Top 8 Websites for Music Lovers

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If you're wondering where to turn once the bar is up, here's a list of nine unique and well-functioning interactive sites for music lovers aimed at browsing ... read more...

  1. Soundcloud, one of the websites for music lovers, is likely the most useful music streaming platform for the most chevaliers. The service gives a free, user-friendly way for artists without a publicist to exhibit original tracks and develop an online persona. As a music blogger, I've found that embedding Soundcloud players within articles is the most effective way to share music. Many of the more established music blogs use the players, so most blog readers are already familiar with them.

    Furthermore, the majority of the songs Toplist want to share are already on the site, with about 5-30 remixes of each song by both well-known and lesser-known musicians.If a song I'm looking for isn't on Soundcloud, Toplist can quickly upload it from own collection. The discussion, though, is possibly the most enjoyable aspect of the entire Soundcloud experience. Users can not only leave comments on tracks, but they can also pin their feedback to specific moments in the music, making track answers simple to understand.


    • Number two among one of the websites for music lovers is the Grooveshark.Toplist always describe Grooveshark to someone who is unfamiliar with the site in the same way: it's similar to iTunes in that you can create playlists and save songs to your own library, but instead of having access to only the songs you've downloaded, you have access to every song that has been uploaded to the site. This site's party-friendly features are a major lure, since you can explore songs and add them to a queue without disrupting the current song.

      Why hire a DJ when you can share the music selection? Another thing Toplist like about this site (and Soundcloud) is that it's ideal for those who switch between work computers, smartphones, and computers at home. You can listen to the songs you've saved from anywhere as long as you're connected to the internet.

    • Shuffler, one of the websites for music lovers, is a website you should visit if you enjoy reading music blogs and discovering new musicians by sifting through them. Users can browse tunes published on thousands of music blogs by clicking on their preferred genre on this site, where "the web is your player" and "bloggers are your DJs." The blog-based version of internet radio features channels ranging from folk and indie rock to electronic and dubstep, with each new tune bringing you from blog to blog.

      Shuffle is a music theme that includes a wide range of layouts and elements that are ideal for promoting albums, building galleries and playlists, and announcing tour dates. This theme is compatible with a number of music platforms, allowing you to quickly embed Spotify, Soundcloud, and other playlists. But wait, there's more! Make the most of your stuff with the free WooCommerce plugin. Readers looking for new material for their RSS feeds can browse a collection covering the entire internet, and bloggers looking to get their selections out in the open can add their own blog to the collection.

    • Have you ever gone on a second date with someone who said Creed was their favorite band on the first date? Toplist haven't either. Tastebuds gives a technique to indicate a potential deal-breaker even before the first date for anyone who considers music taste to be the most significant deciding factor in a relationship. The idea is simple: pick your favorite music and let the website match you up with others who share your preferences... or browse on your own and weed out the duds. If you want to talk music with people who like similar tastes, the site is also helpful.

      The majority of users are looking for friends and platonic connections with people who share their enthusiasm for music. Tastebuds has the advantage of bringing people of all ages together through music. That is why members come from various generations in the hopes of finding like-minded people. As a result, there exist age discrepancies among Tastebuds members who desire to date.

    • Stereomood was an online music streaming platform that, rather than categorizing and broadcasting songs based on genre or musical interest, classified and streamed songs based on the users' mood. Users may listen to music, build their own playlists, and exchange music with other users based on how they felt at the time.

      All of the playlists combine songs from the best music blogs on the internet and Soundcloud. When you register on the site, you gain access to your favorites, which include your favorite music, as well as a playlist section where you may make your own mix. The majority of users are looking for platonic connections and pals that share their passion for music. Tastebuds is unique in that it uses music to bring individuals of all ages together. Members come from diverse generations with the aim of finding someone with similar interests. As a result, there are age gaps amongst Tastebuds users who want to date.

