Top 17 Best Things To Do in Minnesota

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There are many fantastic places to choose from while making travel plans. You will be happy to learn that Minnesota, sometimes known as "The North Star State," ... read more...

  1. This picturesque motorway, which stretches 154 miles from Duluth to the Canadian border, is undoubtedly something to put on your bucket list. This All-American Road, which Bob Dylan immortalized in 1965, is a must-do activity in Minnesota.

    Beautiful pine forests, rocky cliffs, lighthouses, and wildlife can all be seen as you travel along this breathtaking coastline. The best part of this journey is that it allows you to see Lake Superior, the biggest freshwater lake on earth. This weekend, explore some of the most alluring landscapes in America by traveling along Lake Superior's magnificent shoreline. And if you just have one day to complete this drive, focus on the most well-known attractions. The favorites include Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse, and Grand Portage State Park.

    The North Shore Scenic Drive near Duluth is unquestionably among the best things to do in Minnesota. From Duluth, travel up the north shore of Lake Superior to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. There are a variety of state parks and attractions along this route. Grand Portage State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse, and Tettegouche are a few of them.

    You will also appreciate the tranquil and spectacular beauty of rocky cliffs and waterfalls, as well as the largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior, in addition to the state parks and attractions. You can take breaks along the road to go mountain biking, fishing, or boating; all of these activities are convenient stops.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: Duluth, MN 55802(800) 429-9297
    Phone: 1 (800) 429-9297

  2. This 17,000 square foot educational building was opened in 1985 and is located in Ely, Minnesota. Honestly, it is a wonderful place for lovers of wildlife, rejoice! The International Wolf Center is a top-notch educational facility that advocates for and supports the continued existence of the powerful wolves.

    You'll discover how to track wolves, visit fascinating hands-on exhibits, and watch a pack of local wolves. View the wolves at the center to learn about their natural history. You can participate in any of the center's activities, including overnight stays, Geocache Adventures, and Workshops for Wildlife Photography.

    You must pass via the northern Minnesota town of Ely in order to access the enormous Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. You can go on canoe day trips or spend the night viewing the Aurora Borealis once you leave the water-bound area (the Northern Lights).

    The International Wolf Center in Ely, which is home to animals including wolves, moose, and bears, offers opportunities for up-close interactions with wolves. Discover the wolf group that lives nearby while learning about these animals' natural history. More than three million acres make up the Superior National Forest.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.6/5.0
    Address: 1396 MN-169Ely, MN 55731
    Phone: (218) 365-4695
  3. In St. Paul, Minnesota, the majestic St. Paul Cathedral was constructed in the early 1900s. It is currently a popular destination for pilgrims and is known as the National Shrine of the Apostle Paul. The enormous interior of the building, which is fashioned in the Classical Renaissance style, has room for roughly 3,000 people.

    The cathedral is a bustling site of worship and welcomes visitors for the majority of the day. You are welcome to go on a tour, but avoid doing so when there is worship or a mass. Tuesday through Friday, one-hour guided tours of the cathedral are available.

    You'll like exploring beautiful cathedral even if you're not a Roman Catholic.The stunning copper dome and Classical Revival design of this cathedral will bring out the photographer in you. Learn more about the history of this stunning building by taking a 1-hour guided tour of the cathedral. Every day at 1 PM, from Tuesday through Friday, tours of the cathedral are given.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.6/5.0
    Address: 239 Selby AveSaint Paul, MN 55102
    Phone: (651) 228-1766
  4. In Minnesota, exploring the art scene is one of the coolest things to do. Grand Marais is home to a world-class artistic community and is tucked away in one of Lake Superior's natural harbors. Local artisans flourish in this region, where the natural beauty of Lake Superior and the surroundings serve as major sources of inspiration.

    You can window shop or browse the stores and art galleries at Sivertson Art Gallery to find lovely, one-of-a-kind items for your house. In fact, if you become inspired to create while you're there, you can even enroll in art classes. When you're ready for dinner, there are some fantastic eateries close by.

    GMAC purchased the former North Shore Pharmacy and Dog Haus buildings, now Studio 21 and Studio 17, in order to expand its area by 60% in 2019. The organization has been able to create new residential, classroom, and exhibition spaces thanks to these resources.

