Top 8 Best Websites to Watch Netflix Shows for Free

  1. Top 1 Hoopla
  2. Top 2 Plex
  3. Top 3 Kanopy
  4. Top 4 Popcornflix
  5. Top 5 YouTube
  6. Top 6 Pluto TV
  7. Top 7 Vudu
  8. Top 8 NBC

Top 8 Best Websites to Watch Netflix Shows for Free

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Netflix is a programming platform that many people are interested in, but you have to pay a monthly fee. Notwithstanding, you can watch shows on Netflix for ... read more...

  1. Top 1


    If you're looking to watch your favorite shows but don't want to pay, the Hoopla movie platform could be a great choice for you. Hoopla's website was born with the goal of bringing new and relaxing movie-viewing experiences to viewers.

    When accessing Hoopla, you will experience a wide range of fields, such as movies, books, music, and TV shows. Although provided for free, the quality is excellent. There are many genres for viewers to choose from. With the Hoople website, you can choose to register an account to have very interesting moments while watching movies. Registering an account at Hoopla is also very easy.

    Hoopla promises to bring you exciting experiences if you are a movie lover. A wide range of movies, such as action movies, sci-fi movies, romantic movies, comedy movies, etc., are all available at Hoopla. The special thing is that you can not only access Hoopla on the web but also use the Hoopla app when downloading it to your phone. This makes watching movies easy, and you can watch movies anytime and anywhere.

    In short, Hoopla is not only a place to provide famous movies for free, but it is also considered a library store where there are a variety of books, newspapers, music, and audiobooks to help users freely choose. select.


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    Plex is a popular movie-viewing platform around the world. This is a convenient and easy-to-use movie website, so Plex has received more than thousands of daily visits. When accessing Plex, users can create a personal movie library with a wide range of movies provided for free. Besides, with continuous improvement, Plex has continuously updated its good movies and enhanced its movie viewing website system.

    To watch movies at the Plex website, you can log in to the website system and create a movie account for yourself. Besides, to make sure the movie you want to see is really interesting, you can also check the reviews from previous moviegoers. These are extremely objective comments that help you make your own decision about whether to watch the movie or not.

    About the interface: This is a website built with a simple interface suitable for all users. As a newcomer to the website, you can also efficiently perform operations right on Plex. Movies with full genres are displayed to help viewers easily choose the movie they like best.

    You can watch movies at Plex through various electronic devices, such as your desktop computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection. The movie source at Plex is quite rich, so the movie viewing experience at Plex is a great choice.


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    One of the most popular free movie-viewing platforms is Kanopy. Kanopy is an entirely free movie site. To access Kanopy, you can use your school's library card or the library card of other library centers.

    Using your library card to access the website will give you access to many of the shows and movies at Kanopy. The document library at Kanopy is also quite rich; you can experience many different genres, including documentaries, dramas, comedies, international films, etc. The documents, movies, and programs offered here are very diverse and of high quality. Regardless of your age, you can experience beneficial programs at Kanopy.

    A special feature is that Kanopy always updates famous movies that are highly appreciated by experts or even films that have won prizes in competitions, which has helped Kanopy gain many people's knowledge and increase the number of visitors to the website. Kanopy's desire to watch movies is growing.

    The interface at the Kanopy site is quite beautiful and easy to use. With just a few simple steps, users can watch their favorite movies. The film quality at Kanopy is also highly appreciated in terms of sound and image. You can use Kanopy to watch movies in your spare time, which will bring exciting experiences for you.


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    Popcornflix is a free movie viewing platform that is rated well by many people. The movies at Popcornflix are constantly updated daily, and the movie sources are diverse from many parts of the world. If you are someone who likes to watch original movies, then Popcornflix is a great free movie platform for you.

    The movie viewing system at Popcornflix is rated quite differently; viewers don't need to worry about delays or interruptions when watching movies. The sound and picture of the movies at Popcornflix are very clear, and you can enjoy the movie as if you were watching it at the cinema.

    Popcornflix contains a lot of movies as well as different popular shows. Although it has been operating for more than 10 years, the quality of watching movies at Popcornflix is always guaranteed. The company has constantly improved service quality and brought interesting experiences to viewers. If you are worried about language issues, using Popcornflix is also a good choice. At Popcornflix, there will be subtitles and languages to help you understand the content you want.

