Top 9 Best Websites To Apply For Jobs In The UK

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The best job sites provide full-time, part-time, and freelance roles in addition to remote and flexible positions, and they will have a huge library of ... read more...

  1. LinkedIn is the first professional social network, so it should come as no surprise that it's a top option for any job search conducted in the UK. It has over 30 million members in the UK alone, and it is packed with job postings in every imaginable industry. The website connects job seekers with potential employers and industry professionals from all over the world. Users can use the site to build a professional profile, highlight their abilities, and look for jobs that fit their interests and career objectives.

    Using LinkedIn for job searching has a number of benefits, one of them is that it enables users to stay up to date on jobs relevant to their interests. Users can use the platform's job search feature to look for internships based on region, industry, and keywords. Users can connect directly with employers and recruiters on LinkedIn, which is another benefit of using it to find jobs. Users who network with professionals in the field can find out more about possible job opportunities and perhaps get recommendations or referrals from people they know.

    Moreover, LinkedIn is a great platform for the long run. Not only should use make good use of the website to find jobs and internships, but you should also build a professional profile, reach out to everyone you know (especially professional contacts) keep updating your achievements and even share your knowledge. Being active on the website allows you to present yourself as a dynamic employee, making more employers want to connect and work with you in the future. Moreover, even though LinkedIn is free to use, it is recommended that one should try to pay for the premium version to maximise their job search.

    Visit LinkedIn website at:

    LinkedIn website (
    LinkedIn website (
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  2. Because of its extensive job search capabilities, Indeed is among the best websites to discover and apply for jobs from all over the world. Users can easily navigate the website without finding any troubles and filter their search results by job locations, job types, companies, etc. Indeed UK is designed to show numerous job opportunities in the UK and is popular with employers and job seekers who wish to land their career in the country.

    Indeed UK offers a variety of detailed information about each job offering, such as the company profile, job responsibilities, and prerequisites. This enables users to fully comprehend the job prior to applying. One of Indeed UK's best functions is its capability to notify users of new job listings that fit their search criteria. As a result, users could have a big advantage over other candidates if they set up job alerts and receive notifications of new jobs as soon as they are posted. Additionally, the website offers a wide range of tools for creating resumes and advice on how to win interviews.

    One of the tips to win a job on Indeed UK is to take assessments. Recruiters usually receive hundreds of applications for a single job opening. So, a good way to stand out from the crowd is to take skill assessments on Indeed. The assessments take 4-15 minutes to complete and cover both hard and soft skills!

    Visit Indeed UK website at:

    Indeed UK website (
    Indeed UK website (
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  3. With more than a quarter of a million jobs in the UK listed, TotalJobs is a big and popular website that is well-recommended for anyone who is looking for a job opportunity in the United Kingdom. The website is undoubtedly comprehensive: in addition to the standard search box, you can browse recommended jobs and navigate via tabs that showcase positions available in various locations, categories, and companies.

    The broad search options on TotalJobs are very impressive, and you can utilize a one-click application system to quickly apply to the jobs you're interested in. You could take tests to highlight specific abilities and obtain personalized wage estimates. The website also offers a variety of career counseling articles, as well as CV and cover letter templates and workplace well-being recommendations. Moreover, the site also offers a range of courses, but not as many as you could find on sites like Reed or LinkedIn.

    On TotalJobs, you can find lots of positions to apply to, including even part-time and entry-level positions. Especially, when you look for a job on the site, you can see some amazing and unique filtering choices, such as how you want to go to work and how long you want your commute to be, etc.

    Visit TotalJobs website at:

    TotalJobs website (
    TotalJobs website (
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    Reed is one of the earliest UK-specific job boards, and there's plenty to love here - the site currently has about 300,000 job postings, and they can be found in every major employment sector. Besides the website version, you can also get access to Reed through mobile phone applications. Therefore, it is definitely an essential addition to your job hunt in the United Kingdom!

    To look for a job, you can browse by sector, region, salary, etc on Reed just like on any other website for job searching. But if you are still not sure what search terms you should use, try searching by trending topics. After that, you can filter jobs by a lot of factors, since there are more filtering options here than on virtually any other site. Moreover, you can also shortlist or hide job listings, and use the tool Easy Apply to make the applications process quick and simple.

    In addition, Reed provides tens of thousands of educational courses in a wide range of subjects, as well as a career counseling hub with CV and cover letter templates, interview technique suggestions, and articles to read. You can explore the course database to find options to earn a professional certification, support from tutors, or discounted courses even though many of the courses are expensive and quite expensive since they are provided by big third-party companies.

    Visit Reed website at:

    Reed website (
    Reed website (
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  5. Glassdoor, a global job search platform for job opportunities, is one of the best websites to find and apply for jobs. If you are looking for a job in the UK and want to have more insight, as well as an unparalleled view of a company's advantages and problems, this website is perfect for you. What attracts people to the website the most is the comprehensive tools that allow users to search for salaries, company reviews, and descriptions of job interviews in a blink of an eye.

