Top 6 Spectacular Sites to Read Free Science Fiction Short Stories and Series

  1. Top 1 Reedsy Prompts
  2. Top 2 Uncanny Magazine
  3. Top 3 Escape Pod
  4. Top 4 Free SF Online
  5. Top 5 Daily Science Fiction
  6. Top 6 365 Tomorrows

Top 6 Spectacular Sites to Read Free Science Fiction Short Stories and Series

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Science fiction fans know the thrill of discovering spectacular new worlds and concepts. With so many sites online, it helps to know the top spectacular sites ... read more...

  1. Top 1

    Reedsy Prompts

    For writers looking to flex their creative muscles, Reedsy Prompts offers a treasure trove of free science fiction and fantasy story ideas. This innovative website, launched in 2020, provides over 1,500 diverse writing prompts across multiple genres.

    In the sci-fi and fantasy categories alone, Reedsy Prompts sparks the imagination with scenario starters ranging from post-apocalyptic societies to time travel mishaps to space piracy adventures. Users can filter prompts by genre, theme, character, and more to find inspiration for short tales or sprawling novel series.

    Each prompt poses an opening situation and conflict to kickstart a story. Writers are challenged to build full narratives around these jumping-off points and share their creations online. Readers can browse this ever-expanding collection of bite-sized sci-fi and fantasy stories based on the same prompts. With new writing prompts added weekly, Reedsy is a continuous source of original fiction that transports audiences to imaginative new worlds.


    • Platform: Reedsy Prompts
    • Content Variety: Original short sci-fi stories by emerging authors
    • User Engagement: Read, leave comments
    • Source: Written for Reedsy writing contests
    • Pros: Fresh sci-fi stories, supports new writers, free
    • Cons: Variable quality, limited long-form content
    • Best For: Discovering new creative talent in sci-fi flash fiction
    • Overall: A free collection of original short science fiction stories by up-and-coming authors.
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  2. Top 2

    Uncanny Magazine

    Uncanny Magazine is a must-visit website for science fiction and fantasy fans looking for free short stories and serial fiction. This Hugo Award-winning publication, founded in 2014, offers an impressive selection of original speculative fiction from diverse authors.

    Every month, Uncanny Magazine publishes multiple short stories, poems, essays, interviews, and podcasts. The website is known for promoting underrepresented voices and boundary-pushing works that challenge the genre's tropes. Readers can immerse themselves in imaginative tales ranging from feminist dystopias to climate fiction to space operas.

    In addition to short fiction, Uncanny Magazine serializes novellas and novellettes over multiple issues. These gripping, bite-sized novels allow readers to experience the pleasure of following a story arc over time. With content spanning dark fantasy, magical realism, alternate history, and more, Uncanny Magazine delivers thought-provoking reads that linger in the imagination long after the last page.


    • Platform: Uncanny Magazine
    • Content Variety: Original sci-fi short stories and novelettes
    • User Engagement: Read stories, listen to podcast
    • Source: Stories from sci-fi authors and new writer
    • Pros: Free sci-fi stories, supports diverse authors
    • Cons: Limited long-form/novel content
    • Best For: Discovering rising and diverse talent in sci-fi short fiction
    • Overall: A great free source of original short science fiction stories supporting new and diverse voices.
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  3. Top 3

    Escape Pod

    Escape Pod is a free online magazine devoted to science fiction short stories and serials. As the original sci-fi podcast, Escape Pod has been transporting listeners to strange new worlds since 2005. This ad-free site releases weekly audio productions of both classic and new works from today's best authors.

    With over 800 original stories in its archives, Escape Pod is the perfect destination for any sci-fi lover. Works range from hard science fiction exploring technological themes to space opera epics on galactic scales. There's also plenty of mind-bending soft sci-fi on topics like artificial intelligence and virtual reality. No matter your preference, Escape Pod has captivating tales to take you on journeys to Other worlds, futures, and dimensions.

    From thought-provoking shorts you can finish in one sitting to sweeping serials revealed chapter by chapter, the stories on Escape Pod will keep you hitting play. Their productions bring these worlds to life through talented narrators and immersive soundscapes. So get ready to escape reality with over 15 years' worth of free science fiction adventures.


