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Most URLs are large and clunky, making it difficult to share them online or even on a brochure or poster. Toplist has produced a list of the best URL ... read more...

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    Link shortener for free TinyURL has been around since 2002, and it's stayed that long because it shortens URLs quickly and easily. It's a handy tool to have on hand when you need to build a brief link that will never expire. Simply paste your long URL into the box, edit the second half of the URL if desired, then click Make TinyURL! You can then utilize that link continuously without the risk of it breaking.

    Although you don't need an account to use TinyURL, you can view a history of all your shortened links if you create one. If you want extras like tracking and analytics, branded domains, and the capacity to update each TinyURL after you create it, you may also sign up for a subscription plan. It's really difficult to make a mistake if your wants are basic.

    TinyURL pros:

    • Free to use, even without signing up
    • Simple and reliable Pro plan

    TinyURL cons:

    • More limited feature set than most other apps
    • The website is a bit dated

    Best for: Best free URL shortener for quick, anonymous use

    TinyURL price: Free to use; Personal plan from $9.99/month (billed annually) for tracked links and branded domains.


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    A full-service, enterprise-grade URL shortener is Bitly. It contains all the functionality you might want in a link management solution and is easy to use. It not only makes it simple to build short links, but it also includes a thorough dashboard where you can monitor the effectiveness of your social links and other initiatives. Additionally, all of your short links may be converted into QR codes, and a link-in-bio tool was just recently implemented, allowing you to manage all of your links in a single location.

    Although Bitly used to provide a nice free account, we no longer suggest the free plan. You are only permitted to use five custom URL back-halves (i.e., and a maximum of 10 links every month. Ten thousand links per month are still added to my old free account from a few years ago, which is more than any of the standard premium plans.

    The $35 monthly basic plan offers a free custom domain, permits the creation of 1,500 links per month, and displays additional information regarding link clickthrough rates. If you require more from Bitly, the $300/month Premium plan is a significant price increase but includes 3,000 links monthly, more in-depth analytics for things like city-level data and device types, as well as other capabilities. There is also a Starter plan available, but it costs $192 upfront and provides 200 links every month, or $16 per month over the course of a year.

    For major web enterprises that distribute a lot of links and want to brand and track them, Bitly is a superb URL shortener. Small businesses that want to create short URLs and track their statistics for a limited number of campaigns can also consider this option. Since Bitly has been operating in this manner for so long, choosing it is actually extremely secure. You might discover a better price with another app if you're willing to do some math and look closely at the pricing tables, but if you pay, Bitly is probably not going to let you down.

    Even better, Bitly interacts with Zapier, allowing you to automate tasks like creating short links from RSS feeds or adding new links to spreadsheets.

    Bitly pros:

    • Has all the URL-shortening features you could ever need in one app
    • Been reliably shortening links for more than 15 years

    Bitly cons:

    • Pointless free plan

    Best for: An overall solution

    Bitly price: Free plan isn't really worth it; Basic plan from $35/month, with branded domains, more links per month, and support.


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    Cuttly is a comprehensive link shortener and URL generation system that provides an all-in-one environment for creating, managing, and sharing bespoke URLs. The simple solution includes a free custom URL shortener with no expiration links. Several team-building solutions allow you to collaborate with more of your employees on the same advertising projects.

    Cuttly's link management platform includes everything you need to shorten and personalize your links in one location. The dashboard allows you to customize your link, share URL libraries with your team, and gain in-depth information through analytics.

    The analytics system is quite valuable for knowing more about your audience's behaviors and interests. You may rapidly alter all link components and generate short links in custom domains. There's a Google Analytics UTM code generator, as well as the opportunity to password-protect some of your most private URLs.

    Cuttly also features its own QR code generator, so you can distribute access to your customized sites in various ways. There are links for mobile devices, adjustable link destinations, and link expiration options. Shortened links can even have pixels added to them.

    Cuttly Pros

    • Split testing for link analytics
    • Pixel tracking and UTM campaign creation
    • Expiration and passwords for custom links
    • QR code generator
    • In-depth link analytics with insights into user location and device
    • Valuable team collaboration tools

    Cuttly Cons

    • Packages are a little expensive compared to other tools
    • SSO is only available on the most costly package

    Best for: Cuttly is excellent for optimizing and understanding the most powerful links

    Cuttly price:

    • Cuttly's free plan allows 3 branded domains and limitless links. 30 days of link analytics history and basic analytics are included. Free packages include few features. Upgrade to $26 per month for 5 branded domains, 1 year of link analytics history, and aggregated link analytics.
    • “Team monthly” and “Team Enterprise Monthly” include team collaboration tools, branded root page redirection, and more detailed statistics.


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    URL Shortener by Zapier

    When you want to automatically create and preserve a shortened link every time you do something in any of over 5,000 applications, such as uploading a new product to your Shopify store, Zapier's URL Shortener is the way to go.