    By using Glassdoor, you will be able to search for both internships and jobs in every field. With the website, you can easily get a closer look into the company that you are interested in and its hiring process, especially its reviews that were written by the company's employees. Another great feature that this website has is the Interview Questions section. This is a very thoughtful section dedicated to users who have just kickstarted their careers and still worry about what would they be asked in the interviews to come.

    However, despite being praised for having easy application options and a straightforward interface, Glassdoor's salary and review functions are said to not always show accurate results when users search for smaller companies. However, the website still offers its users a huge amount of data and opinions, which is still a big plus.

    Visit Glassdoor website at:

    Glassdoor website (
    Glassdoor website (
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    Otta is a job site with its headquarters in the United Kingdom that covers all functions from engineering to sales and marketing, as well as all levels from entry-level to VP. It takes pride in delivering unbiased company perspectives, customized suggestions, pay standards, and other services. Every week, over 3,000 jobs in the UK are advertised on Otta.

    was started with the intention to make a change in the job hiring and hunting process, and the world of basic job boards behind. With Otta, finding a new job is more than just a transaction, but is an exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling journey to get the best job you wish for. By finding jobs on this website, users will be recommended the right role that fits their profile the most, get insights to help them make smarter applications, etc.

    To be able to do so, Otta has its users finish a test when they just enter the website. This test will help the website to get to know what its users are looking for, their strengths and weakness, as well as what skills are they having, and what skills should they add to raise their chances of getting the job they want. The more you interact with the website, the smarter the recommendations get. Moreover, the website guarantees to have no outdated jobs, duplicates, or black boxes of forgotten CVs.

    Visit Otta website at:

    Otta website (
    Otta website (
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    Adzuna is one of the most popular UK-based job sites at the moment, so it's absolutely worth using if you want to speed up and change up your job search. There are now more than one million jobs on the site. To optimize job searches, a data-driven strategy is used, along with customized algorithms that contribute to providing better matches for job seekers.

    After you have a list of search results, you may sort them according to all the standard criteria, including salary, location, remote working choices, and category. Especially, if a job posting doesn't include a salary, Adzuna's algorithm generates a salary estimate based on comparable positions, locations, and other data factors. Adzuna says that their estimates are typically accurate to within 10%, so you'll at least have an idea of what a job offers. Moreover, Adzuna may send you email alerts and suggest job postings based on your resume, profile, and past job searches. Another excellent source for expert guidance and information is the Adzuna blog.

    On the other hand, there are some cons of Adzuna that users could think of. For example, the website is an aggregator, therefore you can't apply to jobs directly on the site. Also, even though you can upload your CV to your profile, you can't add a lot more information. Adzuna's search results are cluttered with advertisements and it doesn't offer many extra features, such as skills testing. Therefore, this website might not be your first choice for a UK-based job hunt, but it is totally worth trying since many people successfully found their jobs on it.

    Visit Adzuna website at:

    Adzuna website (
    Adzuna website (
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  8. Another great place for those who want to apply for jobs in a startup company in the UK is WorkInStartups. This website offers job opportunities from tech startups across the United Kingdom. WorkInStartups offers premium options such as social media promotion for the company's job posts and banner advertising to assist companies in reaching a bigger audience of potential individuals. This means that candidates also have more chances to reach their ideal job positions by using the website.

    Being founded in 2011, WorkInStartups claims to be 'the perfect meeting point between startups and talented, creative candidates'. The site earned its popularity quite immediately after being launched, and it has helped many startup companies in the UK to find their dream team of awesome candidates. The website is extremely easy to use, as users can search for jobs and filter their job search with many great useful tools.

    Believing that startups will make significant changes in the world as they could solve real problems with their incredibly ingenious business ideas, WorkInStartups will continue to contribute to their development. On the other hand, the website also aims to help the best people to find the best jobs where they can contribute the most. Unlike Unicorn Hunt, this website offers opportunities from companies in all fields.

    Visit WorkInStartup website at:

    WorkInStartup website (
    WorkInStartup website (
    WorkInStartup website (
    WorkInStartup website (
  9. Unicorn Hunt was founded a few years ago to solve an issue: the startup community in the United Kingdom was severely underserved in terms of employment platforms, and businesses had few effective alternative options for finding their next employee online. Therefore, this website is said to be a great place for both young companies who want to find employees, and job seekers who want to thrive in startup companies in the UK.

    First off, Unicorn Hunt offers a great deal for employers who want to post their jobs and look for candidates on the platform. Understand that the whole process could be crazy expensive and could be almost impossible for young startups that have not made revenue, Unicorn Hunt provides a website where job posting is completely free, and applicants know exactly what they came for. Users who use the website must have an idea of what kind of jobs they will likely find on the website, which is startup-specific jobs.

    Moreover, Unicorn Hunt is made specifically for jobs related to the IT field in startup companies. At the moment, the website is offering positions including Back-end developer, Front-end developer, Full stack developer, Mobile developer, Data Science, Designer, Sales and Marketing, Product/Project Management, etc. So, if you're looking for any of these positions in the UK, upload your resume to the site now!

    Visit Unicorn Hunt website at:
    Unicorn Hunt website (
    Unicorn Hunt website (
    Unicorn Hunt website (
    Unicorn Hunt website (

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