Top 10 Best Road Trips from NYC

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There are many lovely roads, quaint towns, hikes, and stunning natural landscapes to discover once you've explored all five boroughs. Each place provides a ... read more...

  1. Cold Spring, one of the Best Road Trips from NYC, is 54 miles from NYC. It's difficult for New Yorkers to picture the Hudson, the city's western border, in the context of a small town. A riverbank village with an almost excessively all-American mentality, Cold Spring is yet just that. It is rather patriotic because Don McLean wrote the song "American Pie" there. In addition, there are antique stores, a trolley, and a rural store.

    Visitors can peruse in distinctive stores, go on historical tours, or just take in the gorgeous surroundings. Outdoor pursuits including boating, hiking, cycling, and kayaking are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. There is lots of calm area for individuals looking for leisure and relaxation in well-kept parks and along lovely waterfronts. It is simple to understand why a settlement was built here on the Hudson River's banks. Ingenuity of Cold Spring's early settlers and the wealth of natural resources put it on the map about 200 years ago, and we are still prospering today.

    • Necessary pit stop: RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen in Tarrytown serves locally sourced food right on the river.
    Photograph: Shutterstock
    Photograph: Shutterstock

  2. Philadelphia is the place to go to view street art, including all-star exhibitions of local artists' electric-colored graffiti and wall-crawling mosaic art shows. You shouldn't be too hip to see Independence Hall, which is where America was founded. Rittenhouse Square is a beautifully decorated park and a welcome respite from the hustle. The Liberty Bell resides there, and the Declaration of Independence was signed there.

    Philadelphia, one of America's most historic cities, is a great destination to spend a weekend, especially a long one. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed at Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, respectively. The Independence National Historic Park includes both. You might run across Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia's most well-known resident, as you stroll through the historic district. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Barnes Foundation are just a few of the top art galleries in Philadelphia (located in the nearby suburb of Merion, PA).

    The Please Touch Museum, The Academy of Natural Sciences, The Franklin Institute Science Museum, The Philadelphia Zoo, The Adventure Aquarium (located right across the river in Camden NJ), and Sesame Place are just a few of the kid-friendly attractions Philadelphia has to offer (in nearby Langhorne, PA). You'll be hungry after all that sightseeing, so go to Reading Terminal Market to fill up on a variety of regional and ethnic delicacies, including Pennsylvania Dutch specialties, or stroll through the renowned Italian Market. Don't forget to sample a soft pretzel with mustard and a Philly cheesesteak while you're in Philadelphia.

    • Necessary pit stop: Bracket your contempt for Jersey and hit up the Colonial Diner in Brunswick, NJ to try the fluffy-AF French toast.
  3. This picturesque area in Western Massachusetts is defined by dense, lush woodlands and rural New England charm. You should have a picnic next to Berry Lake and visit Moe's Tavern in Lee, Massachusetts to sip specialty beers and rare whiskies while possibly spotting black bears consuming blackberries.

    The Berkshire hills, which are home to world-class music, dance, and theater festivals like Tanglewood and Jacob's Pillow as well as miles of hiking trails and acres of farmland, are one of the few areas in America that successfully blend culture and country living.

    The Berkshires
    , which stretch from Mount Greylock, the highest point in the state, down to the Connecticut state line, have been a popular summer getaway and among the Best Road Trips from NYC for celebrities and the wealthy for more than a century. They came to construct enormous summer "cottages" there. Many of these homes are still in use today as hotels or theaters. Today, throngs of city dwellers still pile into their vehicles and drive to the Berkshire breezes on summer weekends when the pavements in Boston and New York are baking.

    • Necessary pit stop: Take a stop off the Taconic State Parkway and picnic at Barton Orchards in Poughquag, NY where you can pluck a wide variety of fruits and veggies, including apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and pumpkins.
  4. Grand Victorian homes, historical locations like the Congress Hall hotel, and the gorgeous concrete promenade along the beaches are all features of this picturesque vacation town on the Jersey Shore. Have a drink at The Rusty Nail waterfront bar before visiting The Lobster House for some delicious fresh seafood.

    The southernmost point of the Cape May Peninsula in New Jersey is where you'll find the City of Cape May, often known as "The Nation's Oldest Seashore Resort." Due to the abundance of Victorian structures, the city has been recognized as the Cape May Historic District, a National Historic Landmark. In fact, after San Francisco, it contains the second-largest collection of Victorian homes. Cape May is a top tourist destination for birdwatching, and it also has well regarded beaches, great restaurants, hotels, and shopping.

    • Necessary pit stop: Might as well stop in Atlantic City. You can grab a bite to eat at Tony's Baltimore Grill (yes, get the spaghetti pizza).
  5. This coastal community, which is home to Scarborough State Beach, Narragansett Town Beach, and Roger Wheeler State Beach, is nestled between the eastern bank of the Pettaquamscutt River and the mouth of Narragansett Bay. Check out the Point Judith Lighthouse, built in 1816, if the barren shoreline starts to tire you.

    Narragansett is a favorite summer vacation spot for Rhode Islanders because it is home to four of the most well-known beaches in the state. There are 2,325 feet of sandy beach frontage at Scarborough State Beach alone. The rich history of Narragansett, which once rivaled that of neighbouring Newport, is still evident. The only portion of an opulent casino constructed in 1883 that is still standing is The Towers, which spans Ocean Drive. The Towers is the town's most resilient landmark, having withstood multiple fires and violent nor'easters.

