Top 10 Best Small Towns in West Virginia

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West Virginia prides itself on being a genuine state where what you see is what you get. Humility is valued, and neighboring states with massive, sprawling ... read more...

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    Hinton, West Virginia, has been welcoming visitors since the town was founded in 1873. Hinton, with a population of only 2,785 people in 2019, is brimming with family-friendly activities and sights. This town is surrounded by natural beauty. Hinton is located at the confluence of the New, Greenbrier, and Bluestone rivers, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. The town has a long history as well. In fact, Hinton has one of the country's largest National Historic Districts. Much of it is railroad history. As the United States expanded and connected, the C&O railroad was based in Hinton and employed a large number of locals.

    There is now a two-story railroad museum with 100 native wood sculptures by the late Charlie Permelia. If you're more of a doer, board your own train. Visitors can take a train on a scenic tour through the mountains during Hinton's Railroad Days, experiencing what train travel might have been like in the early days of its construction. The city also has a thriving art scene. It's easy to see how the natural beauty around them inspires so many local artists, and a visit to any of the Hinton galleries will reveal beautifully rendered pieces of the surrounding area. Hinton is lovely all year, but there's something special about visiting this quaint town in the fall, when the foliage spreads like wildfire across the forests. Hinton offers a scenic and relaxing getaway for the entire family, whether they enjoy history, art, or the outdoors.

    Photo by Annie Spratt  on Unsplash
    Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
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    Photo by Tanya Dusett on Unsplash

  2. Berkeley Springs is located in Morgan County, West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. This charming West Virginia town has a population of less than 1,000 people, but it attracts many more visitors each year due to its charming beauty. It is one of West Virginia's best small towns. Berkeley Springs State Park may be the most beloved part of town. Warm water streams flow through the park, fed by a fresh underground spring. Historically, spring-fed streams were known for their healing mineral waters. George Washington even came to this West Virginia town to bathe.

    Berkeley Springs is a vibrant mountain town where you can enjoy all four seasons. It is famous for its mineral springs, which are hot springs with healing properties. It is even thought to be the first spa in America. Surprisingly, despite its small size, the town has nearly 100 locations where you can buy and admire local art. There are also a variety of other unusual shops, spas, and lodging options. Many visitors use Berkeley Springs as a base for exploring the Cacapon Resort State Park, which includes a golf course, hiking trails, and even a sandy beach to relax on. It's also a peaceful and less hectic base for visiting Washington DC or Baltimore, which are only an hour and a half away.

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    Photo by Caroline Ross on Unsplash
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    Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash
  3. White Sulphur Springs is a small town where you can learn about American history, visit nature parks, and enjoy luxury. Big Draft Brewing, a White Sulphur Springs favorite, is the ideal place to find your next favorite beer. Route 60 and 50 East, which are home to many sports bars and grills, are a few that bring every meal to life. These establishments, which are open later into the night, serve both finer cuisine and enjoyable treats. If you prefer a more traditional menu, Road Hog's BBQ or April's Pizzeria may be the best option.

    The Gum Store Studios is one of the more unusual places to visit for relaxation and entertainment. The Gum Store has been transformed into a home for arts, creativity, and healing, thanks to a revitalized building. Artists from all over the state are featured here. If you want to listen to music while sipping a drink, Cross Creek on Main is the place to be in White Sulphur Springs. This versatile concert hall, located on Main in the heart of downtown and in the former home of the historic Bowling Hardware, combines rugged architecture from the 1920s with elegant updates and an open concept.

    Take a stroll down Main Street to find some one-of-a-kind and specialty shops. The Village Wine Shop is the ideal stop for domestic and international wines, as well as charcuterie board supplies. Shopping enthusiasts will find everything they need in The Greenbrier's whimsical halls, from resort-wear at Ralph Lauren to locally crafted glassware at Virtu. If you're with family or a kid at heart, you can stuff-able plush animals and pick up some novelty candy or a handcrafted gift at Sugar Bears.

