Top 10 Films About World War II

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World War II is the fiercest war in human history, so this is a topic many film directors have filmed in the background. So do you know the 10 best movies ... read more...

  1. IMDb Score: 8.9/10

    Duration: 195 minutes

    Year of release: 1993

    Genre: War, Psychological

    Directed by: Steᴠen Spielberg

    Actors: Ben KingѕleуLiam, NeeѕonRalph Fiennes

    Schindler's List has described yet another aspect related to the Second World War beyond the battlefield and firearms. It is based on the novel Shawindler "ѕ Ark" by Australian author Thomas Keneally. The film tells the story of the life of a German businessman named Oѕkar Shindler.

    He saved thousands of Polish Jews during the war when they took refuge in three concentration camps under his control. The film depicts a rather good side of kindness, good people in the specific situation of war. Their choice out of that kindness can also keep many people alive.

    Schindler's list movie poster. Photo: gocdienanh
    Schindler's list movie poster. Photo: gocdienanh
    Schindler's list casts. Photo: universal pictures
    Schindler's list casts. Photo: universal pictures

  2. IMDb Score: 8.6/10

    Duration: 116 minutes

    Year of release: 1997

    Genre: Comedy, Romance

    Directed by: Roberto Benigni

    Actors: Horat Buthhol, Giustino Durano, Giorgio Cantarini, Nioletta Braѕᴄhi, Roberto Benigni

    If the 3 World War II films are quite interesting to explore many topics about the soldiers' lives, Life Is Beautiful - a film with many humorous and romantic details - explores the life of a Jewish family. This family man was arrested by the Italian police and imprisoned with his son. The father used the best methods to protect his children as much as he could. With love and intelligent humor, the father made his little son believe that this was just a trip. Therefore, the baby boy did not suffer any damage from the circumstances of the war.

    Life is Beautiful is an Italian war-themed film. The film won 3 categories in many categories nominated for Oscar. The film touches the mother and makes many people cry because of the overwhelming fatherly love.

    Life Is Beautiful (La Vie Est Belle) Poster. Photo: The Tallenge Store
    Life Is Beautiful (La Vie Est Belle) Poster. Photo: The Tallenge Store
  3. IMDb Score: 8.5/10

    Duration: 145 minutes

    Year of the vote: 2002

    Genre: Psychological, Romance

    Directed by: Roman Polanѕki

    Actors: Adrien Brod, Thoma Kretѕᴄhmann, Frank Finlaу, Maureen Lipman, Ed Stoppard

    The Pianist is on the list of 100 great films of the 21st century according to the BBC. The film tells the story of a Polish-Jewish pianist named Władysław Szpilman. He witnessed and went through a journey of hardship, suffering like many other Jews under the Nazi era. He was also separated from his family, working for the German army in a concentration camp. He participated in the uprising, then escaped and ended up at the top.

    The Pianist explores the content that is said to be an "indifferent" aspect but also leaves many meanings that make us think during the war. It means that the main character is neither a soldier nor a hero. He is simply an ordinary person trying to do the best he can. That survival, in addition to his efforts, is thanks to the good people around, including the evil side of the main faction. It is the love of a lonely person in a special situation that makes the younger brother think more.

    The Pianist, The 2002 Original Movie Poster. Photo: FFF Movie Posters
    The Pianist, The 2002 Original Movie Poster. Photo: FFF Movie Posters
  4. IMDb Score: 8.2/10

    Duration: 161 minutes

    Year of release: 1957

    Genre: Action

    Director: Daᴠid Lean

    Actors: Aleᴄ Guinness, Jaᴄk Haᴡkinѕ, Seѕѕue Haуakaᴡa, William-Holden

    This World War II movie has content around the British, Dutch, and Australian prisoners of war... The bridge connects the route from Bangkok (Thailand) to Rangoon (Burma). The tree is also a symbol of the powerful presence of the Japanese army here. After it was completed, the British army tried to find a way to defeat it. The construction background makes people think of a fierce reality. To build the bridge connecting the so-called death road, more than a thousand prisoners and hundreds of thousands of laborers had to die.

    After voting, the Bridge on the Riᴠer Kᴡai won 7 Oscars in the three categories. So far, this is still one of the best movies that explore the topic of war that we should not miss once.

    The Bridge on the River Kwai (1958 US poster - Style B). Photo: Wikimedia Commons
    The Bridge on the River Kwai (1958 US poster - Style B). Photo: Wikimedia Commons
  5. IMDb Score: 8.2/10

    Duration: 155 minutes

    Year of release: 2004

    Genre: Psychological, War

    Directed by: Oliᴠer Hirѕᴄhbiegel

    Actors: Bruno Ganᴢ, Alexandra Maria Lara

    The film tells about the last days of the reign of Adolf Hitler and the National Party. When he learned that the Soviet Red Army had hit the city center for more than 10 miles, and was told to leave, Hitler said, "I will defeat them in Berlin or face my downfall." The last days of Hitler have partly revealed to his younger brother the hours of tension and many complicated moments of Hitler's sadness. In addition, there were brief affiliations of many Hitler followers when the National Party came to an end.

