Top 10 Best Trolley Bag Brands in India

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In India, trolley bags are considered your best travel buddy that can store a good amount of belongings and also give you a stylish and eye-catching design. In ... read more...

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    Tommy Hilfiger

    Tommy Hilfiger - a famous fashion designer, who launched his eponymous label, made a revolution for global fashion in general, and the trolley bags industry in particular. This brand is considered one of the most prestigious designer lifestyle companies and provides loads of styles and trends for customers. For its preppy with-a-twist designs that celebrate the spirit of traditional American cool style, Tommy Hilfiger stands in the high place to provide clothing, accessories, perfumes, and travel accessories with superior fashion and high standards.

    Specifically, Tommy Hilfiger is listed as one of the best trolley bag brands in India. Just like clothing, its trolley bag designs are truly a class apart in any aspect. They sport a fine build, spacious compartments, and perfect shape and come in different colors and patterns to bring your travel with ease without compromising on style.

    Notable features of Tommy Hilfiger:

    • Tested material for the much-needed sturdiness and durability
    • Includes a safety lock and dual handle for lifting
    • Comes in different styles and colors
    • Has a sleek look with fine stitching

    Founded: 1985

    Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Official website:

    Instagram: (14.5M followers)

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    Skybags is a subsidiary of VIP Industries, which was founded in 1971 to provide loads of luggage lines. It has been a market leader for more than 50 years and is known for its special materials. In addition to being the first Indian company to use printed polycarbonate on trolley bags, Skybags also produces a wide range of items, such as backpacks, rucksacks, duffels, and other travel accessories.

    Besides, with its long-lasting establishment, Skybags focus on putting the clients first. That's why its trolley bags are fuss-free and require low maintenance for long-term usage. In addition, versatile bags are also suited for regular travelers for extended use as well as for light travelers. Skybags bring high-quality material, which is extremely light on your pocket and is packed with the most world-class functional features.

    Notable features of Skybags:

    • Comes in vibrant and unique designs with different colors
    • Crafted with spacious construction that makes packing convenient
    • Being extremely lightweight for lifting and rolling
    • Equipped fixed combination lock to ensure security

    Founded: 1971

    Headquarters: Maharashtra, India

    Official website:

    Instagram: (474K followers)

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    American Tourister

    Traveling to India, people will emerge into this kind of trolley bag due to its popularity and reputation. American Tourister is one of the top luggage providers and a brand that is recognized worldwide. Founded in 1933 as a luggage company, American Tourister brings stylish as well as spacious trolley bags for customers. This brand also boasts itself of its durability and anti-resistance, even being endured repeated shocks, its trolley bags still show no scratch.

    Besides, American Tourister also enables customers to possess a long warranty period, which makes it more appealing and accessible. What strokes the Indians the most is perhaps its superior materials that are strong, lightweight, flexible, and water-resistant. American Tourister is easy to clean too. Just use a mild dish soap and water, or spot clean with a stain remover for clothing, upholstery, or cars, its trolley bags will satisfy you. Therefore, if you are finding a trolley bag overwhelming in India, with the flexibility and affordability. Check this brand now!

    Notable features of American Tourister:

    • High-quality and long-lasting bags
    • A wide range of designs
    • The blend of elegance and functionality is incorporated
    • Made of polypropylene and polyester

    Founded: 1933

    Headquarters: Rhode Island , United States

    Official website:

    Instagram: (76K followers)

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    SwissGear is Switzerland-based apparel, luggage, and accessory firm, but when it comes to one of the most famous trolley brands in India, SwissGear is a must-to-go. The brand is owned by Wenger SA and is highly known for its superior quality, safety, and ease of travel products. Specifically, its trolley bags are equipped with combination locks that are Travel Sentry Certified and are both recognized and accepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Therefore, customers are no longer worried about its outstanding quality.

    Like many other brands, SwissGear also offers reliable, functional, well-designed travel bags that are ideal companions for enhancing the travel experience. Its 10-year extended warranty is a plus point to draw buyers.

    Notable features of SwissGear:

    • Various sizes, materials, and colors to fulfill different travel needs
    • Being lightweight, reliable, and highly wheeled to easy transportation
    • Install a convenient extended handle

    Founded: 2002

    Headquarters: Canton of Jura , Switzerland

    Official website:

    Instagram: (62.9K followers)

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    It is obvious that VIP Industries is India's largest luggage manufacturer, producing trolley bags and other travel accessories. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and is the world's second-biggest manufacturer for a long time. Its trolley bags are highly regarded for the premium quality products line and easy availability, with over 8,000 retail outlets across India. With such an extensive range of trendy options, people who are into travel with style can not skip this brand.

    Besides, VIP trolley bags are also quick to respond to the constantly changing demands of travelers throughout India by launching several different designs with the latest patterns and details. It has been providing creative, innovative as well as functional ideas since its start.

