Top 10 Best Small Towns in Virginia

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There are numerous ways to explore Virginia, from the Appalachian Trail to the beaches on the Eastern Shores, but traveling through the state's little ... read more...

  1. Abingdon, Virginia, which is well-known for its history, arts, and award-winning food scene, is now becoming well-known for its charming romance. Before everyone else does, arrange a quick excursion to this gorgeous location with your sweetheart. February is a month when people are thinking about romance. You can be browsing Valentine's Day gift ideas or cuddling up on the couch with your lover. In any case, there is no better time to start a romance than the dead of winter. A romantic vacation is frequently precisely what you need to rekindle your relationship with your spouse. Go no further than Virginia's "most romantic" little town for a charming getaway that feels worlds away from the Charlotte cityscape yet is only three hours away by automobile.

    On the North Carolina-Virginia border, Abingdon, Virginia offers visitors numerous chances to take in breathtaking mountain views and genuine Southern charm. Abingdon, which is well-known for its arts, history, and outdoor activities, also has a stellar culinary reputation that will make any pair swoon. You can wander along the cobblestone sidewalks in the town's Historic District. There are numerous cultural and historical excursions in the 20-block region. Visit the William King Museum of Art's galleries or watch a show at the Barter Theatre. See the Fields-Penn 1860 House Museum, which depicts early 19th-century living, and the reconstructed 1870 railroad station, now known as The Arts Depot. You can stay at The Martha Washington Inn & Spa in Abingdon, a beautiful hotel choice built in 1832 and recognized as a Historic Hotel of America, to enhance the historical experience.

    Photo by mcsc1995 on Pixabay
    Photo by mcsc1995 on Pixabay
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    Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash

  2. Chincoteague town is not like the beach resorts seen in large cities. There are no skyscrapers, boardwalks, or gridlock on Chincoteague. Chincoteague Island is a tranquil yet exciting vacation spot. The lone vacation island in Virginia is Chincoteague Island. Chincoteague, which is situated on Virginia's Eastern Shore, is easily accessible from all of the main cities along the mid-Atlantic seaboard. The famed Chincoteague Wild Ponies can be found at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, which is the entry point to the Virginia portion of Assateague Island. Chincoteague offers a calm atmosphere and pristine natural beauty. There is never a lack of things to do in Chincoteague, from lazing on the beach to taking in a breathtaking sunset over Chincoteague Bay.

    Spend some time at the beach, and for the best views of the area, head to the Assateague Lighthouse on the nearby Assateague Island when you need a break from the sun. Even during open hours, you can ascend the lighthouse. Without a timetable, one of the greatest ways to appreciate this beach village. Visit the upscale boutiques and quaint restaurants that make up the neighborhood. Make sure to stop at the Island Creamery, which is known all around the country for its frozen sweets, to get an ice cream cone. The NANA Wallops Island Flight Facility Visitor Center, a free museum with exhibits and information on some of the NASA rocket programs and missions, is another fantastic place to visit in Chincoteague. A local motel choice with a private deck overlooking the marina is the Marina Bay Hotel & Suites.

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    Photo by Ray Donnelly on Unsplash
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    Photo by Sara Cottle on Unsplash
  3. The small village of Wachapreague has unique qualities that make it a pleasant location to visit despite the charm that permeates the eastern shore of Virginia. While there, you can enjoy some time at the beach and also see some of the most pristine wetlands in the mid-Atlantic region. Being surrounded by agriculture, forests, and water, a trip here is the ideal remedy for the hectic pace of life. You won't ever feel crowded when exploring the streets of this magnificent Victorian-era village because there are just 230 permanent residents. The Victorian-era town is environmentally friendly, and you can arrange an ecotour or go on kayak expeditions across the nearby lakes.

    One of the main draws to Wachapreague is sport fishing. You can reserve a charter and travel to the Atlantic waters in search of marlin or tuna. The Wachapreague Hotel, which provides daily and weekly rentals, is one of the closest lodging options near outdoor activities. The best times to see birds are during the spring and fall migrations. As a result of the flat terrain, biking is simple. Also, there are a number of eateries nearby where you may sample the seafood if your own fishing abilities are rusty. The town, which has a long history of being renowned for its inshore and offshore sports fishing, now serves as a coastal community base for exploring some of the last remaining pristine barrier islands and marshes in the mid-Atlantic States.

