Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Paraguay

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Paraguay is one of the most fascinating and underappreciated countries on the South American continent. The small country boasts a lot of places that are still ... read more...

  1. The capital city of Asuncion is worth a visit if you are seeking things to do in Paraguay. The Paraguay River runs through the city, and the stately López Palace, the seat of government and president's office, is located there. The National Pantheon of Heroes has a mausoleum dedicated to historical figures. The Independence House Museum displays colonial architecture as well as relics related to the country's independence from Spanish dominion.

    In Asuncion, the government palace is a must-see site. This nearly 50-year-old structure is a lovely place to spend time. You should avoid making any personal requests, but the palace otherwise provides an excellent insight at modern Latin American leadership. The Palace is open to the public for photographs, but please do not come too close. You can also take in the aura of the government building when it is illuminated at night.

    For art aficionados, the Government Palace is a must-see destination. Despite its small size, the palace houses a diverse collection of interesting pieces of art and is a wonderful spot to spend some time. While you are there, keep in mind that it is the city's most identifiable landmark, therefore stick to the right side of the road. It is one of Asuncion's most popular tourist attractions.

    Location: Asunción, Paraguay

    Entrance fee: N/A

    Best time to visit: April- September

    Hours: N/A

  2. The Saltos Del Monday, located in the Presidente Franco District of the Alto Paraná Department, is a must-see. A 120-meter-wide, 40-meter-high waterfall can be seen here. The park is 1.6 hectares in size and is ideal for walking or hiking. Saltos del Monday offers a diverse range of activities.

    There are several attractions in the city, and it is also a famous trekking destination. Saltos del Monday, a stunning 40-meter waterfall and branch of the Parana River, is the main attraction here. Because there is a strenuous climb up the mountain, you may wish to take some time to unwind. You should go for a picnic if you have not been to the town previously. On a nice day, you will be able to see the waterfalls and trek up the mountain. At Saltos del Monday, there are three different waterfalls, including an 80-meter waterfall. You might be able to find a location to take a dip in one of them if you are lucky. Hiking is another option for spending time in the park.

    Saltos del Monday, unlike Iguazu Falls, is not nearly as popular, yet it still has stunning scenery. The 80-meter-high waterfall is complemented by a hiking track. A trek to the summit will reward you with a breathtaking vista. When the water is frothy, the falls are best seen around dusk.

    Address: Calle Saltos del Monday, Pdte. Franco 7000, Paraguay
    Entrance fee: $6.00 or 35,000 Gs
    Best time to visit: April- September
    Hours: Daily: 7 am - 7 pm
  3. There are many attractions to visit in La Santisima, Paraguay's former Jesuit reduction. The most magnificent, the former Jesuit reduction is known as La Santisima Trinidad, is one of these places. A chapel devoted to the Virgin Mary can be found here, where you can have an extraordinary experience. If you are interested in history, there are several museums in the area that can give you an insight into the past.

    The oldest of these missions, the Jesuit Missions, is one of the things to do in La Santisima. They were established in 1609 and worked for 150 years before being ousted by the French in 1756. At the Tavarangue mission, there is a modest museum. It has exhibits on the Jesuits' history in Paraguay. When touring the region, a visit to the Jesuit Missions is a must. The Jesuit Mission was one of the most major missionary sites in Latin America, having been started in 1609. Before being banished from the country, the monks labored on the missions for 150 years. Despite its declining notoriety, the mission is still well worth a visit.

    Address: V79X+W6J, Trinidad, Paraguay
    Entrance fee: 25,000 G's
    Best time to visit: April- September

    • Mondays - Wednesdays: 7 am - 8 pm
    • Thursdays - Sundays: 7 am - 9 pm
  4. There are various things to do in Encarnacion, Paraguay if you are interested in history. The surrounding Jesuit missions are well-known in this southern metropolis. It is also known for the Sambódromo, or parade ground, where the city's Carnival festivities take place. The Japanese Garden, which has a pond and wooden bridges, is a good place to go if you want to relax.

    You can visit the town's modest market and Japanese garden if you enjoy nature. Although this town is small, it provides a variety of activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and kayaking. You will also find a spa and golf course, as well as a water park and a Japanese garden if you are looking for a relaxing vacation. Families will enjoy spending a weekend in the city. This peaceful, low-cost city is situated in a stunning part of the world. Its breathtaking sunsets and breathtaking scenery will leave you with lasting memories.

