Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Oregon

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The most beautiful scenery on the West Coast can be found in Oregon. Numerous miles-long beaches, verdant mountains, and enchanting waterfalls can be found ... read more...

  1. In addition to having one of the most picturesque stretches of sand in all of Oregon, Cannon Beach has a nearly 4-mile-long shoreline with tide pools and sand dunes. Its most famous feature is the 235-foot-tall Haystack Rock. Once you've had your fill of this magnificent beach, get in your car and head to the close-by Oswald West State Park, which provides excellent chances for hiking, surfing, and kayaking. Alternately, stay in the area to explore the art galleries in Cannon Beach and see how skilled artisans create glass creations at Icefire Glassworks. A nearly 4-mile-long shoreline featuring tide pools and sand dunes, Cannon Beach is home to one of Oregon's most stunning stretches of sand.

    The most recognizable structure is Haystack Rock, a mesmerizing 235-foot sea stack off the coast of Cannon Beach. Even though it makes a stunning backdrop for photographs, it's also a fantastic location for nature observation, especially from early April to mid-September when Tufted Puffins are in residence.

    The Stephanie Inn
    is another lodging option in Cannon Beach and is situated right on the sand with stunning Haystack Rock views. On the Oregon Coast, it is undoubtedly the best hotel. Regardless of whether you stay the night or not, the restaurant is worth a visit in and of itself.


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    Bend, one of the Best Places to Visit in Oregon, combines some of the best outdoor activities in the nation with the cultural advantages of a big city like Portland. There really isn't much you can't do here. To ski Mount Bachelor or snowshoe Edison Butte Sno Park, tourists swarm to the region in the winter. The Deschutes River is crowded with kayakers, rafters, anglers, and intertube users during the summer. Just the above-ground operations are listed. Caving is a well-liked activity in Bend because the city is home to a network of underground lava tubes that were created by extinct volcanoes.

    Outdoor dining is a necessary here because of the high desert's sunnier and dryer environment than the cities to the west of the mountain, like Portland. A lot of the restaurants have patios where you can sit in the sunshine and warm up next to fire pits on chilly days. Save time to visit the Crater Lake Spirits Distillery Tasting Room and their neighbor, the Deschutes Brewery and Public House, as Bend is particularly well-known for its beers and distilleries.


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  3. Attention, nature lovers and powderhounds: Mount Hood is one of Oregon's top locations for outdoor recreation. The second-most-climbed peak in the world, the state's tallest mountain, rises more than 11,000 feet above sea level. Six ski slopes on its perennially snow-covered summits, including Timberline Lodge, provide the longest ski season in North America. The largest night skiing terrain in the nation is found at Mount Hood Skibowl, where skiing is also permitted after dark. Take a beautiful stroll or drive through the forest of the mountain during the warmer months.

    More than a million acres of picturesque forests, lakes, streams, and, of course, Mount Hood, the tallest mountain in Oregon, may be found in the Mt. Hood National Forest. More than 32 slopes are available for skiing and snowboarding during the snowy season, but hiking and rock climbing are also fantastic year-round activities.

    Your stay at the storied Timberline Lodge will be wonderful. There is nothing eerie about the breathtaking views of Mt. Hood or the charming rustic interior of the building, which served as the exterior for The Overlook Hotel in The Shining. In the warmer months, make sure to take the Magic Mile SkyRide to a 7,000-foot-high Mt. Hood viewpoint to take in the views. You will remember the area's natural splendor for the rest of your life, regardless of the season you visit.


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  4. Portland, one of the Best Places to Visit in Oregon, has established itself as a must-visit location in the Pacific Northwest because of its meticulously maintained open areas and fabulously diverse cuisine scene. Whether it's the book shelves at Powell's City of Books or one of the more than 100 small breweries in the Portland metro region, the city is bursting with cultural activities. With some of the most pedestrian-friendly streets in the nation and many of them lined with food carts, the city known by many nicknames (Stumptown, the City of Roses, Bridge City, P-town, PDX) has emerged as an urbanite's dream. Portland has some of the best, most diverse, and reasonably priced street food anywhere.

    With miles of hiking and bike trails in Forest Park, access to water sports on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers that cut through and border the city, not to mention the active Mount Hood, it's also packed with adrenaline. The most popular attractions, though, are unassuming and intangible: a cup of coffee from a nearby roastery, a discussion in the late afternoon at a brewery, or a stroll around free art galleries on the first Thursday of each month. One of the West Coast's most prosperous cities, Portland is hip, alternative, and unrelentingly progressive.


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  5. The Willamette Valley Wine Country spans an area of 150 miles by 60 miles. Numerous excursions to Oregon Wine Country and various experiences each time are assured by the region's nearly 700 diverse wineries.

    Although Forest Grove is only a short drive from Portland, the area's verdant farmland and vineyards give the impression that you are far from the city. Here, the David Hill Vineyard and Winery, housed in a more than 100-year-old farmhouse, and Sake One, one of the nation's only sake distilleries, are standout sampling establishments.

    The small town of Dayton is home to some of Oregon's top tasting rooms. Here, you may enjoy stunning views and excellent wine from Adelsheim Vineyard, a pioneer in sustainable wine, or the extraordinary subterranean wine cave experience at Archery Summit.

    The Joel Palmer House, one of Oregon's top eateries, is located in Dayton and specializes in meals made using foraged mushrooms and truffles from the area. Book one of the renovated vintage trailers at The Vintages Trailer Resort, where hip aesthetics mingle with opulent facilities, for a truly unique experience.