    The movie Downfall is considered a great movie related to the theme of World War II, around the world-famous character Hitler. Talented man that the whole world wants to know about. The film was also nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

    Downfall (2004) Original One-Sheet Movie Poster. Photo: Original Film Art
    Downfall (2004) Original One-Sheet Movie Poster. Photo: Original Film Art
  6. IMDb Score: 8.1/10

    Duration: 136 minutes

    Voting year: 2016

    Genre: War, History

    Directed by: Mel Gibѕon

    Actors: Andreᴡ Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Braᴄeу

    The film is based on the 2004 documentary The Concierge Objector. The film explores the theme of the district of soldier Demond Doѕѕ. He was a soldier, but he never used any weapons. People thought he was too cowardly. But no one really understood because he was afraid of violence from a kid, so he promised himself that he would never touch a weapon or kill someone. Only when the American army was attacked by the Japanese, Doѕѕ participated in the medical treatment of many comrades. Even when he hadn't gunned, he also fought according to his way and still contributed a lot to his teammates to fight and win.

    Haᴄkѕaᴡ Ridge is also on the list of America's best World War II movies. The film was selected as one of the 10 best American films of 2016. The film was also nominated in many categories at the 89th Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the AACTA Awards.

    Hacksaw Ridge - Mel Gibson - Hollywood War WW2 Movie Art Poster. Photo: Large Art Prints by Kaiden Thompson
    Hacksaw Ridge - Mel Gibson - Hollywood War WW2 Movie Art Poster. Photo: Large Art Prints by Kaiden Thompson
  7. IMDb Score: 8.0/10

    Duration: 169 minutes

    Year of release: 1998

    Genre: Action, Drama

    Directed by: Steᴠen Spielberg

    Actors: Tom Hank, Matt Damon, Tom Siᴢemore

    The content of the film recounts the fall of American soldiers who attacked the Germans on the coast of Normandy. During this landing, Private Ran lost his life. When knowing this information as well as understanding the situation of Ran's family, the commander-in-chief ordered to open a campaign to find and rescue Ran.

    Among the films of World War II, Saving Private Ryan is the most influential film in the war film genre, describing quite realistically the spirit of the soldier. It was also this real truth that touched my heart.

    This is one of the 100 best films of the American Film Institute and is kept in the Library of Congress for its historical cultural significance.

    Saving Private Ryan. Photo: Pinterest
    Saving Private Ryan. Photo: Pinterest
  8. IMDb Score: 8.0/10

    Duration: 141 minutes

    Year of release: 2006

    Genre: War, Psychological

    Directed by: Clint Eaѕtᴡood

    Actors: Kaᴢunari Ninomiуa, Ken Watanabe, Tuуoѕhi Ihara

    This is a film that explores the perspective of Japanese soldiers during World War II. The film's content revolves around the defense of Japanese soldiers on the island of Jima. They have used many tactics and strategies to resist and keep the island.

    In that process, there were quite a few perspectives, the views of both the commander and the soldier were revealed. The US army attacked the island, the remaining group of Japanese soldiers and their comrades-in-arms were forced to resist the last time they were killed.

    After that, General Kuribaуhi killed the first soldier Saigon who was with him and was arrested. In 2005, three archaeologists found letters married to Saigon 2005 when they were exploring a cave in Io Jima.

    Letterѕ from Iᴡo Jima. Photo: listal
    Letterѕ from Iᴡo Jima. Photo: listal
  9. IMDb Score: 7.8/10

    Duration: 107 minutes

    Year of release: 2017

    Genre: Action

    Directed by: Christopher Nolan

    Actors: Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carneу, Harra Stуleѕ, Aneurin Barnard, James D'Arᴄу

    The film, set in Operation Danamo, describes the largest military evacuation of the Second World War. This time about 400,000 Allied troops had to leave the coast of Dunkirk, France after being trapped for a while by the German army. The story of evacuation is fully described in different perspectives from the air, on the ground, and at sea. Thanks to this, the younger brother had more opportunities to know more about a situation a soldier had to go through when the war took place.

    Dunkirk is a film that is highly appreciated for its authenticity in the evacuation of soldiers during the war. The film describes in detail the scale of a giant evacuation and rescue operation of the Allies with a number of people many times higher than estimated.

    Thanks to the film, the audience also had the opportunity to imagine the biggest evacuation in the history of the war during the Second World War.

    Posters USA Dunkirk Movie Poster. Photo:
    Posters USA Dunkirk Movie Poster. Photo:
  10. Top 10


    IMDb Score: 7.6/10

    Duration: 137 minutes

    Year of release: 2014

    Genre: War, Drama, Action

    Directed by: Daᴠid Aуer

    Actors: Shia LaBeouf, Jason Isaac, Dane Cook, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal, Logan Lerman

    Furу is a film that explores the last days of World War II. The film revolves around the region of rookie Norman. He received the task of digging into the German line in the last days of World War II. The tank he and his teammates used to carry out the mission was named Fury.

    They love this tank very much, and Norman's comrades still consider Fury as their home. They used Fury to deal with the Germans, experiencing crippling moments. Finally, Furу is a safe place to open up for Norman to blow up.

    Fury Movie. Photo: besthdwallpaper
    Fury Movie. Photo: besthdwallpaper

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