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    Photo by Collin Armstrong on Unsplash
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    Photo by Henry Deng on Unsplash
  4. Along the Guest River in Wise County, Virginia, in the United States, is a town called Coeburn. Christopher Gist, an explorer and surveyor, gave the town of Coeburn its original name, Guest Station. In his travel diaries, Gist describes setting up camp in the Coeburn region with his son, Tom. In close proximity to the Jefferson National Forest is Coeburn. Particularly for those who desire to explore Virginia's outdoors, it is a terrific small-town retreat. Along the Rails-to-Trails Guest River Gorge Trail, which follows the river, you can enjoy some of the best hiking and riding in the area. The Little Stony National Recreation Trail and the High Knob Lake Trail are two additional well-traveled paths nearby.

    Even if you choose not to partake in the excellent outdoor activities the area has to offer, Coeburn remains a pleasant place to visit. The downtown is beautiful and attractive. Brick sidewalks to nearby eateries, pedestrian bridges, and vintage lampposts can all be seen around the streets. See why the town is a stop on the Lonesome Pine Artisan Trail by visiting some of the artist galleries. In the historic Lays Building in downtown, you may unwind and listen to music that honors the Appalachian region.

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    Photo by Nathaniel Villaire on Unsplash
  5. Lynchburg, located just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a little more than an hour from Roanoke or Charlottesville and two hours from Richmond. On the banks of the James River, the independent town offers stunning vistas, outdoor activities, and a wide range of attractions, including historical monuments and kid-friendly museums. Lynchburg is a great place to see history, architecture, and the outdoors if you enjoy all three. You can stop into the little coffee shops to unwind and explore small-town Virginia between seeing the stunning outdoor experiences.

    Point of Honor, the Old Court House and Lynchburg Museum, Patrick Henry's Red Hill, the National D-Day Memorial, the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, and the history and architecture of Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest and private retreat are just a few of the historical sites in the small town that are worth visiting. With the Blue Ridge Mountains as its backdrop and the town's location on the James River, it is no surprise that Lynchburg has some incredible outdoor options. The James River is followed by a popular walking, hiking, and bicycling trail that is a great way to experience the area. Very popular in Lynchburg are its bluegrass and music festivals held in nearby parks. The historic Craddock Terry Hotel, a former shoe factory converted boutique hotel, is one of the nicer locations to stay in Lynchburg.

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    Photo by Lukas Souza on Unsplash
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    Photo by Jodie Walton on Unsplash
  6. Virginia's Damascus is welcoming you! This well-liked location, also known as Trail Town USA, is situated at the junction of several important routes. It is, in a word, a hiker's heaven. The Virginia Creeper Trail is conceivably one of the most well-known neighboring trails. This multi-use path, which runs from Abingdon to White Top, offers some of Virginia's most beautiful and varied landscape. The well-known Appalachian Trail, which connects Georgia and Maine, is another trail that crosses these points. Through-hikers adore Damascus as a welcoming trail town with some of the greatest local cuisine.

    Although Damascus is a small city, the hiking, bike, and water trails that pass through it have given it the moniker "Trail Town USA". While there are numerous Virginia areas that provide outdoor activities, Damascus should be at the top of the list for outdoor enthusiasts to visit. More than a thousand bicycles are rented each year to enjoy the town's network of trails, which are located throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Creeper Trail, two of the premier hiking and bicycling routes in the country, are located near Damascus.

    The Virginia Birding Route, the Trans-America National Bicycle Way, and the Iron Mountain Trail also pass through the town. If you prefer being outside, you will enjoy going to Damascus in May when the Appalachian Trail Days Festival takes place and more than 30,000 hikers swarm the local trails. The closest Mount Roger National Recreation Area, which boasts Virginia's highest peak, might also be included in your vacation plans. In addition to the Mount Rogers Scenic Byway, which offers some of the best vistas in the region, there are more than 400 miles of hiking trails in the vicinity.

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    Photo by Jenna Lee on Unsplash
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    Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash
  7. In the 1600s, Capt. John Smith referred to Onancock as "the Jewel of the Eastern Shore". It was dubbed "The Coolest Town in the South" by Budget Travel. It is "a town with heart," according to others. A live theater, award-winning restaurants, and an antique movie theater with an international film festival are all present in this town of less than 1500 people. Onancock, a quaint beach community on Virginia's eastern coastline, is a tranquil retreat and one of the state's oldest communities. Walking through Onancock is the ideal way to take in the neighborhood's Victorian mansions, quaint stores, and galleries where you may meet local artists.

