Top 7 Dive Sites in Vietnam

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The delights of scuba diving, oh, the thrills of scuba diving! Nothing compares to the rush of diving headfirst into a world of vibrant aquatic animals. ... read more...

  1. The Moray Beach is tucked away in the East Sea's bosom, where azure seas whisk you away on an excursion like no other. You'll be delighted when you explore the mysterious water with animals like scorpionfish, clownfish, and black frogfish as they swim their way through coral reefs in Nha Trang, Vietnam's scuba diving hub.

    Divers go to Moray Beach for its diverse nudibranch species and spectacular corals. Many fish species, such as scorpionfish, clownfish, and black frogfish, can be found. Pipefish, razorfish, and devil scorpionfish live in the Moray cave at this location. This dive is suited for divers of all levels and has an average depth of 18 meters/59 feet.

    Location: Nha Trang

  2. The Madonna Rock, where the water shelters some rock recesses and tunnels, is another wonderful scuba diving location in Vietnam. Some sea organisms, such as glassfish, flatworms, shrimp species, and ghost fish, use these rocks as a safe haven. Apart from this, moray eels and lionfish are frequently observed scurrying about the sea, and octopuses occasionally occur.

    There are numerous caverns at this location, each with a different depth. The many fish species that reproduce here have a safe haven in these tunnels. Giant morays, lionfish, and scorpionfish are all to be avoided. Only accessible by boat, this dive site has a maximum depth of roughly 25 meters/82 feet.

    Location: Nha Trang

  3. Hon Trau Nam at Whale Island is another prominent scuba diving destination in Vietnam. This destination, also known as Three King Island, features three peaks that rise to the surface from beneath the water's surface. Fish such as manta rays, eagle rays, and stingrays frequent this location. This destination's seafloor is also incredibly ornate. The floor is adorned with yellow, white, and purple corals and gorgonian, forming an amazing labyrinthine network of underwater vegetation.

    White Rock is a beautiful place for scuba diving in Vietnam, located a little further out from the main terrain of Whale Island. This dive spot has a diving depth of approximately 40 meters and is teeming with massive rays. On the seabed, there are several rock peaks intertwined with black coral and gorgonian. Manta rays, eagle rays, and sting rays commonly visit Hon Trau Nam. This spot also has magnificent soft corals and sea slugs lower down. The depths of this site range from 20 to 35 meters (65 to 114 ft) specifically.

    Location: Whale Island
  4. This area is largely frequented by smaller aquatic species, making it a unique spot in the list of the top Dive Sites in Vietnam. Don't be startled if a swarm of these tiny animals flies straight by you. Bamboo sharks can also be found here. Underwater, a distinctive underwater landscape is created by coral reefs and rocks, which is further enhanced by dark red gorgonian. The majority of the species prefer to hide in the nooks and crevices of the rocks, so be sure to check them out.

    This dive spot is located on Phu Quoc's east coast and is ideal for individuals interested in lesser marine creatures. Nudibranchs and bamboo sharks can often be found hiding beneath the rocks at this location. This dive has a maximum depth of roughly 12 meters/39 feet and is appropriate for divers of all levels.

    Location: Phu Quoc
  5. Top 5

    Hon Ko

    Hon Ko is the destination to visit in Vietnam if you want to observe coral reefs. The mostly uninhabited island may be reached in 10 minutes by boat from Nhon Hai Commune in Binh Dinh's center province. It's all about the sand, the cliffs, and the coral reefs. The corals are relatively near to the coast, with only one to two meters of sea depth. Simply put on your goggles and submerge your face in the water.

    This area, also known as 'Dry Island,' is worth scuba diving in Vietnam for its spectacular underwater coral reef system. The few rocks protruding from the sea may not appear to be much on the surface, but beneath the surface is a spectacular reef system home to mitre shells, rays, bamboo sharks, nudibranchs, catfish, and scorpionfish.

      Location: Quy Nhon
    • Due to the shallow depth of the sea at Hon Nhan in Hoi An, first-timers can simply learn to scuba dive at this Vietnamese destination. A variety of fish, including pipefish, clownfish, triggerfish, and lionfish, are frequent this area.

      Seahorses, barracudas, ribbon eels, and crabs are among the other creatures you might come upon. You'll almost probably see some fish skimming through the nudibranch tangles, which is a charming sight! Once visitors have chance to behold the beauty of the world underneath water, they would definitely fall for its charm and lust as this diving destination is one of the top Dive Sites in Vietnam.

      • Best time: January- October

      Location: Hoi An
    • When it comes to scuba diving in Vietnam, the Con Dao Islands is a lesser-known destination, but that doesn't mean it's any less exciting! The underwater beauty of this location is divine, as it is pristine and distant from the din of humans. This place is among the top Dive Sites in Vietnam. Coral reefs and a large variety of exotic fish such as barracuda, moray eels, Moorish idols, and well-camouflaged stonefish are among the aquatic species found here.

      Turtles make an appearance here as well. However, harsh weather conditions can make this place inaccessible, so you might want to check out this destination for that reason. Overall, a fantastic experience for both newcomers and seasoned divers!

      Location: Con Dao

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