Top 4 Best Websites To Learn Music Production

  1. Top 1 Sound On Sound
  2. Top 2 Produce Like A Pro
  3. Top 3 The Pyramind Blog
  4. Top 4 Pensado's Place

Top 4 Best Websites To Learn Music Production

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If you are passionate about music and want to create new music yourself, you will probably need some basic instructions. Here are some of the best websites to ... read more...

  1. Our list of the best websites to learn music production is not complete without mentioning Sound On Sound, one of the early sites that provided educational and music production information. Sound On Sound was born in 1985 as a monthly print magazine. Since that time, they've added an amazing website with thousands upon thousands of articles, tutorials, reviews and professional interviews on top music production. So, if you're looking for professional music production content you can count on, look no further than Sound On Sound magazine.

    Since 1985, Sound On Sound has been the authoritative source charting the evolution of recording and production technology and its impact on the music industry landscape. In 1998, they launched their first website, and in 2012, the digital version of the website's iPad app received rave reviews and endorsements from a global audience. The current website contains constantly expanding archive of highly authoritative and authoritative news articles, as well as in-depth reviews that are up to the minute charting the impact of technology on with music production and recording. Sound On Sound is known for its thorough and unbiased reviews of music technology products, such as audio interfaces, microphones and software. It also features articles on recording engineering, music production, sound engineering, as well as interviews with musicians, producers and engineers.


    Photo by Techivation  on Unsplash
    Photo by Techivation on Unsplash
    Sound On Sound magazine Youtube Channel

  2. Speaking of the authentic websites to learn music production, it is impossible not to mention Produce Like A Pro, magically brought to you by Warren Huart. Warren is a producer, engineer, composer and musician with a long list of impressive credits behind his name. Produce Like A Pro, where you will find excellent, insightful and instructive music production tutorials, equipment reviews, and interviews with some of the top industry experts. So if you want to learn from one of the best then you will love to Produce Like A Pro. The best place to start with his latest content is on Produce Like A Pro.

    Produce Like A Pro is a website that offers great tips to help beginner recordists create amazing-sounding home recordings on a budget. It is a moderately popular site with about 263,000 monthly visitors, according to Alexa (an American web traffic analysis company based in San Francisco. It was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon). Produce Like A Pro helps create professional and radio-worthy music in your home studio. They offer a free mixing and recording package that will help take your music career to the next level. The website is divided into many sections, including blogs, books, podcasts, videos, etc to make you absorb knowledge flexibly. If you want to deepen your expertise, there are courses for you to practice and study more effectively.


    Photo by  Andreas Forsberg on Unsplash
    Photo by Andreas Forsberg on Unsplash
    Produce Like A Pro Youtube Channel
  3. You will find excellent free music business and music production content posted regularly on The Pyramind Blog's website. Pyramind started as a studio in the early 90s and has since grown into one of the top music production schools in the business. They also offer studio service and have a label called Pyramind Sounds. For over 30 years, Pyramind has been dedicated to providing the highest quality studio and educational services in music production, songwriting, sound engineering, sound design, sound post-production and live performance.

    Graduates of courses from Pyramind have gone on to open their studios, tour the world, set up their own record labels and publishing companies, sign contracts with international record labels such as Anjunabeats, publish sample packs with Splice and Loopcloud and work for companies like Sony Interactive, Blizzard Entertainment, Facebook, Google, Universal Audio, Microsoft Studios, etc. They have courses designed for complete beginners to intermediate users of music composition software. Pyramind's twelve-week Ableton Live program provides essential training for students with little or no experience in computer production and recording. They take well-prepared advanced music production-focused courses that will gain valuable knowledge.


    Photo by Erwi on Unsplash
    Photo by Erwi on Unsplash
    Photo by TStudio_lv on Unsplash
    Photo by TStudio_lv on Unsplash
  4. Pensado's Place is a weekly mix-and-match themed web series hosted by the Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer. The website offers hundreds of hour-long episodes of performance and skill. Through Pensado's website, skillfully produced YouTube videos are nicely merged. They offer technical tips and practical approaches to mixing engineers, both rising and established.

    Although the guests are usually professionals, the discussions are often geared toward the use of beginner musicians. Top mixing engineer Dave Pensado talks about all things music and sound on his weekly show, Pensado's Place. Dave gives you insight into his career and guides you through creating a "platinum record" sound for your mix through tutorial sessions and interviews. In addition to what you can learn by absorbing from the professional audio and music experts he interviews, all of whom are the best at their game, you will also see Into tutorials the Lair produce is very helpful and insightful. This website educates you by telling stories and sharing experiences, not just writing dry words. You will easily find empathy and sharing, so learning to make music will also be less ambiguous. It is one of the best websites to learn music production.


    Photo by  Caught In Joy on Unsplash
    Photo by Caught In Joy on Unsplash
    Pensado's Place Youtube Channel

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