Top 10 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies

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Viewing free movies online is a convenient and cost-effective method to enjoy your favorite films from the comfort of your own home. There are other websites ... read more...

  1. Peacock is the top choice among the greatest free movie websites. It is a fantastic site for watching new movies for free online. Peacock is accessible from anywhere on the earth, and it is one of the few websites where you may view free movies without breaking any laws. Peacock debuted in July 2020 and boasts a large library of free movies and TV shows. All of this is free as long as you're okay with seeing adverts. You can remove the advertisements by subscribing to Peacock TV for $4.99 per month.

    That main menu combines all on-demand library products with live content: The separate headings include Featured, TV Shows, Movies, Kids, News, Sports, and Hispanic. Touch each heading in the top menu to move to the next category page, where you can scroll down for more subcategories. It's straightforward, sleek, and simple to use. The free tier on NBC Peacock is its distinguishing feature. There is no other streaming service that provides a free experience. This part of Peacock is expected to attract millions of subscribers who aren't bothered by advertisements interrupting their 13,000 hours of entertainment every now and again.

    While its movie portfolio feels a touch underwhelming in contrast to its streaming competitors, Peacock is jam-packed with full-length vintage NBC TV shows from its back archive. While its Peacock Originals have yet to completely shine, future winners are anticipated to arrive before the end of the year. Keep in mind, though, that Peacock is only accessible in the United States. The only exception is for residents of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, who can access the service as part of a Sky or NOW TV paid TV subscription. If you want to use Peacock from another country for free, you'll need to use a VPN to change your IP address. NordVPN is the greatest alternative for accessing free streaming sites in the United States.


    • Legitimate streaming platform
    • Decent pricing for paid subscriptions
    • Impressive library of movies and TV shows
    • Perfect for watching new movies free online


    Image by Victoria_Watercolor from Pixabay
    Image by Victoria_Watercolor from Pixabay
    Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
    Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

  2. Amazon is experimenting with Freevee in a streaming TV market crowded with expensive subscription options. Freevee, formerly IMDb TV, is a free streaming service that debuted in April 2022. The updated service includes a mix of old TV series and movies, with the promise of a growing original content library in the future. Freevee is not the same as Amazon's Prime Video program. Amazon's Freevee is an attempt to enter the increasing segment of the streaming industry that does not require a monthly subscription cost. Pluto TV and Tubi TV are two prominent ad-supported competitors. The programming on Freevee isn't as "premium" as what you'd get on Prime Video or its competitors like Netflix or Disney+, but that doesn't make it any less valuable.

    It provides local movie showtimes and ticketing, trailers, movie critic and user reviews, tailored suggestions, and even an extensive online collection of free movies. The service is also included with Amazon Prime subscribers. It includes several cult masterpieces as well as entertaining family favorites. Whatever your mood is, Amazon Freevee is sure to have something for you.

    Freevee can be accessed through the Amazon website or through specialized applications for iOS, Android, Fire TV, Android TV, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, and other devices. Furthermore, the Freevee channel is available as part of Amazon's Prime Video app on a variety of platforms. To use the service, you must have an Amazon account. If you don't want to create an Amazon account, you can log in with an Apple, Google, or IMDB account.


    • Fast enough for almost any task
    • Thousands of high-speed servers
    • Major emphasis on security and privacy
    • Verified no logs policy
    • Works with Freevee, Prime, and more


    Image by John Schnobrich  from Unsplash
    Image by John Schnobrich from Unsplash
    Image by Victoria_Watercolor from Pixabay
    Image by Victoria_Watercolor from Pixabay
  3. Popcornflix is a free movie website with a variety of films in many genres that you can watch right now without creating an account. The Popcornflix website is quite simple to use. If you can call it that, the menu consists of three buttons along the top of the page. Homepage, Movies, and TV Shows. Choosing Movies displays all of the categories from which to choose your next film. All Movies is a list of every film available on the site, but you can also search by genre to locate films classified as a comedy, action, thriller, drama, documentary, and more.

