Top 10 Most Handsome KPOP Male Idols

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K-POP idols always bring unique beauty, attracting fans. Every male idol always knows how to impress with their ever-evolving talent and beauty. So in 2021, which male idols were in the topmost beautiful?

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Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO)

Cha Eun Woo - the representative face of the Astro group - is one of the most prominent idols in Korea today, active in many fields: singing, acting, participating in reality shows, hosting programs, and modeling. Naver rated him as a "comprehensive entertainment star", scoring points for his witty talk, sense of humor, and intelligence.

In August 2021 Eun Woo was honored as "Best acting male idol" at the Brand Of The Year Awards 2021 - the annual award by the Korean Consumer Forum start up. More than 610,000 people voted for him, the highest participation rate ever.

Most entertainment sites believe that his good looks, light skin, and 1.83 m height help Eun Woo have a large Asian fan base. For many years now, Korean girls have often called him "ManJitNam" - the guy who came out of a romance comic. On television, many artists said that Eun Woo's appearance makes them feel pressured when standing next to them. He once ranked first in Ilgan Sports' "Top visual idol" poll in 2019, 2020. In 2017 and 2018, he ranked second. In 2016, he won the award "The most handsome rookie in Korea". Currently, he is the face of many brands of perfume, watches, food, fashion... He is one of the top social media stars, with more than 22.8 million followers on Instagram. Each image the singer posts attracts three to five million likes and tens of thousands of comments.

Everyone getting shocked by Eunwoo's handsome & unreal visuals (youtube:
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V's real name is Taehyung, born on December 30, 1995. He is a member of the famous group BTS. V is the main vocalist and dancer in the group. Described as loud and cute, BTS members also complain that V can be annoying at times. For his age, V is quite immature and doesn't take anything seriously.

V is a guy with a 4D personality when he often acts confusing and unusual. He often shares self-indulgent photos or funny clips on the group's social networking site. Fans are extremely interested in the content he posts and it is this special personality that has become a unique feature of V when distinguishing it from other members of BTS. V's stage name was given by Big Hit to mean Victory. He took the position of the main vocalist in BTS with a special warm voice. Not only possessing a singing talent, but V also participates in composing and producing the group's songs. He co-wrote the song “Hold Me Tight” and wrote the lyrics for “Fun Boyz”.

V is one of the Korean idols voted with the most beautiful bare face and perfect facial contour ratio.

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Haruto's real name is Watanabe Haruto was born on April 5, 2004. He is a member of the famous boy group TREASURE under YG Entertainment.

Haruto is the rapper and visual of Treasure, he is also one of the most prominent members of the group, with high recognition in the group. As early as 2 years ago, when joining YG TREASURE BOX, Ruto was also noticed by his impressive height, appearance, and deep voice (at that time he was only 14 years old), Haruto was also loved by former president Yang Hyun Suk loved and praised, and attracted a decent number of fans since then. During the pre-debut period, Haruto was also trending in some countries (mainly Southeast Asia), the hashtag Happy Birthday Haruto this year trended in the top 3 in the world, Haruto became even more famous after the 3-minute video, which The video of Ruto wearing a white shirt and glasses, that time went viral everywhere. On the day of the debut, Haruto also trended in the top 7 in the world (the highest among the members), that day I saw people asking for info "rapper wearing a suit, handsome, deep voice, standing at the pool" but I was very happy, happy because Haruto is loved.

Although only 17 years old, Haruto already possesses an admirable height of 1m81 and is expected to be even taller. In addition, with his face without dead corners, the boy has been compared by netizens to a baby version of superstar Lee Min Ho. Knowing to his advantage, Haruto is also very "narcissistic" full of humor. The boy also describes himself in 3 very realistic words: "Handsome", "youngest rapper" and "fit".

[TREASURE] haruto the face genius (and he knows it) (youtube
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MinGyu's real name is Kim Mingyu, born on April 6, 1997. He is a member of the famous group Seventeen. In Korean, Min means gem and Gyu means star. So his name MinGyu means a gem that shines like a star. MinGyu is in 20% of the world's population left-handed, these people are said to be talented, intelligent, creative, and have outstanding leadership qualities. MinGyu was voted by the members of SEVENTEEN as the most handsome face in the group. He also claims to be the first visual in the Hip-Hop Team. With a height of 1m85, MinGyu is the biggest member of SEVENTEEN. Along with a broad shoulder, he will be solid support for everyone.

Contrary to the appearance of a "bad boy" on stage, MinGyu in real life will help you dispel all your fatigue with a sweet smile like that. With a handsome appearance, outstanding talent, and a handsome personality, MinGyu is everyone's dream lover.

Mingyu when he gets compliments😻 || cute funny moments compilation (youtube:
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Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook's real name is Jeon Jeong-guk, born on September 1, 1997. He is a member of the famous group BTS. Jungkook takes on the role of center, vocal, and maknae of the group.

Since his debut, Jungkook has attracted much attention and love from the public thanks to his innocent and pure face and smile like the morning sun. After nearly 7 years of debut, Jungkook has proven to everyone his great maturity and progress. No longer the youngest brother under the care of his brothers, Jungkook is now able to take control of the stage by himself and become an indispensable factor, contributing to the success of BTS.

