Top 3 Best Korean BL Series on Youtube

  1. Top 1 The Boy Next Door
  2. Top 2 Unintentional Love Story
  3. Top 3 Peach of Time

Top 3 Best Korean BL Series on Youtube

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Korean BL (Boys' Love) series are gaining popularity among fans of romantic dramas. These shows feature stories of love and friendship between male characters, ... read more...

  1. Top 1

    The Boy Next Door

    The Boy Next Door is a South Korean mini-series that aired in 2017, focusing on two college students, Park Kyu Tae and Sung Gi Jae, who happen to be neighbors. Initially disliking each other, a twist of fate compels them to share a living space.

    Their encounters are frequent and perpetually awkward. Soon, they realize their connection through a mutual friend named Min Ah. This discovery leads to a string of amusing and awkward situations.

    The storyline takes a turn as these situations create a misunderstanding among Min Ah, her boyfriend Hyung, and others, making them believe that Kyu Tae and Gi Jae are gay. This misconception becomes the central theme of the series, resulting in comedic relief and entertaining scenarios.

    The Boy Next Door is a cheerful comedy that delves into themes of friendship, misunderstandings, and the intricacies of relationships. Its distinctive plot and humorous twists have contributed to its popularity among viewers.

    • Release date: April 3, 2017
    • Produced by: Naver TV Cast
    • Genres: Comedy
    • Director: Il-han Yoo
    • Stars: Park Soo-young, Enrico Dennis, Choi Woo-sik
    • Number or seasons: 1
    • Number of episodes: 15
    • IMDb rating: 8.0/10
    • Watch here:
    Image via IMDb
    Image via IMDb
    Video by Nghi Ân on Youtube

  2. In the 2023 South Korean television series, Unintentional Love Story artfully intertwines threads of corporate corruption, serendipitous encounters, and the emergence of love amid tumultuous circumstances.

    At the center of the narrative is Jin Won-young, a young and ambitious professional whose life takes an unforeseen twist amidst a workplace scandal, leading to his unjust dismissal. Seeking solace and a fresh start, he finds himself in a tranquil seaside town where he crosses paths with Yoon Tae-joon, an adept yet mysterious artisan managing a modest workshop. Initially driven by a desire to showcase Tae-joon's artistic prowess, Won-young's intentions evolve as their connection transcends mere business.

    As Won-young delves into Tae-joon's world, he uncovers hidden pain and a yearning for connection. Their individual struggles and vulnerabilities intertwine, fostering mutual solace and support.

    Unintentional Love Story takes viewers on a voyage of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the discovery of love in unexpected realms. The series delves into the intricacies of human emotions, the allure of second chances, and the transformative power of authentic connections in healing past wounds.

    With its endearing characters, heartwarming moments, and a captivating storyline, Unintentional Love Story offers a revitalizing perspective on the romance genre. It leaves audiences with a profound sense of hope, affirming that even amidst chaos, love can flourish in the most unforeseen and beautiful ways.

    • Release date: March 17, 2023
    • Produced by: iQIYI
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Director: Eui-Soon Jang
    • Star: Hyung Hoon Won, Do Woo, Chanshik Gong
    • Number of seasons: 1
    • Number of episodes: 10
    • IMDb rating: 7.9/10
    • Watch here:
    Image via IMDb
    Image via IMDb
    Video by TVING on Youtube
  3. Top 3

    Peach of Time

    Peach of Time is a special web drama that combines Korean and Thai cultures, featuring Choi JaeHyun, Jimmy (Karn Kritsanaphan), and Tommy (Sittichok Pueakpoolpol). The story follows Peach, a 22-year-old Thai boy who travels to Korea to meet his online friend, YunOh.

    While staying in YunOh's house, Peach fulfills his dream of being with his friend but notices tension between YunOh and his mother, SungSuk. Wanting to help, Peach tries to mend their strained relationship. Amidst these challenges, Peach grapples with his feelings for YunOh.

    The plot takes a dramatic turn when Peach discovers that YunOh had passed away in an accident two weeks earlier, and now, YunOh is a ghost. Peach decides to assist YunOh in finding the reason he can't leave this world within 49 days, or he will become an evil spirit.

    Peach of Time is a touching exploration of love, friendship, and the afterlife, providing viewers with a new perspective on BL (Boys' Love) dramas. With its engaging plot and emotional depth, the series captivates audiences and delivers a fresh take on these themes.

    • Release date: August 30, 2021
    • Produced by: WeTV
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Director: Eui-Soon Jang
    • Stars: Choi Jae-Hyeon, Karn Kritsanaphan, Sittichok Pueakpoolpol
    • Number of seasons: 1
    • Number of episodes: 10
    • IMDb rating: 7.2/10
    • Watch here:
    Image via IMDb
    Image via IMDb
    Video by Nunimuri on Youtube

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