    You may set up a Zap (an automatic workflow on Zapier) to be triggered whenever you upload a post, create a product, or do something else in the other applications you frequently use. The shortened URL is then saved to a Google Sheet or sent directly to another app by Zapier.

    URL Shortener by Zapier pros:

    • Makes it super easy to automate link shortening with other apps
    • Included with a Zapier subscription

    URL Shortener by Zapier cons:

    • It's pretty basic

    Best for: Best link shortener for automatically creating a short URL

    URL Shortener by Zapier price: Free plan limited to 5 active single-step Zaps and 100 tasks/month; Starter from $29.99/month with 20 multi-step Zaps and 750 tasks/month.

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    If you're looking for a robust alternative to Bitly, or just one with a good free plan, Rebrandly is worth a look. It's a wonderful URL shortener, just like the others on our list, and it provides a lot of value at different price tiers, so your demands can increase without having to switch services.

    Let's start with the free plan: it includes 2,500 tracked clicks each month, 250 total branded links, a custom domain (though you must purchase it through Rebrandly), and all of the same data as the entry-level paid plans. That should be more than adequate for someone running a side business or a tiny blog.

    Upgrade to the $34 per month Essentials plan, $99 per month Professional plan, or $499 per month Teams plan for more control over your links, the opportunity to utilize an existing domain name, link targeting options, and up to 10 users on the Teams plan.

    On top of that, Rebrandly is quite easy to use. The online app is quick and simple to use, and it includes capabilities for tracking the popularity of each link, information about who is clicking on the links, and automatic QR code generation. It has a link-in-bio tool called LinkGallery, just like Bitly, and it interfaces with Zapier, so you can do things like automatically create links from Google Sheets or add new links to Buffer.

    Rebrandly pros:

    • Super solid free plan
    • Nice, simple web app that doesn't hide features away in weird spots

    Rebrandly cons:

    • The limit on clicks tracker per month is easy to hit if you have something go viral

    Best for: Best custom URL shortener for a Bitly alternative

    Rebrandly price: Free plan with up to 250 links and 2,500 clicks tracked per month; Essentials plan from $34/month for 5,000 links and 25,000 clicks tracked per month.

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    Sniply is a one-of-a-kind URL shortener dedicated to assisting you in increasing traffic to your website. Each shortened link you publish can have a call-to-action. For example, if you were adding a connection to a third-party website, you could include a button that would redirect customers to your website. There are also bundles designed specifically for businesses and agencies.

    is a robust URL shortener that allows businesses to customize their links and increase the likelihood of more clicks. You may use the custom URL shortener to add a call-to-action to every page you share and track the results of each campaign.

    The link management options on Sniply's dashboard are user-friendly and convenient. You may monitor how your readers engage with custom shortened URLs and gather vital information such as how long they spend on each page. There are also a variety of integrations for the existing tools your teams use, as well as API connections.

    Conversion optimization tools provide insights into how you may improve your chances of success with each link. Sniply also features specific publisher tools for agencies and marketing firms.

    Sniply Pros

    • Advanced link customization with CTAs
    • Tracking for clicks, time spent on a page, and more
    • API connections and integrations
    • Easy-to-use dashboard with lots of useful features
    • Team support for agencies and businesses
    • Conversion optimization tools built-in

    Sniply Cons

    • Limited free package with only 20 links per month
    • A/B testing only available on the “Pro” plan

    Best for: Sniply is an excellent tool for increasing the number of people who visit your website again because it lets you customize your links and add unique CTAs.

    Sniply price:

    • The free Sniply service includes 20 links per month, 1 brand profile, and 500 click tracking. The $29/month basic subscription tracks up to 5,000 clicks and lets you create 1,000 links.
    • Features increase with price. The $149 "Business" option removes the Sniply branding, while the $79 "Pro" level lets you A/B test links.


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    A full-featured URL shortener service with a small business and enterprise focus called BL.INK may be used to track the traffic from your links in addition to shortening long URLs. Its dashboard provides general information and trending links, and its analytics page allows you to explore traffic by referrers, location, and device. Additionally, you can filter clicks based on the time of day. You may see the link traffic associated with particular campaigns by including tags to your shortened links.

    Based on the number of links you need to create and track, BL.INK offers four tiers of premium services starting at $48/month that provide small businesses, teams, and bigger organizations with various choices. Users with free accounts can generate 1,000 active links, track up to 1,000 clicks per link, and make branded links by registering a custom domain.

    BL.INK is one of your finest options if you're a business in need of a full-service URL shortener that the whole staff can use. It offers services like multiple users for less than $50 a month, while other link shorteners charge hundreds of dollars a month for similar features.

    Additionally, BL.INK works with Zapier, allowing you to automatically create short links from fresh WordPress posts or spreadsheet rows, for example.

    BL.INK pros:

    • You can use a custom domain on the free plan
    • Pro plan offers features like team members for a fraction of the cost of other apps

    BL.INK cons:

    • Web app is not the nicest to use

    Best for: Best URL shortener for business owners

    BL.INK price: Free plan with 1,000 active links and limited analytics; Expert+ plan from $48/month with 10,000 active links, 7,500 tracked clicks per link, and 3 users.


