Top 8 Best International Schools in Barcelona

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International schools in Barcelona typically maintain high academic standards, offering rigorous and well-rounded educational programs that focus on holistic ... read more...

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    St. Peter's School Barcelona

    St. Peter's School Barcelona is an exclusive institution that offers the IB Continuum solely taught in English, comprising the Early/Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma Programmes. Setting itself apart from other schools, St.Peter boasts unique facilities (such as the Early Years Science Lab) and introduces cutting-edge subjects like nanoscience, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience into its curriculum. With a strong emphasis on Technology, Science, and Critical Thinking, St. Peter's has been ranked the best school in Spain by Forbes.

    As evident in the school's curriculum and facilities, the educational ethos at St. Peter's School Barcelona extends beyond academic excellence to nurture well-rounded individuals equipped for global pursuits. Students are empowered to think independently, remain well-informed, and foster an open-minded approach, which allows them to thrive in diverse academic, professional, and even personal spheres.

    Furthermore, central to the school's educational framework are three core pillars aimed at transforming the traditional educational landscape: Factfulness (which emphasizes critical thinking grounded in evidence), Exponential Science, and the cultivation of Change Makers.

    A hallmark of student achievement at St. Peter's is the inclusion of university-level language qualifications. Graduates depart with Level C proficiency in Catalan, Cambridge Certificates in English, DELF B2 certification in French, and mastery of Spanish.This multifaceted approach ensures students are prepared for higher education while boosting their linguistic and cognitive abilities for a globalized world.

    Founded: 1964

    Enrollment: 600

    Address: C. d'Eduard Toldrà, 18, Les Corts, 08034 Barcelona

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    American School of Barcelona

    The American School of Barcelona (ASB) prides itself on its mission, which is to empower students to become global citizens equipped with critical thinking skills and self-confidence. It is indeed one of the best international schools in Barcelona.

    Established in 1962, ASB stands as an international, independent, non-profit, co-educational institution. It offers a university preparatory day school program catering to both the international and Spanish communities in Barcelona, spanning from pre-school to grade 12. The school also provides an internationally enriched American curriculum, which eventually cultivates the renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. ASB's approximate student population is 973, representing more than 60 countries and celebrating the diversity inherent in its educational setting.

    Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the International Baccalaureate Organization, ASB adopts a quite selective admissions process. Specifically, it involves a comprehensive evaluation of each applicant's academic history, social maturity, and proficiency in the English language. Priority is given to native and advanced English speakers.

    For students applying from pre-kindergarten (PK3) to 2nd grade with a beginner level of English, admission might be considered if vacancies are available. However, applicants from 3rd grade onwards are expected to demonstrate advanced proficiency in English, particularly in writing and reading, to thrive in the program.

    To ensure a smooth admissions process for the September intake, ASB recommends families submit complete applications by February 15th. Decisions on admissions are typically made by early March after a thorough review of all applications and available vacancies for the upcoming academic year.

    Founded: 1962

    Enrollment: 970

    Address: Carrer de Jaume Balmes, 7, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona

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    Source: American School of Barcelona (Official Website)
    Source: American School of Barcelona (Official Website)
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    St. George Barcelona

    Also lauded as one of the best international schools in Barcelona, St. George Barcelona provides a co-educational learning environment encompassing Early Years Foundation Stage, Primary, Secondary, and Sixth Form education for children aged 2 to 18. Accredited by both the British authorities and regional government, the school holds membership in the esteemed National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS).

    St. George Barcelona boasts a faculty of native English-speaking teachers possessing qualified teacher status. These dedicated professionals exhibit enthusiasm for their subjects and tirelessly support students in unlocking their full potential. They make sure to offer individualized educational programs tailored to each student's needs.

    Furthermore, aligned with the British National Curriculum, St. George also ensures a holistic British education experience while leveraging the local environment and culture. A hallmark of the school's distinctive educational approach is its multicultural setting: students can delve into mandatory subjects like Catalan Languages, Spanish, and Humanities on a daily basis. Such diverse pathways cater to students' aspirations and preferences so that they can choose between continuing their studies overseas or remaining in Spain.

    How about its facilities? St. George spans over one hectare of land with multiple buildings. The school prides itself on bright, spacious, and air-conditioned classrooms tailored to various age groups. Specialized rooms, including art and music studios, libraries, computer labs, indoor gyms, science laboratories, dedicated kitchens, an auditorium, and dining areas, also allow diverse academic and extracurricular needs. Lastly, the expansive sports courts and green spaces rich in botanical diversity provide ample opportunities for many types of activities across different age groups, encouraging an even more inclusive educational experience.

    Founded: 1978

    Enrollment: 380

    Address: Passeig de la Reina Elisenda de Montcada, 18, Bis, Distrito de Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, 08034 Barcelona

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    Barcelona High School

    This is an internationally-focused American school prioritizing teenage development in academics, emotions, and psychology. Distinguished by its global outlook, BHS also boasts an impressively diverse student body (with over 80% hailing from outside Spain) to contribute to a vibrant multicultural environment. The school offers flexible schedules and comprehensive university counseling within an engaging and creative social setting.

    Recognized as Barcelona's top-ranking secondary education institution, Barcelona High School introduces a distinctive approach to learning. Its pioneering philosophy blends flipped learning with the core tenets of STEAM Education. Specifically, this unique methodology integrates movement therapy, NFT creation, Spanish immersion art classes, and official coding certification. Together, they foster an enriched educational experience of all ages.

    One of BHS's defining features is its exclusive focus on the American curriculum. There's no incorporation of additional compulsory systems such as Catalan education. This stands in contrast to other international American schools in Barcelona, which mandate students to undertake the International Baccalaureate (IB) along with the American system. That way, BHS can help prevent undue stress for students and families.

