Top 10 Best Luxury Homeware Brands in the USA

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The USA's luxury homeware market is filled with outstanding companies that personify class, excellence, and flawless craftsmanship. These top-tier homeware ... read more...

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    Kelly Wearstler

    Kelly Wearstler is indeed a renowned American interior designer who has established a luxury lifestyle brand that encompasses various products and services. Her brand is known for its bold and eclectic design aesthetic, incorporating vintage inspiration, complex patterns, high-quality materials, and unique combinations of textures and colors.

    Kelly Wearstler brand offers a wide range of products, including home furnishings, lighting fixtures, textiles, accessories, and lifestyle goods. Each piece reflects the brand's commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and artistic expression. The designs are often statement-making and have a luxurious appeal, making them highly desirable among homeowners, interior designers, and luxury enthusiasts worldwide.

    In addition to product offerings, it is recognized for the founder's interior design projects and collaborations with prestigious brands. Her innovative approach to design and distinctive style have earned her numerous awards and a prominent position in the industry.

    The Kelly Wearstler brand has gained a loyal following and its pieces can be found in prestigious establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and residences. The brand's designs have the ability to transform spaces into visually striking and captivating environments, creating a memorable experience for those who encounter them.

    Overall, the Kelly Wearstler brand represents a fusion of art, design, and luxury, delivering captivating and inspiring pieces that make a bold statement

    Founded: 1995
    Founder: Kelly Wearstler
    Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, USA

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    Jonathan Adler

    Jonathan Adler is an American decor brand founded by famous potter, designer, and author Jonathan Adler. Known for its distinctive style of "Modern American Glamour," Jonathan Adler is recognized for impeccable craftsmanship, an unwavering American optimism, and an unforgettable sense of glamour. The brand's mission is to create luxurious and livable interiors that are meticulously designed.

    Customers will discover a world of colorful vases, hand-knotted multicolored rugs, Greek fret-patterned couches, and gold-tipped acrylic trays when they browse the company's wares. With a penchant for playful design, Jonathan Adler's signature lies in the use of bold colors and unique decorative accents.

    In addition to its in-house creations, the Jonathan Adler brand has collaborated with several big names in the industry, including H&M Home, Levity, Motorola, and Higher Standards capsule. These collaborations show the brand's versatility and ability to infuse its distinctive style into various product lines. Whether it's fashioning home decor pieces or designing tech accessories, its collaborations alway bring a touch of elegance and whimsy to everyday items.

    Jonathan Adler has made a name for himself as well as his own brand in the design industry by having a passion for making places that express refinement and delight.

    Founded: 1993

    Founder: Jonathan Adler

    Headquarters: 333 Hudson St Fl 7, New York, USA



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    Ralph Lauren Home

    Luxury, style, and sophistication are all words that are associated with Ralph Lauren. The design firm has grown significantly since its beginnings in 1967 with a line of ties, delivering a wide range of goods including renowned Ralph Lauren fragrances and exquisite furnishings.

    Ralph Lauren Home embodies a blend of modern manufacturing techniques and opulent ornamentation, drawing inspiration from the English and French monarchies to reflect a timeless American Classic lifestyle. The brand's design approach rejects trends in favor of enduring beauty, creating classic and flawless aesthetics.

    Ralph Lauren Home's collection of luxury home decorations, furnishings, bedding, and bath selections features premium accessories that add the perfect finishing touch to any space. From the glossy wooden cocktail cabinet to the Art-Deco-inspired black and white printed chrome-framed chair reminiscent of Ralph's signature 1920s satin gowns, every piece is meticulously crafted.

    The brand seamlessly weaves together motifs such as Navajo Indian patterns, Scottish tartans, and oriental inspirations to bring a diverse range of influences to its interior designs. Even the smallest details are carefully considered, with chandeliers adorned with black leather straps and shiny silver metal, and ceramic table lamps featuring intricate Chinese motifs.

    Ralph Lauren's commitment to quality is evident in its furniture products, which boast exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Each piece exudes the same elegance as their world-famous fashion creations, with harmonious colors, delicate patterns, and balanced proportions.

    Founded: 1967

    Founder: Ralph Lauren

    Headquarters: 650 Madison Avenue, New York, USA


    Instagram: 650N

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    Founded in 2012, AERIN has steadily risen to prominence within the luxury home decoration segment, firmly establishing itself as a leader after over a decade of operation. It is inspired by Aerin Lauder's impeccable taste and passion for art, travel, fashion, and design. The brand encompasses a wide range of products including home decor, fragrance, beauty, and accessories. Aerin Lauder's signature style is characterized by effortless elegance, timeless design, and a focus on refined details.