    • Necessary pit stop: Stop in Connecticut and munch succulent seafood at Liv’s Oyster Bar in Saybrook, CT.
  6. The town's 18 mineral springs, which have drawn spa-goers since the 19th century, are the source of its name. Since almost all of the springs are naturally carbonated, it is recommended to drink some free Saratoga Sparkling Rosé while taking a soak in one. The Saratoga Race Course, where you may legally place bets, is another notable attraction in the city.

    About 20 miles north of Albany, in upstate New York, is the city of Saratoga Springs. The Saratoga Race Course, the SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center), the city's historic downtown, and its mineral and fresh water Springs make it a clean, lively, low-crime community. Congress Park, located at the southern end of the city as you enter downtown, and Saratoga State Park, located at the southern terminus of Routes 9 & 50 approximately half a mile south of the city, are two attractions in Saratoga.

    A jogging path, mineral springs, and an Italian Garden can be found in Congress Park. A golf course, additional mineral springs, walking trails, including one that follows Geyser Creek, and SPAC are all located in the state park.

    • Necessary pit stop: Stop in Woodstock and hike up Overlook Mountainin Woodstock for a view of the Hudson River Valley that is seriously worth the two-and-a-half-mile walk.
  7. The city of Alexandria is located in northern Virginia, close to the counties of Arlington and Fairfax. It is situated 6 miles (10 km) south of Washington, D.C., on the Potomac River (which is crossed at the Maryland state line). In order to protect the region against Susquehannock (Susquehanna) Indian raids, a fort was constructed there in 1676. The area was populated in the late 1600s, and Belhaven, a settlement, was established there in 1731. Belhaven eventually developed into a significant maritime hub after English and Scottish businessmen built a tobacco warehouse there. It was founded in 1749, dubbed John Alexander after the person who had initially received the land grant, and constituted as a town in 1779.

    This small city has a romantic vibe because of its cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes, and generally dreamy attitude. For unusual shopping at (mainly) independent stores, stroll along King Street, the main thoroughfare in Alexandria's Old Town. Then treat your eyes to the Torpedo Factory Art Center, which has six galleries and 82 open-access artist studios.

    • Necessary pit stop: The Coffee Station in Garnet Valley, PA serves up diner-food delights in an unpretentious setting: There’s often live music and a mug full of Trivial Pursuit cards on each table.
  8. Cape Cod, MA is another name on the list of the Best Road Trips from NYC. With some of the most stunning beaches anywhere in the world, Cape Cod is a lovely and tranquil location. The Cape offers a glimpse into the past in numerous ways. There aren't many brand hotels or eateries; instead, you'll find diners, ice cream parlors, and cottages that have been owned by the same family for decades. One may stumble upon street or park performances by bands, pie eating competitions, or park art.

    Cape Cod
    resembles an arm that has been twisted up at the elbow. The Upper Cape is the name of the shoulder. The forearm and hand are in the Lower Cape, whereas the bicep is in the Mid-Cape.

    The allure of this sea-worn hamlet is well recognized; the beach is battered by waves, gentle green dunes meet a rocky shore, and orange sunsets appear over a royal-blue Atlantic. There is no better place to fish than: Salty curmudgeons in yellow slickers guiding wooden skiffs monitor the waterways, which are home to bluefin tuna, striped bass, flounder, and fluke.

    • Necessary pit stop: Hop off the Interstate and cruise around Providence. Drive past its Venetian-style canals towards College Hill. Stop by Aleppo Sweets, an amazing Syrian bakery and cafe.
  9. It is possible to make your journey to the Finger Lakes region even longer. with 11 lovely lakes and a wealth of beauty, hiking, vineyards, and historic sites. Hike through Watkins Glen State Park and visit the Heart & Hands Wine Company.

    A famous tourist attraction in Upstate New York, the Finger Lakes are a group of lakes in the west-central region. The majority of the lakes are linear in shape, with each lake having a north-south axis. Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake, the two longest, are among the deepest in the country. Both are about 40 miles long, although they are never wider than 3.5 miles. Seneca has the largest total area, although Cayuga is the longest at 38.1 miles.

    With bottoms well below sea level, Seneca is the deepest at 618 feet, followed by Cayuga at 435 feet. The shapes of these major lakes are similar to those of the others, which together gave the impression of the fingers of a hand to early mapmakers. Oneida Lake is occasionally referred to as the "thumb," despite not normally being one of the Finger Lakes.

    • Necessary pit stop: In the tiny town of Roscoe you'll find Roscoe Diner. The vintage joint is known for thick slabs of french toast.
  10. Standing at the last position on the list of the Best Road Trips from NYC is Lake Placid, NY. 50 miles (80 km) southwest of Plattsburgh, in North Elba, close to the town's core, is the village of Lake Placid. The Tri-Lakes region is made up of the surrounding lakes of Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, and Lake Placid. The Winter Olympics of 1932 and 1980 were held in Lake Placid. The 1972 Winter Universiade, the 2000 Goodwill Games, and the 2023 Winter Universiade were all held in Lake Placid.

    A peaceful getaway from city life can be found at the appropriately called Lake Placid, a little village. The 122-acre Mirror Lake, around which the town is built, is surrounded by large, conifer-covered mountains. You can stay cool even during the hottest days of summer because of the region's high heights and pleasant temperature.

    • Necessary pit stop: Remind yourself that New York City isn’t the state capitol (though it arguably should be). Stop at the actual New York State Capitol in Albany

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