Top 10 Best Shopping Malls in Spain

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The shopping malls in Spain are excellent and rank high among those in Europe. If you're looking to add a little bit of an international flavor to your next ... read more...

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    Diagonal Mar

    Barcelona's longest street ends in Diagonal Mar, a seaside district famed for its gastropubs, shops, and beach area. Diagonal Mar is also where the Mediterranean Sea is reached. The region, which was formerly an industrial area, has been transformed into an urban fantasy full of opulent hotels, first-rate residences, residential towers, architectural parks, business centers, a sizable mall, and a bustling beach.

    Llevant Beach, which offers a complete complement of amenities and access for the disabled but is less busy than other beaches in Barcelona due to its smaller size, is just one example of how meticulously laid out Diagonal Mar is. A sizable public park featuring contemporary water features, sculptures, slides, and play spaces is also present.

    Three stories high and home to well-known retailers like Zara and H&M, Diagonal Mar's shopping center is incredibly huge. On the top floor, there is an 18-screen movie theater. A huge Alcampo supermarket is located in the basement. The structure is also joined to the opulent Hotel Princesa.

    Throughout the year, Diagonal Mar frequently holds conferences, music festivals like Primavera Sound, and other events. You won't find a lot of tourists here because it is primarily an elite residential area that attracts families, so it is simple to unwind in peace and appreciate the picturesque horizons over the neighborhood's parks and shoreline. The Platja de la Mar Bella, Platja de la Nova Mar Bella, Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Placa de Catalunya, and Camp Nou are nearby points of interest in and around Diagonal Mar.

    Address: Av. Diagonal, Barcelona

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    La Gavia

    One of the biggest retail centers in Madrid as well as one of the best shopping malls in Spain is La Gavia, which is situated in the Vallecas neighborhood. The subway makes traveling there simple. Along with the supermarket Carrefour, the Swedish IKEA chain specializes in home furnishings and décor.

    The two-story mall's 175 stores, which include some of the largest names in international retail, provide a distinctive shopping experience. The mall's fashion boutiques, which take up over half of its space, are popular with its patrons, many of whom are women in their 30s. You can shop at places like the electronics, culture, and recreation center FNAC, the gift shop Miniso, as well as several clothing chains including Primark, Mango, GAP, Dockers, and Bershka.

    Others visit La Gavia to have fun with their loved ones or friends. It is one of the most alluring leisure destinations in the Spanish capital thanks to its bowling lanes, 10-screen multiplex, and patio café. The American restaurant TGI Fridays or Ginos and the Golden Park casino are just two of the many entertainment and culinary options available for the entire family. Try going to La Gavia during the weekdays when it is less busy to enhance your experience.

    Address: C. Adolfo Bioy Casares, Madrid


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    Nueva Condomina Shopping Center

    In the Murcia region of Spain, Nueva Condomina is the gold standard for shopping centers. It serves a potential client base of local citizens living within a 30-minute radius and is not only the largest retail mall in the area, but also the most attractive and complete. This expansive area is home to a number of fashion retailers, including Cortefiel, Desigual, the European fast-fashion retailers Primark and H&M, as well as Mango, Levi's, and Zara. Due to its dedicated tram station and two bus lines that link it to the heart of Murcia, Nueva Condomina is simple to reach by both public transportation and by car.

    The chic mall first opened in 2006, but it underwent renovations in 2014 to improve the atmosphere and customer experience. The entrances, busy sections, food court, and exterior signs were all given a modern makeover. To maintain a constant flow of clients, its 180 businesses, including 33 restaurants, are spread across two levels.

    Along with movie theaters and the DIY store Leroy Merlin, there are numerous national chain restaurants, including the Italian Ginos, the American restaurant Tommy Mel's, and Udon. The mall, which has 10 movie theaters, draws more than 12 million people annually looking for the ideal shopping experience. With brands like Primark, Apple, and the entire Inditex family of retail stores, Nueva Condomina is positioned as the top shopping destination for fashion in the Murcia region.

