Top 10 Famous South Korean Actors

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The Korean cinema industry in recent years has continuously exploded with a series of super products. Along with that, the names of the actors are constantly ... read more...

  1. Lee Min Ho (born June 22, 1987) is a South Korean actor and model, known for his roles as Goo Jun Pyo in the TV series Meteor Garden, and as Lee Yoon Sung in the TV series City Hunters. and in the movie The Heirs as Kim Tan in 2013.

    He became famous in Korea and Asia with the role of Goo Jun Pyo in the movie Meteor Garden. In 2011, he continued to resonate through the role of Lee Yoon Sung in the drama "City Hunter". In 2013, he participated in the movie The Heirs through the role of Kim Tan and created a fever in Korea and some other countries in the last months of 2013.

    Lee Min Ho has never let his fans down because no matter the angle of the shot, or even his own image, Lee Min Ho is handsome! The special thing in addition to the usual handsome appearance, the outstanding height of 1m87 of the actor is the unique highlight. In every photo, whether standing or sitting, Lee Min Ho's long legs are always the focus of attention. Taller than his female co-star, now he's even taller than his male co-star, making people almost laugh.


  2. Kim Soo Hyun was born on February 16, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. He was born into a family with artistic traditions.

    Kim Soo Hyun is a top Korean actor. He overcame introversion; overcame psychological barriers and was determined to fulfill their wishes. Become a competent Hallyu actor, But the actor is still humble and constantly trying.

    2011 was a milestone in Kim Soo Hyun's drama "Dream World". This is a musical drama that gathers very popular idol groups. With his natural ability, "rookie" Kim Soo Hyun has fulfilled the role beyond expectations. Thanks to “Dream High”, the actor won three consecutive TV awards; it is “Best New Actor”; "Favorite Actor" and two "Favorite Couple" awards at KBS 2011. At the end of 2013, when Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun suddenly returned to the small screen through the hit movie "You" from the Star" surprised audience. Through this work, the actor has been called by fans as "alien" Do Min Joon throughout Asia.

    He is loved by his standard body, super small face with harmonious lines, conquering fans' hearts. After being discharged from the army, Kim Soo Hyun became more and more popular when she changed with a mature, mature, and stronger appearance than before, the more she looked at it, the more fascinated she became.

    BENCH/ Everyday: Kim Soo Hyun Plays OK or NOT OK (youtube:
  3. So Ji Sub is a famous South Korean actor and model. He started his career in 1997 until now, he has proven his talent through a series of famous films such as Glass Shoes, I'm Sorry, I Love You, Always... Currently, actor So Ji Sub is considered one of the most expensive A-list stars in K-biz.

    2002 marked the first time So Ji Sub starred in the movie Glass Shoes. This was a movie that caused a fever in Asia at that time. He plays the role of Park Chul Woong - A young wanderer, wandering but also very kind and loving. Although the film was a big hit, it also unintentionally created a barrier that took the actor 2 years to overcome his shadow. In 2004, So Ji Sub succeeded as Cha Moo Hyuk in Sorry, I Love You. The content of the film revolves around Moo Hyuk, a guy abandoned by his parents and exiled to a foreign country. Growing up, he discovered that he had a serious disease and could not live long, so he decided to return to find his relatives. He was touched by a girl with a pure heart, innocent.

    Thanks to her excellent and honest acting ability, So Ji Sub not only once again stepped onto the top of the glory but also brought many tears to her eyes. Sorry, I Love You is also at the top of the saddest Korean movies. Currently, he is one of the highest-paid actors in Korean cinema with about 80 million won (~ 1.65 billion) for 1 drama episode.

    So Ji Sub Handsome Man 2016 (youtube:
  4. Lee Jong Suk was born on September 14, 1989, is one of the leading movie actors of the land of Kim Chi, the actor has made a mark in the hearts of fans with a series of great achievements through films. hit: High Kick 3, School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, W - Two Worlds…

    Lee Jong Suk showed his passion for art at a relatively young age, with an outstanding height of 1m86 and a "not-so-medium" beauty, so the actor was supported to become a celebrity. Lee Jong Suk became the youngest male model of the Seoul Collection program, but that did not mean that he gave up acting. Lee Jong Suk studied and graduated with a major in Professional Cinematography from Konkuk University. He once participated in the audition for SBS TV when he was just a high school student. And the young man was allowed to act for SBS on the 7th recruitment.

    In 2010, Lee participated in 2 Korean dramas, Prosecutor Princess and the hit TV series Secret Garden. The actor only took on a supporting role, but attracted everyone by his height, his charm as well as his natural acting. The success of the film helped Lee Jong Suk become known to many people as a musician in the movie Secret Garden. It wasn't until 2013, that the school hit School 2013 helped Lee Jong Suk become a star. Thanks to his good acting and good chemistry with co-star Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk has gained a strong fan base not only in Korea but also in many other countries.