    Notable features of VIP:

    • Crafted with extreme care to handle usage and ensure durability
    • Offers attractive design with a classy look
    • Highly useful for long and short travels

    Founded: 1971

    Headquarters: Mumbai, India

    Official website:

    Instagram: (17.6K followers)

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    Being viewed as one of the top luggage brands in the world that were founded in early 1910, Samsonite boasts to bring customers success and gradual improvements day by day. This is a luggage manufacturer and retailer based in the United States but has many huge headquarters located in India. Throughout the years, Samsonite has been devoted to inspiring Indians with innovative designs and aimed to provide them with robust, strong, but lightweight bags for ease of traveling.

    Samsonite is also renowned for its ground-breaking research, quality production, and dedication to creativity. A wide range of travel accessories, casual and personal items are available in its products line. Moreover, the 10-year international warranty is also another appealing point of this brand, followed by the highly-secure feature equipped with a three-point locking system.

    Notable features of Samsonite:

    • Smart interior design
    • High-quality material
    • Crafted with Cuv Technology makes trolley bags are much more lightweight and easy-to-carry
    • Strong and robust build

    Founded: 1910

    Headquarters: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

    Official website:

    Instagram: (16.4K followers)

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    The Clownfish

    Another best trolley bag brand in India is no further than The Clownfish. Founded in 2009, however, this brand quickly gained a reputation for its toughness, grace, and longevity. It has an exclusive top-rated collection of bags that complement every mood of each customer, ranging from briefcases, messenger bags, backpacks, duffels, and many more.

    The Clownfish also understands the needs of the modern consumer and on that basis, it designs a wide range of products that are adherent to style, color, mood as well as quality. The Clownfish has been providing 500 plus products in its house, which are designed efficiently from leather, leatherette, canvas, nylon, etc. This company puts clients first and seeks to maximize customers' happiness and satisfaction.

    Notable features of The Clownfish:

    • Products according to the latest trends
    • Various colors, styles, and qualities are included
    • Products are skillfully crafted from a host of different materials

    Founded: 2009

    Headquarters: Maharashtra, India

    Official website:

    Instagram: (11.7K followers)

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    There are lots of brands out there when it comes to travel accessories, but if you are looking for one of the best trolley bag brands in India, then you should check out Trawoc. Its products are made from cutting-edge technology, making them some of the strongest and most reliable available today. Plus, their designs are eye-catching and relevant to the contemporary era.

    Trawoc aims to bring affordable and easy-to-access trekking gear to all enthusiasts. Understanding that a trolley bag is more like a companion, this brand goes to great lengths to ensure the utility, comfort, and strength of every piece of a trolley bag. Thus, whether you are looking for functional and durable luggage or a stylish commute bag, Trawoc is a brand that you can trust.

    Notable features of Trawoc:

    • High-quality bags are included
    • Comes in different styles with a plethora of distinct features and functions
    • Offers durable and strong trolley bags

    Founded: 2016

    Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

    Official website:

    Instagram: (8.8K followers)

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    Aristocrat is another division of VIP Industries, which has been a global leader for nearly 50 years. The brand provides a wide selection of high-quality baggage with different styles and colors to maximize customers' choices and minimize any confusion. Besides, Aristocrat trolley bags are recognized highly in functionality and equipped with the latest features, and the 5-year manufacturer warranty. Thus, this helps it to carve a significant user base in India.

    With the aim of "Unpack the dreams", Aristocrat is always trying to bring the best experience for customers, especially the young India. Therefore, its sale is promoted mostly by the youth, with modern bags and eye-catching designs. Each product lets buyers pack in all that they want while they set out.

    Notable features of Aristocrat:

    • A number of travel trolley bags for different kinds of travelers are available
    • Tested durability and functionality for the ease of users
    • Premium-looking, sturdy, and young for the modern-day travelers
    • The unique fabric is fitted with combination locks

    Founded: 1974

    Headquarters: Maharashtra, India

    Official website:

    Instagram: (4K followers)

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    The next mentioned brand is Safari. It is one of the best trolley bag brands in India because its products are well-crafted and reasonably priced. As its name suggests, it is all about the journey and can meet up all your need. With its bags and luggage, this brand aims to make travel simpler, more effortless, and more enjoyable for each journey.

    Moreover, its modern trolley bags also intend to revolutionize the way people travel. As a result, each of its items has been thoughtfully and rigorously created and crafted which keeps travelers in mind. In addition to trolley bags, Safari also provides laptop bags, and formal backpacks for all ages from children to university students.

    Notable features of Safari:

    • Delivers high durability and long-term usage
    • Installed extendable handles and wheels
    • Crafted with an ergonomic design that is suited for both short trips and long hauls

    Founded: 1947

    Headquarters: Mumbai, India

    Official website:

    Instagram: (1.9K followers)

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