Top 8 Things About Palau You Should Know

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Not too many people have ever heard of the Pacific paradise known as Palau. Palau has an old, even ancient culture, that dates back before recorded times. If ... read more...

  1. Palau is rich in WWII history, due to battles having taken place on the islands. The Peleliu World War II land tour on Peleliu Island is just one of the history tours offered. This one is a good way to experience ‘Bloody Nose Ridge’ and ‘1,000 Man Cave’, sites of Marines battles and Japanese fortifications. Peleliu Island is also home to many tanks and other relics.

    The island is 70 minutes by speedboat from Koror. The tours run every day and cost just $30. The Belau National Museum in Koror offers rich insights into the history and culture of Palau and is open every day. The Etpison Museum is closed on Sundays and comprises two floors of Palauan and Micronesian artifacts, displays, and photography. There is also a large gift shop, where visitors can purchase art, jewelry, books, and souvenirs. A popular trek is to the Ngardmau Waterfall in Babeldaob. This is the largest waterfall in Palau, and the trail passes by key historical sites from the Japanese occupation, including an old locomotive and parts of a disused railway system.

    The waterfall is also accessible by monorail and zip-line. Open every day, 9.00 am until 5.00 pm, there is a $20 entry fee. The Stone Monoliths of Ngarchelong are another must-see in Palau. A series of 39 stone monoliths were built in 100 AD, the stones are four-foot-tall and the largest weighs five tonnes. They are open to the public every day, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, and the entry fee is just $5.

  2. Another thing about Palau you should know is Jellyfish Lake. Jellyfish Lake, off the island of Eil Malk, is home to millions of jellyfish that are no longer a threat to humans. Types of jellyfishes are divided into two: golden jellyfish and moon jellyfish. Golden jellyfish is the type of Mastigias Papua, and it is yellowish. The moon jellyfish is jelly-white, and its type is Aurelia aurita. The daily motions are horizontal and vertical. Jellyfishes are made 95% from water, and they have no brain, blood, or heart. They are related to corals, and that’s why there are so many in Palau. When you go to the lake, keep in mind that touching them can be dangerous for your health.

    The reason you can swim with jellyfish is that there are no predators in the lagoon so their poison has been weakened over time, making it safe to swim in a sea of jellyfish. Catch a boat and dive straight into the lagoon to experience the strange sensation of these creatures floating all around you. Their striking golden hue creates a beautiful shimmering effect that can be seen from the boat if you don't fancy the swim.
  3. The thing about Palau you should know is Rock Island - a famous side of Palau. The rock islands are from limestone, it is a non-inhabitant place surrounded by the turquoise lagoon. You can see unique mushroom types and shapes. It is a slice of paradise, and you must see this area because of its beauty. You can find out exotic beaches with a marvelous view. Palm trees, blue lagoon, blue sky.

    It is also a dive destination. There are two dive spots for every dive-lover: the German Channel and the Blue Corner. If you are interested in dive spots with a great undersea view, don’t mess up this chance while traveling to Palau. You have a good chance to undersea creatures that you have never seen before. Do not forget about sunscreen on this beach. There is a very interesting fact about Palau country. The country banned sunscreens with “reef-toxic” in 2020. The reason behind that is to stop chemical pollution, which is not safe for reefs and corals.

    Luka Peternel
    Luka Peternel
  4. The next thing about Palau you should know about the country is the kitchen of Palau. It is necessary to try the kitchen to know about the culture of any country. If you want to go to Palau, do not forget about tasting local seafood. Moreover, you can find many exotic dishes. Of course, the cuisine of Palau was influenced by the kitchen of the US, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Although this country is full of healthy foods, it is the second country in the world that is suffering from obesity. In the first place are the people of Nauru.

