Top 9 Best International Schools in Guangzhou

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Explore Guangzhou's education scene as we reveal the 10 best international schools in Guangzhou. These universities have raised the bar for academic excellence ... read more...

  1. Canadian International School Guangzhou is ranked number one among the top ten best international schools in Guangzhou. CIS is an outstanding educational institution located in the vibrant city of Guangzhou, China. CIS is renowned for its dynamic learning environment, diverse community, and globally relevant curriculum. It is dedicated to providing a top-notch education.

    follows the Canadian curriculum, which prioritizes a well-rounded education, emphasizing critical thinking, creativity and effective communication. The school fosters a supportive environment where students are motivated to realize their full potential thanks to its staff of highly qualified teachers.

    The highlight of CIS is its rich program of extracurricular activities. The school provides a wide range of extracurricular activities to meet the diverse interests and abilities of its students, going beyond the confines of traditional education.

    Sports are a fundamental part of the co-curricular experience at CIS. The school offers students the chance to participate in competitive tournaments that foster discipline and team spirit by providing modern facilities for sports like basketball, football, and swimming. The arts are also a focus, providing opportunities for students to engage in music, drama, dance and visual arts. Through performances, exhibitions, and workshops, students can express their creativity and develop a deep appreciation for artistic pursuits.

    CIS focuses on community service and social responsibility, encouraging students to participate in service projects and community outreach programs. These experiences instill empathy and compassion, shaping students into well-rounded individuals committed to making a positive impact on society. CIS has included technology in extracurricular activities because it understands how important it is and wants to give students the chance to learn about digital media production, robotics, and coding.

    Canadian International School Guangzhou is a center of educational excellence, delivering the Canadian curriculum in a global context. CIS guarantees that students not only achieve academic success but also grow into well-rounded individuals with a diverse set of experiences and abilities that will enable them to succeed in the future through a range of extracurricular activities

    Detailed information:

    Hotline: +862039939920


    Address: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Panyu District, 东艺路 邮政编码: 511492

    Tuition: $14360.86 - $33871.75

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  2. One of the key components of an outstanding education at the American International School of Guangzhou (AISG) is its highly qualified faculty. The school places great importance on recruiting educators with impressive credentials, ensuring students receive a well-rounded learning experience.

    A significant commitment to ongoing professional development is shown by the large number of AISG teachers who hold advanced degrees, such as master's or doctorate degrees. These advanced degrees provide teachers with a solid foundation in educational theory, curriculum development, and effective teaching methods. It indicates the faculty's commitment to remaining current with innovations in education and enables them to implement creative teaching strategies in the classroom.

    The school benefits from a diverse range of perspectives because many of its educators have worked in various nations and educational systems. Consistent with AISG's mission of equipping students for success, this global exposure enables teachers to integrate a range of pedagogical approaches, cultural insights, and global mindsets into their training. work in a connected world.

    Academic credentials notwithstanding, AISG values teachers who possess strong communication abilities, a genuine love of teaching, and a genuine interest in the all-around growth of their students. This comprehensive approach goes beyond academics to include each student's well-being and personal development.

    AISG promotes a collaborative teaching environment, encouraging educators to work together to create a supportive and enriching learning atmosphere. The school believes in the importance of teachers actively interacting with students, promoting positive educational experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom environment.

    AISG's commitment to professional development is demonstrated through its support for teachers to participate in workshops, conferences and professional learning communities. This constant dedication guarantees that educators are always fully prepared to motivate and engage students by providing them with the newest innovations in education.

    The American International School of Guangzhou takes great satisfaction in its highly skilled faculty, which includes educators with a passion for teaching, advanced academic credentials, international experience, and effective communication skills. This combination establishes AISG as a pioneer in offering excellent education that focuses on both academic achievement and preparing students to become knowledgeable global citizens. trust and bond.

    Detailed information:

    Hotline: +862087353392


    Address: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Yuexiu District, 二沙岛烟雨南街3号 邮政编码: 510105

    Tuition: $1.432,49 - 1895.94

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  3. Top 3

    BASIS International School Guangzhou (BISG)

    BASIS International School Guangzhou (BISG) is committed to academic excellence and offers a comprehensive curriculum. BISG is well-known throughout the world for its productive programs, concentrate on giving students the knowledge and abilities they need to thrive in a world that is changing quickly.

