Top 10 Best Day Trips in Maryland

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The northeastern American state of Maryland is stunning and full of history, amazing architecture, tourist destinations, and regional culture. Maryland is a ... read more...

  1. There is a significant amount of American history within the limits of Baltimore, an important municipality in Maryland. Due to a large number of microbreweries, specialized events for craft beers, and sporting events taking place all around the city, people who prefer craft beer and sports adore Baltimore's culture. The Fort McHenry National Monument, the Maryland Historical Society, the original Washington Monument, the Lexington Market, the B&O Railroad Museum, and the Lord Baltimore Hotel, which conceals the LB Speakeasy behind a wall, are just a few of the historical attractions in Baltimore. In addition, there are countless additional places, things to do, and events in Baltimore. The majority of these may be found along the town's historic Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail.

    The city's hub is Baltimore's Inner Harbor, which is bordered by a number of world-class museums and the bustling Harborplace with its pavilions, stores, restaurants, and promenade. Several old ships that are open to visitors are moored here.

    Visitors are drawn to Baltimore in part because of the city's distinctive districts, like Little Italy, Fell's Point, Mount Vernon, and hip Hamden. In addition to this, Baltimore also has a large number of museums, historic monuments, and cultural attractions, including a renowned symphony orchestra.

    Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    Best time to visit: June to August


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  2. A trip to Annapolis is also voted to be one of the best day trips in Maryland. The wide, active city of Annapolis is situated where the Severn River empties into the Chesapeake Bay. There has a lot of history, which visitors can learn about by visiting the museums and the United States Naval Academy, which lies on the city's eastern edge. Many things make Annapolis famous, but for most visitors, the city's dining and entertainment options come first. In addition, there are many outdoor recreation places in the city, including Chesapeake Bay-side beaches, parks, and trails. Numerous distinctive stores and eateries may be found in the downtown area. The majority of the structures are quite ancient and still feature the renowned "colonial" style architecture found throughout the Northeast US. Additionally, Annapolis holds other special events throughout the city.

    Annapolis, formerly referred to as the "Athens of America," has long been a city steeped in culture and history. In its cozy port city environment, which includes the Maryland State House and the Frederick Douglass Museum and Cultural Center, more than 4 million people are welcomed each year.

    Driving is the best way to get around Annapolis. Despite the fact that Historic Annapolis is compact and best explored on foot, getting throughout the greater Annapolis region requires a vehicle. You could also request a taxi. Bus service is available in the city, although it's not really a practical or effective way to get around.

    Location: Annapolis, Maryland, USA
    Best time to visit: between March and May
    Ranking: #2 Best Places to Visit in Maryland
  3. As one of the best day trips in Maryland, National Aquarium has a lot to offer. The National Aquarium is one of the biggest and most modern aquariums in the country in Baltimore. The National Aquarium is home to nearly 20,000 creatures, including more than 800 different types of fish. It is also a conservation facility where experts in aquatic conservation save wildlife and inform the public about the need of protecting water systems. There are a lot of displays of aquatic life from different parts of the world. Some offer unique activities and programs that let people engage with the animals. Throughout the park, there are several concessions, snack stands, and gift shops.

    A public aquarium that is nonprofit is the National Aquarium. Although the non-profit National Aquarium, Inc., which is made up of a volunteer Board of Governors with 25 members and a larger Advisory Board, as well as a full-time paid staff, manages the aquarium, the building and the land on which it is built are owned by the City of Baltimore. CEO John Racanelli.

    Address: 501 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

    Best time to visit: before 11 a.m. or after 3 p.m

    Ranking: n/a
  4. Between Maryland and Virginia, this 37-mile-long island-Assateague Island is located. Shops, kayak and boat rental locations, and parks may be found all across the island. For biking, hiking, and equestrian riding, there are many routes and loops. Visitors can see wild horses and aquatic life in addition to the abundant animals. There are activities available, including guided tours of the island and trips out to sea to look for shellfish. In the summer months, the island's nearby beaches are ideal for swimming and surfing. The visitor center offers a wealth of information about the island, as well as directions to more eateries that serve daily fresh seafood and American cuisine.

    The beach on Assateague Island may be the most stunning on the Atlantic Coast. Swimmers and sunbathers flock to this white sandy paradise during the summer. Arrive as early as possible because the beach parking lots fill up quickly. During the busiest summer months, it's best to arrive before 10 am or after 2 pm.

    Location: Delmarva Peninsula, USA

    Best time to visit: May/June

    Ranking: n/a
  5. On the very tip of a big islet that extends down the coast between the Isle of Wight Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean City is a town brimming with attractions. There are more than 200 eateries offering almost every type of food. After a day of shopping and visiting all the neighborhood establishments that provide entertaining services for the entire family, visitors enjoy strolling along the boardwalk and relaxing at the 10 kilometers of free beach. Visitors enjoy playing golf on immaculate courses, spending the day at the Jolly Roger Amusement Park, renting boats or taking tours on the ocean to go swimming, diving, and fishing, as well as taking part in all the important events that take place throughout the year.

    Ocean City
    , which specializes in the traditional American beach holiday, is both inexpensive and family-friendly. You can find extensive expanses of powdery beach, mouthwatering blue crabs, thrilling amusement park attractions, and a ton of gift stores if you stroll along the Boardwalk. As families enjoy the beach, adventurous sunbathers parasail across the water, and kids play in the arcades at Ripley's Ocean City, bright carnival ride lights glitter.