    If you are looking for a tasty dinner, so keep reading. It is the best choice to go to Malakal island for a tasty dinner and fresh beverages. Cross the bridge, and you will see several cafes, bars, and hotels. Take a route to the Drop-Off Bar. The lovely sea view and sunset with the red-orange colored sky are great for your trip. The prices are reasonable. If you want excellent service, then Kramer’s Restaurant is for you. There is tasty seafood, Chicken Barbeque, and fajitas. You will never forget this atmosphere.
  5. The thing about Palau you should know is Mud Baths. The Milky Way lagoon, named after the white mud at the bottom of the cove, is famous for its use in natural spa treatments. Locals claim that bathing in the white limestone mud found on the floor of the water will make you look ten years younger. The mud is said to have healing and anti-aging properties for anyone who indulges in slathering the slimy substance all over their body. The lagoon is part of one of the Rock Islands, it is a cluster of more than 250 limestone formations that are mostly uninhabited.

    One of the benefits of Mud Baths is their soothing effect. Since the mud is cooling in nature, this therapy is often prescribed by naturopaths and alternative healers to deal with stress, sleep disorders, and even anxiety. Mud baths have highly active physical and chemical properties and soaking in them can help relieve the symptoms of many dermatological diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. The regenerative and antiseptic properties of mineral-rich mud help to adjust endocrine disorders which can prevent and cure acne from the inside out, helping skin heal.
  6. Safety and Security will be the thing about Palau you should know. Palau is a safe country to visit, and guns are strictly prohibited. Crime rates are low, but exercise common sense while traveling around the country by keeping your valuables locked up or safe and secure on you at all times. There are a few things to keep in mind about natural hazards, local laws, and curfews.

    About wildlife, there are saltwater crocodiles found on the island, especially in Palau’s mangroves. They tend to be very small, and there are just 450 adults on the island. These pose almost no threat to people, with just one fatal attack in history – and that was in 1965. There are no reports of attacks on any of the many, many snorkelers or scuba divers who visit the islands every year. Besides, bull sharks are common in the coastal waters and estuaries, and it is necessary to be cautious around them.

    Photo by Paul Collins
    Photo by Paul Collins
  7. Besides, there are many interesting facts about Palau you should know. During full moon and new moon periods, Palau becomes a spawning site for hundreds of red snappers and bump head parrotfish. Naturally, these aggregations attract both large predators and scuba divers alike. If you’re interested in this phenomenon, look out for liveaboards with special spawning itineraries.

    In addition, Palau is sometimes called the “Underwater Serengeti” because its waters are teeming with marine life. From huge schools of tropical fish to turtles, sharks, dugongs, and rays, you never know what you might see during a dive in Palau. Furthermore, Considered a delicacy, Palau has a small fruit bat that is only found here. The bat is cooked in boiling water (fur and all!) and added to spices and vegetables. It is then served in a bowl, staring up at you. The standard method of eating the bat is to chew it and suck out the meat. Yum!
  8. Last but not least, the thing about Palau you should know is the food. The food in Palau is a fascinating fusion of several cuisines. Palauan food has been influenced by Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the USA. Any visit to this beautiful archipelago of over 500 islands and part of the Micronesia region in the Pacific Ocean must include a taste of traditional Palauan food such as Spam Musubi, Ulkoy, Tempura Fish, Halo, Taro Rosti.

    And have a question "Do they really eat Fruit Bat soup as food in Palau?" The answer to this is yes. Fruit bat soup is considered the local delicacy in Palau. It’s popular because fruit bats naturally live on a fruit-based diet that results in sweet-tasting meat. The base of the soup is coconut milk, fresh ginger, spices, and other root vegetables. To prepare this dish, the bat is first washed in water and then cooked whole in the soup. The proper way to consume this dish is to chew the bat and suck the sweet meat from the fur and leave the leftover, unedible fur in the bowl. Since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world at the end of 2019, and the start of 2020, the consumption of eating bats is now a little controversial.

    Spam Musubi (
    Spam Musubi (
    Taro Rosti (
    Taro Rosti (

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