    The foundation of BISG's methodology is the BASIS Curriculum, which is well-known for its academic rigor and capacity to foster critical thinking. Aligned with international standards, this curriculum goes beyond traditional educational methods to ensure students receive a comprehensive and challenging learning experience.

    BISG's teaching staff includes highly qualified educators, many with advanced degrees and extensive experience in their roles. The school places a high value on hiring educators who are passionate about inspiring a love of learning in their students in addition to possessing subject matter expertise. Dedicated faculty contribute to creating an intellectually stimulating environment that encourages students to reach their full potential.

    In addition to excellent academic performance, BISG also recognizes the importance of a comprehensive education. The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities including sports, arts, leadership, and community service. These activities allow students to explore their interests, develop essential life skills, and engage in a well-rounded learning experience.

    At BISG, state-of-the-art classrooms, science labs, art studios, and sports facilities all contribute to an improved overall learning environment. These tools facilitate extracurricular and academic pursuits while guaranteeing that students have access to well-equipped spaces that support their learning.

    BASIS International School Guangzhou is an educational excellence center that focuses on a challenging curriculum, dedicated faculty, and a commitment to developing well-rounded individuals. BISG equips students with a global perspective and a strong emphasis on academic rigor, enabling them to succeed not only in postsecondary education but also in leadership roles within our interconnected global community.

    Detailed information:

    Hotline: +86 020-3778 1090/1091


    Address: No. 8 Jiantashan Road, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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    Video by BASIS International Schools
  4. The Japanese School of Guangzhou (JSG) is a well-respected educational institution serving the Japanese community in Guangzhou, China. Established with the primary goal of delivering high-quality Japanese education, the school has become a central hub for cultural exchange and academic achievement.

    offers a thorough curriculum that emphasizes academic subjects along with Japanese language and culture. The school, following the Japanese academic calendar, offers education from kindergarten to high school levels.

    What sets the Japanese School of Guangzhou apart is its dedication to preserving and promoting Japanese culture. Students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of cultural identity through the curriculum, which includes studies of Japanese language, history, and customs. This strategy helps Japanese citizens as well as enables local and foreign students to fully immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Japan.

    The faculty at JSG comprises qualified and experienced educators, many of whom are native Japanese speakers. This ensures students receive a high standard of language instruction, enabling proficiency in both Japanese and Chinese languages. The school's dedication to language education reflects the curriculum's global perspective, preparing students for a future in a globalized world.

    In addition to academics, the Japanese School of Guangzhou places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities and community involvement. Students can participate in various clubs, sports, and cultural events, fostering a well-rounded and socially aware student body. These activities contribute to personal development and create a sense of camaraderie among students.

    The school's facilities are designed to provide a conducive learning environment, equipped with modern classrooms, libraries, and sports facilities. The campus reflects a blend of Japanese and Chinese influences, creating a unique and culturally enriching atmosphere.

    The Japanese School of Guangzhou is a testament to educational excellence and cultural preservation within the Japanese community in Guangzhou. The school provides a holistic educational experience that prepares students to be global citizens with a deep appreciation for their cultural heritage.

    Detailed information:

    Hotline: +862061397023


    Address: 10 Feng Xin Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510653

    Tuition: $3082.61 - $5754.21

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    The International French School of Guangzhou (IFSG)

    The International French School of Guangzhou (IFSG) has garnered significant recognition for its outstanding accomplishments across multiple domains, solidifying its position as a leading example of international education excellence. The main highlight is the school's academic achievements, which continuously achieve excellent results.

    Following France's famous national curriculum, IFSG not only prioritizes academic qualifications but also nurtures critical thinking, creativity and language skills. The school's students always excel in international exams, which confirms the effectiveness of the school's learning programs.

    IFSG's commitment to a multilingual approach is another outstanding feature. The school attaches great importance to language acquisition, ensuring students are fluent in both French and English. This bilingual education not only facilitates effective communication but also broadens students' global perspectives. Bilingualism enhances cognitive abilities and prepares students for success in a connected world.

    Cultural enrichment is an important aspect of IFSG's achievements, evident through its diverse co-curricular activities. The school allows students to pursue their interests outside of the classroom by providing opportunities in the arts, sports, and cultural events. These activities contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals with a sense of cultural appreciation.