    Location: Ocean City, Maryland, USA

    Best time to visit: late May to early September


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  6. Located just north of Annapolis, Sandy Point is a 786-acre state park that borders the Chesapeake Bay. The majority of the park is covered in hiking and biking routes, many of which include playgrounds and picturesque spots for picnics. There are a few locations close to the shore that provide a variety of boats to hire; fishing and crabbing are both popular activities here. Visitors may obtain all the details about the park at the Nature Center, including a map that will help them navigate it efficiently. Numerous kid-friendly activities are available, including playgrounds, the beach, wildlife viewing trips, and activities with park rangers. The Sandy Point Mansion, hiking and bicycling trails, Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse, and the Corcoran Environmental Study Area are other attractions inside the park.

    This destination should be on your plan if you enjoy sunrises in the morning. If you arrive early, you'll get not only stunning skies but also countless bay views, bridge views, and lighthouse views. Continue reading to find out why seeing the sunrise at Sandy Point State Park should be on your bucket list for Maryland. Keep reading to discover more Best Day Trips in Maryland.

    Address: 1100 E College Pkwy, Annapolis, MD 21409, USA

    Best time to visit: summertime

    Ranking: n/a
  7. This little town-North Beach is situated directly on the Chesapeake Bay's western shore. The town is frequently referred to as "Baydream." The town has numerous blocks that stretch down the bay with piers, picnic places, a sizable bathing beach, and fishing spots. It is lovely. Due to its tiny size, North Beach makes it simple to explore the entire bay and the rest of the town. Visitors can find local businesses including antique stores, quaint restaurants, and specialty shops while strolling around the historic downtown. The town's eateries provide a variety of cuisines and are regarded as some of the best in the region for dining.

    The good thing about North Beach in the summer is that it offers a beach playground and beach toy rentals for families. A swimming area that is netted to keep jellyfish out is an added bonus. Lifeguards are not present. On the beach, neither pets nor cooking is permitted.

    Location: Calvert County, Maryland, USA

    Best time to visit: early April

    Ranking: n/a
  8. This large park is over 1,000 acres of trails, beaches, fishing areas, playgrounds, and more. The park is open all year long and offers a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities for everyone, as well as hosting seasonal events. Visitors are welcome to rent just a pavilion or the full park. The entire park is covered in hiking and biking paths, many of which feature beautiful scenery. The Oregon Ridge Nature Center, which houses a museum and exhibits to show how the region came to be so well-known in the early 1800s, is where the park's history may be seen. The nature center exhibits recent excavations and relics. Marble and iron mining were major activities in the park.

    A small pond, a few minor streams, open fields, and wooded regions are among the park's habitats. The park offers a pleasant natural haven in a densely populated area just north of Baltimore City. A resort, festival grounds, picnic pavilions, play spaces, a private dinner theater, and interpretative sections are among the other amenities.

    Address: 13555 Beaver Dam Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030, USA

    Best time to visit: Spring and fall

    Ranking: n/a
  9. A notable center for fishing soft-shell crabs is Smith Island. From Smith Island, the majority of soft-shell crab that is shipped across the United States comes. The island is highly active during the crab season with crabbing boats at the docks and factories processing crabs. However, the island's enormous industry also fills a need for entertainment and attractions for both visitors and the neighborhood crabbers. While there are only about 250 year-round residents on Smith Island, there are a ton of beaches, parks with trails and playgrounds, and regions with a ton of shops and restaurants to explore. Tourism on Smith Island is mostly driven by the island's picturesque beauty and entertaining outdoor activities, and most tourists go there in the summer to make the most of their trip.

    Smith Island can only be reached by boat; it lacks an airport and any bridges that connect it to the mainland. Smith Island at Ewell is connected to Point Lookout, Maryland, Reedville, Virginia, and Crisfield, Maryland, on the Chesapeake Bay's Eastern Shore via seasonal passenger-only ferries (year-round). Additionally, a daily passenger ferry service connects Tylerton, a smaller island off the coast of Maryland, with Crisfield.

    The majority of the islands' automobiles are located in the northern town of Ewell and its neighboring Rhodes Point. Golf carts and non-motorized transportation are the primary means of transportation for all three communities.

    Location: Maryland, Chesapeake Bay, USA

    Best time to visit: between May and October

    Ranking: n/a
  10. This small village-Havre de Grace is situated at the northernmost point of the Chesapeake Bay, where towns and tourist destinations are dispersed and travelers can get some fresh air. It is a stunning maritime town with stunning scenery both on the water and inland, a fascinating history, wonderful food, and locally exclusive stores. The Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay are ideal for boating, fishing, and other water sports, and shops by the river offer fishing supplies and boat rentals. The beach regions are also quite popular for swimming and crabbing. There are many classic American businesses and cultures in the downtown area. Lafayette Square is in the center of it all and has fountains, benches, and some historical sites to visit nearby.

    Along the shoreline, there are service providers and marinas. Every year, several events are sponsored by the municipal yacht basin and park. Locals and visitors alike love strolling along the shoreline's renovated promenade and boardwalk to take in the bay vistas, which extend from the Concord Point Lighthouse to the yacht basin.

    Location: Havre de Grace, Harford County, Maryland, USA

    Best time to visit: May, September and October

    Ranking: n/a

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