Top 10 Best International Schools in Oman

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The presence of a significant expatriate community in Oman requires educational facilities that cater to the diverse needs of children from various ... read more...

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    American-British Academy (ABA)

    Established in 1987, the American-Britsh Academy aims to cultivate the forthcoming cohort of leaders and trailblazers, nurturing their drive to effect positive change in their spheres. Positioned as the primary International Baccalaureate Continuum School within Oman, ABA operates as a non-profit institution and has welcomed more than 950 students. Their ages range from Kindergarten to Grade 12, representing a diverse array of over 65 countries.

    With a history spanning over three decades, the American-British Academy has been steadfast in equipping students with the requisite skills to navigate an ever-evolving future. The institution recognizes the importance of preparing young individuals for forthcoming technologies and career opportunities, which have yet to materialize but will play pivotal roles in shaping global dynamics. Therefore, the academy instills in students an ease with constant change to foster genuine adaptability and flexibility. Participation in problem-solving teams and exposure to diverse global experiences are pivotal in laying this fundamental groundwork.

    At ABA, the teaching approach centers on meeting students at their individual levels. Its faculty capitalizes on smaller class sizes to establish more personal connections with students, comprehending their unique needs to offer tailored assistance. Furthermore, ABA champions academic excellence within an environment that values cross-cultural comprehension and reverence.

    As a result, students at ABA enjoy numerous enriching learning opportunities, a plethora of athletic pursuits and clubs, and a wide spectrum of resources catering to their academic, social, and emotional welfare. The academy deserves its title as one of the best international schools in Oman.

    Founded: 1987

    Enrollment: 950

    Address: Way 2748, Al Khuwair 28

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    Al Batinah International School

    Also lauded as one of the best international schools in Oman, Al Batinah International School caters to students from 4 to 18, placing a strong emphasis on their academic, emotional, and social growth. The school stands as the premier and sole international educational institution in Sohar, Oman, and is sanctioned to deliver three International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. Specifically, students are promised comprehensive and tailored education extending beyond conventional academic disciplines, encompassing arts, music, drama, design, cutting-edge technologies, and sports.

    Through a focus on applied knowledge and effective cross-cultural interactions, Al Batinah International School ensures each child acquires enduring skills essential for their future.

    Being the one and only IB institution in the vicinity, ABIS emphasizes the highest standards of quality and excellence. Hence, since its establishment, ABIS has always shown a commitment to offering a high-caliber, research-based environment for all students, regardless of learning level and age.

    Founded: 2007

    Enrollment: 358

    Address: Way 2748, Al Khuwair 28Al Khuwair Heights District, Muscat, Oman

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    Bangladesh School Muscat

    Bangladesh School Muscat (commonly referred to as BSM), serves as an educational institution catering primarily to the Bangladeshi expatriate community in Oman. Committed to delivering international standard education, BSM welcomes students from diverse nationalities. Note that there are some specific criteria, though, which mandate successful completion of an admission test and meeting age requirements.

    Established in 1996, the school has since accommodated students from junior to senior levels and holds approval from the Ministry of Education in Oman. Furthermore, BSM maintains an affiliation with Edexcel International and is recognized as a center authorized to administer London Examinations for IGCSE ‘O’ level and GCE ‘A’ level.

    BSM offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing numerous subjects, such as Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and more at the IGCSE Ordinary Level. At the GCE Advanced Level, subjects include Applied Business, Accounting, Biology, Applied ICT, Chemistry Business Studies, Physics, Economics, and Mathematics.

    The overarching objective of Bangladesh School Muscat is to foster the development of a promising future generation, who is characterized by not only high academic achievements but also strong moral and ethical values. That explains why the school also aims to equip students with practical skills in music, art, games, sports, P.E., and other adventurous activities.

    Last but not least, to maintain educational standards, Bangladesh School Muscat recruits qualified and experienced teachers from Bangladesh and various other nationalities, which ensures consistent, high-quality education for students of all levels and strengths.

    Founded: 1950

    Enrollment: 1950

    Address: 18th November St., Building No. 305, Way No.3605, Muscat, Oman

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    British School Muscat

    British School Muscat (BSM) stands as the foremost British educational institution in Oman, securing a Royal Charter from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said back in 1973. As the singular not-for-profit British school in Muscat, the school takes pride in delivering top-tier education to children aged 3 to 18.