    The home decor collection offers a curated selection of furniture, lighting, decorative accents, and tabletop items that exude sophistication and luxury. From exquisite vases and candles to beautifully crafted furniture pieces, each item in the Aerin Lauder collection showcases a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics. Moreover, the brand also offers a line of luxurious fragrances that capture the essence of femininity and grace.

    AERIN's dedication to excellence extends to its cooperative relationships with top companies like Frances Palmer, Pamela Munson, Diane James, and Tanner Krolle. The reputation of the brand for fine craftsmanship and classic style is further enhanced by these partnerships. AERIN continues to enthrall and inspire with each meticulously crafted collection, providing a sophisticated aesthetic that connects with discriminating clientele seeking timeless beauty and refined simplicity.

    Founded: 2012

    Founder: Aerin Lauder

    Headquarters: 595 Madison Ave Fl 5, New York, USA


    Instagram: 409

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    Maiden Home

    Maiden Home is a rising star in the world of luxury homeware, offering a refreshing blend of modern design, exceptional craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. Founded in 2017, this New York-based brand has quickly gained recognition for its meticulously crafted furniture pieces that embody timeless elegance and comfort, especially the sofas.

    Maiden Home stands out for its dedication to quality and customization. With all furniture custom-made to order in the United States with materials from the finest textile mills, tanneries, and sustainably-managed forests, customers can expect exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each of their four different sofa types, sectionals, and chairs is made with durability in mind, guaranteeing long-lasting durability.

    The meticulous seaming and sewing showcase the brand's dedication to perfection, with no loose threads or wonky lines in sight. The plush back cushions provide optimal comfort, and the seamless joining of sectional pieces adds to the overall impeccable craftsmanship.

    Maiden Home also offers a wide range of fabric options, from crisp linen to luxurious velvet, tweed, leather, and performance fabrics. Additionally, the use of Crypton fabric, with stain-resistant properties, makes maintenance a breeze. As the first company to partner with North Carolina workrooms, Maiden Home brings its exceptional quality directly to consumers online, offering a convenient shopping experience with the finest craftsmanship in the industry.

    Founded: 2017

    Founder: Nidhi Kapur

    Headquarters: New York, USA


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    Bernhardt Furniture

    As you explore Bernhardt's exquisite offerings, you'll discover a legacy of iconic furniture design that spans over a century. Founded in 1889, Bernhardt is a luxury heritage brand among the country's largest family-owned furniture companies headquartered in Lenoir, North Carolina.

    Renowned for its iconic furniture design, the company has established a distinctive style and unwavering commitment to quality. With specialties in luxury furniture, interior design, and fine wood craftsmanship, Bernhardt offers a comprehensive range of products, including casegoods, upholstery, occasional pieces, and leather furniture. Throughout generations, talented artisans and employees have passed down their skills and artistry, forming the foundation of the company.

    The Bernhardt catalogs showcase an extensive selection of furniture and decor for various areas of the interior, enabling customers to create an elegant and sophisticated American style throughout their entire home. From exquisite couches to stylish dining tables and customizable pieces, Bernhardt epitomizes both style and quality.

    By choosing its products, you have the opportunity to furnish an entire house in an elegant and sophisticated American style. Bernhardt Residential offers a curated collection of whole-home casegoods and occasional furniture, along with fabric and leather upholstered seating. On the other hand, Bernhardt Interiors showcases a newly established collection of customizable, high-design furniture, allowing customers to personalize their pieces to suit their unique tastes and preferences.

    With the use of unique materials and elevated design aesthetic, Bernhardt furnishings are instantly recognizable and can be found in prestigious homes, hotels, offices, universities, and other fine properties worldwide.

    Founded: 1889

    Founder: John Mathias Bernhardt

    Headquarters: 1839 Morganton Blvd SW, Lenoir, North Carolina, USA


    Instagram: 223K

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    Michael Aram

    Michael Aram, who has training in the arts and is a sculptor, artist, and art historian, has mastered the craft of ornamentation with ease and skill. His pieces frequently have a poetic quality to them, as if they were inspired by the artist's own autobiographical stories. Honoring the tradition of handcrafted work has become the hallmark of the artist and his brand of fine artisanal craftsmanship, Michael Aram.

    From stunning home decor to exquisite tabletop accessories and jewelry, every creation by Michael Aram is a testament to the brand's commitment to exceptional quality and timeless elegance. The brand's outstanding designs are often products that are inspired by nature, then skillfully crafted and possess minimalist, neutral colors, creating luxury for the space.