    Address: Churra, Murcia

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    Puerto Venecia

    Puerto Venecia, a retail center in Zaragoza, is the biggest in all of Spain. It is also considered as one of the best shopping malls in Spain. This center still has the most leasable commercial space in the entire nation, despite the fact that other new centers, like Oasiz Madrid, are greater in size. In addition, it features some of the most stunning views, making it one of the most gorgeous malls. Its development covers more than 200,000 square meters and is home to a large number of shops, eateries, and entertainment facilities. Its stores offer something for every taste, from El Corte Ingles to IKEA furniture outlets.

    Additionally, there are apparel stores including Toys R Us, Brownie, Scalpers, Mango, Zara, Kiabi Nike, and Aristocrazy jewelry. In addition, this sizable shopping mall has a wide variety of entertainment options for both adults and kids. There are locations like the Extreme trampoline park or 7 Fun with family-friendly attractions. It is advised that you take a stroll around the lovely lake outside the center, which is perfect for a romantic afternoon with your significant other or friends.

    Around a man-made canal and lake, Puerto Venecia has theaters and restaurants. It has a wide range of resort activities, including a zipline, a double-static surf wave, and an outdoor park with an ice rink. The interactive fountain for kids with push buttons is one of the main attractions. The mall's meeting place is also a place for enjoyment and entertainment during the day, and at night, it transforms into a stunning display of light and water.

    Address: Tr.ª de los Jardines Reales, Zaragoza

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    La Cañada

    It is situated in one of Spain's most opulent retail locales. The La Cañada Shopping Mall in Marbella offers a remarkable variety of shops. It ranks eighth in Spain and is the largest shopping center in the area. There are excellent quality brands there if you don't want to shop at the upscale boutiques in Puerto Banus.

    One of its primary stores is the British department store Marks & Spencer. But there are also a number of well-known brands, like Calvin Klein, Sandro, Maje, COS, the premium line of H&M, and Polo Ralph Lauren, among other clothing and accessory retailers. Chicco, Mayoral, Okaidi, Caribu, Imaginarium, and the Alcampo supermarket all carry children's clothing and toys. Casa, Zara Home, Habitat, Imperial, Textile, Natuzzi, Natura Selection, and Latelier are among the furniture and home goods stores in La Cañada.

    La Cañada Shopping Center truly shouldn't be missed because it has so much to offer. It's a shoppers' paradise that isn't overly busy or stressful. The business is open from Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sundays during the summer. After these hours, the theater, restaurants, and bowling alley are still open.

    A terrific day out is had at La Cañada's Mega Bowling. The 20-lane bowling alley, which opens at 12 a.m., boasts excellent lighting and lasers, as well as a large sports screen, pool table, amusement arcade, bar, and restaurant. The Cinesa Cinema Complex, which has eight screens and is located in La Cañada, is another option, although it rarely shows English-language movies; for that, you must go to the Puerto Banus theater.

    Address: Marbella, Málaga

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    Parque Principado

    Parque Principado would be the following best shopping malls in Spain. A dominant, prime, supra-regional shopping center with a number of tenant USPs serving a sizable catchment area, Parque Principado is situated on the outskirts of Oviedo, the attractive Asturias region's capital city in northwest Spain. In addition to a tempting selection of restaurants and leisure activities, the center places a heavy emphasis on fashion. The center is well-located with great access to the entire region, strategically facing the key transportation entrances.

    In addition to the Eroski hypermarket, the IKEA store, well-known eateries, and movie theaters, there are more than 70 stores. Parque Principado is currently in the lead despite numerous name and ownership changes. Additionally, it regularly plans events inside the facility. Bimba y Lola, Mango, Cortefiel, Tommy Hilfiger, Aristocrazy Jewelry, and the fast fashion retailers Primark and Zara are just a few of the stores you may shop at in this mall.

    Your favorite local, national, and international fashion brands and services include movies, bowling, dining, and these. Parque Principado provides a vast array of complimentary services. From a sizable, nearly 5,000 space parking lot that is entirely free to amenities that make your visit more comfortable, like rest places, wheelchair transfers, and several family-friendly facilities.

    Address: Paredes El Cuetu, Asturias

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    Nuevo Centro

    One of Valencia's oldest shopping districts, Nuevo Centro is close to the bus station and has been operational since 1982. This big shopping mall may not be the most up to date, but it never goes out of style and is still one of the most frequented in the Valencian Community today. This is because of its strong commercial lineup, which includes brands like Mango, Cortefiel, United Colors of Benetton, Massimo Dutti, Zara, and El Corte Inglés department stores.