    The service has been active for about a decade, but the catalog appears to have recently shifted toward B-movies. It has a well-organized directory that allows you to rapidly browse the many genres you're interested in, such as new releases, foreign films, and even Popcornflix originals. The sign-up process on Popcornflix is really straightforward because there is no payment to watch the content. The service is also available on a wide range of platforms, so you should have no trouble accessing it.

    You do not need to create an account with Popcornflix to get the free material. It means you don't have to give out personal information like your home address or credit card number. Popcornflix, on the other hand, allows you to create a personalized account on its platform. You may be prompted to sign up for an account on the phone app, but the option to bypass the procedure is accessible in the top right corner of the screen. Setting up for a free account requires only the provision of an email address. You're not even asked for your name. Joining up allows you to customize your streaming experience, rate material, and engage in interactive activities such as creating GIFs based on what you're watching.


    • Sign-up process is optional
    • Healthy independent film category
    • Clean, smooth website layout
    • Includes subtitles
    • Has a one-page list of every movie available
    • 'Continue watching' section


    Image by Frank Reppold from Pixabay
    Image by Frank Reppold from Pixabay
    Image by yousafbhutta from Pixabay
    Image by yousafbhutta from Pixabay
  4. Top 4


    Tubi's free streaming service is a nice surprise, offering a diverse selection of classic and eccentric films and TV shows. It's ad-supported, but you'll see more of them on free-to-air than you will when watching one of Tubi's B-movies. Tubi is a free streaming service that Fox acquired in early 2020. It was first released in the United States in 2014, but it arrived in Australia in late 2019. In case you're wondering, it's legal. Tubi, unlike most subscription-based services, is entirely ad-supported. If you live in Australia, using Tubi will cost you nothing.

    Tubi, although being a free streaming site/service, contains the majority of the bells and whistles of the subscription-based behemoths. The website is simple to use (though the search tool should be improved), and you don't even need to sign up to watch material. You may make a watch list, much as on Netflix or Stan. The iOS and Android applications are both very robust for all of your on-the-go B-movie demands. They provide apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio Smart TVs, Xbox and PlayStation, and Chromecast.

    Some of the most popular films and recent additions to the site include 8 Mile, Flood, Hidden Figures, The Devil Wears Prada, Taken, Halloween II, and Superbad. Tubi Kids is a section of this website dedicated to streaming only kid-friendly movies. It's accessible from the website's top and includes categories dedicated to preschoolers and other children, such as Toon TV, LEGO, Animé, and Friendly Monsters flicks. You can also set parental restrictions using the regular website.


    • High quality, popular movies
    • Lots of categories
    • Subtitles can be enabled for most movies
    • Has a section just for kids


    Image by Riki32 from Pixabay
    Image by Riki32 from Pixabay
    Image by Alexander Dummer  from Unsplash
    Image by Alexander Dummer from Unsplash
  5. Pluto TV differs from the other services in that it combines a diverse range of material, including web-based and bespoke channels picked from licensed TV shows, as well as movie "channels" with on-demand films. Despite its unconventional approach, Pluto TV provides a vast amount of streaming material, is accessible via a variety of devices, and is absolutely free. Pluto TV has recently been integrated into VIZIO's WatchFree service. As long as your TV is connected to Wi-Fi, you'll have free, direct streaming access to more than 100 live and linear channels.

    The streaming TV channels have regular commercial breaks, and if you're watching something and want to go back in time, you may be forced to endure a few minutes of advertising before playback resumes. The advertising themselves are usually short, lasting between 15 and 30 seconds, but you'll see several of them - and quite frequently, the same handful of spots over and over. It's rather extensively available across desktop, mobile, and set-top box devices, as well as smart Televisions, though not as widely as Netflix.

    If you have an iOS or Android phone or tablet, you can get the official app from either store. Apps are also available for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices, as well as smart Televisions from Vizio, Samsung, and Sony. On PlayStation 4, there is also a Pluto TV app.


