Top 10 Richest People In Europe

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Many of the world's most powerful and economically developed countries are found in Europe. When it comes to premium vacations, the continent is the most ... read more...

  1. Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault is Bernard Arnault's full name. He was born in Roubaix, northern France, on March 5, 1949. He was born and raised in a family with a long history of business. Bernard Arnault has shown a natural business talent since he was a child. Arnault was encouraged to start his own firm by his father. He is also a well-known French collector, luxury fashion industry magnate, and investor. Currently, he serves as the chairman and CEO of Mot Hennessy – Louis Vuitton (LVMH). This company also owns several high-end cosmetics, fragrances, watches, jewelry, and alcoholic beverage brands.

    In April 2018, Arnault surpassed Zara's Amancio Ortega as the richest person in the fashion industry. Bernard Arnault's fortune was approximately $150 billion as of June 18, 2021, placing him third in the world in terms of wealth. He is an art collector who owns pieces by Picasso, Yves Klein, Henry Moore, and Andy Warhol and his company. He gave $200 million to reconstruct Notre Dame de Paris after it was destroyed by fire. Although the pandemic COVID has affected the world's economy, his fashion business does not tend to decrease. LVMH continues to be a giant in the luxury business, which keeps him firmly in the top rank spot among the richest people in Europe.

    Net worth: $158 billion

    Country: France

  2. Most people, especially women, are unfamiliar with L'Oreal, the world's largest cosmetics company. As the only child of the majority shareholder of the organization, Liliane Bettencourt, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, inherited her mother’s fortunes upon her death in 2017. In 2019, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers will be the successor to the L'Oréal brand empire. She is now the world's richest female billionaire, with a fortune of up to $49.3 billion.

    LOréal is one of seven companies that control the entire global beauty market and industry. In 1960, the business purchased the Lancome & Garnier trademark and developed the Guy Laroche perfume line. LOréal, along with Unilever, Coty, Procter & Gamble, Shiseido, Johnson & Johnson, and Estée Lauder, is currently regarded as one of the seven major beauty firms in the world, dominating the entire beauty sector. LOréal bought the well-known Korean cosmetics company 3CE, created by Kim So Hee, around this time. This cosmetic brand dominated the Chinese and Japanese cosmetic marketplaces in 2019, generating approximately 80% more sales than in 2018. LOréal continues to successfully purchase Thayers Natural Remedies, a 170-year-old American skincare business, in 2020. Bettencourt Meyers is most known as the heiress of the world's most prestigious cosmetics company, but she also has a distinguished academic career. She is a gifted author who has published works on Jewish-Christian connections as well as Greek mythology.

    Net worth: $74 billion

    Country: France
  3. Amancio Ortega, whose full name is Amancio Ortega Gaona, is a Spanish fashion businessman and the founder and chairman (1985) of the Spanish apparel merchandiser Inditex (Industria de Diseo Textil, SA), which includes the Zara chain shop. In 1975, Amancio Ortega opened the first Zara ready-to-wear apparel store in A Corua, and it quickly became not just a globally recognized brand but also the flagship of the holding company Inditex, which he formed ten years later. In addition to Zara, he was the primary owner of the holding firm in 2008, which included the labels Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, Uterqüe, Massimo Dutti, and Oysho.

    Inditex developed rapidly under his leadership in the years thereafter, and now controls a number of big brands. Inditex has around 4,000 outlets in 70 countries as of 2008, making it the world's largest fashion retailer. As of 2019, Inditex is the world's most profitable apparel retailer. Unlike most other billionaires born into wealthy families, his family often encounters poverty, but that is not the reason he accepts his fate. Amancio Ortega had to drop out of school at the age of 13 to work as a seamstress to help support his family, and now he is on the list of the richest people in Europe.

    Net worth: $59 billion

    Country: Spain

  4. The Schwarz-Gruppe is owned by Dieter Schwarz, a well-known German businessman. He is also the CEO and Chairman of the Kaufland hypermarket chain and the Lidl supermarket company. Schwarz is regarded as Germany's richest man and also ranks 5th among the top richest people in Europe. Dieter Schwarz took up the name rights from co-owner Ludwig Lidl when his father died suddenly, and he handled all of the Schwarz Group's obligations. Germany's retail marketing business was steadily progressing at the time. Schwarz used his natural ability to research and read to discover the greatest bargains that would help his firm thrive. He built the entire enterprise through his hard work and determination. He eventually acquired ownership of the Kaufland hypermarket business.

