Top 7 Best International Schools in Kuwait

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For parents who want their children to enroll in a prestigious international school, Kuwait is definitely one of the best choices, given its rich educational ... read more...

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    Al-Bayan International School

    Al-Bayan International School (BIS) opened its doors in 2017 after a complete campus renovation. Back then, it was first established in 1993 as Fawzia Sultan International School (FSIS) to cater to the educational needs of children with learning differences. FSIS was also the first non-profit American curriculum school in the Middle East dedicated to such students.

    Now, BIS follows the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) standards, endorsed by the U.S. State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools (A/OPR/OS). The curriculum aligns AERO's English/Language Arts and Mathematics Frameworks with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It also integrates AERO Science with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to focus on engineering, science, and cross-cutting concepts.

    Furthermore, the academic program at BIS emphasizes not only language, arts, math, and science but also technology, social science, P.E., arts, and Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) to enhance student learning. It provides individualized education, maintains small class sizes, and offers additional support or challenges as needed. Lessons are designed to deepen students' understanding of concepts and skills, encouraging reflection and evaluation to track their progress toward achieving personal goals.

    Last but not least, students in grades K-12 at BIS undergo MAP Growth tests from NWEA thrice a year (April/Spring, January/Winter, and September/Fall), which assess their academic level and monitor progress in math and reading. These tests help determine students' instructional needs and track their growth over time.

    Founded: 2017

    Enrollment: 379

    Address: 32004 Beirut Street, Hawally 32004, Kuwait

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    International British School

    As one of the best international schools in Kuwait, the International British School (IBS) provides a warm and supportive environment that encourages high academic standards. The school aims to empower each of its students through an engaging curriculum, modern sports facilities (including a large swimming pool), and various extracurricular activities.

    IBS provides students with British qualifications, which are globally recognized and serve as a pathway to esteemed universities. The British National Curriculum is the core of their educational framework, further adapted to meet the cultural, historical, and geographical context of the host country. The dedicated teachers also personalize the curriculum to suit each student's unique needs.

    For more inclusive teaching, IBS employs a topic-based approach to some foundation subjects; these curriculum plans blend various subject outlines to create a cohesive thematic learning experience, giving students a better overview of how seemingly different branches and aspects are eventually linked back to each other.

    Founded: 1978

    Enrollment: N/A

    Address: Block 9, Ibn Taimiya Street, Fahaheel, Kuwait

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    The English School

    The English School, a non-profit institution in Kuwait, has been serving the English-speaking community for almost 70 years. As one of the best international schools in Kuwait, it follows the Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum for England to provide the best, most comprehensive education. The dedicated and experienced staff understand the unique qualities of each child and strive to create a challenging yet supportive environment tailored to their individual needs.

    Students at The English School take age-appropriate exams aligned with the British education system. For instance, Key Stage 1 SATs are taken at the age of 7 (Year 2), Key Stage 2 SATs at 11 (Year 6), along with Common Entrance and specialized exams for future schooling. Additionally, Foundation stage children are assessed based on the Early Learning Goals. Teachers conduct various assessments using British QCA additional tests, NFER tests, and the school's internal evaluations in all subjects to ensure a well-rounded education.

    Last but not least, the school is well-equipped with modern facilities. They include science labs, ICT labs, a Music suite, a Performing Arts Centre (with seating for over 600), a library (housing more than 23,000 books and periodicals), and a Design and Technology suite with an adjoining space for Food Technology.

    Founded: 1953

    Enrollment: 630

    Address: 14-4 Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari St. 19 Ln, Salmiya, Kuwait

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    Danah Universal School of Kuwait

    Danah Universal School of Kuwait (DUSK) aims to provide a nurturing yet challenging educational setting where students actively engage in learning. They focus on fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enabling the students to reach their full potential as individuals and global citizens.

    Teachers at DUSK communicate with parents throughout the school year via email. They use progress reports to update parents on their child's performance or to arrange meetings when necessary. These formal progress reports are shared four times annually to keep parents informed about their child's academic progress and any other important matters.

    Teaching and learning aside, DUSK also operates a transportation service for students residing in neighboring areas. The school provides pick-up and drop-off services; parents interested in using them should get in touch with the Transport Manager and provide accurate home addresses and contact details for coordination. And, of course, students using the bus service are expected to adhere to high standards of behavior. Failure to comply with behavior standards (e.g., leaving the seat or unfastening the seat belt while the bus is still moving) may result in disciplinary action, and these students might be denied access to the school bus indefinitely.