Not only possessing a good voice, but Jungkook also has extremely charismatic dancing and performance skills. Although he is not the main dancer, his every dance step on stage is very attractive and soulful. Along with perfect body proportions and diverse facial expressions, every time Jungkook appears on stage, viewers can't take their eyes off him. Perhaps for that reason, he was entrusted by the members to the position of center - the center of the group. Jungkook is even ranked among the male idols with the most perfect body proportions of Kpop. In particular, every time he performs, Jungkook always "burns" with his hot choreography, sharp eyes that make everyone unable to take their eyes off. Jungkook's performance fan cams always get huge views, showing that the maknae's charisma on stage in the public's heart is "not average

JUNGKOOK handsome moment!! (youtube:
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Asahi real name is Hamada Asahi was born on August 20, 2001. He is a member of the famous boy group TREASURE under YG Entertainment. In 2018, Asahi participated in YG Entertainment's new survival show - YG Treasure Box. At first, he was not cast in the main group – TREASURE. However, on January 29, 2019, YG Entertainment announced that he will be forming a second group from the show called MAGNUM and he is one of the members.

Asahi trained for three years at YG Japan and joined YG Treasure Box, at that time he barely knew a word of Korean. Being in a completely unfamiliar environment and still being able to make it through all the qualifiers is truly a remarkable achievement. Asahi can give reactions to everything and is rarely a surprise situation that confuses him. However, when it happens Asahi will find a way to turn the situation around in a minute or simply do some lovely gestures to get through.

Asahi is not so critical about the image of an idol but instead, he enjoys life to the fullest, even when he has to put on a silly face in front of millions of people watching the show. Asahi knows how to play around with the spotlight and almost everything he says amuses people. Although it's rare to appear on variety shows, every time you do it, you're sure to get some of Asahi's "golden moments".

Asahi the Visual of TREASURE (youtube:
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Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Hwang Hyun-jin (born March 20, 2000, better known by his stage name Hyunjin), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, model, and MC. He is in charge of the main dancer and sub-vocalist of the boy group Stray Kids founded and managed by JYP Entertainment. Hyunjin was called "one of the most handsome men in the entertainment industry" by W Korea magazine.

Recently, Hyunjin has become a hot name with surreal visuals, bold historical features, attractive long hair, and a mysterious and cool aura. This appearance and top-notch visual have helped Hyunjin become one of the most promising male idols today, often storming social networks. The 20-year-old male idol has been promoted to spectacular beauty and fame after having long hair, becoming a promising new generation male idol. Hyunjin with long hair when on stage is so handsome that fans "faint up and down", in real life still makes netizens "fall in shame" because of his top-notch visuals, long hair is so beautiful that women are the jealous and irresistible charm.

hwang hyunjin being the world's center (youtube:
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Tae Yong (NCT)

Lee Tae Yong (born July 1, 1995), nicknamed TY, is a South Korean male singer, songwriter, and rapper. He is the leader of the South Korean boy band NCT, the sub-unit NCT 127, and a member of the sub-unit NCT U, the special group SuperM founded and managed by SM Entertainment. He participated in composing 30 different songs in four languages, released by different NCT subgroups. He released his first solo single, "Long Flight", in 2019.

Another young leader known for his rap skills and impressive dance moves is Tae Yong. He is known as a member of the SM boy group - NCT. In 2016, the male idol born in 1995 debuted in the group's first sub-unit - NCT U. Later that year, he continued to become the leader of the second unit group, NCT 127. Not long ago, Tae Yong became one of 7 members of SuperM - a lineup selected from the most prominent SM idols. Dubbed the "Avengers of Kpop", is a collaborative project between SM Entertainment and the US Capitol record label.

In 2017, Ilgan Sports opened a poll, with the participation of 100 Kpop idols, to choose the idol who sings, dances well, and has the most perfect appearance. At that time, Tae Yong (NCT) received the highest number of votes and became the most beautiful male star in the eyes of his colleagues. Tae Yong's visuals have been famous since he was a member of SM Rookies. Dubbed the "2D idol" because of his appearance like coming out of a comic book, Tae Yong is commented by the audience to have many similarities with "Asia's most beautiful man" Kim Jae Joong. Not only possessing a standard physique with a height of 1.74 m, but Tae Yong always attracts all eyes of the people around thanks to his shining face and aura of a star.

People amazed seeing taeyong handsome face (youtube:
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Juyeon (The Boyz)

Juyeon's real name is Lee Juyeon, his stage name is Juyeon, born on January 15, 1998, attending Seoul Sahmyook High School. Lee Juyeon the Boyz is currently holding the role of Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual in the group.

Recently, Juyeon (The Boyz) caused a fever on social networks with a clip showing her dancing ability on TikTok. The short clip of a few seconds immediately attracted attention not only thanks to his extremely flexible choreography but also due to the radiant beautiful visual that took up the entire photo frame. Juyeon is a member who plays the role of the main dancer as well as visual of The Boyz - the boy group that is receiving much attention. This guy born in 1998 has a desirable appearance with a height of 1m80 and a handsome face. His visuals began to get more attention after The Boyz won the famous survival show Road To Kingdom and the stage to compete for the Kingdom throne at MAMA 2020.

Besides visual, Juyeon is also famous among fans thanks to her warm personality hidden inside her cold exterior. He is also known to be an ardent fan of Yunho (DBSK) and once cried when he met his idol.

THE BOYZ Juyeon/더보이즈 주연 - adorable moments (youtube:
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Jake's birth name is Jake Sim, born on November 15, 2002. Jake takes on the role of rapper and vocalist of ENHYPEN.

Jake is a guy who can learn very quickly, both in terms of choreography, songs, and stage performance skills. Before joining the survival program I-LAND, Jake had been training as a KPOP idol for 9 months. Even HYBE Corporation and CEO Bang SiHyuk praised Jake's rapid progress through his performances on the I-LAND stage. Surprisingly, despite having a shorter training period than other participating trainees, Jake excellently won 3rd place in the final debut lineup. He has a natural talent for being an idol.

Jake is not only talented in music but also good at many other things. He used to be a good striker in the school football league. Even more special when he was only in 10th grade, but he won a place to play with the 12th-grade team, and he was the youngest in the team.

ENHYPEN Jay thought Jake was good looking the first time he saw him (youtube:

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