    The Great Lakes Region
    's arts, artists, and students will celebrate the 75th anniversary of GMAC in 2022, continuing its heritage as a catalyst for the arts. Find your home with us whether you are a beginner, an art enthusiast, or a skilled artist. Here you can read a Minnesota Historical Society article about the Art Colony or listen to a radio show about our historic buildings.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 120 3rd Ave W, Grand Marais, MN 55604
    Phone: +1 (218) 387-2737
  5. Are you in need of some art therapy but are unsure what to do in Minnesota? More than 700,000 people visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) annually. The best aspect is that there are many different works of art and attractions to explore, and admission is completely free. More than 89,000 works of art are in the museum's collection, and both the temporary and ongoing shows are international in scope.

    This museum is home to everything from ancient treasures to American modernity. Along with the collection of beautiful textiles and paintings, visitors to the museum are especially fond of the Korean and Japanese art. The Doryphoros, one of only four surviving Roman replicas of this ancient Greek sculpture, is also kept there.

    This museum provides a wide variety of works to satisfy your desire for art, from European masterpieces to Egyptian treasures. In addition, the museum provides young visitors with thrilling scavenger hunts. Explore the wonderful works of art in this museum for at least 90 minutes. For serious art enthusiasts, you might divide your visit to the museum over two days. Don't worry about the price either because the museum has free entrance.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 5.0/5.0
    Address: 2400 3rd Ave SMinneapolis, MN 55404
    Phone: (612) 870-3000
  6. The Voyageurs National Park region was significant during the fur trade era because French-Canadian Voyageurs spent their entire lives traversing these waters in enormous canoes made of birch bark. Nowadays, you may still take the same routes by land and water, and you can even sleep at the Wooden Frog Campground, which is regarded as one of Minnesota's top campgrounds.

    The park is well-known for its exceptional water resources and is a favorite with fisherman, kayakers, canoeists, and other boaters. Only boats can access the Kabetogama Peninsula, which makes up the majority of the park's land area and is totally contained inside it. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is to the park's east.

    This park is in the backcountry and is primarily reachable by air or boat. In light of this, it makes for a great location for sailing, canoeing, and taking part in other outdoor activities. The park's perimeter is home to a number of boat ramps and tourist centers, but the park's main area can only be reached by boat or, during the winter, by snowmobile, ski, or snowshoe. The park welcomed 239,656 visitors in 2018.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.6/5.0
    Address: 360 Minnesota 11 EastInternational Falls, MN 56649
    Phone: (218) 283-6600
  7. TripAdvisor Rating:The Minnesota State Capitol Building, which was built between 1896 and 1905, has lately undergone renovations to bring back its historic edifice to its former glitz. Along with restoring the interior's furniture, repairs were made to the exterior's marble.

    Every day of the week, you can take a tour of the capitol, and you can explore the second "Grand" floor, the Rotunda, and the Governor's Reception Room on your own. The Quadriga, a statue of a four-horse chariot made of gold, can be found outside the main gate.

    This Beaux-Arts structure in Saint Paul houses the state's executive branch and is tucked away on a gorgeously planted campus. The official listing of the Minnesota State Capitol on the National Register of Historic Places dates back to 1972. Due to the extensive recent renovations, the building also appears to be very glitzy.

    You will admire the renovated interior decor as well as the external marble. Take a 45-minute free guided tour of the legislature. The large first-floor rotunda, the golden outside horses, the House and Senate chambers, and the Civil War artworks are among the highlights.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr BoulevardSaint Paul, MN 55155
    Phone: (651) 259-3015
  8. Munsinger Clemens Garden is the next attraction on our list of the top Minnesota activities to do. The Munsinger Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud are perfect if strolling through a lovely garden is your idea of a stress-free vacation. The gardens, which have roughly 80,000 annual plants, showcase some of Minnesota's most stunning midsummer treats.

    There are numerous trees, swings, seats, ponds, and fountains throughout the lovely landscape. The more than 1,000 rose bushes in these gardens are well-known, and there is also an entire garden made up entirely of white flowering plants and shrubs. Visitors can take in Music in the Gardens every Sunday. A prominent yearly art fair also takes place in the gardens.

    Tourist should take part in a really distinctive botanical experience. Get your senses going. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Munsinger and Clemens Gardens, which are across from St. Cloud State University along the Mississippi River, encourage you to meander the brick pathways and winding trails as you discover this magnificent St. Cloud treasure.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 5.0/5.0
    Address: Kilian Blvd SE, Saint Cloud, MN 56304
    Phone: +1 (320) 257-5959
  9. The Rochester Downtown Peace Plaza, which is undoubtedly on our list of the finest things to do in Minnesota, is a must-see if you're in the Rochester area. The plaza is a pedestrian-friendly location with easy access to everything in the downtown area and is close to the Mayo Clinic. Enjoy the top-notch eateries, chic shops, and sizable civic gathering spaces.