    Another special thing is that you do not need to register an account to watch movies at Popcornflix. When accessing the website, you can immediately choose for yourself interesting movies without even having to sign up for an account.


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    YouTube is a popular show-watching platform. Every day, the number of people accessing YouTube reaches millions worldwide. Besides TV shows, YouTube is a popular platform for content creators to post extremely interesting videos.

    Videos posted on YouTube are extremely diverse in terms of time and content. You can watch videos that last one minute for hours. Watching these videos is completely free, so now Youtube is a platform that many people are interested in. On Youtube, you can choose the resolution to watch the video; depending on the resolution you choose, the image quality will have different definitions.

    YouTube offers popular movies and TV shows. You can see the popularity of these shows from the view count shown directly below the video. Besides, objective comments about the video are also clearly shown to help you make decisions about whether to watch the program or not.

    On Youtube, you can not only watch free Netflix shows, but you can also watch programs only available on Youtube. You can easily search for short films, movie trailers, series, short films, or international programs. If you want to upload your own videos, you can create a free account on YouTube. This not only helps you keep meaningful videos, but it can also earn you extra income by uploading videos to Youtube.


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    Pluto TV

    Pluto TV is an electronic website for people who want to watch free movies of various genres. When accessing the website, you can choose for yourself the appropriate movie genre from cartoons, and action movies to romantic movies.

    Besides, Pluto TV also provides a series of free TV programs for users. Users can find more than 250 live TV channels broadcasting news stations, sporting events, comedy shows, music videos, horror shows, and independent movies.

    Pluto TV has the following highlights. First of all, this is a website that offers many different genres of movies. The next feature is that this application can use a mobile device that is streamed to a smart TV. This helps to create convenience for users. Besides the advantages, Pluto TV also has certain disadvantages, the first is that the application does not provide this uniform search ability, which has caused disadvantages for users. Next, users have to watch many ads, which causes inconvenience while watching programs on Pluto TV. However, Pluto TV is a free movie-watching application that is worth the user having an interesting experience.

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    Vudu is a premium and paid movie streaming app. For some movies you can watch here, you have to pay a certain fee, but there are many paid programs that you can experience. Vudu offers a wide range of free shows of various genres, such as indie movies, comedies, classic TV series, cartoons, children's shows, and more.

    The interface at Vudu is very easy to use and suitable for all ages. Users can search by category or for specific movies and TV shows. To watch movies on Vudu, you can use a computer or smartphone with an internet connection.

    Besides, Vudu also offers convenient features, such as downloading movies for offline viewing and syncing accounts with different devices so that users can continue watching movies offline. Continue watching movies at any time and in any place. Vudu is one of the most popular online movie services on the market today.
    Here are some reasons why Vudu has become a movie website of choice for many people:

    • The site does not have too many ads
    • Can create playlists as desired
    • Easy to use a free browser

    Besides the advantages, Vudu also has certain limitations. Some limitations can be mentioned, as you need to create an account before accessing the website, and there may be some problems when transferring from mobile devices to the TV.

      If you are looking for a free website to watch relaxing movies on the weekend, then Vudu is the place to learn and enjoy relaxing moments through attractive films.

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      NBC is a website to watch movies that is quite popular and is chosen by many people. On the site, you can watch many famous movies for free. NBC also streams movies, so you'll find recent movies that you won't find on other streaming services.

      Especially with the NBC application, which supports many different platforms, you can use the app on your mobile device, game console, smart TV, or other streaming device.

      When using NBC, you will get an interesting experience as NBC offers a variety of programs and has a lot of categories to choose from. Besides, NBC also has certain limitations. The first limitation can be mentioned as the fact that NBC does not describe movies to viewers, or that you need to create an official account to watch movies here.

      Besides, NBC also offers many convenient features, such as an email notification service for users about new broadcaster events and programs. In particular, NBC also has a mobile application so that users can watch programs on mobile phones or tablets. This helps users have the best experience when watching movies on NBC.

      Currently, NBC has a large number of subscribers as well as a significant increase in traffic. If you are looking for a website to watch free shows, then NBC is the site you should refer to. With a variety of genres, NBC is proud to be a reputable website that attracts many users.


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