    The rebuilt Roseland Theatre, live theater, music, and visual arts all contribute to the town's artistic flair. To discover more about the history of the neighborhood, consider going to Ker Place or the Waterman's Museum. Take a kayaking excursion in the nearby waterways to extend your stay in Onancock, or consider taking the boat to Tangier Island for a day of sightseeing with a difference. The sole ferry to the island departs from Onancock, therefore it makes sense to include it in your itinerary. There are numerous riverfront dining establishments in the city where you may take in a breathtaking eastern shore sunset.

    Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash
    Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash
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    Photo by Jared Wood on Unsplash
  8. A river flows through the alpine village of Lexington. Both Washington & Lee University and the Virginia Military Institute have their backs bordered by the Maury River, which burbles past them after spilling down from Goshen Pass. It's not far to the wider James River. The Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge Parkway are also close by. Consider spending a weekend outdoors in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Your spirit can be renewed by the wilderness, wildlife, and rivers in the small town of Lexington. The Virginia Military Institute and Washington Lee University are located there, and these institutions contribute significantly to the town's social and cultural life.

    You should stop at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Stonewall Jackson Mansion, Lee Chapel, and the George C. Marshall Museum while strolling through Lexington. Perhaps you'd want to visit the Virginia Horse Center, where you might see a horse competition in place. If you enjoy being outside, Lexington has the Laurel Run Trail for hiking, Devil's Marbleyard for climbing boulders, and Goshen Pass for bicycling. The surrounding trails in the Jefferson and George Washington National Forests, the Boxerwood Nature Center, the Woodland Garden, and other outdoor alternatives are also available. You'll like Lexington's dining selections because so many places serve you wholesome, farm-to-table fare. With no national chain stores and only small boutiques and shops in the downtown area, the shopping experiences are also regionally focused.

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    Photo by marajade24 on Pixabay
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    Photo by 12019 on Pixabay
  9. Tazewell, which is in picturesque Appalachia, provides a complete taste of Southwest Virginia. Tazewell is a playground for nature, nestled among the sloping slopes of the Back of the Dragon, the meandering Clinch River, and expansive farmlands. After letting your problems fade away with some retail therapy at chic boutiques, enjoy a delicious supper at one of the numerous unique dining locations. Traveling the 32 miles of Road 16 on a car or motorcycle is one of the best ways to experience Tazewell. When you arrive, locals can direct you because the route is also known as the "Back of the Dragon" due to the 300 turns that make up that section of highway.

    Burke's Garden, where a mountain fell and left a sizable bowl-shaped depression in the soil, is a well-known location that offers a less strenuous picturesque trip over the Appalachian Mountains. Visit Sandy Head Ostrich Farms to experience sustainable farming in action as a novel way to learn more about the area. On this farm, ostrich, geese, and emus are used in place of standard agricultural animals like cows and chickens. Once you've experienced the trip, stop by the welcome center to purchase Back of the Dragon souvenirs while you stroll down Tazewell's historic Main Street and savor your choice of regional cuisine.

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    Photo by Clark D on Unsplash
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    Photo by Teslariu Mihai on Unsplash
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    Although almost all of Virginia's little towns are undeniably charming, one in the Shenandoah Valley may be the most alluring of them all. The settlement of Luray, which is in Page County, is frequently related to the adjacent caverns. But, it turns out that the surface is just as alluring. Luray delivers a captivating day trip with its magnificent scenery, welcoming tiny town, and amazing natural features. Luray in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley should be on your list if you're looking for a cabin retreat while seeing small communities in the state. In fact, because there are so many cabin rentals available in this wilderness area, it is known as the state's cabin capital.

    You can arrange day tours from your cabin break to Luray Caverns, George Washington National Forest, and Shenandoah National Park. The Shenandoah River can be paddled along, or you can learn fly fishing with one of the many guide services in Luray. Another series of day visits might be organized to explore a different trail every day. In the nearby national forests, there are more than 500 miles of trails that go anything from a simple stroll to strenuous hiking. In Luray, the Hawksbill Greenway is your best bet for bicycling.

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    Photo by D'Artagnan Fischer on Unsplash
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    Photo by smadalsl on Pixabay

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