    Even better, the city area is covered in a vast network of underground passageways and skywalks. The underground areas are especially pleasant in the bitter winter months. The summer market, noontime entertainment with music, and theatrical productions are just a few of the events held at the Peace Plaza throughout the year. The plaza is situated between two large hotels and close to the Mayo Clinic in the center of downtown. The outdoor plaza can be rented out for private events by local businesses and organizations as well. The space can accommodate up to 5,000 people and is expandable.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.6/5.0
    Address: 100 1st Ave SW, Rochester, MN 55902
    Phone: +1 (507) 424-5677
  10. In St. Paul, there is a park, zoo, and conservatory called Como Park. More than 1.9 million people visit the park annually, which is quite popular. Many different species of animals live in the zoo and are displayed there for the enjoyment of visitors. Como Park's recreational amenities include a zoo, a conservatory, a carousel, a golf course, a swimming pool, and the 68-acre Lake Como.

    The park has been skillfully planted and has numerous artistic elements, including statues and fountains. Como Park features cafes, food trucks, and gift shops to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable. Como Park also conducts numerous events throughout the year.

    The Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is one of Minnesota's most well-liked tourist destinations. The zoo is a fantastic, reasonably priced alternative if you're searching for a full day of family-friendly entertainment in Minnesota. Entrance to the zoo and conservatory are both free. If you can, they do encourage you to make a donation.

    The zoo is home to a wide variety of species from around the globe, including polar bears and monkeys. Feeding the giraffes at the zoo, who eat romaine lettuce straight from visitors' hands, is a favorite activity. The $20 million zoo extension, which will contain penguins, octopuses, and otters, will shortly be completed.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 1225 Estabrook Dr, Saint Paul, MN 55103
    Phone: +1 (651) 487-8201
  11. Voyageurs National Park spans a huge area, and the best way to take in all of its grandeur is from the boat. The park offers five distinct boat rides that range in length from 1.5 to 6.5 hours. The trips visit all the well-known attractions, such as the abandoned gold mines on Little American Island, the Ellsworth Rock Gardens, Kettle Falls, and Harry Oveson's Fish Camp.

    The tours are led by national park rangers who provide a continuous commentary on the park's historical, cultural, and ecological characteristics. If you're lucky, you could even get to see some wildlife, like bald eagles in their nests.

    Voyageurs National Park is ideal for adventurous and receptive tourists. The park is renowned for its lakes that are scattered with islands in addition to its canals and woodlands. Guess what else? The fauna is abundant, and the skies are exceptionally clear. To see the starry skies, camp out overnight in the park. You could even be fortunate enough to see the rare Northern Lights. The park is also a great location for outdoor activities including canoeing, boating, and fishing.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 360 Minnesota 11 EastInternational Falls, MN 56649
    Phone: (218) 283-6600
  12. In Duluth, there is a mansion called Glensheen that serves as a historical home museum. Nearly 8 acres of Lake Superior waterfront land are part of the property. The 39 rooms in the 27,000 square foot Jacobean-style home are decorated with elaborate Victorian furniture. Due to the 1977 killings of Elisabeth Congdon and her attendant Velma Pietila, Glensheen has acquired some undeserved notoriety. Although it is against the law for tour operators to discuss the killings while giving tours, visitors can buy books about the incident there. The estate offers tourists gardens, bridges, and paths in addition to the spectacular residence.

    Enjoy stunning scenery and excellent architecture from one of the greatest things to do in Minnesota. The historic mansion in Minnesota with the most visitors is the Congdon Estate. The Chester Congdon family once resided in this 20th-century estate, which boasts more than 20,000 square feet of interior area. Chester Congdon was a well-known manufacturer and philanthropist from Duluth.

    One of the first estates to have contemporary amenities, which were extremely unique at the time, was this one. While there, be sure to spend some time strolling the gardens on the 12-acre estate's carefully groomed grounds.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 3300 London Road, Duluth, MN 55804
  13. Are you unsure about what to do in Minnesota when it's chilly or rainy? Why not spend the day at Mall of America, the seventh-largest mall in the world? This large mall contains more than just shops and retail establishments. Once you've satisfied your want to shop, explore the area's attractions, like the SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium. In fact, it is the location of some of Minnesota's most enjoyable family activities.

