Top 10 Best Websites to Learn Network Security

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Network security has become a top priority for businesses and individuals alike as our reliance on technology continues to grow. With cyber threats on the ... read more...

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    As an online learning platform, Udemy is well known for providing a vast collection of courses that cater to the needs and interests of learners from different backgrounds. With its extensive range of courses on various subjects, including network security, Udemy is a hub for learners who want to expand their knowledge and skills in technology.

    One of the most remarkable aspects of Udemy is the availability of online courses suitable for both beginners and experienced learners. Whether you are just starting your journey into the world of network security or you are a seasoned professional looking to advance your skills further, Udemy has something for every skill level.

    Although many of the courses offered on Udemy come with a fee, there are often discounts available that make the courses accessible to everyone. This means learners can gain valuable knowledge and skills in network security without breaking the bank. Additionally, Udemy courses are self-paced, allowing learners to study at their convenience, making it easier to balance work, study, and other commitments.

    With over 100 network security courses available on the platform, Udemy is an excellent resource for professionals looking to enhance their skills or anyone interested in the field, covering topics such as penetration testing, network protocols, and secure coding. With the comprehensive range of courses on offer, anyone can acquire the knowledge and skills to help them progress in this exciting and rapidly-growing field.


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    Coursera is one of the best websites to learn network security that specializes in providing effective and accessible cybersecurity and network security classes. The platform offers an extensive range of courses from multiple top-ranked universities and institutions globally, making it a go-to for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in the field.

    At Coursera, you can find both free and paid options for their courses, with some courses offering certification upon completion. Students can select from various topics in network security, ranging from cryptography to digital forensics, and ethical hacking. These courses are designed to cater to a diverse audience, from beginners to experts, who want to learn at their own pace and convenience.

    The platform's advanced curriculum is established through a collaborative effort between established academic and industry experts that ensure the most up-to-date and comprehensive course content. This approach guarantees that students remain abreast of the latest developments and trends in the ever-evolving world of network security.

    Furthermore, with Coursera's interactive and engaging learning interface, students can access high-quality videos, course materials, assessments, and forums - all the essentials that aid in comprehending the fundamentals of network security.


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    When it comes to network security, edX offers a variety of courses and programs to help individuals understand and implement best practices for protecting networks.

    One popular course for understanding network security is "IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity." This course covers topics such as network security threats and vulnerabilities, network architecture and devices, and access control and authentication. Participants will learn about different types of attacks, such as DDoS and social engineering, and best practices for protecting networks against them.

    Another course that focuses specifically on network security is "Networking Essentials for Security Professionals." This course covers topics such as TCP/IP, DNS, and IP addressing, as well as firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion prevention systems. Participants will learn how to identify and analyze network security threats and how to implement effective security measures.

    For those looking for a more comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity, edX also offers a Cybersecurity MicroMasters program. This program covers a wide range of topics, including network security, cryptography, risk management, and digital forensics. Participants can earn a MicroMasters credential upon completion of the program, which can serve as a valuable addition to a resume or LinkedIn profile.


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    Pluralsight is the next name on the list of best websites to learn network security. It is the ultimate destination for individuals who want to take their IT and security skills to the next level. Boasting a diverse range of courses, Pluralsight is the perfect place for the tech-savvy to enrich their learning and gain expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of network security.

    Through Pluralsight’s extensive collection of network security courses, learners can discover over 70 different types of courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, such as vulnerability management, network security fundamentals, and cloud security. Pluralsight is committed to providing learners with innovative learning solutions, ensuring that learners are always on top of industry trends.

    Whether you aspire to become a network security professional or someone actively looking to enhance their network security knowledge and elevate their career, Pluralsight is perfect for you. At Pluralsight, learners will have access to instructors who are experts in the field, industry-leading content and resources that will help them achieve their learning goals, and experienced mentors who offer guidance and support.


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    Purdue University Global

    Investing in your education by obtaining a Purdue University Global online network security degree opens the doors to a thriving career in the technology industry. You will be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to be a successful cybersecurity professional.

    Purdue University Global's BS in Cybersecurity degree provides a robust foundation that enables you to achieve your professional goals. As the cybersecurity industry continues to grow and attract interest from multiple organizations, the online program offers comprehensive training in handling any challenges that a company may face. The course curriculum is designed to teach students how to design a secure information system and identify potential security risks, thus instilling the expertise required to manage cybersecurity threats.

    At Purdue University Global, students are equipped with the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to pass certification exams with ease. The program places a strong emphasis on education and learning, preparing students for successful careers in cybersecurity whether it be in the Department of Defense or other similar roles. The cybersecurity courses offered at Purdue provide students with a competitive edge in their profession. Graduates of Purdue University Global are in high demand by employers seeking cyber specialists who can effectively maintain a secure system.


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    Cybrary is a popular online training platform that offers free cybersecurity learning material to anyone who desires to learn about the cybersecurity field. Cybrary specifically focuses on practical, hands-on training to help individuals gain practical experience in the cybersecurity field.

    The Network Security course is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to secure and protect computer networks from potential threats. The course covers a wide range of topics related to network security, including network protocols, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, encryption, and virtual private networks (VPNs).

