Top 4 Best Wallet Brands in India

  1. Top 1 Louis Philippe
  2. Top 2 Woodland
  3. Top 3 Hidesign
  4. Top 4 Wildhorn

Top 4 Best Wallet Brands in India

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Everyone should have a wallet since they are an essential piece of gear, providing enough space for keeping cash, debit cards, identity cards, and other items. ... read more...

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    Louis Philippe

    Indian-born Louis Philippe is a high-end brand of men's clothing. It is a division of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, and the business offers a variety of high-quality designs under the direction of Saksham Jain and Deepanshu Ranka. It was established in 1989 and is a part of the Indian tycoon Aditya Birla Group. As of 2018, the brand, which was given the name Louis Philippe after the French king who reigned from 1830 to 1848, is among the biggest clothing companies in India.

    We present to you this amazing collection of men's wallets from the Louis Philippe brand. For guys who wish to stand out in a crowd and create a dashing impression, it is a must-have fashion item thanks to its complex designs, metal clasp, and wide holes.

    These wallets have been expertly designed to be sleek and lightweight so that they may fit easily in your pocket. The wallets may be used to hold identification cards, cash, passports, and other crucial papers. With a Louis Philippe wallet, you may give your outfits a fashionable touch that will catch everyone's eye.

    Founded: Deepanshu Ranka and Saksham Jain
    Founded year: 1989
    Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka,India

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    Woodland is one of the best wallet brands in India. The business is also well-known for its additional offerings, which include shoes and belts. The footwear company Woodland, which has its headquarters in Quebec, Canada, has entered the Indian market. One of the top brands for men's wallets with a variety of items is this one. Genuine leather is used to make both shoes and wallets and handbags. Because of this, its brand is often regarded as the gold standard among expensive men's wallets. Among Indian men, this wallet brand may be among the most well-liked.

    A Woodland wallet often conveys a sense of fashion. It gives you the impression that you are carrying the greatest men's certified leather wallet in addition to giving you a fashionable appearance. You may pick from a range of designs, including tri-folds and bi-folds.

    Through the application of technology and creativity, Woodland seeks to offer distinctive and useful solutions. They have plenty of space in their genuine leather wallets for all of your cash and cards. Additionally, these wallets have an ID window, which makes them quite practical for everyday usage.

    Founded: Mr Avtar Singh
    Founded year: 1992
    Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi, India

    Photo by SufiyanMirza on Pixabay
    Photo by SufiyanMirza on Pixabay
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    Hidesign is also a of the best wallet brands in India with leather goods manufacturer based in Pondicherry, India. Including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka, the corporation operated in 24 nations in 2018. Hidesign's leather products division generates 160 crores in sales. The business produces and sells leather goods such as handbags, briefcases, laptop bags, travel bags, wallets, accessories, belts, jackets, shoes, and eyewear.

    Stylishness and refinement are the hallmarks of Hidesign's wallets. Wallets are created from real leather. The company is well-known for its opulent wallets and premium goods. You need seek no farther than this brand if you want the greatest genuine hide wallets. Genuine leather is used to create the top-notch Hidesign wallets. The pricing of the wallets is fair. One of the best wallet brands is Hidesign, which has excellent design and attention to detail.

    Hidesign is a name that screams class and elegance. If you want a wallet with a lovely appearance and straightforward functions, choose this one. Visit their variety of men's leather wallets if you're looking for something more opulent. These wallets come in a variety of sizes and may be used for daily activities, travel, carrying passports, and card storage.

    Founded: Dilip Kapur

    Founded year: 1978

    Headquarters: Puducherry, India



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    Indian wallets frequently have the brand name Wildhorn. The company has its headquarters in Kolkata, India, and sells products online through the websites Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm. These businesses also produce the greatest wallets for men.

    Wildhorn is a growing company with a superb online reputation. They stand out because to their unique design aesthetic and creative packaging, and their products, such as the men's wallets they sell, are a welcome addition to the services they provide. Given this, it is among the best wallet brands for guys.

    The quality of Wildhorn wallets is comparable to their low cost when it comes to wallets. The best wallets for low-income Indian men are made by this manufacturer since they last the longest for the least amount of money. This firm uses only the best leather for all of their wallets.

    They have assembled a group of experts who collaborate well and provide the greatest support for the clients. They choose their employees based on their qualifications, abilities, and knowledge.

    Founded: Mark Thomas
    Founded year: 1998
    Headquarters: Kolkata,India


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