access to elite universities worldwide. The school is also delighted to have been awarded CPE's EduTrust Certification for four years until 2025.

    Maintaining the tradition of success, NLCS (UK) has upheld its position as the most successful IB School in the UK, with remarkable achievements in sister schools in Jeju, South Korea, and Dubai, UAE.

    Age range from 3 to 18 years old

    Address: 130 Depot Rd, 109708, Singapore

    Yearly fee from 31545 to SGD 46,803


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    NLCS Singapore
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    Knowledge Gate International School Muscat

    Knowledge Gate International School (KGIS) is a prestigious educational institution offering a comprehensive learning experience from Kindergarten to University. Situated in Al Hail South, one of Muscat's thriving neighborhoods, KGIS is deeply committed to fostering an environment that is not only inspiring but also safe and exceptional. Here, the school values the imagination and unique contributions of every student. The primary mission is to equip students with the confidence and skills to excel, a goal they consistently achieve. The school firmly believes in the limitless potential of every child, evident in its unwavering dedication to ensuring outstanding outcomes for all students. This commitment is embedded within a culture and ethos that promotes mutual respect, shared values, cooperation, and tolerance, guided by a highly nurturing pastoral care system.

    A distinguishing feature of KGIS is its dedication to integrating technology into the curriculum. A team of dedicated and skilled staff ensures that innovative teaching and learning are at the core of the school's agenda. The meticulously designed curriculum guides students seamlessly from Kindergarten through an enriched bilingual approach based on the Cambridge International Curriculum (aligned with the National Curriculum for England). It ultimately leads to personalized qualification pathways, including iGCSE, A Level, or the Omani Bilingual GED (General Education Diploma). The true measure of KGIS's success is best observed in its students, who exhibit a strong drive for academic excellence and motivation to become active global citizens.

    KGIS is part of the Inspired Education Group, a global leader in premium education, educating over 70,000 students in more than 111 of the world's finest schools across six continents. Students at KGIS enjoy unparalleled global opportunities that come with being a part of the Inspired network. This includes learning from expert and world-leading subject teachers carefully selected to deliver world-class education and share best practices developed across Inspired's global network of premium schools. Students also benefit from connections with peers worldwide, such as guaranteed placements at Inspired's premium boarding schools, participation in extraordinary global summer camps, and life-changing international exchanges.

    Inspired's educational philosophy, centered on its Three Pillars approach, equally emphasizes academic excellence, performing and creative arts, and sports. This holistic, world-class education has proven highly effective, with over 90% of Inspired graduates gaining admission to their first-choice universities. Alumni of Inspired Schools have gone on to attend prestigious institutions worldwide, including Harvard, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and University College London.

    Regarding academics, KGIS offers a premium British curriculum from KG to Grade 12, with all teachers being UK-trained and native English speakers.

    Furthermore, KGIS emphasizes promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle for all students. The sports program encourages teamwork, lifelong participation, physical activity, and sporting excellence. The goal is for students to enjoy a range of sports, including football, basketball, swimming, track, and various other activities. The school's Physical Education teachers are experienced in nurturing sporting talent and helping students reach their full potential. Those who wish to further develop their skills are encouraged to take part in trials to join the school's successful sports teams.

    KGIS has also partnered with the Nautilus Swimming Club, providing opportunities for students at all experience levels to develop their swimming skills and fitness. The Swimming Academy identifies students with the potential to become elite swimmers and join the Knowledge Gate International School Swim Squad. These students undergo a comprehensive program that focuses on developing physical fitness and the knowledge and mindset needed to compete at an international level and achieve their goals.

    Type of school: Day School

    Age range from 3 to 18 years old
    Address: Knowledge Gate International School Muscat, Way 2947, Al Marafah Street, Al Hail, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
    Yearly fee from OMR 2,618 to 5,550

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  15. Top 15

    KIS International School Reignwood Park

    KIS International School Reignwood Park is set to debut in August 2024 as a purpose-built day and boarding international school, occupying a sprawling 60-acre campus within the exclusive Reignwood Park community just north of Bangkok in Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani. This new campus marks KIS's second endeavor, exclusively offering IB programs, catering to over 2,000 students from Early Years to Grade 12.

    Distinguishing itself as the only full IB day and boarding school in Bangkok, KIS Reignwood Park is envisioned as an innovative and inspiring learning community. It is designed to cultivate 21st-century skills that equip students for success in our rapidly evolving world. The campus's state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor learning spaces encourage innovative learning methods and real-world connections, seamlessly integrating technology. While embracing innovation, KIS Reignwood Park remains committed to its core values. It offers a comprehensive education that celebrates diversity, global citizenship, and sustainability within a nurturing and environmentally conscious learning environment.

    has 25 years of experience in delivering excellence academically, underscored by consistently high IBDP scores. Over the past five years, KIS students have averaged an impressive 34.5 points, surpassing the world average of 30 points. Graduates of KIS receive a wide array of offers from over 10 countries and 120+ universities and colleges each year. With the collaborative efforts of dedicated teachers and supportive parents, KIS offers an academically rigorous IB curriculum alongside a holistic program encompassing sports, creativity, and community service. The goal is to equip students, from the youngest learners taking their first steps into the classroom to the graduates heading to esteemed universities, with the skills to become lifelong learners, effective leaders, and responsible global citizens.

    KIS Reignwood Park
    , following in the footsteps of KIS Bangkok, holds accreditations from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The Thai Ministry of Education also licenses it and is an active International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT) member. Through these affiliations and memberships, as well as involvement in international projects, such as the International Task Force for Child Protection, KIS ensures the safety and well-being of its students remain a top priority.

    Regarding extracurricular activities, KIS Reignwood Park boasts a world-class 60-acre campus with exceptional facilities to support a wide range of Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs). These activities are available every day after school for students from Early Years 3 and above. To support working parents, after-school care is provided in the Early Years Indoor Soft Play for Early Years 1 & 2 students. Participating in ECAs after school offers students the opportunity to refine skills beyond academics, fostering personal growth and self-confidence as they explore artistic, musical, and athletic pursuits.

    offers a unique experience at the KIS Boarding Village for those interested in boarding. This welcoming community allows students to form lasting friendships and enjoy numerous opportunities within the boarding village and across the expansive 60-acre campus. Situated just outside Bangkok, within the tranquil Reignwood Park community, the boarding experience combines scenic landscapes with modern amenities. Weekly and full boarding options are available for students in Grade 4 and above, providing stylish and comfortable bedrooms, each equipped with private bathrooms and ample storage. Boarding at KIS Reignwood Park extends the day, offering more time for enjoyable activities and pursuing new interests.

    Type of school: Day & Boarding School

    Age range from 3 to 18 years old

    Address: KIS International School Reignwood Park Campus, 888 99, Lam Sai, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani 12130

    Yearly fee: from 630,000 THB to 1,430,000 THB


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    KIS International School Reignwood Park

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