    The Cybrary's course is divided into several sections that cover the fundamentals of network security, network access control, network perimeter defense, network encryption, and network monitoring and analysis. The course also includes hands-on labs and exercises to provide learners with practical experience in implementing various network security measures.

    The course is available for free on Cybrary, and learners can earn a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course. It is a great resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity or for individuals who want to learn how to secure their home or business networks.


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    Penn State World Campus

    Penn State World Campus is an esteemed and accredited online educational institution that offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Security and Risk Analysis. This program is tailored to individuals seeking to advance their careers in the field of cybersecurity. With cyber threats becoming more complex and frequent, the demand for qualified professionals in risk analysis and security solutions has never been higher. The program is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of potential risks associated with malware, hacking, data breaches, and other vulnerabilities to companies and organizations that use computers and electronic devices.

    Penn State World Campus is renowned for its high standards of online education. The university was among the first to offer a fully online campus more than two decades ago, and it has since become an international leader in e-learning. This rich legacy is a testament to its commitment to keeping up with the latest technological advancements and ensuring students are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their chosen fields. The Security and Risk Analysis program, in particular, has not gone unnoticed.

    The Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency recognize the program for its excellence in education, earning it a Center of Academic Excellence designation in the Information Assurance and Cyber Defense category. Such recognition affirms that the network security training course offers high-quality education, providing graduates with essential skills and knowledge to prepare companies to prevent potential risks before they can cause havoc on their network or reputation.


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  8. The University of Illinois Springfield's online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security program is a fantastic option for students looking to build a strong foundation in computer sciences while specializing in cybersecurity and network security. This comprehensive program empowers students with the necessary skills to manage network security, identify threats, and implement a security system that will prevent complications when a company uses a network or online system.

    What sets this program apart is that it is recognized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance as providing quality education in network security. Additionally, UIS is a Cisco Regional Networking Academy, meaning that it works with students at the high school and college levels, providing them with opportunities to develop their network security skills and giving them a competitive edge in the field.

    The University of Illinois Springfield has a storied history of innovation and experimentation. Established in 1969, it was originally an upper-division college offering only junior and senior-level courses for degree completion. However, as the needs of the workforce evolved, so did UIS. Today, UIS is a leading online educator, providing opportunities for Illinois' working adults and nontraditional students and earning high rankings as a regional public university.

    Moreover, programs like the online network security training course demonstrate how UIS is committed to providing students with relevant and practical skills that prepare them for the workforce. The university's focus on the needs of working adults and transfer students has made it a big part of Illinois' workforce and is helping to shape the next generation of network security professionals.


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    Wilmington University

    With Wilmington University's focus on the future of education and the world of work, its online Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Network Security provide students with the unique opportunity to tailor their class selection to fit their specific career goals. This flexibility allows students to learn about the intricacies of computer systems, and the potential risks associated with specific areas of network security and gain a competitive advantage in the constantly evolving field of cybersecurity.

    The online classes are designed to fit around your schedule; you can study when you have the time and focus your attention on achieving your educational and career goals without worrying about a strict classroom schedule. Wilmington University also provides the option for traditional classes on campus, allowing students to have a more immersive experience and providing access to the latest technologies and resources. Thus, whether you are an experienced professional looking to advance your current career or someone seeking to enter into the cybersecurity world, the flexible learning experience offers an optimal opportunity to obtain your degree.

    And it doesn't stop there – Wilmington University has a reputation for excellence in delivering quality education, and the computer network security courses are no exception. For 50 years since its founding in 1968, Wilmington University has become the largest and most prestigious private research university in Delaware. With an array of online degrees and certificates, it's clear that the university recognizes the needs of its students by continually adapting programs and offerings to meet ever-changing market complexities and job requirements.


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    University Of Arizona

    The University of Arizona online Bachelor of Applied Science in Cyber Operations is an excellent choice for students who are interested in developing their technical skills and knowledge in cyber operations. The program offers two specialized tracks, namely Engineering and Defense & Forensics, to cater to their different experience levels, career goals, and interests.

    The Engineering track is designed for students who have a background in computer science and want to develop advanced skills in cybersecurity engineering. The Defense & Forensics track, on the other hand, is ideal for those who are interested in digital forensics, incident response, and security analysis. The coursework for both tracks is heavily hands-on and focuses on network security and experiential learning. This means that students will have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills through the program while still learning the fundamental concepts required for a career in cybersecurity.

    The University of Arizona has a long and illustrious history of providing quality education. Founded in 1885 by the Territory's legislature, the university has played a vital role in shaping Arizona's development. Today, the institution is recognized for its online technology programs that are designed to meet the needs of students in a rapidly evolving digital world.

    The University of Arizona's online cyber operations program has received recognition from the National Security Agency as a Center for Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (CAE-CO). The university is one of only twenty institutions that have this designation, which reflects the caliber of education that students can expect when they enroll in the program. Throughout the network security training course, students will be required to meet the high standards of the university, ensuring that they receive a rigorous and comprehensive education that prepares them for a successful career in cybersecurity.


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