Top 10 Best Makeup Addresses in New York

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The fashion and makeup industries have progressed significantly. It is not simple to locate a makeup address that has the most professional artists. Toplist would present the best cosmetics addresses in New York.

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Abby Lauren Makeup and Hair

Abby Lauren Makeup and Hair is a New York City-based wedding hair and makeup artist. Abby Lauren Makeup and Hair, founded by makeup artist Abby Lauren Weitz, is an all-inclusive team of professional hair and makeup artists who provide on-location services for every wedding party. Whether you want a gentle glow or full-on glam, these amazing artists have you covered.

With over 15 years of experience, Abby has continued to produce immaculate looks with the help of a professional team. This business attempts to provide quick makeup applications while employing expert procedures to create the wedding appearance of your dreams. Abby Lauren Makeup and Hair will leave you feeling gorgeous and confident at the end of the day.

Abby Lauren Makeup and Hair is thrilled to provide professional makeup and hairstyles to you and up to 20 of your closest friends and family members. They offer airbrush makeup, contour makeup, false lashes, natural makeup, and other services. Their hairstylists also provide stunning updos, abundant extensions, and wavy blowouts.

Address: 53 E 34th St Suite 206, New York, NY 10016, United States

Phone: (516) 476-8420


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Flynn Makeup and Hair

Flynn Makeup and Hair is a New York City-based wedding beauty business. This company's experienced pros can also work their magic on couples in Manhattan and Long Island, as well as further away. They want to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day and will use their abilities to bring out your inherent beauty.

Flynn Makeup and Hair is run by industry expert Flynn Pyykkonen. She has almost 15 years of expertise in a variety of industries, including television and editorial. Flynn has worked with over 400 couples all over the world, as well as behind the scenes for ABC, Nike, and Lancome.

This professional service customizes its approach to each client's unique vision. Flynn enjoys creating new, flawless makeup looks and haircuts, which you can see come to life during a trial session. Flynn Makeup and Hair also provides airbrush makeup, eyelash extensions, and spray tanning services.

Address: updating

Phone: (248) 762-5442


Photo: flynnmakeupandhair
Photo: flynnmakeupandhair
Photo: flynnmakeupandhair
Photo: flynnmakeupandhair
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Miss Harlequin

Miss Harlequin is a multi-award-winning beauty company that caters to wedding events in and around New York City. Lucy Flint is the zealous leader and proprietor of this profitable business. She is passionate about her work and strives to make her clients feel radiantly confident on their wedding day.

Lucy's career in the beauty industry has been a long and joyous one that is still going on today. Miss Harlequin began to take shape after she left London in 2010 to pursue her goals. The company's hard work and dedication won it award-winning status and well-deserved accolades. After assembling the right team of hair and makeup artists, these professionals are now at the forefront of pushing limits and exceeding expectations.

Miss Harlequin's clientele can expect a personalized range of services. Lucy and her team accompany individuals through each stage of the process, from vision-establishing sessions to the final masterpiece-stroke before walking down the aisle. The team attempts to meet all of its customers' demands through a one-on-one approach. A la carte pricing enables customers to book only the services they require. This covers services such as hair styling, blowouts, and updos, as well as airbrush and contour cosmetics.

Address: West 21st street, New York, NY

Phone: 415.533.4388


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Photo: missharlequin
Photo: missharlequin
Photo: missharlequin
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Stacie Ford Beauty Co.

Stacie Ford Weddings is a wedding beauty company situated in New York, NY that features Stacie Ford's award-winning makeup expertise. Founded in 2010, the organization is dedicated to empowering consumers by assisting them in recognizing their natural beauty. Stacie is proud of her natural artistic ability and sense for color.

Many well-known publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings, Marie Claire, and In Style Weddings, have praised the beauty studio for its perfect makeup looks. Stacie brings a plethora of expertise to the wedding business, including red-carpet events such as the Oscars and magazine editorials. Her extensive and colourful beauty background will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset to couples on their wedding day.

Stacie Ford Weddings provides wedding parties with comprehensive beauty packages. If you're willing to travel, the team can do on-location styling. Airbrushed makeup application, eyelash extensions, and pre-wedding trials are among the beauty services offered.

Address: 211 East 43rd street, New York, NY

Phone: (212) 465-3171


Photo: Stacie Ford
Photo: Stacie Ford
Photo: Stacie Ford
Photo: Stacie Ford
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Jen Cayle Gaum

Jen Cayle Gaum, based in New York, NY, offers cosmetics and beauty services to couples and their wedding party. Jen will use her makeup expertise to complete your overall style, whether you're planning an elaborate, sophisticated reception or a casual beach ceremony.

Jen has worked as an international makeup artist, instructor, and skincare specialist for over 20 years in the beauty industry. She launched her own product line in 2013 to assist clients in achieving a healthy-looking glow. She views cosmetics as a tool to enhance her clients' natural beauty and goes above and beyond to make brides-to-be look and feel their best.

Jen Cayle Gaum offers onsite services for the convenience of her clients and tailors each treatment to their skin type and texture. There are pre-wedding trials available to guarantee you get the look you want for your big day. Whether you like a gentle, natural look or strong lip and eye colors, she will prioritize your vision.

Address: The West Village, NYC, NY

Phone: (917) 685-3933


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Marvin Alexander Bridal

Marvin Alexander Bridal, based in Astoria, New York, is a luxury hair and makeup artist dedicated to producing unique wedding day looks. This company is owned and maintained by the eponymous Marvin Alexander, who has over a decade of industry expertise. On their wedding day, this certified cosmetician may provide both hair and makeup styling to engaged couples, making them look and feel lovely.