    • Has the same feel as a TV's channel guide
    • See what will be on later in the day
    • Lets you start the movie from an earlier time or watch it live
    • Includes thousands of on-demand movies
    • Streams TV shows, news, music, and more


    Image by Sincerely Media from Unsplash
    Image by Sincerely Media from Unsplash
    Image by Thought Catalog from Unsplash
    Image by Thought Catalog from Unsplash
  6. The Roku Channel also offers free movies, TV series, and live TV. If you have a Roku TV or streaming player, you can add the Roku Channel just like you would any other channel. Roku is the platform you go to access the video services you love, whether it's through a Roku media streaming device or Roku software directly incorporated into your smart TV. But Roku also provides its own free video streaming service, The Roku Channel. It doesn't compete with the top paid choices, or even the free tier of Editors' Choice winner Peacock, but the ad-supported service is worth a look. There are over 10,000 free episodes and movies on the Roku Channel. This puts it on par with rival free streaming services such as Tubi (20,000 episodes and movies) and Peacock (13,000 hours of content).

    Apart from the extra premium channels (which vary in price depending on the channel), The Roku Channel is completely free. To begin reading content, you do not even need to create an account. Yet, there is only one tier available: watching advertisements. The Roku Channel is accessible via anything bearing the Roku logo, including HDMI dongles, smart TVs, and Roku's Android and iOS apps. You can even watch it in your browser or download it to your desktop. Non-Roku owners can watch content on Amazon Fire TV or some Samsung Smart TVs.

    Because there is essentially no barrier to entry, free services are extremely difficult for parents to control. Any child with an internet connection can view whatever they want without having to spend money or create an account. But, The Roku Channel offers ratings for all of its series and movies, and if you have an account, you may create a PIN number to restrict access to mature content.


    • Provides high quality movies
    • Includes newer films
    • Works on computers, mobile devices, and TVs
    • Offers customizable captions
    • No user account necessary
    • Several ways to search for something to watch


    Image by  Brooke Cagle  from Unsplash
    Image by Brooke Cagle from Unsplash
    Image by Mimi Thian  from Unsplash
    Image by Mimi Thian from Unsplash
  7. Top 7


    Plex is one of the most essential streaming services, despite not being one of the most well-known. While the top streaming services frequently provide access to enormous libraries of episodes and movies for on-demand viewing, Plex allows you to become the ruler of your own domain. It has TV series, podcasts, live TV, and accompanying software that works as an at-home media server, in addition to free full-length movies. There are currently over 20,000 free movies and episodes available here. They're organized by category, such as action and crime, but you can also search by actor or channel, such as BBC, Crackle, Popsy, Lionsgate, and Maverick Black Cinema. Plex also has its own distinct categories, such as Crime Time and Cheap Thrills.

    The most basic Plex server is a convenient library that you run and view on a PC. Nevertheless, with a little extra effort, you can stream from your Plex server to your living room TV, a gaming console, or even your smartphone when you're not at home. You may share your media library with friends, make custom playlists, and record live TV using Plex as a DVR. Plex extended beyond your personal media in 2020, with a variety of free streaming movies and TV series to check out (with ads, of course). Similar titles and more facts that help build a complete image of the film, such as the full cast list, reviews, and trailers, can be found on a movie's watch page. Discover which movies are leaving Plex soon and snag them before they leave!


    • Most if not all movies have subtitles
    • Doesn't require a user account
    • Several ways to browse the films
    • Create a queue for easy passive watching


    Image by zhenzhong liu   from Unsplash
    Image by zhenzhong liu from Unsplash
    Image by Tech Daily  from Unsplash
    Image by Tech Daily from Unsplash
  8. Top 8


    Redbox is well-known for its DVD rental kiosks, but they now provide free movie streaming via their website and mobile app. Redbox Live TV is a free streaming service that allows you to watch live streaming and on-demand video on your phone, tablet, computer, or television. The live offers take the shape of genre-specific channels that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While the service is free, you will be subjected to adverts both before and during your viewing. In a digital world when it appears that everyone wants you to create a username and password, Redbox does not require either to view its free content.