    IFSG's multicultural environment is a remarkable achievement, attracting students from many different nationalities. This diverse community enhances the overall learning experience and fosters an atmosphere of tolerance, understanding, and global citizenship. The school's commitment to community engagement and social responsibility is commendable. Actively participating in community service projects, IFSG instills in students a sense of empathy and responsibility, cultivating socially conscious individuals.

    IFSG's emphasis on technology integration is another notable achievement. The school has integrated cutting-edge technological tools into its teaching methodology, realizing the value of preparing students for the digital age. This ensures that students are not only proficient in traditional subjects but also possess critical digital literacy skills.

    International French School of Guangzhou has achieved excellence in academics, language proficiency, cultural enrichment, multiculturalism, community engagement and technology integration. These accomplishments highlight IFSG's dedication to offering an all-encompassing, internationally-oriented education that equips learners to attain academic brilliance and contribute significantly to society.

    Detailed information:

    Hotline: (+8620) 3879 7324


    Address: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Yuexiu District, Pazhou St, 二沙岛3区 邮政编码: 510105

    Tuition: $384.86 - $1030.97

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  6. Top 6

    Clifford International School

    The establishment of Clifford International School is a notable development in the field of education, representing a significant step towards delivering exceptional learning experiences. The idea to establish the school originated from a common vision shared by educators, administrators and community leaders. Together, they aim to create an educational institution that exceeds international standards, focusing on academic excellence, character development and global vision.

    Clifford International School was made possible by assembling a group of dedicated professionals, who cooperate and carefully organize everything. Experienced educators and visionary leaders have worked tirelessly to shape the school's mission, values and educational philosophy. Creating an environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning outside of the classroom is the goal.

    The school's curriculum is thoughtfully designed to integrate best practices from different international education systems. This guarantees that students receive a well-rounded education that emphasizes academic success in addition to instilling values in them like integrity, resilience, and empathy.

    Diversity is an important aspect of Clifford International School, evident in both faculty and students. The school actively recruits educators with international experience, bringing diverse perspectives to the learning environment. This diversity extends to students, creating an inclusive atmosphere that prepares them for a globalized world.

    The thoughtful combination of state-of-the-art classrooms, well-stocked science labs, libraries, sports facilities, and technology tools creates an atmosphere that is ideal for learning and academic pursuits. Community leaders and education experts were sought to ensure that the organization is aligned with the needs and aspirations of the local community.

    Clifford International School was founded on a shared vision to create a leading educational institution that excels in academic standards, character development, and global readiness. Every effort is made to establish the groundwork for a school that promotes excellence, innovation, and a genuine love of learning, from meticulous planning to hiring qualified teachers and providing cutting-edge facilities.

    Detailed information:

    Hotline: +86 (20) 34631940


    Address: 1 Xueyuan Rd, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 511496

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    Video by Clifford International School
  7. Yew Wah International School of Education Guangzhou's (YWIESGZ) development has been an amazing educational journey, demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence and students' overall development. The school's development is centered on offering a comprehensive and global education, starting with a shared vision among educators, leaders, and the community.

    was founded to advance knowledge, values, and an appreciation for diverse cultures. The founders envisioned a curriculum that went beyond academic excellence and placed an emphasis on character-building with virtues like integrity and respect. They collaborated with educators and community leaders to realize their vision. YWIESGZ's commitment to a bilingual and bicultural approach has been a prominent feature of its development. Ensuring proficiency in both English and Chinese, the school prepares students to communicate effectively in a global context. This bilingual focus enriches the learning experience and equips students for success in a connected world.

    The development of facilities is an important aspect of YWIESGZ's growth, with modern classrooms, cutting-edge laboratories, art studios, sports facilities, and cutting-edge technology resources all contributing to a favorable learning environment. These facilities are strategically designed to promote academic excellence, creativity and student well-being.

    Community involvement plays an important role throughout YWIESGZ's development. To make sure the school was closely in line with the needs and expectations of the neighborhood, input from parents, community leaders, and education specialists was actively sought. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in helping the school successfully integrate into the local structure.

    YWIESGZ's co-curricular programs provide a variety of opportunities for students to participate in sports, arts, and community service, demonstrating the organization's commitment to a well-rounded education. This emphasis on non-academic activities allows students to explore their interests and develop essential life skills.