Marvin has worked in a variety of media and is currently involved in print, fashion, celebrities, and weddings. This wide background enables the ability to incorporate global colour ranges and hair textures, guaranteeing that each look and style is tailored to the individual. His enthusiasm for wedding hair and makeup styling stems from the satisfaction of being able to create classic looks that will endure a lifetime for a monumental occasion.

Marvin Alexander Bridal provides a number of services to suit a wide range of styles and budgets. Every customer is unique, which is why this artist takes the time to get to know each one and learn what works best for them. Marvin will do skin prep, wedding day makeup, wedding party services, and makeup touch-ups using kits. This artist is extremely dedicated to his clients and bringing each person's individual vision to life.

Address: Astoria, NY

Phone: (305) 984-2899


Photo:  Marvin Alexander Bridal
Photo: Marvin Alexander Bridal
Photo: Marvin Alexander Bridal
Photo: Marvin Alexander Bridal
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Pre-Dame Beauty

Pre-Dame Beauty is a wedding makeup artist based in New York City. The creative artists who make up this company's team are dedicated to enhancing your natural attractiveness. Their goal is to help you feel confident in yourself on your wedding day, regardless of your style.

Pre-Dame Beauty's team has an editorial background, having previously worked on ads for designers such as Kleinfeld. Stefanie Syat, the company's creator, has been in the sector for over 12 years. She enjoys combining her previous inspirations with a more natural, light-handed technique. She and her crew do not aim to disguise your natural characteristics. Instead, they use makeup to enhance your appearance while still allowing you to feel like yourself.

Stefanie and her Pre-Dame Beauty team recognize that each customer is unique. They personalize their method to your ideas and vision, drawing inspiration from your wedding's theme. A sample makeup session is available at the company's elegant Brooklyn loft. Your makeup artist will learn more about you, from your preferred look to your inspiration to your soon-to-be spouse, during this session. On the big day, you can wear the makeup from the trial or make any modifications you want. For an additional cost, your artist can stay for touch-ups during the day.

Address: 67 West Street, Suite 325, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (508) 207-3543


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Photo: Pre-Dame Beauty
Photo: Pre-Dame Beauty
Photo: Pre-Dame Beauty
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LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi

LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi is a hair and makeup artistry business with many years of professional experience based in Brooklyn, NY. Louie is a Makeup Designory NY campus alumnus who has had several roles in New York fashion. Her knowledge shines through in each service, demonstrating a sense of flair, compassionate application, and modern practice.

Clients receive customized care at Louie and LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi. Louie's work includes ensuring that customers are satisfied with the results. She is also willing to assist clients on cohesive looks, procedures, and other wedding-day beauty tips.

LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi provides a variety of intriguing and novel services. These include a variety of makeup applications and hairstyling alternatives for a variety of occasions. Style inspiration can come from weddings, engagement picture sessions, parties, or other significant events. You will receive expert and personalised services from LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi to help you achieve your dream look for your special event.

Address: Brooklyn, NY

Phone: (164) 660-63636


Photo:  LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi
Photo: LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi
Photo: LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi
Photo: LT Beauty by Louie Takahashi
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Beautiful Brides by Vesta

Beautiful Brides by Vesta is a Brooklyn-based hair and cosmetics company that offers low-cost, high-quality services. Vesta, who provides on-location services, is dedicated to creating modern and traditional looks while taking special care of her clients' cultural origins and ethnicities. This creative artist instills her enthusiasm for the art of beauty into every event, whether she works alone or with her highly experienced team members.

Vesta has worked with celebrities, high-profile clients, and many excited newlyweds for over 15 years. Her specialty is emphasizing her clients' distinct and lovely traits to achieve a seamless glowing appearance. Vesta enjoys working with each client to find their signature aesthetic, from bold contour treatments to timeless beauty.

Beautiful Brides by Vesta offers completely customized wedding packages to meet any wedding requirements. Vesta is pleased to provide group discounts for wedding parties of up to 12 individuals. For more detailed looks, an elite team of assistants and stylists is also available. Vesta specializes in South Asian and glam makeup, airbrushing, and tattoo concealment. Extensions, men's grooming, and updos are among the hairstyle alternatives. You can get a complete consultation and cosmetic trial ahead of your wedding day to ensure your bespoke package hits all the boxes.

Address: 175 Sullivan Place, Brooklyn, NY

Phone: (917) 751-0318


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Emilyn Elaine Makeup

Emilyn Elaine Makeup is a cosmetics firm based in New York, New York. Emilyn provides makeup artistry services to brides-to-be in the surrounding locations. She enjoys sharing her talents with clients as they prepare to celebrate their special day.

Emilyn has over six years of client-facing experience. She takes pride in her work at Emilyn Elaine Makeup and prioritizes high-quality items as well as keeping her practices clean. Whether you want a natural glow or a dazzling makeover, she has the skills to make your idea a reality.

Emilyn Elaine Makeup provides a diverse selection of services from which consumers can pick. Emilyn will travel to your preferred location for your appointment for your convenience. Furthermore, this skilled artist can handle group bookings of up to seven people, allowing you and your wedding party to enjoy a beauty session together. Trial sessions can be scheduled, allowing you to discuss your ideas and inspirations with your stylist.

Address: Travel to all of NY, NJ, SI, LI for all occasions

Phone: (347) 475-2140


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