    You can practically be watching content in seconds after downloading it. Redbox provides a phone and tablet app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) and the Google Play Store (for Android devices). If you want to watch the platform on regular television, you'll probably need to use an external streaming device. Redbox Live TV is accessible via the following streaming and casting platforms:

    • Roku
    • Google Chromecast
    • XBox

    RebBox TV has a simple, well-organized interface that makes it simple to find channels. The majority of the categories are named after the nations where those channels are available. Aside from that, there are sections for Sports, Science, Youth, and Religion. There is also a search tool that allows you to easily access any channel you are interested in.


    • You don't need a user account
    • Supports 'resume watching'
    • Clearly shows which titles are leaving soon


    Image by Brooke Cagle from Unsplash
    Image by Brooke Cagle from Unsplash
    Image  Erik Mclean  by from Unsplash
    Image Erik Mclean by from Unsplash
  9. Top 9


    Kanopy is unique among free movie streaming websites in that it requires a valid library card or university login before you can see anything. Yet, there are no advertising in the videos, and new films are introduced on a monthly basis. Kanopy, with big-name content partners, is a platform for diverse and thought-provoking independent films and documentaries. Kanopy began in 2008 to supply videos to academic institutions and has now grown to have a collection of over 30,000 films available for streaming on a variety of platforms. By distributing movies that aren't available anywhere else, the service tries to fill the hole created by the closure of independent theatres around the world. The price is also unbeatable— it is all free.

    Kanopy provides a diverse selection of dramas, comedies, documentaries, biopics, and television programs. Kanopy's online layout is rather simple, with a slider on the front page displaying prominent content, followed by freshly added movies and documentaries beneath. Each row of information is grouped by genre or feature, such as Women Directed, Oscar Winners and Nominees, Seasonal Favorites, and others.

    The site's search function is robust. You can search by subject, filmmakers, features, languages, captions, production year, and other criteria. Each feature's landing page includes options for adding movies and TV shows to personalized playlists, sharing the material, and even making shorter segments of movies and TV series to embed on websites or share on social networking platforms. The landing page also includes extensive information about each piece of content, as well as user ratings and comments.


    • Thousands of on-demand films and shows
    • Free with a library card or university email address
    • No ads
    • Unlimited access to Kanopy Kids content
    • Can create and share/embed clips and playlists


    Image by Atul Vinayak  from Unsplash
    Image by Atul Vinayak from Unsplash
    Image by Jens Kreuter  from Unsplash
    Image by Jens Kreuter from Unsplash
  10. Crackle, a free service owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (yeah, that one) and Sony, provides a respectable range of movies and TV shows. The service is available on a variety of platforms, and you will not have any problems with its streaming performance. There is no financial reason to avoid Crackle because it is free. Crackle, like other free services, is financed by advertisements, which cannot be removed. Crackle has apps available for a variety of platforms. Content is available for viewing on the web, mobile devices (Android and iOS), game platforms (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), streaming media devices (Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku), and some smart Televisions (LG, Samsung, and Vizio).

    To watch Crack's material on any platform, you do not need to create an account. The ability to add items to a watchlist is the main advantage of creating an account. Crackle's web interface is functional, and the black, orange, and white color scheme looks nice, but the content might be better organized. An icon in the upper-right corner allows you to access your profile preferences. You may edit your personal information, opt out of notifications, and adjust parental controls and captions from this page. Icons for Crackle's home page, TV, Movies, and Search run across the top of the interface. The search feature on Crackle accepts titles, actors, and genres.


    • Decent collection of movies
    • Reliable streaming performance


    Image by Nicolas J Leclercq  from Unsplash
    Image by Nicolas J Leclercq from Unsplash
    Image by Mika Baumeister  from Unsplash
    Image by Mika Baumeister from Unsplash

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