    • Platform: Escape Pod
    • Content Variety: Sci-fi short stories published via podcast
    • User Engagement: Listen to audio stories, and discuss online
    • Source: Sci-fi stories from new and established authors
    • Pros: Free, audio format, weekly news stories
    • Cons: Lacks text versions of stories
    • Best For: Discovering sci-fi short stories in audio format
    • Overall: A great free weekly science fiction audio story podcast highlighting today's best short fiction.
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  4. Top 4

    Free SF Online

    For over 20 years, Free SF Online has offered an extensive selection of science fiction short stories and serials available at no cost. Founded on the principle of providing access to imaginative fiction for all, Free SF Online continues to publish both rising talents and established authors.

    The website archives contain thousands of short stories that provide thought-provoking glimpses into possible futures. Works range from soft sci-fi centered on humanity to hard sci-fi extrapolating bleeding-edge science. Free SF Online also publishes serials that allow authors to build multifaceted worlds chapter by chapter. These serials keep readers engaged with unfolding plots, recurring characters, and evocative universe-building across installments.

    With new fiction added monthly, Free SF Online delivers free flashes of futurism along with longer tales for readers seeking immersive escapes. The website unites writers and readers by curating these works of imagination and making them freely accessible to sci-fi enthusiasts everywhere. The stories run the gamut from mind-bending to heartwarming as authors explore where science and imagination intersect.


    • Platform: Free SF Online
    • Content Variety: Collection of classic sci-fi short stories
    • User Engagement: Read stories online
    • Source: Public domain sci-fi stories
    • Pros: Free, classics by iconic authors, easy to navigate
    • Cons: Limited contemporary selection, no new stories
    • Best For: Easily accessing classic sci-fi short stories
    • Overall: A free online library of classic science fiction short stories now in the public domain.
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  5. Top 5

    Daily Science Fiction

    For over a decade, Daily Science Fiction has been serving up short-form sci-fi stories to satisfy your cravings for imaginative fiction. With new free flash fiction published every weekday, readers can get their quick fix of speculative worlds spanning fantasy, sci-fi, and everything in between.

    From magic-filled alternate realities to futuristic techno-landscapes, the Daily Science Fiction archives contain over 2,000 short stories set in unique visions of the world. Flash fiction pieces run around 1,000 words, providing a bite-sized yet thought-provoking narrative. For longer reads Daily Science Fiction also publishes serialized stories released in parts over time. These serials allow authors to develop intricate settings and complex story arcs at novel length.

    With new free flash fiction and serial installments published daily, Daily Science Fiction gives readers their regular dose of the fantastic. The website has become a go-to source for speculative fiction that sparks imagination and astonishes through creativity. Fantasy, horror, and science fiction come alive in these short yet transportive tales conjured up by talented authors and offered to readers at no cost.


    • Platform: DailyScienceFiction
    • Content Variety: New sci-fi flash fiction stories daily
    • User Engagement: Read stories, comment, submit stories
    • Source: Sci-fi stories from new and established authors
    • Pros: New free sci-fi story every day, supports new writers
    • Cons: Only very short stories, variable quality
    • Best For: Bite-sized daily doses of original sci-fi flash fiction
    • Overall: A free site publishing a new short work of science fiction daily, perfect for quick sci-fi reads.
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  6. Top 6

    365 Tomorrows

    For over 15 years, 365 Tomorrows has been serving up daily doses of science fiction with its collection of flash fiction stories and serials. Readers can enjoy these short works of imaginative futurism at no cost thanks to 365 Tomorrows' dedication to publishing quality sci-fi writers.

    With new flash fiction pieces posted each day, sci-fi enthusiasts can get their fix of speculative fiction on topics like AI, space travel, augmented reality, and more. The stories range from surreal to thought provoking, humorous to unsettling. 365 Tomorrows also publishes longer serials that unfold over multiple installments. These serials construct intricate worlds that readers can get lost in, following engaging characters and complex plots.

    By supporting up-and-coming authors as well as proven veterans, 365 Tomorrows offers an ever-expanding library of free flash fiction and serials. The website continues to provide the sci-fi community with creative bites of futurism to feed the imagination daily.


    • Platform: 365Tomorrows
    • Content Variety: Daily sci-fi flash fiction stories
    • User Engagement: Read stories, comment
    • Source: Sci-fi stories from emerging authors
    • Pros: New free sci-fi microfiction every day
    • Cons: Very short stories, variable quality
    • Best For: Quick daily hits of original sci-fi flash fiction
    • Overall: A site publishing bite-sized works of science fiction daily, perfect for sci-fi in small doses.
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