Top 10 Best Websites to Watch Live Cricket Matches

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In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best websites to watch live cricket matches. Whether you are a casual fan or a die-hard cricket ... read more...

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    Standing on the number-one website to enjoy cricket events is Cricbuzz. As a world-renowned sports website for almost 20 years, Cricbuzz is owned by Times Internet which has been providing exclusively for cricket. It is a live cricket streaming site covering all cricket-related matters and serving more than just live matches. Cricbuzz prides itself in giving the fastest updated information because it uses Redis queues which are mapped to each match happening at day. Therefore, any updates related to that match will be posted immediately.

    Unlike other webs, Cricbuzz shares real-time live match scores and enables people to join in all the series details and commentary during every match. This is wonderful because you are not only watching but also rendering your opinion toward the match with others.

    Moreover, Cricbuzz has built a passionate and creative community regarding cricket. Thus, apart from vivid streaming events, this website is equipped with articles, blogs, records, and match schedules, accompanied by rankings, live scores, and all of the other cricket-based updates. You can also watch mobile cricket live with the application of Cricbuzz, just by downloading this app for free.

    Notable features of Cricbuzz:

    • Provides thousands of cricket matches occurring in the world.
    • Equipped with the commentary system, which allows users to flow toward the matches.
    • Comes with other cricket-based matters such as archives, schedules, rankings, videos, and more.


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    Disney+ Hotstar is an Indian subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service in the world, which is owned by The Walt Disney Company India and operated by Disney Streaming. Therefore, it provides not only wonderful cricket matches and sports content for India itself but also thousands of diverse videos for its worldwide diaspora. Especially in terms of watching live cricket, Hotstar is characterized by a nice and pleasant surprise for users.

    Hotstar is perhaps the only platform that allows users to watch and enjoy all the cricket they want. All cricket matches, from the most famous ones to those with smaller scales, can be tracked minute-by-minute on this website. Moreover, this online streaming service does not require users to set up an official account before beginning to use it. This is a loved feature by many because nothing is more aggravating than being informed while watching a sporting event.

    Besides, Hotstar's collection of cricket is loved by the massive live coverage such as IPL, Ashes, T10, or even WorldCup T20 plus all the live domestic and international matches. Enjoy your time with these fantastic cricket with Hotstar now!

    Notable features of Hotstar:

    • An abundant collection of sporting events are entailed.
    • The high-quality matches are designed with a high level of resolution and sounds.
    • The large live coverage with lots of world-renowned cricket matches is available.


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    ESPN Cricinfo

    ESPN Cricinfo is created by ESPN India, which is another great place to visit and enjoy if you want to stream some cricket matches. Users when entering its website are engrossed by the easy, systematic, and well-structured interface that makes the scrolling down of everyone become a breeze. From some popular cricket tournaments to the latest news about cricket and other sports, people can make sure that all of these are in the palm of their hands.

    Moreover, the quality of streaming videos is also favored by many. With the ESPN+, this premium version currently supports HD streaming at a maximum resolution of up to 1080p. However, users can still enjoy the ESPN Cricinfo streaming site. It still looks great in Full HD and provides the best matches for you. Users can also watch some NHL, and MLB games, lots of soccer, and an impressive amount of college sports.

    These key features draw in large audiences through their strong viewership. Statistics stated in 2022 showed that it averaged 1.9 million primetime viewers.

    Notable features of ESPN Cricinfo:

    • Designed with a well-organized and meticulous homepage.
    • The high resolution with every score and news is favored.
    • Allows users to update to ESPN+ for the best experience.
    • Enables to watch other available sports in the world.


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    When it comes to the best websites to watch live cricket matches, Webcric is a must-to-have site. It is considered popular for Indians with the exclusive purpose of enjoying some streaming cricket matches. It allows millions of people globally to track every minute of any cricket events on their mobile devices from any location and background, as long as they can access the Internet.

    Moreover, not only offering one official account, Webcric enables people to enjoy their cricket favorites from several different places and servers, which can widen their choices in choosing their best experience, and simultaneously connect others with the same cricket zeal. Even though Webcric does not have any cricket blogs or news, it is still gaining popularity among cricket fans. That is further appreciated because it demonstrates that the users can stay focused fully on the excellent broadcasts that Webcric delivers.

    Notable features of Webcric:

    • Comes in diverse cricket matches with high-quality streamings.
    • Easily access and enjoy due to its capability of different servers.
    • Each cricket match is assessed on ranking and scorecard.


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    Cricket has been the most popular sport in India as it is played almost everywhere in the country and is a prominent part of the country. To satisfy the massive demand of people, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is founded. It is the governing body of Indian cricket and conducts all the domestic tournaments and selects the players for Indian national cricket teams. Because of its prestigious reputation, BCCI boasts itself to bring the highest quality of resolution as well as exact and around-the-clock cricket information.

    Besides giving the most recent proper match news, declarations, interviews, and many more, BCCI streaming matches are equipped with the 4K resolution, which is used in large-screen television for better picture detail. Therefore, users can enjoy their watching time with the most detailed happenings.