    He opted to sell Lidl's shares to a nonprofit organization after making it feasible to run the firm extremely well. He dropped off the list of Germany's wealthiest men as a result of this surprising choice. He did, however, gain complete control of the Dieter Schwarz foundation's shares by converting them to a charitable purpose rather than a foundation. Dieter Schwarz is an extremely kind and kind-hearted individual who has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to charity and founded his graduate school for law and business. This well-known businessman is reported to have a net worth of 47 billion dollars.

    Net worth: $47 billion

    Country: Germany
  5. Rodolphe Saadé, who was born in Lebanon in 1970, has extensive worldwide experience. He created a water cooler firm after graduating from Concordia University in Montreal with a degree in commerce and marketing before joining the CMA CGM Group in 1994, overseen by his father, Jacques Saadé. Rodolphe Saadé worked in New York and Hong Kong before transferring to the Marseille headquarters. He effectively led many shipping companies between 1997 and 2000 before taking over the Transatlantic and Transpacific lines. He was named Executive Officer in charge of building regular lines on the North/South axis in 2004, and in 2006, he oversaw DELMAS' line growth in Africa and the Indian Ocean, transforming the subsidiary into a lucrative and efficient operation.

    In 2010, Rodolphe Saadé was appointed Vice Chairman and a member of the CMA CGM Group's Board of Directors, and he led the Group's financial reorganization. He acquired Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), a container transportation firm located in Singapore, in 2015. In 2019, CMA CGM completed a public tender bid for CEVA Logistics and started its air freight segment, CMA CGM Air Cargo, in 2021.

    Net worth: $41 billion

    Country: France
    Rodolphe Saade
  6. Francois Pinault (born August 21, 1936, in Champs Géraux, Côtes-du-Nord, France) is a French businessman and art collector who built a retail empire known for its high-end items. Francois Pinault began his career working for his father's wood company before founding Société Pinault, a lumber and construction products enterprise, in 1963 (reorganized as Pinault SA in 1988). Pinault founded Pinault-Printemps-Redoute in 1994 after buying department retailer Au Printemps SA and mail-order firm La Redoute (renamed PPR in 2005). He added a diverse group of companies through his holding company, Artémis SA (established in 1992). Pinault's purchase of a roughly 30% investment in Christie's, the British auction house, in 1998 signified his turn toward high-end brands—and confirmed his interest in art.

    After obtaining a majority share in the company in 1992, Francois Pinault developed luxury goods merchant Gucci Group NV into a premium-brand conglomerate. His American interests included Samsonite baggage and a ski resort in Vail, Colorado. Pinault was also an enthusiastic art collector, having amassed over 3,000 works by the early twenty-first century. After failing to create a museum in France, Pinault purchased the Palazzo Grassi in Venice in 2005 and began exhibiting a small portion of his collection there the following year, including pieces by Cindy Sherman and Jeff Koons.

    Net worth: $40 billion

    Country: France
  7. The 7th person on the list of the richest people in Europe is Klaus-Michael Kühne. He was born in Hamburg on June 2, 1937, to Alfred Kühne (1895–1981), a transportation entrepreneur, and his wife Mercedes. Klaus-Michael Kühne was named Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed Kuehne and Nagel Group in 1966. He served in this capacity until 1975. The company's headquarters were transferred to Schindellegi, a Swiss village on Lake Zurich, under his administration. His Kuehne Holding AG bought a 20% interest in VTG, a rail transit firm, in 2016. Morgan Stanley Infrastructure bought the company two years later.

    Klaus-Michael Kühne
    controls around 30% of Hapag-Lloyd, a shipping and logistics firm. In recent years, his holdings have gradually risen. Kuehne is an only kid without any siblings. Upon his death, his estate will be managed by his charity. The Kühnes established the non-profit Kühne foundation in 1976. It focuses on two areas: first, supporting transportation and logistics training, further education, scholarships, and research; and second, supporting medical sciences, humanitarian, philanthropic, and cultural programs. It was also established in the Swiss town of Schindellegi. He presently contributes $5 million to this organization every year.