    The development of Yew Wah School of International Education in Guangzhou has been marked by a commitment to academic excellence, cultural integration, and the holistic development of students. The school's dedication to offering a top-notch, world-class education has been highlighted in every step of its development, from its original concept to its bilingual curriculum and cutting-edge facilities

    Detailed information:

    Hotline: (202) 8683 2662


    Address: 9 Xue’er Street, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510897

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    Video by Yew Wah Yantai
  8. Top 8

    Alcanta International College (AIC)

    Alcanta International College (AIC) upholds a rich tradition rooted in a dedication to academic excellence, character development, and fostering a global perspective. Established to provide a well-rounded and transformative education, AIC's traditions embody a blend of cultural diversity, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to the success and holistic growth of its students.

    Central to AIC's tradition is its unwavering focus on academic excellence. The school emphasizes inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving as part of its rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, which goes beyond textbooks. This approach equips students with the skills necessary for success in higher education and their future endeavors.

    Cultural diversity is a defining feature of AIC's tradition, creating a vibrant and inclusive community. The school actively celebrates a variety of cultures, attracting students from different backgrounds. This cultural diversity is woven throughout the traditions, creating a learning environment where students can share knowledge, value different viewpoints, and grow into global citizens with a deep awareness of cultural diversity.

    The emphasis on values like integrity, respect, and responsibility at AIC demonstrates how character development is a fundamental component of the school's legacy. AIC strives not only to shape academically proficient individuals but also to nurture morally upright and socially responsible citizens. The school develops a strong sense of ethics and social awareness in its students through character education programs and initiatives. Community engagement is fundamental to AIC's tradition, actively involving parents, local communities, and stakeholders in various educational programs.

    This collaborative approach fosters a sense of belonging and shared responsibility, creating a supportive environment that enhances the overall learning experience. AIC's tradition also emphasizes a global perspective, encouraging students to think beyond borders. Through international exchange programs, cultural events, and collaborative projects, AIC broadens students' horizons and deepens their understanding of global challenges and opportunities.

    Innovation is woven into the fabric of AIC's tradition, demonstrating a commitment to remaining at the forefront of educational advancements. The school embraces technology, modern teaching methods, and experiential learning, providing students with a dynamic and forward-thinking educational experience.

    Hotline: +862086183666



    Address: China, Guangzhou City Nansha District, 14广生路 邮政编码: 511458

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    Video by Alcanta International College亚加达国际预科
  9. Utahloy International School Zengcheng (UISZ) is ranked 10th out of the best international schools in Guangzhou. This school is well-known for its dedication to providing a modern and enriching educational experience through its cutting-edge facilities. These advanced resources showcase the school's dedication to providing students with an innovative and dynamic learning environment.

    classrooms are a hub of interactive learning, with cutting-edge technology like interactive whiteboards and multimedia resources. Designed for collaboration, these classrooms create an engaging atmosphere that enhances the overall learning experience.

    Science education is a priority at UISZ, evident in its well-equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology. These facilities allow students to conduct hands-on experiments and explore scientific concepts in a hands-on and immersive environment. The school's emphasis on holistic education extends to its arts and music studios. These creative spaces are intended to inspire students by providing a venue for artistic expression and the development of creative talents in the visual and performing arts.

    UISZ's dedication to physical fitness is reflected in its outstanding sports facilities, which include large fields, a well-equipped gymnasium, and courts for a variety of sports. These facilities not only support physical education classes but also encourage students to lead active and healthy lifestyles. In the realm of technology, UISZ excels with its computer labs and IT resources. The school makes sure that students have access to the newest technology for research, coding, and other technological endeavors because it recognizes the significance of digital literacy.

    The school library has a large collection of books, journals, and digital resources, making it a thriving hub for research and knowledge. This space encourages independent learning and academic exploration. UISZ demonstrates its commitment to language learning through its language labs, which provide an immersive and cutting-edge technological environment for language acquisition. These labs enable students to develop proficiency in multiple languages.

    Utahloy International School Zengcheng's advanced facilities underscore its dedication to providing a modern and comprehensive educational experience. The facilities at UISZ are made to help students succeed in a world that is changing quickly. From cutting-edge science labs and classrooms to creative arts studios, sports facilities, and cutting-edge technology resources, these spaces offer an education that goes beyond conventional bounds.

    Hotline: +86 20 8291 3201


    Address: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Zengcheng District, 广汕公路增江街四丰村 邮政编码: 516125

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    Video by Utahloy International School Zengcheng

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