Top 8 Most Visited Programming and Developer Software Websites

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There are many programming and developer software websites that offer resources, tools, and community support for people interested in coding and software ... read more...

  1. Microsoft has done an excellent job of integrating several products to provide users with solutions that are ready to use right away, therefore earning itself a spot in the Big Five American information technology companies, alongside Alphabet (parent company of Google), Amazon, Apple, and Meta (formerly Facebook).

    Among services and products on, Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that is among one of the most used services in the world. It includes online services such as, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and products formerly known as Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.). Especially, the Microsoft 365 Developer Program is great for anyone interested in programming and developer software.

    Microsoft 365 Developer Program
    gives users easy access to pre-provisioned core Microsoft 365 workloads and capabilities (Windows not included), including all Office 365 apps, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) for compliance and information protection, Azure Active Directory for building advanced identity and access management solutions, etc.

    Users will also be able to use Microsoft 365's sample data packs, including Teams data. These sample data packs include Microsoft Graph user, mail, and calendar data - 16 sample users with user data and content, integrated with Teams developer environment. In addition, Teams data pack includes the following tailored developer environment: App sideloading pre-configured; Five sample teams, channels, tabs, and chat sessions were built around the 16 sample users; Developer Portal pre-installed to help you streamline the creation of your Teams app manifest and package, plus the card editor and a React control library, etc.

    Moreover, Microsoft 365 Developer Program allows users to get access to a community of Microsoft 365 experts to learn directly from them through community calls every week, as well as global boot camps and first- and third-party events, etc.

    Website's total visits: 852.2M
    (Numbers as of 2023 from

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  2. was launched by GitHub, Inc. in April 2008 and now has become the world's leading software development platform. The website is commonly used to host open-source software development projects. GitHub reported approximately 100 million developers and over 372 million repositories as of January 2023, including at least 28 million public repositories. As of November 2021, it is the largest source code host.

    With a community of more than a hundred thousand like-minded developers around the world, inspires them to uncover the greatest solutions, high-quality proposals, and open sources on the website. It also provides services like code review, project management, and issue tracking for each project hosted on it. The website's main features include Built-in review tools that provide seamless code review; Project management tools that help to identify, assign, and keep track of progress; About 6 million hosted Git repositories; etc.

    In addition, also allows users to explore the site's public repositories. There are also other desktop clients and Git plugins available. The site includes social networking-like features such as feeds, followers, wikis (powered by Gollum wiki software), and a social network graph to show how developers work on various versions.

    Especially, GitHub has launched GitHub Student Developer Pack and GitHub Campus Experts program, giving students access to popular development tools and services to train and encourage them to grow technology communities through its website.

    Website's total visits: 407.5M
    (Numbers as of 2023 from

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    Photo by Lukas:
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  3. is arguably the easiest and most popular website-building platform. Everyone can create a free website or build a blog with ease on the site. This website does not have much knowledge about programming and coding, but it is still a great place to learn about UI/UX and how to create an effective website interface.

    The website functions as a blogging platform written in PHP, and it allows you to build your website on your own server using a PHP/MySQL database. As one of the top web development tools, the software may be used as a CMS (Content Management System) to create a commercial website if you work with a reputable WordPress development company. Its features include a WYSIWYG text editor, co-authoring with several writers, search-engine-optimized permalinks, a static page, Trackback/Pingback, member registration/login, and so on.

    According to users' reviews, is super easy to install and get started, with dozens of site-building tools included for you to use. It also has rich third-party plugins for the use of expanded features, flexible and powerful. Users also have access to various free site templates and themes. SEO optimized, and friendly for high SERP. The website is also reviewed to be very safe to use.

    Website's total visits: 276.4M
    (Numbers as of 2023 from

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    Photo by Pixabay:
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  4. is the official website of the well-known software company Adobe. On this website, users can access Adobe's products and services such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, and many other applications. Additionally, the website provides learning resources and support for users to effectively utilize Adobe's tools. is also where users can register and manage their accounts, as well as search for courses and events related to Adobe.

    For programmers, developers, and people interested in programming and developer software, Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop are two of the best features on the site.

    Adobe Dreamweaver
    is a web development tool from Adobe Systems that is available for both macOS and Windows. It provides a code editor and live view in a nice environment for web developers. The software offers a free trial to experiment with its features before purchasing. Adobe Dreamweaver allows users to write and edit any code, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XTL, and also offers an adaptive grid feature. Its WYSIWYG interface allows users to view the end result while creating.

    is a software for photo, image, and design editing that has become an essential tool for web development. Its powerful features have made it an integral part of website building. Photoshop allows users to create and enhance photographs, illustrations, and 3D artwork. It can also be used to design websites and mobile apps, edit videos, and simulate real-life paintings.