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  6. Sisters will transport you to the Wild West because of its proximity to the Three Sisters mountains. This charming city is home to a number of art galleries, 19th-century buildings, and events like the Sisters Folk Festival, Sisters Rodeo, and the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, the largest outdoor quilt show in the world. Sisters also provides quick access to enjoyable outdoor pursuits like skiing, paddleboarding, hiking, and golf. Visit Hop In The Spa, the first beer spa in the nation, for a distinctive way to unwind.

    The Three Sisters mountains are the stunning snow-capped peaks seen to the west from sites around Central Oregon on a clear day. Each of these three volcanic peaks rises to an altitude of more than 10,000 feet and has influenced Central Oregonn civilization. Visitors looking for local hiking, camping, mountain biking, landscape photographers, and anyone who enjoys a beautiful vista flock to the Three Sisters in hopes of reaching the peaks.

    The mountains, which are a component of the Cascade Range, have provided names for numerous small enterprises in Central Oregon as well as for streets and monuments. The mountains, which were formerly known as Faith (now North Sister), Hope (now Middle Sister), and Charity (now South Sister), are located about 23 miles due west of Bend. Continue reading to learn how to explore and enjoy the Three Sisters mountains and the surroundings.


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  7. Hood River is ideally situated for outdoor activities due to its location in the Columbia River Gorge. Multnomah Falls and Starvation Creek Falls are only two of the breathtaking waterfalls in the 80-mile-long valley that may be reached by a number of hiking trails. In addition, it's regarded as the home of windsurfing and a top spot for kiteboarding and sailing, among other water activities. Travelers can relax with a few beers at one of the town's microbreweries after a long day of exploring.

    In the northwest of the country, on the Columbia River, sits the town of Hood River, Oregon. It serves as Hood River County's county seat. Mount Hood is around 30 minutes away, Portland is an hour away, and White Salmon, Washington is about 10 minutes away from the city.

    Hood River is a great location for wind sports, but there are also many of other activities available if that's not your thing. You'll be pleasantly surprised, I think, by the live music, dining, shopping, breweries, hiking, and bike trails that are available to keep everyone entertained. You won't regret taking a side trip off the freeway the next time you're traveling through Oregon to spend a day or two in Hood River.


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  8. One of Oregon's most distinctive landscapes can be found at Newberry National Volcanic Monument, which is located 12 miles south of Bend in the Deschutes National Forest. Nearly 55,000 acres of the monument are home to lava flows and other unique geological phenomena, including as a lava river cave and a lava field where NASA astronauts practiced their moonwalks in the 1960s. Paulina Peak is another option, whose summit offers breathtaking views. Go bicycling, boating, or fishing when you're not out hiking.

    There are four main tourist attractions in Newberry National Volcanic Monument: Lava Butte, Lava River Cave, Lava Cast Forest, and Newberry Caldera. The monument's highest point is Paulina Peak's peak, which rises to a height of 7,985 feet (2,434 meters) and offers views of the high desert and the Oregon Cascades.

    During the summer, Paulina Peak may be reached by road, however trailers and large vehicles are not advised due to the route's steepness, abrasiveness, and hairpin twists near the summit. East Lake and Paulina Lake are two trout-stocked alpine lakes located near the summit of the Newberry Volcano. The 700-acre Big Obsidian Flow was formed 1,300 years ago (280 ha). Either a trail that crosses the flow or good roads inside the caldera provide easy access to the pitch-black, gleaming obsidian field.


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  9. Families will likely enjoy Newport the most of all the charming seaside villages Oregon has to offer. The town, which is on the central coast of Oregon, has kid-friendly activities like the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the Hatfield Marine Science Center at Oregon State University, and a branch of Ripley's Believe It or Not! Adults can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Newport, including the beautiful Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and the equally lovely Ocean to Bay Trail.

    Newport, a small town on the Central Coast of Oregon, has a lot to offer both visitors and residents, from the gorgeous beaches and parks nearby to the distinctive brew pubs, restaurants, and museums. Visitors to Newport will have unrestricted access to whale viewing cruises, Dungeness crabbing, and a variety of opportunities to satisfy their cravings for seafood.

    Food isn't the only thing Newport has to offer, though; it also has the best aquarium in Oregon, a rich local history that can be studied in a variety of museums, and a number of lighthouses that are a must-see for any aficionado. Prior to your visit, make sure to phone the restaurants and attractions to confirm the most recent operating hours.


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  10. As one of the Best Places to Visit in Oregon, Seaside is well known for its beaches. Additionally, it is renowned for its top-notch surf breaks, a variety of hiking paths, and beautiful natural scenery. Tourists also adore the city for its opportunities for birdwatching, historical walking tours, and stunning beaches. You might be interested in learning about some of the top activities to do in Seaside, Oregon, if exploring the area is on your bucket list.

    Because it serves as a starting point for some of Oregon's most famous coastal attractions, Seaside makes for a fantastic vacation spot. Visitors can travel to Tillamook Head, Ecola State Park, and Lewis and Clark National Historical Park from this tiny community of fewer than 7,000 people. All are within 15 miles of Seaside and offer a variety of hiking and wildlife-viewing opportunities. The Seaside Aquarium, Captain Kid Amusement Park, and a beachside promenade are just a few of the must-see things that Seaside has to offer.


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