    Lee Jong Suk being handsome and sexy (youtube:
  5. Park Bo Gum was born in June 1993, the actor is the youngest child in a family of three siblings, so he is often favored by his parents. Park Bo Gum's name also clearly shows this when it means "good things will come at the right time in Korean" or "treasure sword" in Chinese. Since childhood, the boy Bo Gum showed his musical talent, so his parents taught him to play the piano from the age of five, which was also the foundation for his dream of becoming a singer and songwriter.

    Park Bo Gum is a multi-talented artist, he is known for his many roles as an actor, singer, and host. However, it was not until he participated in Reply 1988, Moonlight Drawn Clouds, Meeting and Youth Chronicles that his name caught the attention of fans.

    Park Bo Gum is a multi-talented artist, he is known for his many roles as an actor, singer, and host. However, it was not until he participated in Reply 1988, Moonlight Drawn Clouds, Meeting and Youth Chronicles that his name caught the attention of fans. In addition to his outstanding ability, Park Bo Gum is also recognized for his noble personality and has received many compliments about his gentle, polite and kind demeanor from his colleagues.

    Moreover, diligently participating in reality TV shows also made the actor's everyday image widely shared, Park Bo Gum thus gained the love of many fans.

    Park Bo-gum | Bad Guy (youtube:
  6. Hyun Bin was born in 1982 and is a famous actor in Korea. Currently, he works under the management of VAST Entertainment. Joining the movie industry in 2003, Hyun Bin has affirmed his acting brand with 24 lifetime roles and 18 prestigious awards. Beautiful appearance, clean private life, outstanding acting talent and constantly receiving attractive movie scripts, the actor's career is on the rise, making many followers admire.

    At the age of 38, Hyun Bin was dubbed "the prince of Korea" thanks to his handsome face, beautiful smile, standard appearance and good acting ability. The films he participated in became famous and attracted all over Asia. Before enlisting in the army in 2011, Hyun Bin also caused a fever with the hit movie Secret Garden. Hyun Bin was born into a well-to-do family. Previously, the Ilgan Sports site revealed that he was paid 100 million won (VND 2 billion) for each TV episode the actor participated in. This is considered the second highest level of sand - se in Korea. With movies, Hyun Bin's salary is about 400 - 600 million won (8.1 billion - 12.1 billion VND) for each movie he participates in. In addition to acting, the actor also has many expensive advertising contracts.

    According to Ilyo Shinmun, the two actors landed where he planned to get married. Recently, Hyun Bin's parents went to see a mansion worth 10 billion won to make a wedding home for their son. Sources in the entertainment industry said that they got married in 2022 at the latest, when both reached the age of 40.

    Handsome Hyun Bin (youtube:
  7. Ji Chang Wook was born on July 5, 1987 in Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Captivating the audience's heart in each scene of Laughing Dong Hae, Empress Ki, Savior, Codename K2,... Ji Chang Wook won many prestigious awards such as "Best Actor", "Actor", most famous overseas", "Best-dressed actor", ...

    Possessing a beautiful face and standard appearance with a height of 1m82, and the image of "the actor with the cleanest private life in Korean Showbiz", Ji Chang Wook is increasingly loved by fans for his success thanks to his efforts. In addition to acting, he also has a good singing talent, not inferior to a true Kpop singer.

    Famous as a Hallyu actor, but Ji Chang Wook possesses a warm voice along with a professional performance on the music stage. Many times when he appeared on stage, he made the fans fall in love with his amazing voice. Actually, before filming, Ji Chang Wook used to sing. However, his singing career did not thrive, and only occasionally did he interact with fans. Did you know that the songs in the movies he participated in "Healer", "7 First Kisses", "Empress Ki"... also have his golden voice contributing. Started acting career in the movie Days. Then "You stole my heart", "Action comedy hero", ... However, a solid stepping stone for his career is probably "Laugh Dong Hae". The series lasted 159 episodes, topping the charts for 15 consecutive weeks. With his natural acting, Ji Chang Wook captured the hearts of viewers for nearly half a year, helping him bring home the "Best Actor" award.

    Ji chang wook seoul travel story feat. Newbin_ar (BOYS ARE HANDSOME AND STRONG) (youtube:
  8. Kim Woo Bin is a favorite actor in Korea, not only one of the extremely successful models in the field of acting. The star is also the one who brings the "main male syndrome" in many movies with the supporting role, but it is not faint at all, but on the contrary, it also brings great effects such as The Heir, School 2013, ...