    If you are interested in history, you might take a vacation to Asuncion, the country's capital. If you are looking for excitement, there is always the option of taking a night bus to Argentina or Bolivia. Encarnacion is a great place to visit if you are seeking some culture and history. The Trinidad ruins and the Posadas ruins are both Jesuit communities that can be visited. If you are interested in history, you should pay a visit to the UNESCO-listed church, which is one of the country's best maintained.

    Location: Encarnación, Paraguay
    Entrance fee: N/A
    Best time to visit: April- September
    Hours: N/A
  5. Hiking routes, cascades, natural ponds, and even the ruins of an old iron foundry are all available to visitors while in the national park. It is also a fantastic location for birdwatching. A petting farm is one of the many pleasant activities available to youngsters in the area. Hiking through the sandstone cliffs of YBYCUI National Park and marveling at the fauna is a must-do for visitors. It is also a fantastic area for birdwatching, and the residents are known for their exceptional bird-spotting abilities.

    It is simple to understand why Ybycui is one of Paraguay's most popular national parks. Just remember to dress comfortably and carry plenty of drink and sunscreen. The Ybycui National Park is a lesser-known Paraguayan attraction, yet it has a significant historical significance. Despite the park's small size, it can nonetheless provide a gratifying experience. You will have the entire place to yourself because it is not crowded. It is very well-served by public transportation, and it is only 150 kilometers from Asuncion.

    For anyone planning a holiday in Paraguay, a visit to the National Museum in Asuncion is a must. The Guarani culture and environment are well-known in the museum. With its dozens of birds and unusual flora, the zoo and botanical garden will delight children. It is well worth a visit for its various cultural attractions, particularly for travelers traveling with children. The country's historic monuments and historical landmarks are well worth viewing.

    Address: W525+QF8, Minas Kue, Paraguay
    Entrance fee: 5,000 guaranies
    Best time to visit: April- September
    Hours: Daily: 8 am - 5 pm
  6. The Palacio de Lopez is a palace in Asunción, Paraguay, that serves as the presidential residence and the headquarters of the Paraguayan government. This palace, which is located in the heart of Asunción and overlooks the harbor, was built on the direction of Carlos Antonio López to serve as a residence for his son, General Francisco Solano López, hence the name "Palacio de los López". His work began in 1857, under the leadership of Alonso Taylor, an English architect. The resources for the palace came from a variety of sources inside the country, including stones from the quarries of Emboscada and Altos, forests, and odrajes from Ñeembucú and Yaguarón, Tacumb bricks, molten iron pieces from Ybycu, and so on. The structure also includes opulent night lighting.

    It is without a doubt one of the most interesting sights in Asuncion. The Government Palace has a Latin American feel to it and is a stunning sight to behold. The ancient center has been unspoiled by the passage of time and boasts lavish night illumination that magnifies its splendor tenfold. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paraguay.

    Location: Paraguayo Independiente, Asunción, Paraguay
    Entrance fee: N/A
    Best time to visit: April- September
    Hours: N/A
  7. Cerro Cora National Park, which is bordered by eight mountains in the Amambay range, is one of Paraguay's best ecotourism locations. A large forest with winding wooden trails may be found in the park. Hiking around the park, camping on one of the numerous gorgeous beaches, and swimming in the Rio Aquidaban are all options for visitors. There are also tropical butterflies, a capuchin monkey, and other wildlife in the region.

    Several intriguing geological formations can be found within the park's 54,340 acres. Climb to the top of Cerro Muralla, the highest peak in the area, to see the 5,000-year-old petroglyphs. The area is also home to armadillos, jaguars, and tapirs. The park offers free camping and is about 90 minutes from Concepcion, the main city.

    Cerro Cora is an excellent alternative if you are searching for something more active. From limestone cliffs to intriguing geological formations, the park offers a diverse range of natural delights. Hikers can climb Cerro Muralla, a prominent peak with a 5,000-year-old stone wall. There are numerous hiking trails in the park, as well as opportunities to camp in the woods.

    Location: Amambay Department, ‎Paraguay
    Entrance fee: N/A
    Best time to visit: April- September
    Hours: N/A

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