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    Photo by 12019 on Pixabay
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    Photo by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay
  4. Point Pleasant is a small town in West Virginia that you should not miss. Older children will enjoy the zany Mothman Festival, a weekend-long celebration of a creepy yet legendary winged and mysterious character. If you miss the festival, don't worry, there's an entire museum dedicated to him as well. Keep in mind that he may frighten the small children! Point Pleasant, located at the confluence of the Kanawha and Ohio rivers, is an ideal day trip destination. Both the Mothman Museum and the Point Pleasant River Museum are within walking distance.

    Try boating along the Ohio or Kanawha rivers or take a walk along the trail that follows the Ohio River through town. Stroll downtown and visit the Mason Jar, Point Pleasant Trading Post, or any of the other charming shops and boutiques that the historic downtown area has to offer. Visit the West Virginia State Farm Museum, the Point Pleasant River Museum, and the Tu-Endie-Wei State Park at any other time of year. You'll enjoy this lively town full of people who know better than to take life too seriously.

    Point Pleasant, for a small river town, knows how to throw a great festival. The main event is the Mothman Festival, a paranormal celebration held every September. Autumn also marks the annual Tribute to the River, a free and fun event commemorating the town's history as a two-river hub. Not to mention the Sternwheel Regatta, which takes place every July. It features not only traditional riverboats, but also beauty pageants and outdoor concerts at a stunning amphitheater overlooking the river.

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    Elkins, West Virginia is a medium-sized town of about 7,000 people located deep in the West Virginia mountains. This community is committed to preserving Appalachian culture and passing down its history to future generations. Thanks to Davis and Elkins College, Elkins is able to preserve numerous mountain traditions. Students who come here can study traditional music and Appalachian culture. The Augusta Heritage Center, which is part of the college, offers community classes in traditional crafts. Concerts and dances are also held at the Heritage Center. Elkins hosts the Mountain State Forest Festival every year to commemorate its mountain heritage.

    The festivities take place throughout the city in October. There will be food, music, games, and contests such as this lumberjack competition. Elkins has many excellent restaurants, including the Forks Inn. The restaurant is located on top of a mountain and offers breathtaking views while you dine. A trip to Elkins would be incomplete without a stop at the Elkins Depot. Elkins is not only a great place to visit for history and culture, but it's also a great starting point for exploring the three nearby major sky resorts and national parks, where you can go birding, hiking, rafting, biking, climbing, and more. Adventurers particularly enjoy exploring the caves and rafting down the Tygart River.

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    Photo by SLPix on Pixabay
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    Photo by dafacct on Pixabay
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    Davis, West Virginia, has only about 600 residents, but it's jam-packed with things to do! Davis is also notable for being the state's highest town, at an elevation of 3,100 feet. The area is ideal for nature lovers, but you'll discover that the town itself is worth a visit as well. When visiting Blackwater Falls State Park, many people end up in Davis. The breathtaking Elakala waterfall is one of West Virginia's most photographed attractions. A short hike further into the park will take you to the magnificent Blackwater Falls. Davis, a small town, is also worth a visit as a separate destination.

    Many people come here just to escape the heat of West Virginia's summers. It has the best of all four seasons without the discomfort of extreme heat. It was once a lumber town and retains much of its original architecture and atmosphere. Many of the nearby locations were important Civil War battlegrounds. Many people love Davis because it is only ten miles from Canaan Valley State Park and Wildlife Refuge, where you can swim, fish, water ski, and even go white water rafting. If you'd rather shop, go to Wild Ginger and Spice. Clothing, incense, essential oils, and locally made pampering products are available.

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    Photo by 12019 on Pixabay
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    Photo by 1778011 on Pixabay
  7. West Virginians have no problem exploring a paranormal site, whether it's a haunted tunnel, a creepy abandoned playground, or an ominous penitentiary. Shepherdstown is the place to go if you want to have a good time. This small town is older than West Virginia and is said to be the most haunted place in America. Shepherdstown was founded in 1762, so there have been many hauntings over the years. This small town has a population of about 1,734 people, but there are plenty of ghostly visitors. Start your day by visiting the Historic Shepherdstown Museum.