    Website's total visits: 243.8M
    (Numbers as of 2023 from

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    Photo by Pixabay:
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  5. Stack Overflow is a platform for users to ask and answer questions, as well as to vote questions and answers up or down in a manner similar to Reddit, and to edit questions and answers in a manner similar to a wiki. Stack Overflow had approximately 20 million registered users as of March 2022, with over 24 million questions and 35 million answers.

    Users of can earn reputation points and "badges"; for example, a person is awarded 10 reputation points for receiving an "up" vote on a question or an answer to a question, and can earn badges for their valuable contributions, resembling a gamification of the traditional Q&A website. Especially, besides voting and commenting, users can even edit other people's posts.
    only accepts programming queries that are narrowly focused on a specific topic. Questions of a larger nature, or those that invite replies that are essentially subjective, are typically rejected by site users and designated as closed. The top eight most discussed subjects on the site are based on the type of tags applied to questions: JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, Android, Python, jQuery, and HTML.

    In the 2000s, the site and similar programming question-and-answer sites largely supplanted programming books for day-to-day programming reference, and they remain an essential element of computer programming today.

    Website's total visits: 239.2M
    (Numbers as of 2023 from

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    Photo by Sora Shimazaki:
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  6. Atlassian Corporation is a software company based in Australia that creates tools for software engineers, project managers, and other software development teams. Atlassian announced 242,623 clients in over 190 countries and 10 million monthly active users in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2022. Its website - is one of the most visited programming and developer software websites.

    The website provides users with access to a range of resources such as technical support, purchasing, and licensing information, Atlassian Community, knowledge base, marketplace, etc. The website also has great blogs and events. These resources can be extremely helpful for people to get insights into the company as well as learn more about programming and website building.

    Especially, for programmers and developers, offers Training courses & Certification, Documentation, and many other Developer Resources.

    With Training courses, you can learn a specific Atlassian product/role or connect your Atlassian knowledge to frameworks like Agile, DevOps, or ITSM and get certificates for it. In a 2019 survey organized by the company, 90% of respondents found enhanced career opportunities with their Atlassian certification.

    Developer Resources and Atlassian Documentation include Jira Software, Jira Service, Jira Work Management, Jira Align, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, Atlassian Cloud, Administering Jira applications, and many more.

    Website's total visits: 124.7M
    (Numbers as of 2023 from

    Photo by cottonbro studio:
    Photo by cottonbro studio:
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  7. is the official website of the popular web browser, Opera. The website provides users with access to the latest versions of the browser for various platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. In addition, the website offers various tools and features that enhance the browsing experience, including an ad blocker, VPN, battery saver, and crypto wallet.
    is a go-to place for a lot of programmers and developers to search for information related to programming and developer software, since the website provides users with news, blogs, and articles related mostly to technology, and internet culture.

    According to the website's survey, most of's audience is interested in themes like Games, Games Consoles, and Programming and Developer Software. By percentage, 22.95% of them were interested in Computers Electronics, and Technology, 19.89% were interested in Video Games Consoles and Accessories, 9.50% were interested in Computer Security, 5.88% were interested in Search Engines, and the rest is interested in other topics.

    Additionally, the website hosts a community forum where users can interact with each other, ask for help, share tips and tricks, and provide feedback on the browser. Overall, is an all-in-one platform that caters to the needs of both casual and professional internet users.

    Website's total visits: 122.7M
    (Numbers as of 2023 from

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  8. is a website that provides users with ad-blocking software for various web browsers from various platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, iOS, and Android. AdBlock allows users to block unwanted advertisements on websites, helping users to have a faster and cleaner browsing experience. Today, it is one of the most popular ad blockers worldwide with more than 60 million users. The website provides information in 40 languages and is now one of the most visited programming and developer software websites.

    The website offers both free and paid versions of AdBlock. The free version provides basic ad-blocking features, while the paid version offers advanced settings, support, and customization options. Additionally, the website provides resources and guides to help users install and use AdBlock effectively.

    In addition, also offers a referral program that rewards users who refer their friends and family to use AdBlock. Users can receive discounts, premium features, and other benefits through the referral program.

    Overall, this website is a valuable resource for people who want to enhance their online experience by blocking unwanted ads. With its easy-to-use software and helpful resources, users can enjoy a faster and more enjoyable browsing experience.

    Website's total visits: 111.4M
    (Numbers as of 2023 from

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    Photo by ThisIsEngineering:
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