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    T2M, sometimes known as T2Mio, is a simple link shortener with a slew of useful features. You can convert long URLs with a few clicks and track detailed information about your visitors. The all-in-one environment also includes a wonderful URL management dashboard with lifetime access to your URLs and printable QR codes.

    's feature-rich and convenient interface makes maintaining your links as simple and quick as possible. The dashboard organizes all your links in one place, with one-click social sharing and password security. You can also change the routing criteria based on the geography of your target audience, as well as add URL expiration dates.

    enables customers to manage numerous domains, access branded vanity URLs, and ensure that all of their links are encrypted using SSL. There's also API access, so you can integrate your URL shortener with existing tools. There's also a timeline chart, private and public reports, and advanced analytical charts by device type and country in the analytics section.

    offers its own UTM constructor, as well as the ability to tag and categorize URLs with campaign information. You can get a dedicated uptime guarantee of 99.9% and feel confident that all links will be GDPR compliant.

    T2M Pros

    • Extensive URL management with expirations and password protections
    • One-click social sharing and QR codes
    • Branding support for custom domains and URLs
    • Detailed analytics with custom reports
    • Bulk campaign management and UTM builder
    • Dedicated load balancer and IP address
    • On-demand add-ons for teammates and white labeling

    T2M Cons

    • No free plan is available
    • Can be a small learning curve for beginners

    Best for: T2M is a feature-rich option for beginners with numerous extras.

    T2M price:

    • T2M does not provide a free bundle, but you can try its services for 15 days. Unlimited URLs, 5,000 clicks, and $5 per month is the cheapest subscription. URLs and click statistics last one year.
    • The next level at $9.99 per month lets you experiment with lifetime-accessible links and dynamic QR codes.


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    Most URL shorteners will be happy to let you know where people are clicking on your links and what devices they are using, but goes one step further by letting you send users to a different site based on their location or device. This is helpful if you want to ensure that the appropriate app download link is displayed to iOS and Android users, or that your American, Canadian, Australian, and Singaporean clients all see the appropriate currency.

    You can choose how to target your clickers and what link to deliver them by clicking the Apple, Android, or globe icons when you add a link. Of course, you could send completely separate messages to PC users and iOS users, but it would probably be very confusing for everyone, including you. It's preferable to utilize this function sparingly and only when you have a good reason to direct different visitors to slightly different web pages.

    Other than that, is a fantastic URL shortener. However, unlike other alternatives, you must use your own custom domain. No other app on our list can match the five you get even with the free plan. In the Statistics and Clicks Stream sections, you can examine in great detail when, where, and how people are clicking on your links. You can also designate a fallback domain for any broken short links.

    Additionally, interacts with Zapier, allowing you to do things like generate fresh short links from Shopify products or an RSS feed. pros:

    • Advanced targeting and analytics available on its cheapest plan
    • Best-in-class free plan cons:

    • You're forced to use a custom domain, even on the free plan

    Best for: Best URL shortener for sending different visitors different links price: Free plan with 1,000 branded links, 50,000 tracked clicks, and device targeting; Personal plan from $19/month for unlimited branded links and geo-targeting.

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    The URL shortening, affiliate click tracking, and monitoring tool ClickMeter does it all. The user-friendly application, utilized by over 100,000 firms globally, is excellent for making the most of each link. You may even check your system for broken links, which lowers the possibility that your business will lose out on interaction.

    With ClickMeter, you can do much more than shorten URLs; you can personalize your links, use alternative URLs to target particular audiences, and much more. The handy dashboard lets you keep tabs on latency, blacklists, click fraud, and broken links. In-depth tracking tools can help you understand your views, clicks, and conversions.

    You may connect the capabilities of your link shortener to other applications thanks to the amazing ecosystem's API access and strong tools for sharing URL libraries with your customers, partners, and colleagues. Additionally, ClickMeter has excellent built-in affiliate marketing capabilities, data storage options, and excel reports.

    The A/B testing capability of ClickMeter, available even on the most affordable plan, is one of its best features. Remarketing and retargeting capabilities and team features with subaccounts for your employees are available.

    ClickMeter Pros:

    • Excellent affiliate marketing and tracking tools
    • A/B test rotator included with all packages
    • Fully customizable reports and insights
    • Tracking for conversions and revenue
    • Remarketing and retargeting features included
    • Click fraud protection and broken link tracking

    ClickMeter Cons:

    • Can be quite expensive for the most advanced features
    • Some complexity for beginners

    Best for: enhance your affiliate marketing campaigns

    ClickMeter price: All ClickMeter plans have 30-day money-back guarantees. The $29 "Medium" plan tracks up to 25,000 clicks per month and stores data for one year. Conversion tracking and 1 branded domain are included. The $99 monthly mid-level bundle includes more affiliate marketing capabilities, 10 sub-accounts, click fraud prevention, and event tracking.


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