    This fascinating location is located within the beautiful Entler Hotel. You'll learn everything there is to know about the history of this one-of-a-kind town. A replica of an old hotel room can be found on the top floor. William Payton Smith, the museum's resident Shepherdstown ghost, is known to spend the night here. Then, proceed to the charming historic district and enter Shepherdstown Sweet Shop and Bakery. Shepherdstown Sweet Shop and Bakery is well-known for its spectral visitor, in addition to its delectable pastries and desserts. Employees and visitors frequently report feeling "The Colonel's" ghost brush against them as they walk through the shop. He might even whisper in your ear. This historic structure was used as a hospital during the Battle of Antietam, so it's no surprise that this ghostly soldier lingers.

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    Photo by 12019 on Pixabay
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    Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash
  8. Lewisburg is a small, picturesque town in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Lewisburg, which was founded in 1782, has a rich history that is reflected in its well-preserved architecture, charming downtown area, and friendly residents. The town is located in a lush, mountainous region, which provides a picturesque backdrop for its many attractions. Lewisburg, despite its small size, provides a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities. The town has a thriving arts community, with regular performances, art shows, and exhibits taking place at venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Greenbrier Valley Theatre. The community library hosts a variety of talks, workshops, and events, making it a hub for lifelong learning and intellectual engagement.

    The residents of Lewisburg take great pride in their community, which is reflected in the many locally owned businesses that line the streets of downtown Lewisburg. From artisanal coffee shops to boutique clothing stores, the town's distinct personality distinguishes it from more generic, homogenized communities. Lewisburg also has a variety of restaurants serving everything from farm-to-table cuisine to classic American fare. Despite its many modern conveniences, Lewisburg is still a place where visitors can slow down, unplug, and enjoy a slower pace of life. Lewisburg, with its charming streets, friendly people, and stunning natural scenery, is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Lewisburg is a destination that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired, whether you want to connect with nature, explore local history, or enjoy the company of friendly locals.

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    Photo by Michaela Murphy on Unsplash
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    Thomas, with a population of 586 as of the last count, may appear to be a place you could pass through without missing anything. But there's a lot going on in this former coal town in picturesque Tucker County. Thomas has a charming main street filled with art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants. Do you enjoy live music? The Purple Fiddle is a fantastic venue for Thomas. Every weekend, bands from all over the world perform at the Purple Fiddle, which hosts shows. There's an open mic night, and the food is delicious. Surprisingly, the buildings that were once considered bland are now what make Thomas one of the most beautiful towns in West Virginia.

    After all, it has over fifty buildings on the National Register of Historic Places! Many of these structures have been transformed into cafes, antique stores, and art galleries. Locals flock to The Purple Fiddle, a venue that serves sweet tunes and even sweeter homemade ice cream. Mountain State Brewing Company, a local craft beer brewery serving fresh golden ale, is also a great place to visit. If you enjoy craft beer, Thomas is the place to be. Mountain State Brewing Co., which makes great beer and occasionally hosts live music, is located in town.

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  10. A small town conveniently located on the West Virginia Artist Gallery Trail; you'd be hard-pressed to find a place with more resident artists in West Virginia. Buckhannon is a place where you can experiment with your own creative endeavors or simply admire the brilliance of others. Visit the Lascaux Theater to see indie and cult films, the antique mall, and the Wesleyan Planetarium for an out-of-this-world experience.

    Buckhannon celebrates its prized Strawberry Festival every spring. This eight-day event features a horse-and-carriage parade, quilt show, draft horse pull, and strawberry recipe competition. Bring your appetite, because vendors will be selling desserts, treats, and meals inspired by the crimson berry. The Lascaux Micro-Theatre avoids mainstream films in favor of indies. You can also watch foreign films and documentaries here.

    Ron Hinkle has been creating bright, complex glassworks for over 40 years. He makes tumblers, animals, vases, and Christmas ornaments, among other things. His fragile "eggs" are also fascinating. Each one is a swirl of vibrant colors, stripes, and dots. Call ahead to inquire about demonstration times or visit his gallery. Don't miss Artistry on Main if you're looking for fine art. This co-op is run by local artists who sell pottery, wirework, sculptures, and other items. Pick up one-of-a-kind creations or sign up for basket weaving, needle felting, and other classes.

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    Photo by 12019 on Pixabay
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    Photo by Taylor Wright on Unsplash

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