    BCCI is also free of adverts so anything can affect your cricket matches. The breaking news, exclusive interviews, and other particular features are loved by many. Thus, it is definitely deserved as one of the best websites to watch live cricket matches.

    Notable features of BCCI:

    • Offers live ball-by-ball scores and commentary.
    • Fantasy leagues around the world are around-the-clock updated.
    • Fixtures, results, and match reports are included.
    • No adverts are another plus.


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    Video by BCCI Official Channel
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    Willow TV

    Willow TV is one of the best live-streaming cricket sites that is available for cricket-loving users. People when entering this website can be attracted by the simple and easy-to-use interface. Just by tapping into the matches, or using the searching tool to find any match that you want to enjoy. Besides, people can also watch all the top-tier cricket from all over the world in high definition. Specifically, Willow TV is recently available in the USA Television provider, at any local location.

    Furthermore, people can enjoy their loved cricket matches 24x7 with several hundred days of live cricket covered annually. It has appeared on most satellite and cable networks for a simple monthly subscription fee. Thus, whether where you are, or how busy your location is, Willow TV can access it.

    Willow TV also has exclusive agreements to be the official broadcaster of The International Cricket Council (ICC), Indian Premier League (IPL), England Cricket Board, Cricket Australia, and more. Thus, people do not need to worry about their safe and legal use.

    Notable features of Willow TV:

    • High-resolution and vivid sound are included.
    • A wide range of matches stream around the clock.
    • Safe and censored environment to enjoy the cricket-watching experiences.


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    Video by Willow TV
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    Another site in the list of the best websites to watch cricket matches is VipBox. Although it has lost little popularity due to the launch of other websites with more features, it is still a great option for streaming cricket. Moreover, its graphics are good, and there are no interruptions while watching, making your streaming experience enjoyable.

    VipBox is also one of the most important and well-known brands in European Scandinavia, where it received the surname Vipbox SE according to the country Sweden. Moreover, this website has been collaborating with different platforms to widen its coverage and scale. Reddit - one of the largest online communities in the world, is also in conjunction with VipBox. This fosters the escalating popularity of VipBox again, offering free watching sports in any category, such as American sports NFL, NBA, UFC, and more.

    Notable features of VipBox:

    • No ads pop up during watching time.
    • The medium resolution and good graphics are supported.
    • The widening scale is accelerated to bring the much more streaming site.


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    Live cricket streaming is such a great way to catch all the action from your favorite team. There is a wide range of channels and websites available on the market that offers live streaming of different leagues around the world, but not all are free. Thus, in order to accommodate the demand of everyone in terms of cricket passion, is launched to bring that opportunity. Just by any kind of Internet-connected device, users can immerse themselves in the thrill of watching a live cricket match without paying any fee at all.

    On this website, users can not only watch all matches for free but also enjoy other entertainment options such as the top and latest sports news. also provides live streaming of popular cricket leagues such as BPL (Bangladesh Premier League) and BBL (Big Bash League) 2023, which helps them stay updated with the most recent happenings.

    Moreover, if you choose this site to watch your cricket matches, you may enjoy HD quality without any interruptions as well. With the convenience of live streaming on, fans can stay connected to their favorite leagues without physically attending the matches.

    Notable features of

    • Free matches and leagues are applied.
    • The HD quality, followed by the no-ads features is highly supported.
    • Allows people to stay updated with several latest matches of BPL and BBL.


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    Batman Stream

    Another great website that can not overlook in the best online cricket live-streaming websites is Batman Stream. It is a famous site that provides not only cricket events but also lots of different sports globally. When coming to this website, all the matches are available that users can watch live in HD quality, such as football, tennis, basketball, F1 racing, and of course cricket. Therefore, Batman Stream is several times voted as one of the best places to view mobile cricket live in real-time.

    Its homepage is also easy-to-understand and well-organized for every access. You just have to visit this site whenever you want to watch whatever matches. Then, just by clicking on the events that you are craving, which will direct you to that match occurring in real time in that country. If you are unable to access it due to your location restrictions, then setting up a VPN is necessary.

    Notable features of Batman Stream:

    • Provides HD quality with real-time watching.
    • Easy-to-use and well-ordered interface.
    • Comes with thousands of matches in different time frames.


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    And the last name among the best websites to watch live cricket matches is Watchcric. To enjoy live cricket matches online is an irresistible thing that a true cricket fan can not afford to miss. Understanding this case, Watchcric provides users the accessibility to streaming live cricket matches that are being played in any part of the world. Though there are various online cricket live sites available on the internet that claim to be the leading cricket stream websites, the name Watchcric is the one that is on the highest place in that list.

    Watchcric is no longer strange for cricket fans because it has been making cricket-watching time into heaven for such a long time. It hit 100 million views during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, followed by millions of comments and support from users. Moreover, some zealous cricket matches such as England-Australia, or India-Pakistan are offered freely on this site. Watch it now!

    Notable features of Watchcric:

    • The ability to watch every match from any corner of the world is available.
    • Easy-to-access and simple interface is appreciated.
    • Comes in different matches, especially the most competitive ones.


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