    Notably, BSM's GCSE outcomes consistently position the institution among the top 3 British International Schools within the Middle East, along with a position within the top 5% among both independent and state schools in the UK. This commendable track record contributes significantly to BSM's global acclaim for its commitment to excellence and innovative practices. With such a reputation, the school has managed to attract, retain, and nurture high-caliber UK-trained educators, who find great pleasure in working with the school's dedicated and high-achieving students.

    British School Muscat adopts a comprehensive educational approach called "the British School Muscat Learning Ethos." Specifically, the ethos places emphasis on multifaceted learning strategies and encompasses high-performance goals in public examinations, nurturing character development and a sense of global citizenship among its student body. For years, this approach has formed the foundational framework for learning and teaching methodologies across all levels within the institution, further extending its popularity.

    Founded: 1971

    Enrollment: 1165

    Address: Box 1907, Muscat 112, Oman

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  5. Knowledge Gate International School (KGIS) is nestled in Al Hail South, a vibrant and burgeoning neighborhood within Muscat. The school offers a comprehensive educational journey from Kindergarten to University level. It prides itself on nurturing each student's distinctive contributions and valuing their individuality within a safe, encouraging atmosphere.

    Central to KGIS's ethos is the belief in empowering students with both confidence and skills. This commitment is ingrained within a culture and ethos that promotes mutual respect, shared values, cooperation, tolerance, and is guided by a deeply nurturing pastoral care system.

    At Knowledge Gate International School, technology is integrated seamlessly into the curriculum, and a dedicated team of educators ensures that innovative learning and teaching methodologies form the core of the educational agenda. The meticulously crafted curriculum progresses students from Kindergarten through an enriched bilingual approach, rooted in the Cambridge International Curriculum (aligned with the National Curriculum for England). From there, this progression leads students into personalized qualification pathways, including A Level, IGCSE, or the Omani Bilingual GED (General Education Diploma).

    The success of KGIS is vividly evident in the achievements of its students, who exhibit strong academic drive and an inherent motivation to become proactive global citizens. Its dedication to academic excellence and fostering a global mindset truly encapsulates the essence of KGIS's accomplishments.

    Founded: 2012

    Enrollment: N/A

    Address: Al Marafh, Road Way 2947, Al Hail, Muscat, Oman

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    Muscat International School

    Founded in 1989, Muscat International School (MIS) is a prominent institute in Qurum that represents one of the pioneering educational traditions in Oman: the introduction of the IGCSE and A-level curriculum.

    Functioning as a private, co-educational day school, Muscat International School has received a license from the Omani Ministry of Education for the deliveries of the English national curriculum supplemented by Islamic, Arabic Studies, and Social Studies from the Omani curriculum. This comprehensive educational structure caters to students of diverse nationalities spanning from KG to Grade 12. With its determined dedication to excellence, MIS strives to prepare young adults for the challenges of the evolving world, aiming to lead in the sphere of education.

    At the heart of MIS's philosophy lies a fundamental principle: instigating cultural change regarding attitudes toward growth across all aspects of school life. Specifically, MIS is devoted to nurturing a culture that celebrates growth and champions a mindset of continuous improvement. This principle underpins the school community's emphasis on exemplary behaviors and values embedded within the Learning Profile (LP). The LP establishes a cultural framework promoting active pursuits of constructive feedback, paving the way for students' continual improvement.

    Founded: 1989

    Enrollment: 970

    Address: Al Marafh. Road Way 2947, Al Hail, Muscat, Oman

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    Lycée Français de Mascate

    At the Muscat French School, also known as the Lycée Français de Mascate (LFM), diversity thrives as it welcomes students from 25 different nationalities to its state-of-the-art Muscat Hills campus located in Airport Heights. LFM prides itself on offering a comprehensive education in French, English, and Arabic from early childhood (starting at age 3) up to the baccalaureate level.

    As a part of the international network overseen by the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE), LFM is committed to upholding the excellence of French education while fostering multilingualism, intercultural understanding, and proficiency in science, art, and sports. Guided by a dynamic and experienced team, the school's mission is to cultivate an environment where students can flourish and pursue ambitious academic paths within both the French and International higher education systems.