    Visit the renowned Mall of America if shopping is one of your favorite things to do in Minnesota. It is situated on the outskirts of St. Paul in the Bloomington area. One of the biggest malls in the United States when it first opened its doors in 1992. There are more than 500 stores and dozens of restaurants in the mall. The complex also offers theaters, hotels, and other well-liked attractions.

    The mall hosts more than 400 events each year. These can be dancing parties or celebrations for Minnesota Vikings fans, and local hotels provide a variety of "stan and shop" packages.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 60 E BroadwayBloomington, MN 55425
    Phone: (952) 883-8800
  14. You can visit the renowned Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul. Visitors to the museum can take part in an Experiment Gallery where they can build their very own tornadoes, walk underneath a dinosaur, learn about the human body, and ride a towboat on the Mississippi River.

    One of only four Triceratops in the world's reconstructed remains can be seen in the museum's outstanding dinosaur exhibit. Visit the life-size replicas of dinosaur hunting scenes while you're there. A mummy from ancient Egypt is also visible.

    Thanks to its interactive exhibitions, this Saint Paul museum, founded in 1907, draws thousands of visitors each year. If you're interested in science, mathematics, technology, or natural history, it's one of the coolest locations to visit.

    This museum unquestionably makes science enjoyable and incredibly engaging with its educational offerings, excellent Omnitheater movies, and interactive exhibits. View a variety of prehistoric displays and dinosaur skeletons by visiting the Dinosaurs & Fossils zone. You'll adore the Human Body display as too, which has a cell lab where visitors can harvest DNA.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 120 Kellogg Blvd W, Saint Paul, MN 55102
    Phone:+1 (651) 221-9444
  15. The Split Rock Lighthouse may be found 20 miles northeast of Two Harbors on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The Split Rock Lighthouse, a lighthouse constructed in 1910 to safeguard boats traveling on Lake Superior, may be found in this park. The foghorn building, tower, keeper's residence, and lighthouse are all open for tours.

    There are many opportunities for trekking in the area, where you may travel through woodlands, pebble beaches, and take in stunning views of the coastline. The trails are reserved for fat tire biking in the winter. Moreover, a cart-in camping is accessible.

    The majority of visitors flock to this state park to admire and take pictures of the pristine lighthouse. But this state park is bigger than just the well-known Split Rock Lighthouse. The park will keep you interested and satisfied for days thanks to its abundance of natural delights. Visit the iconic lighthouse, the foghorn building, and the keeper's residence. After that, take to the paths to explore the forest, pebble beaches, and outstanding overlooks.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 3755 Split Rock Lighthouse RdTwo Harbors, MN 55616
    Phone: (218) 595-7625
  16. It is clear that Minnesota has a significant Swedish heritage in both the local cuisine and architecture. To comprehend the significance of the contributions made by the Swedish immigrants to the state, go to the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. The Turnblad Mansion and Nelson Cultural Center are both part of the institute.

    Swan Turnblad ordered the Turnblad Manion in the early 1900s. In addition to viewing a variety of Swedish glass, fine art, tile stoves, and textiles, you can also have some typical Swedish food there. The American Swedish Institute is a museum and cultural center in the Phillips West neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The organization is dedicated to the preservation and study of the historic role Sweden and Swedish Americans have played in US culture and history. The museum complex includes the Swan Turnblad Mansion, completed in 1908, and the adjoining Nelson Cultural Center, completed in 2012.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5.0
    Address: 2600 Park Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407
    Phone:+1 (612) 871-4907
  17. The oldest state park in Minnesota, Itasca State Park, spans more than 32,000 acres of lakes and wilderness, including the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Visitors' preferences among the numerous outdoor recreation options are hiking trails, fire towers, and seeing old-growth Red Pine woods.

    The one-way Wilderness Drive and Bike Route is one of the most enjoyable activities in the park. There are numerous trailheads and parking areas along the path, which loops through the park's focal point. You can stay in cabins or hotels or tent at locations that are only for backpackers.

    Additionally, it provides refuge to a wide variety of animals, including black bears, beavers, and hummingbirds. Tourist can learn more about the local flora and fauna by taking a naturalist-led boat tour on Lake Itasca. Similarly, you can stroll around the park's beautiful trails or take a quick drive along Wilderness Drive.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 5.0/5.0
    Address: 36750 Main Park DrivePark Rapids, MN 56470
    Phone: (218) 699-7251


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