    How many people are recognized for their talents when entering the film industry, even because of a bad performance, they are mercilessly beaten by the public. But somewhere among the faces who have succeeded in trying out in this profession is actor Kim Woo Bin. Before becoming a star loved by many people in many countries like now, Kim Woo Bin was a male model with a cool aura that shone on the catwalk and in stylish photo shoots in 2009.

    "White Christmas" was the first long-running drama that Kim Woo Bin participated in as well as the first film marking the career transition of the 8x star, at that time he dyed his hair red, which was both outstanding and rebellious to match. with character. If talking about the school film in which the actor participates, it is necessary to list the independent film Twenty by talented director Lee Byung Hun. The youth film was very successful both commercially and professionally and was nominated at many prestigious awards such as the Golden Bell and the Blue Dragon.

    When he got a foothold in the drama segment, Kim Woo Bin continued to make a breakthrough on the big screen. The first movie project he participated in was Friend 2, he received many compliments when he played the role of a gangster. The film attracted a large number of viewers and quickly set a box office record, opening the best-selling movie in November 2013 when it was released only 4 days ago.

    "Handsome and Sexy thief" kim woo bin (youtube:
  9. Park Seo Joon's real name is Park Yong Gyu, born on December 16, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. He is a cult A-list actor, always in the top voted as the male god of Korea, after 9 years of entertainment activities, Park Seo Joon has tried countless roles, all of which have left an impression. deeply impressed with the audience and was commented as the person with the best acting ability.

    He started his acting career with a movie called Perfect Game. A year later, when participating in Dream High 2, even though he only took on a supporting role, the moment Park Seo Joon appeared again became the focus of great attention from viewers. However, the images of a rookie, handsome, gentle, manly guy in everyone's eyes quickly broke, and were somewhat shocked when he played hot scenes with his 19-year-old senior in A Witch's Love.

    Overcoming all criticisms, in 2015, Park Seo Joon continuously accepted roles that brought breakthrough success, for his life in She Was Pretty and Kill Me, Heal Me helped him officially step up to the ranks of the world-famous star. I know. His excellent performance as a handsome, cold, and mature deputy editor has also helped Park Seo Joon receive dozens of compliments. Park Seo Joon is commented on as a movie enthusiast, he devotes himself to art seriously, can transform into any character, renews himself, and does a very good job in that role, even playing a role. The movie has hot scenes or gay kisses that many people misunderstand. Also thanks to breaking all limits and not following boring images, a color that Park Seo Joon has achieved a lot of remarkable achievements in his acting career.

    Park SeoJoon - Believer [fmv] (youtube:
  10. Cha Eun Woo - the representative face of the Astro group - is one of the most prominent idols in Korea today, active in many fields: singing, acting, participating in reality shows, hosting programs, and modeling. Naver rated him as a "comprehensive entertainment star", scoring points for his witty talk, sense of humor, and intelligence.

    In August 2021 Eun Woo was honored as "Best acting male idol" at the Brand Of The Year Awards 2021 - the annual award by the Korean Consumer Forum start up. More than 610,000 people voted for him, the highest participation rate ever.

    Most entertainment sites believe that his good looks, light skin, and 1,83 m height help Eun Woo have a large Asian fan base. For many years now, Korean girls have often called him "ManJitNam" - the guy who came out of a romance comic. On television, many artists said that Eun Woo's appearance makes them feel pressured when standing next to them. He once ranked first in Ilgan Sports' "Top visual idol" poll in 2019, 2020. In 2017 and 2018, he ranked second. In 2016, he won the award "The most handsome rookie in Korea". Currently, he is the face of many brands of perfume, watches, food, fashion... He is one of the top social media stars, with more than 22.8 million followers on Instagram. Each image the singer posts attracts three to five million likes and tens of thousands of comments.

    Born as an idol, Cha Eun Woo is making steady progress in his acting career thanks to his impressive appearance. Although there are still some controversies about acting, it is undeniable that Cha Eun Woo is a potential face for Korean movies. In 2014, at the age of 17, Cha Eun Woo got acquainted with the acting career through the small cameo role as the dream healthy child of two cult stars Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo in the movie The Years. Brilliant Month. The first time he hit the film lane, he was the "child" of two hot faces, so perhaps luck followed the handsome man born in 1997 in his acting career. Cha Eun Woo's acting turning point officially came in 2018 with the main role in Gangnam Beauty - the movie adapted from the webtoon of the same name which is very popular in Korea. A year later, he had another main role in the historical drama "Historical Goo Hae Ryung" of MBC.

    Everyone getting shocked by Eunwoo's handsome & unreal visuals (youtube:

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