Top 6 Most Beautiful Dive Sites in Papua New Guinea

  1. Top 1 Madang
  2. Top 2 Panasia Islands
  3. Top 3 Kokopo
  4. Top 4 Kavieng Beach
  5. Top 5 Harlen Beach
  6. Top 6 Buka Island

Top 6 Most Beautiful Dive Sites in Papua New Guinea

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Pauan coastline is undisputedly one of the most pristine parts of our planet. Both, the mainland and offshore islands present absorbing sceneries, not only on ... read more...

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    The Madang seaport, located on the Northern coast of Papua New Guinea (PNJ), is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Papua New Guinea. It is often included in the program of visits by cruise ships traveling between Australia and Asia. The exotic lush vegetation that surrounds Madang creates a picturesque landscape. The nearby reefs attract those who love snorkeling and exploring. Madang is considered to be the prettiest town in Papua. Reef-fringed lowlands are sheltered by rugged mountain ranges from one side, and from the other one, majestic, volcanic islands are towering on the horizon. Many Westerners come here to take pleasure in the splendid beaches while others are attracted by the Underwater.

    The water of Astrolabe Bay, which seems to make Madang clearer, glides smoothly. Therefore, it might be the reason why Madang has pleasant blue color water. Although every nook and cranny of Papua New Guinea offer great diving opportunities, Madang seems to be the perfect place for such an activity. Here divers can find 34 sunken ships, coral gardens, forming badger mountains, and amazing views. Among the attractions of Madang, it should be noted the kalibobo lighthouse memorial, dedicated to coastal observers during World War II.
    Photo by Nigel Marsh
    Photo by Nigel Marsh

  2. At first glance on the map, Panasia Island feels like it is located in the South Pacific next to Fiji and Rarotonga, not Papua New Guinea. However, the island is actually located in the West of the Calvados chain in the Louisiana Islands, Papua New Guinea. The beautiful island beach consists of a lot of perfect oasis oases - Turquoise waves wash up on the sandy shores of Panasia beach with quiet space and fresh air. It is truly one of the most beautiful dive sites in Papua New Guinea.

    The climatic conditions in Panasia are smooth and convenient for holiday-makers. The commercial winds bring pleasant coolness and scare off unpleasant insects. Nature has created maximum comfort for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. The water is almost always blue and clean. In the northeastern part of Panasia, there is a very beautiful coral reef. The southern part of the island is gentler, so there locals prefer to plant gardens so visitors can enjoy plenty of Panacea fruits such as coconuts, bananas and papaya.
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    With regard to the most beautiful dive sites in Papua New Guinea, Kokopo Beach is full of sand that every visitor should visit at least once. People can reach the beach by aircraft from Tokua Airport, 10km from Kokopo. Kokopo Beach is the ideal place for swimming and picnicking. Palm trees are protected from the midday heat. The water is crystal clear and has a pleasant blue color. Dolphins live in the bay, so diving lovers have a lot to see here. The excellent work of the diving center allows the study of the underwater world and its fauna. There are also other water activities: kayaking and surfing.

    The best time to visit New Guinea is from May to October. At this time, it is not too hot (average + 23.5 ° C) and does not rain much, which is suitable for hiking and wildlife viewing. Tourists can go diving all year round, while it is best to ride the waves on the north coast in the rainy season (from December to March).
  4. The mystery, the scenic beauty, the crystal clear waters of Balgai Bay, and the fresh breeze are all that a white sandy beach of Kavieng City, which is a deserved-to-experience diving spot in New Papua Guinea. Located in the northern part of the province of New Ireland, at night, the tranquillity in these places is only broken by the sound of waves crashing into the coastal reef. It would be a big omission to visit Kavieng Beach without going surfing and scuba diving here, which is known as one of the most beautiful dive sites in Papua New Guinea.

    The waters of the bay also attract snorkeling fans and antique connoisseurs. It is ideal for visitors interested in coral reefs and aquatic animals, or visitors who are attracted to the ruins of sunken ships and downed aircraft from World War II. Tourists often come here by airplane and there are many regular flights between Port Moresby and the resort town of Kavieng.
  5. Harlen Beach in the Depapre region is located on the mainland of New Guinea. Harlen Beach lies in Tablasupa Village, the Depapre Subdistrict, which is located on the Northern coast of the island, near Jayapura. Guests should visit the beach by boat and it is the ideal place to snorkel on the coral reefs, bathe in the clear water or relax. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful dive sites in Papua New Guinea. Due to its beauty and popularity, many tourists often call it a small piece of Jayapura paradise! Despite the difficult accessibility, several influxes of people come round and see the beach during the holidays. They even feel like to spend their whole vacation on a private beach, surrounded by unspoiled nature and flawless seawater.

    It is worth the trip only for the boat journey through pristine waters. With its long coastline, these ideal waters attract divers to explore. Up to now, sharks have not attacked local people, they would only attack people who hunt and take shark fins. Located in the Pacific Ocean, this site has seen a total of 49 shark attacks that have killed 25 people since 1925. Therefore, be careful in the case of diving inside the water flows
  6. Buka island is a small island located in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, in Eastern Papua New Guinea. In fact, the city and Buka Island are separated from the North of Bougainville Island by the Buka Passage. The whole islands are in the Northern Solomon Islands archipelago, but not within the nation of Solomon Islands. Many divers judge this site as one of the fantastic sites for scuba diving, swimming, and many other water sports activities, with the pure and blue, which brings in several diving opportunities. And it is also one of the most beautiful dive sites in Papua New Guinea.

    There are as yet no diving operators based at Bougainville. That will surely change over time though as reports from the odd liveaboard that has made it here describe the diving as some of the very best in the whole world. The Solomon Sea reefs off the west coast are very healthy and home to a prolific range of marine life. Reports suggest that globally endangered dugongs are as common here as anywhere in the world. Keen divers may find it worth approaching Papua New Guinea Dive which is the industry association for the country. They may have information about scheduled liveaboards headed for Bougainville.

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