Top 10 Most Expensive Matchbox Cars

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Which Matchbox cars are the most expensive? After 60 years in business, Matchbox has managed to produce ten notable cars that collectors regard as extremely ... read more...

  1. This crane isn't always a valuable addition to a collection. In fact, most versions cost about the same as a nice dinner. One variant, on the other hand, is priceless. As you can see (photo), the majority of Magirus Deutz Cranes were silver with an orange crane arm. There were minor model changes, such as rivets and wheel size, but overall, they are nearly identical. Except for the pre-production models, that is. There aren't many of the pre-production models, which were light brown with a red or orange crane arm. They're rare enough that you're unlikely to find one in your collection, but it's not impossible.

    One of the most expensive Matchbox cars ever made is the brown Magirus Deutz Crane. In fact, this car is so valuable that it made the list of the ten most valuable die-cast cars! In addition, it is the most valuable 1:64 scale Matchbox. Make sure that you've been saving if you want to add this rare car to your collection. One was sold for $13,000 in 2004 and has become one of the most expensive Matchbox cars ever sold.

    Estimated Value: $13,000
    A brown Magirus Deutz Crane. (
    A brown Magirus Deutz Crane. (

  2. Continuing the list of the most expensive matchbox cars in the world, Toplist would like to introduce to you Opal Diplomat (1966). The Matchbox Opal Diplomat in Sea Foam Green cost only 48 cents on the dollar in 1966. Fast forward several decades, and this rare collectible is now valued at around $9,000, according to consistent, comparable valuations.

    The car, which has an opening bonnet and a white interior, is thought to be a prototype and is highly valued by Matchbox collectors. Will it ever be auctioned again? It's unlikely, but never say never.

    Estimated Value: $9,000
  3. If you'd had a spare $9,000 a few months ago, you'd have been able to win the third most expensive one among the most expensive Matchbox cars on the planet, according to the latest figures. Approximately $9,000 was paid by an anonymous bidder for the purchase of a lime green ERF Dropside lorry from a private collector at a recent auction.

    It is one of the most sought-after Matchbox collectibles ever created, and collectors are willing to pay a premium to get their hands on a piece of Matchbox history.

    Estimated Value: $9,000
    A lime green ERF Dropside lorry (
    A lime green ERF Dropside lorry (
  4. Collectors hold high regard for the 1965 Dodge Wreck Truck. The reason for its high value is that this model was created with "reversed colors," which means that the green parts should have been yellow and the yellow parts should have been green.

    When it was listed for sale on eBay in 2013, it drew quite a crowd and sparked a fierce bidding war. The rare Matchbox truck eventually sold on eBay to an anonymous bidder for an eye-watering $8,499.

    Estimated Value: $8,499
    BP Dodge Wreck Truck In Reverse Colors
    BP Dodge Wreck Truck In Reverse Colors
  5. The Mercedes Benz 230 SL was available in three colors: white, white (Superfast), and yellow (Superfast). The valuable version, however, is sold in Apple Green and dates from 1967. And, despite the fact that the original production run lasted from 1966 to 1968, that color is not on the list of released vehicles. Worse, there is little information available about what makes this car so valuable.

    It is extremely rare in the world. The most recent sale that can be confirmed occurred in 1999, more than 20 years ago. This little die-cast treasure sold for an astounding $6,765 — more than $10,000 today after inflation. The problem is that you haven't been able to locate a successful sale or any information on the uncommon color choice since. It seems to be that Mercedes Benz 230 SL was a pre-production model that was never made public.

    Estimated Value: $6,765
    A Mercedes Benz 230SL in Apple Green (1967)(
    A Mercedes Benz 230SL in Apple Green (1967)(
  6. The Green Ford Kennel Truck is the sixth most expensive Matchbox car. This little Matchbox truck is worth more than some regular-sized cars, with an estimated value of around $4,100. With this price, Ford Kennel Truck has become one of the most expensive Matchbox cars in the global.

    The truck was manufactured between 1969 and 1972 and had a removable lucid plastic topper as well as four white plastic dogs. A mint-condition model was recently auctioned off for $4,100 after sitting in the seller's collection for decades.

    Estimated Value: $4,100
  7. The next one in the most expensive Matchbox cars that Toplist would like to introduce to you is Mercury Cougar. The Mercury Cougar, like the Mercury Station Wagon, is extremely rare, but only in one color – cream. The vehicle was manufactured between 1968 and 1970. It measures 76mm in length and has a white interior to complement its cream body.

    It's unclear how many 1968 cream Mercury Cougars are still in existence, but they are highly sought after and command high prices at auction. So keep an eye out for one and you can earn a great amount of money!

    Estimated Value: $3,800
  8. The next most expensive Matchbox car on the list is the Mercury Station Wagon. Due to its color, this model, created between 1969 and 1973, is prized for its rarity. This Matchbox Station Wagon is colored yellow instead of the shiny green as most are.

    The quantity of yellow 1968 Mercury Station carriages built or existing is unknown. You should be aware that they are really priceless. One of the rarest Matchbox cars available is this one, so if you locate one, try to buy it!

    Giá trị ước tính: $ 3,700
    A yellow Mercury Station Wagon (
    A yellow Mercury Station Wagon (
  9. Everyone adores a Ford Mustang, right? Of course, because the Ford Mustang is a line of iconic American automobiles produced by Ford. The Mustang has been in continuous production since 1964, making it the longest-running Ford car nameplate. It is the fifth-best-selling Ford car nameplate and is currently in its sixth generation. The Mustang was developed as a highly styled line of sporty coupes and convertibles derived from existing model lines, initially distinguished by "long hood, short deck" proportions. It is the namesake of the "pony car" automobile segment.

    One unknown bidder was willing to pay nearly $3,000 for this rare white Ford Mustang Matchbox car from the 1960s. In all honesty, they probably got a great deal because the auction drew a lot of attention from bidders all over the world, so the Matchbox car will likely be worth a lot more money as time goes on.

    Estimated Value: $3,000
  10. Matchbox Superfast 8d Rover 3500 Police Car has a white body with pale yellow and black Police tampo print, clear windows, clear roof-lights, chrome siren, black plastic wheels, Lesney England base, dot-dash wheels - Near Mint in Good Plus "New" type L box. It's a rare model with clear roof lights rather than blue.

    This model of the 1970s Superfast 8d Rover 3500 Police car is extremely rare and does not appear very often. So it's no surprise that one recently sold for $750 after being discovered among one of the most important Matchbox collections ever seen. The car drew bids from all over the world and was quickly purchased by an anonymous bidder.

    Estimated Value: $750

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