    Some of its best-selling products, including frames like the Butterfly Ginkgo and Anemone, scented candles such as Black Orchid and Cherry Blossom, and dinnerware sets like Butterfly Ginkgo and Black Orchid with prices ranging from $70 to $200 USD.

    Michael Aram's luxurious products are shown at flagship locations in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. Visitors are invited to thoroughly engage themselves in the brand's artistically luxurious world in these exquisitely designed rooms. Along with working with its flagship locations, it also collaborates with a wide range of other retailers, such as gift shops, home décor stores, jewelry boutiques, and specialty shops.

    Founded: 1989
    Founder: Michael Aram
    Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

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    Lindsey Adelman

    Italian design, which has sparked a new trend in American decorative lighting, served as the inspiration for the lighting products produced under the Lindsey brand by designer Lindsey Adelman. Since their first time out, Lindsey Adelman's lightings have garnered praise for their excellence, aesthetic appeal, and wide variety of styles to suit consumers' practical demands.

    These premium chandeliers have gained attention and popularity not only in the United States but also worldwide. Currently, Lindsey's glass chandeliers are widely trusted and preferred by users in various countries.

    The lighting fixtures from Lindsey Adelman exhibit a distinct style and offer exceptional functionality when incorporated into different projects. By crafting modern and distinctive lighting designs, they enhance the elegance and radiance of any room. With their unique features and notable advantages, these high-end chandeliers can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of spaces. Placing them at the center of each room creates a perfect visual allure and provides an ideal lighting ambiance.

    The products of the brand incorporate metal elements such as polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze, creating a striking contrast with tinted glass or milky white porcelain. For example, the Branching Bubbles collection features suspended sculptures with sinuous metal frames that support hand-blown glass globes.

    Another noteworthy collection is Burst, which showcases pointed daggers and curved glass elements bursting outward from its center. This design concept creates a dynamic and captivating aesthetic, making a bold statement in any space. Besides, other enchanting lighting collections such as Paradise City and Cherry Bomb are hailed as the brand's most stunning assortments.

    Founded: 2006

    Founder: Lindsey Adelman

    Headquarters: New York, USA



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    Egg Collective

    "Strive for a richness that stands the test of time" is the motto of the leading furniture, home accessories and design brand based in New York City, Egg Collective. The brand's name, "Egg Collective" reflects the founders' emphasis on collaboration and the idea that great ideas hatch from a collective effort, striving to create timeless, heirloom-quality furniture pieces that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.

    Its collection includes a diverse range of offerings, such as tables, seating, storage pieces, accessories, and lighting. It prioritizes using responsibly sourced wood, environmentally friendly finishes, and eco-conscious production methods. By following that, Egg Collective's products are beautiful designs that are durable over time.

    A distinguishing feature of Egg Collective is its hands-on approach to production. The brand not only creates its own wood pieces but also collaborates with a select group of New York-based fabricators specializing in glasswork, metalwork, and upholstery.

    As a result of their dedication to exceptional design and craftsmanship, Egg Collective's furniture and accessories have garnered a devoted following among interior designers and discerning clientele. Their sculptural forms, high-quality materials, and collaborative approach have established Egg Collective as a leading brand in terms of luxury furniture and accessories design.

    Founded: 2011

    Founder: Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie

    Headquarters: 151 Hudson Street, New York, USA



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    Century Furniture

    Century Furniture, a family-owned and operated company since 1947, has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of upper-end residential furniture in the world. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, Century Furniture began its journey by crafting wood and upholstered furniture for the bedroom and dining room.

    As the brand's success grew, so did its offerings, expanding to produce furniture for nearly every room in the home, with occasional collections in traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles.

    Renowned for constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional furniture design, Century Furniture attracts customers with diverse tastes from around the world. The brand takes pride in its customizable collections, featuring both traditional and transitional pieces that cater to various interior styles. From the bedroom to the dining room, kitchen to living room, and even outdoor spaces, Century Furniture offers a wide range of meticulously crafted furniture.

    Notably, the brand's upholstered furniture sets a benchmark for quality, featuring exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in the frame, suspension, and cushioning. Each piece is designed to withstand the test of time, maintaining its beauty and durability for years to come, even when exposed to outdoor elements. With Century Furniture, you can enjoy timeless elegance and unmatched quality that ensures your furniture remains fresh and fabulous for generations.

    Founded: 1947

    Founder: Harley Ferguson Shuford

    Headquarters: PO Box 608, Hickory, North Carolina, USA


    Instagram: 64K5

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