    Last but not least, a key aspect of BHS is its comprehensive university placement program. By following accredited US curriculum courses and earning an official American High School Diploma, BHS students can gain access to universities worldwide. The school's American diploma provides a competitive edge in the international university application process, as fewer applicants can achieve or present this type of qualification. As a result, BHS students manage to distinguish themselves effectively from the rest.

    Founded: 2020

    Enrollment: 100

    Address: C/ de Sant Agustí, 3, Gràcia, 08012 Barcelona

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  5. Benjamin Franklin International School (BFIS) is an esteemed international school nestled in Barcelona. At the heart of BFIS lies its diverse and global community, boasting a representation of over 50 nationalities. The school presents a comprehensive educational journey embracing an International American curriculum, which is tailored for students from Nursery to Grade 10. This curriculum is further augmented by the renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for Grades 11 and 12.

    The school primarily conducts its curriculum in English, encompassing learning support and foreign language programs. To emphasize linguistic diversity, instruction at BFIS is also predominantly in English, complemented by language courses offered in Catalan, Spanish, and French.

    Furthermore, BFIS integrates cutting-edge technology into its classrooms, such as digital boards, iPads, and computers, to enhance the learning experience. The school even implements a comprehensive 1:1 computer program from Grade 6 to Grade 12 to enable personalized learning opportunities. Teachers can utilize various digital platforms and tools for instructional delivery, such as leveraging Google Classroom as a means of communication and homework dissemination.

    And that is not all. BFIS houses a Middle and High School Makerspace equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including 3D printers, a laser cutter, vinyl cutters, and more. These tools foster innovation and spark students' creativity in designing and creating.

    As a result, BFIS is renowned for its academic excellence. Its students consistently achieve outstanding results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, and the school secures coveted acceptances for its graduates from some of the world's most prestigious universities.

    Founded: 1986

    Enrollment: 695

    Address: Passatge Torras i Bages, 4, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, 08017 Barcelona

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    ES American School

    ES American School, an independent and coeducational institution, caters to students across three distinct divisions. They are the American Elementary School (encompassing grades 1st to 5th), the Middle School (spanning grades 6th to 8th), and the Senior High School (covering grades 9th to 12th). The school's primary aim is to deliver an exceptional academic journey, equipping students with the necessary skills for future university studies.

    Notably, its Elementary School holds authorization as an IB World School. It offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) designed for students in grades 1 through 5.

    At ES American School, every student receives personalized attention. This ensures not only academic proficiency but also the cultivation of individual strengths and talents. Academic guidance and personal counseling are integral components of ES's approach to encouraging holistic student development. Plus, by following an American academic curriculum, students benefit from an enriching multicultural environment fostered by the diverse backgrounds of both teachers and peers.

    Furthermore, in its attempt to recognize varying individual needs, ES allows students to sign up for private one-on-one tutorials, especially when they require additional assistance in specific subject areas. Such an approach aims to address students' struggles and support comprehensive academic growth.

    Founded: 1999

    Enrollment: N/A

    Address: Autovia de Castelldefels, C-31, Km. 191, 08820, Barcelona

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    International School of Catalunya

    Established in 2007, the International School of Catalunya (ISCAT) was founded with one primary objective. The goal is to provide both local and international families with a values-based and dynamic educational platform for their children.

    ISCAT always maintains small class sizes and nurtures close student-staff interactions. This has been a fundamental aspect of shaping the school's unique learning culture and a strong sense of community. Hence, from its inception with a humble enrollment of only 13 students, ISCAT has witnessed substantial growth. Now, the school is currently accommodating over 200 students.

    In 2012, the institution introduced the pioneering Forest School program led by Forest Leader Emma Montgomery. This program pioneers a unique outdoor education initiative in Spain. Since then, it has become an integral part of ISCAT's educational framework to enhance student's learning experiences.

    The curriculum at ISCAT also aligns with the local "Plan de la Generalitat" to introduce the finest aspects of anglophone education worldwide. Students gain access to esteemed tertiary institutions across the UK, Europe, and beyond - a gateway to diverse global educational opportunities.

    On the other hand, SCAT takes pride in its recognition by UNICEF as an accredited Rights Respecting School. Specifically, the foundational principles of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child form an integral part of the institution's educational program. This accreditation underscores ISCAT's commitment to instilling values of respect and human rights within the educational environment.

    Founded: 2007

    Enrollment: 350

    Address: Carrer Manuel Raspall, 8, 08530 La Garriga, Barcelona

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    English Academy Santa Claus

    English Academy Santa Claus (EASC) operates as a trilingual institution catering to Early Years and Primary Education. With a legacy spanning 50 years, EASC takes pride in its consistent commitment to offering robust, innovative educational projects. Its comprehensive academic education is combined with a strong value-based approach for the best results.

    Specifically, the school is renowned for its high-quality teaching standards and personalized attention, and its distinctive feature lies in the one-classroom-per-grade rule. This approach facilitates tailored education and ensures close supervision. From there, students can discover their individual strengths and establish a robust foundation to navigate future challenges.

    At EASC, English, Spanish, and Catalan share equal roles in the curriculum, though Early Years education emphasizes total immersion in the English language. As students progress to Primary levels, the school adheres to the official local curriculum while upholding a commendable level of English proficiency. Students not only successfully navigate official English exams but also demonstrate fluency in Catalan and Spanish, both in spoken and written forms.

    Founded: 1965

    Enrollment: 150

    Address: C/ de Lleó XIII, 12, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, 08022 Barcelona

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