    You should spend time with your children while shopping with your family at Nuevo Centro Valencia so they can have an outstanding experience they will never forget. Spending some time in the kids' amusement area is only one of the fantastic entertainment options this mall offers. It is now appropriate to get some popcorn and delectable snacks in preparation for taking a seat in the plush chairs and having a fun time seeing the newest movies in the mall's theater with your friends and family.

    In Nuevo Centro Mall, you may choose from a number of eateries, including McDonald's, Burger King, Foster's Hollywood, The Good Burger and 100 Montaditos Restaurant, where you can savor a delectable meal. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant time with friends and family while sipping on fresh beverages at the many well-known cafe brands accessible, including Turbi Cafe, Borja Cafe, and Va Cafe. The essential amenities and services that visitors require, such as parking, ATMs, and public restrooms, are all available at Nuevo Mall.

    Address: Av. de Pius XII, Valencia

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    Lagoh, one of Seville's top shopping destinations, is included in the ranking of the biggest as well as one of the best shopping malls in Spain. Due to the variety of retailers it offers, it has quickly established itself as a favorite among both locals and visitors since it opened in 2019. The magnificent views of the nearby bodies of water are one of the outstanding features of this enormous shopping area.

    There are numerous shops for various tastes and requirements, including those for women's apparel at Bimba y Lola or Punt Roma, quick fashion labels like Springfield or Bershka, and baby and children's clothing stores Mayoral and Prenatal. A full day of shopping and entertainment in Seville is ensured with the mall's addition of movie theaters, a wind tunnel, a zip line, and even a wave pool.

    Along with vistas, game areas, and rest places, there will also be musical water and light displays. Three squares overlooking the lake and the outdoor amenities are part of an avant-garde and original design that incorporates the newest architectural trends. Lagoh provides a shopping and leisure experience that is exclusive to Andalusia, combining an unmatched retail and dining selection, a sizable green area, a natural lake, and a variety of entertainment to satisfy all tastes.

    Address: Av. de Palmas Altas, Sevilla

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    Nevada Shopping

    Inauguration took place in 2016. In addition to being the sixth largest shopping center in Spain, the Nevada Shopping is a contemporary mall with more than 100 brands that has grown to become the most popular in Granada and the neighboring areas. This is a shopping paradise since there is something for everyone thanks to brands like El Ganso, Weekend MaxMara, Scalpers, the well-known sports brand Adidas, as well as Purificación Garca, the jewelry store Tous, and the English menswear company Hackett.

    Nevada Shopping offers various entertainment options available where you can enjoy playing a few games of bowling, check out the top-notch amusement park, or have a good time in the children's amusement center if you're traveling with kids. It seems as though this mall has endless benefits and qualities that it offers for its visitors. It's time to grab some popcorn and delectable snacks and get ready to settle into one of the plush seats to enjoy the newest movies at the mall's theater with friends and family.

    During your shopping day, there are also more than 30 dining options including Five Guys, Casa Carmen, Ribs, and Amorino ice cream, Kinepolis movie theaters, and an IKEA furnishing store.

    Address: Armilla, Granada

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    Oasiz Madrid

    Oasiz Madrid will end the list of the best shopping malls in Spain. The Community of Madrid is getting set for its most recent grand opening, which will further enhance the area's already remarkable recreational options. The Torrejón de Ardoz-based Oasiz Madrid will join a long list of significant shopping malls in the area where the emphasis is shifting away from simple retail and toward experiences and distinctive leisure pursuits. The newest shopping center in Madrid, Oasiz Madrid, will even include a beach.

    The center will feature over 200 shops, 7,000 parking spaces, a gym, a co-working space, light shows, and other never-before-seen areas and activities like lakes, waterfalls, climbing areas, zip lines, go-karts, and so on. It was designed by Italian architect Gianni Ranaulo under the direction of the French Compagnie de Phalsbourg. The beach club and beach at Oasiz Madrid, which is thought to be the largest man-made beach in Europe, are among of the hotel's most talked-about features.

    Address: Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid

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