    Net worth: $37 billion

    Country: Germany
  8. Karl Hans Albrecht Jr (born 1948 in Essen) is a German millionaire and the son of Karl Albrecht, who, along with his brother Theo, created the inexpensive grocery business Aldi. Karl Hans Albrecht Jr held several positions at Aldi Süd until his departure owing to a cancer diagnosis (from which he subsequently recovered). He and his sister Beate Heister run the Siepmann Stiftung (named after their mother), which in turn runs Aldi Süd, which is the source of their shared fortune. Gabriele Mertes is his wife, and they have no children. Aldi, originally Albrecht-Diskont, has ruled the profitable German low-cost grocery industry for decades, with over 8,000 outlets in a dozen countries, unbroken development, and a policy of cutting product prices and running costs to an absolute minimum. They created their own Aldi grocery chain on a low-price approach akin to Wal-Mart, spreading the bargain revolution in German retail.

    Despite pioneering the own-brand product, which was anathema to name-brand addicted western buyers until the end of the twentieth century but is now a regular sight on store shelves the world over, Aldi began sprinkling in several strategic 'big name' brands, such as Coca-Cola, in 2012. However, this does not imply that Aldi suddenly stocked a variety of items—you won't find eight different types of olive oil here. As of March 2021, Karl Hans Albrecht Jr was ranked 23rd among the world's wealthiest people, with a net worth of US $37 billion. The Aldi recipe for success has developed in tandem with consumer tastes, and it's evident that, in the age of the coronavirus, people are more concerned than ever about their spending habits, which bodes well for Albrecht Jr.

    Net worth: $37 billion

    Country: Germany
  9. Giovanni Ferrero is the owner of Ferrero Group, the world's second-largest chocolate manufacturer. The Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Nutella spread, Tic Tac mints, and other confections are sold in more than 170 countries by the Alba, Italy-based company. According to the International Cocoa Organization's website, the Ferrero fortune comes from Ferrero SpA, the world's second-largest chocolate producer. Ferrero International, a Luxembourg-based holding company, is in charge of the corporation. According to records, the Alba, Italy-based confectionary offers candies in over 170 countries and generated sales of 12.9 billion euros in the fiscal year ending August 2021. The firm is evaluated based on three publicly traded peer companies' average enterprise value-to-Ebit and enterprise value-to-Ebitda multiples: Hershey, Nestle, and Mondelez.

    In 1997, the billionaire's late father, Michele Ferrero, turned over management of the company to his two sons. When Giovanni Ferrero's brother, Pietro, died in 2011, he became the only CEO. The business announced in March that Giovanni would stand down as CEO on September 1, 2017, and become executive chairman. He is the most senior member of the Ferrero family and a board member and stakeholder of the family holding business. Dividends, market performance, insider trades, taxes, and charitable contributions are used to determine cash and other assets. They also include loans made by the Ferrero family to their Luxembourg-based holding company, as well as investments made by Giovanni Ferrero through CTH Invest, a Brussels-based investment business. Here's what we know about the billionaire secretly at the helm of one of the world's largest confectionery empires.

    Net worth: $36 billion

    Country: Italy
  10. Alain Wertheimer is a millionaire businessman who co-owns a well-known high-fashion brand, accessories, ready-made garments, jewelry, and Chanel perfume with his brother, Gerard Wertheimer. is globally well-known. Alain Wertheimer has presided over the purchase of various non-Chanel companies, including Eres Lingerie and Beachwear, Tanner Kroll saddles and leather products, and Holland & Holland, a British gunsmith who manages and operates a privately owned corporation. The Wertheimer brothers are based in France and own vineyards in France, notably Château Rauzan-Ségla in Margaux and Chateau Canon in Saint-Emilion, both of which have gained critical acclaim.

    After their father, Jacques Wertheimer, died in 1974, Alain and Gerard Wertheimer became co-owners of the Chanel brand. Alain Wertheimer is the President of Chanel, and Gerard is in charge of the watch section. At the time, Chanel was a failing and tired brand, with just the perfume brand remaining, which was offered in drugstores and an official store. Alain came in right away to restore the high-end fashion brand, extend some ready-to-wear divisions, and re-establish market dominance in order to promote the brand as a luxury perfume industry leader. Alain is a "marketing genius" who understands how to best utilize and exploit Lagerfeld's designs in order to produce high-fashion pictures, ensuring Chanel's notoriety. The elite, as well as the general public, want and desire to have. The Chanel brand has put him on the list of the richest people in Europe, and his presence on this list is not wrong.

    Net worth: $31 billion

    Country: France

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