    Founded: 2007

    Enrollment: 600

    Address: Salwa, Block 1, Salem Al Dawi St, Kuwait

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    Kuwait English School

    Kuwait English School (KES) is a vibrant community catering to students aged 3 to 18, along with parents, administrators, educators, and management. Its collective goal is to ensure every student at KES receives exceptional, enriching, and enjoyable learning experiences throughout their school journey.

    From Year 3 onward, students have access to various specialized facilities like drama studios, science labs, libraries, updated ICT suites, an indoor gym, and a swimming pool. Senior students in Years 12 and 13 studying 'A' level courses have their own dedicated Sixth Form Centre named "The Millennium" and a designated common room.

    Apart from the main school building, KES has a specialized Music Centre and a well-equipped Art & Design Technology Centre. Additionally, there's a separate building housing The Green Unit, a resourceful learning center for students with learning disabilities. Interaction between students from The Green Unit and the main school building is strongly encouraged, and some lessons for these students also take place in the main building.

    Admission assessments include tests to evaluate a student's focus, communication skills, academic level, and thinking process. KES also reviews the student's previous school report and discusses it with parents, if available. Serious disciplinary issues in the past may impact the child's acceptance into KES, though.

    Applications for enrollment are accepted starting from January for the following September intake. Due to high demand, KES recommends early applications, preferably on the first working day in January.

    Founded: 1978

    Enrollment: 2500

    Address: Street 9, 22057, Kuwait

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    American Creativity Academy

    The American Creativity Academy (ACA) is a renowned private school in Kuwait. It adopts a standard American curriculum while fostering an environment that respects and incorporates Islamic values. The school's primary focus is to prepare its students for success at the university level.

    ACA regularly evaluates and updates its curriculum to ensure it meets evolving educational standards. Every academic year, a specific subject area undergoes comprehensive evaluation by groups of specialized teachers and administrators. They work together to adjust the curriculum and its associated resources, resulting in a better, more updated subject curriculum by the year's end. Other subjects also undergo general reviews simultaneously to identify areas needing development.

    ACA also proactively updates its curriculum by considering global changes and advancements in technology. To be specific, in 2012, ACA adopted the Atlas software, a curriculum mapping tool facilitating curriculum management. This system allows teachers to effectively manage classroom time and maintain comprehensive student records for future reference.

    Since then, ACA has implemented Atlas across all core and non-core subjects. As a result, the school's curriculum remains dynamic and responsive, consistently evolving without waiting for external changes or prompt modifications.

    Founded: 1997

    Enrollment: 6000


    • Girls' Campus: 6 Al Muthanna St, Hawally, Kuwait
    • Boys' Campus: Sharhabil Street, Block 9, Hawally, Kuwait 32018
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    The Universal American School

    Next is the Universal American School (UAS), a nonprofit school offering education from Preschool to Grade 12.

    Since its establishment in September 1975 with 300 students, UAS has maintained a tradition of high-quality education in academics, arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Now nearing its 47th year of educational excellence, the school has over 1,800 students representing diverse nationalities in the world. With a staff of around 380, UAS employs highly qualified teachers, many of whom hold advanced degrees along with teaching certifications.

    Admissions at UAS are selective, welcoming average to above-average students without evident behavior or learning difficulties. For prospective students at the Early Childhood levels (Preschool - KG2), interviews are conducted without any academic prerequisites for Preschool and KG1 students. They should be toilet-trained and able to speak/ follow basic instructions.

    Other potential students, however, must undergo Mathematics and English assessment tests. These standardized test scores, coupled with previous academic records, determine if the student meets the school's academic standards. The aim is to ensure the school's challenging educational program can meet the applicant's needs. After considering all aspects of the admissions process, the admissions team finalizes placement decisions.

    In instances that require additional academic support, the school can offer various strategies and resources, such as extra lessons at summer school or after-school classes in specific subjects. UAS takes specialized academic support seriously and expects parental support and cooperation throughout the process.

    Founded: 1975

    Enrollment: 1800

    Address: Block 212, Mousa Bin Nassir Street, Hawally, Kuwait Hawally, Hawally 72451

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