    Lycée Français de Mascate students undergo frequent official examinations, such as the Brevet in grade 9 and the baccalaureate in Grade 12. Collaboration, exchange, and contributión to the prominence of French culture in Oman are key tenets of LFM's educational vision.

    At the end of the day, central to LFM's ethos is the aspiration to offer students a welcoming atmosphere characterized by mutual respect, fostering a sense of community where both living and working feel comfortable. This transparent, forward-thinking educational environment encourages progression and growth for all.

    Founded: 1995

    Enrollment: 244

    Address: 99 St, Muscat, Oman

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    Indian School Salalah

    The Indian School Salalah, situated in the Dahariz area of Salalah town in the southern governorate of Dhofar, is a co-educational institution primarily catering to the educational needs of Indian expatriates in the Sultanate of Oman. While its foundation is rooted in serving the Indian community, the school also extends its admissions to children from other nationalities.

    Aligned with the Central Board of Secondary Education in New Delhi, India, the school follows the curriculum prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training from the same city. The institution is organized into various segments: Kindergarten, Lower Primary (Grades 1 & 2), Primary (Grades 3 & 4), Middle School (Grades 5 to 8), and High School (Grades 9 to 12).

    English serves as the primary medium of instruction. Additionally, students are required to study Hindi as a second language from classes 1 to 8. From classes 9 and 10, Arabic, French, or Malayalam can replace Hindi. Furthermore, a third language - Hindi, French, Malayalam, or Arabic - is compulsory from classes 5 to 8.

    At Indian School Salalah, academic engagement extends beyond routine examinations. The institution administers various competitions and assessments to foster holistic development. These include Olympiads for Maths, Science, and Computer Science organized by the New South Wales University in Australia for classes 9th & 12th, the ASSET examination by Educational Initiatives, India, and the Maths Olympiad by the Indian National Mathematics Olympiad.

    Founded: 1981

    Enrollment: 4600

    Address: 25M6+92G, Salalah, Oman

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    Sohar International School

    At Sohar International School, the aspirations soar high. The institution aims beyond academic milestones for its 1100 students from 36 nationalities, equipping each of them with the tools necessary for future endeavors. The curriculum covers all modern 21st-century skills essential for navigating a rapidly evolving world, striking to unlock each learner's potential.

    With a robust faculty comprising over 300 teachers representing 45 nationalities, Sohar International School delivers education rooted in the Cambridge International Curriculum. The institution remains committed to realigning its goals and objectives continually, ensuring that every child receives the pinnacle of world-class education they deserve.

    At the heart of the educational system lies the faculty staff that serves as the cornerstone of the school's success. The achievements of their students, both in academic pursuits and extracurricular activities, stand testament to their devotion and experience that keeps driving Sohar International School forward.

    Founded: 1990

    Enrollment: 1100

    Address: PO Box 280, Postal Code 311, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

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  10. Top 10


    Beaconhouse School Al Khuwair operates as an accredited partner of Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE), delivering the British Curriculum across Key Stages 1, 2, and 3. Additionally, the school offers the IGCSE at Key Stage 4, followed by the option to pursue either A-Level or General Education Diploma qualifications.

    Classrooms at Beaconhouse are equipped with cutting-edge multimedia devices, smart boards, and abundant ICT resources. These facilities allow students to engage in collaborative group work as well as individual activities, which helps foster the development of essential 21st-century skills.

    The school also provides access to a well-stocked learning resource center that caters to a variety of contemporary literary and research mediums. Furthermore, Beaconhouse School Al Khuwair boasts well-equipped laboratories dedicated to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology studies, guaranteeing hands-on learning experiences for those interested in experimenting.

    Adding to its amenities, there is also an impressive 25-meter swimming pool for swimming lessons and galas, serving as a venue for various swimming competitions to promote extracurricular offerings and physical fitness.

    Founded: 1975

    Enrollment: 500


    • Campus 1: Al Khuwair South, Street 2725 Building No. 1/A/2661, Complex No 227, Muscat 116, Oman
    • Campus 2: Bldg. No. 52, 54, Al Fauhood Street Qurum Heights, Muscat Sultanate of Oman
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