    • Thesixtyone (t61) was a music streaming platform that employed collaborative filtering to organize, market, and sell music contributed by independent performers. James Miao and Samuel Hsiung founded the site, which got early funding from Paul Graham. It was first released in beta in January 2008, with additional funding from Creative Commons CEO Joi Ito and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. Highway 61, a highway with significant roots in American music culture, is the inspiration for the site. "Thesixtyone's guiding idea is to support the creative middle class, allowing talented musicians the opportunity to make a life generating music," according to the site's "bazaar," where users can purchase songs or mp3 albums posted by artists. Artists can also use the site to license their music under Creative Commons licenses and make it available for free download.

      Thesixtyone launched a new design on January 20, 2010, with a focus on high-resolution photos, location, and lyrics. Some users were offended by the new design, and they vented their frustrations on the website's Facebook page. Many of the site's most frequent visitors left after the revamp. In a site announcement on January 1, 2016, thesixyone cofounder Samuel Hsiung appeared to admit that the redesign was a mistake, apologized for recent negligence, and restored to the site design prior to the disputed alterations. Thesixtyone was going down, and servers would go offline at midnight on May 1, 2017, according to a note posted on the site in April 2017.

    • Ian Hogarth, Michelle You, and Pete Smith launched Songkick in 2007 as part of the Y Combinator program, a seed accelerator that focuses on digital start-ups. Songkick's early business strategy, which was based on referral fees from ticketing firms, was focused on its concert finding service. In 2011, the firm released its first mobile application. Songkick joined with CrowdSurge, an artist ticketing service provider, in June 2015, and the united company went by the name Songkick. Warner Music Group owns Songkick, a concert discovery service. Users can use the service to look for future concerts in their location, as well as track particular artists to receive reminders about impending shows in their area. It also helps artist teams manage and publicize tour dates around the world.

      The firm was founded as a Y Combinator-backed startup in 2007. It merged with CrowdSurge in 2015, a firm that provided services for musicians to launch and manage ticket sales. To settle a lawsuit with the company, the Songkick concert discovery service and brand was sold to WMG in 2017, and the ticketing assets were sold to Live Nation Entertainment in 2018. Songkick created Tourbox in 2012, a technology that allows musicians and artist teams to organize and share their live event dates across numerous digital platforms across the world.

    • Tubeify (invitations below) is a new, Billboard, and YouTube mashup. Users can use any web browser to search for, discover, play, and queue video clips on the site. It is without a doubt one of the best YouTube jukeboxes available, thanks to its comprehensive search capabilities and excellent usability. The Billboard "timetravel" feature is one of the great treasures, allowing users to access the Billboard chart for any week since 1964 and listen to the songs that were at the top at the time. Tubeify is an idea from Tomas Isdal, a University of Washington PhD student who TorrentFreak readers may remember from BitTorrent related research projects such as OneSwarm and the DMCA printer study. However, Tubeify is not a research project, but one that aims to turn YouTube into a decent music player

      Tubeify allows you to listen to all of your favorite songs right in your browser. allows you to listen to music, watch videos, build playlists, and share them with others. is an online music video streaming service that is absolutely free. Tubeify is unusual in that it provides a web-based music video player that can be used at work, at home, or anywhere else without the need to install any software. Tubeify is Tomas Isdal's idea for turning YouTube into a decent music player. Several difficulties on YouTube irritated him, including the fact that videos pause when you search for another music, that many duplicate clips appear in the search results, and that the playlist is unusable. Tubeify allows you to listen to all of your favorite music right in your browser. is a website where you can listen to music, watch videos, make playlists, and share them with your friends. is a music video streaming service that is absolutely free. Tubeify is the first web-based music video player that does not require any software installation and can be used at work, at home, or anywhere else. Tomas Isdal came up with the idea of Tubeify, which attempts to transform YouTube into a competent music player. Several difficulties on YouTube irritated him, like the fact that videos stop playing when you search for another music, that many duplicate clips appear in search results, and that the playlist has poor functioning.


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