Top 8 Most Expensive Kobe Bryant Sneakers

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Kobe Bryant leaves a legacy as one of the greatest sports figures of all time. Sports fans will undoubtedly remember him for many years to come. Bryant will be remembered not only as a five-time NBA champion and a stone-cold killer on the court but also as the face of his own eponymous shoe line. His iconic sneakers were never cheap to begin with, and costs have only escalated in recent years. So here are the eight most expensive Kobe Bryant sneakers ever made.

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Nike Kobe 1 Protro Undefeated

Currently, the Kobe 1 Protro Undefeated is the most costly Kobe Bryant shoe available. Undefeated, a sneaker and apparel business in Los Angeles, collaborated with Nike to replicate Kobe Bryant's first official Nike shoe: the Kobe 1. In 2018, Undefeated introduced a number of limited edition colorways of the shoe. The updated version of this Nike basketball shoe is nicknamed "Protro" (short for "performance retro"), which means it has a retro look but is tailored to match the needs of modern athletes. Bryant is also credited with coining the term "Protro."

During All-Star Weekend in February 2018, the first-ever Protros (white/yellow colorway and camouflage colorway) were introduced. Two months later, the "Close-Out" colorway of the Lakers was launched. There have been more Protro editions of Bryant's earlier shoes released, however they are all limited editions. This shoe is selling for $50,000 on StockX, which is the equivalent of approximately $300 in high-end basketball sneakers.

Price: $50,000

Photo:  KicksOnFire
Photo: KicksOnFire
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Nike Air Jordan “Kobe Bryant” Pack

Although not technically part of Kobe Bryant's Nike Black Mamba line, the Nike Air Jordan "Kobe Bryant" pack warrants notice because Bryant wore customized Air Jordan 3s and Air Jordan 8s throughout the 2002-2003 season. Both sneakers have a white upper with a yellow/purple midsole, which matches the three Laker hues. The tongue, heel counter, and outsole of both shoes all feature the Air Jordan logo. Bryant wore the Air Jordan 3 against the Washington Wizards, which was the last game he and Michael Jordan played against each other before the latter retired at the end of that season.

These Air Jordan Kobes were only available to players and never made it to store shelves. Bryant had left his contract with Adidas a year previously, and the sneakers were an invitation from Nike and Jordan to join the Swoosh brand. For anyone interested in purchasing these ultra-rare basketball shoes, a two-sneaker bundle is available for $30,000 at the famed sneaker consignment site Stadium Goods.

Price: $30,000

Photo:  Footwear News
Photo: Footwear News
Photo: Footwear News
Photo: Footwear News
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Nike Kobe 9 Premium ‘HTM’

Nothing beats the Kobe 9 Premium 'HTM' when it comes to fashionable Kobe Bryant footwear. The shoe's exterior includes a stylish multicolor design with a white overlay, black Swoosh and midsole, and a gum outsole.

Flyknit, Lunarlon, and Flywire technology are also included in the shoe. Nike President and CEO Mark Parker, fragment design founder Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Nike Innovation Leader Tinker Hatfield created this sneaker, which was only available at the Nike Stadium Milano and Excelsior stores in Milan, Italy.

Price: $7,800

Photo:  StockX
Photo: StockX
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Photo: Cleats Head
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Nike Kobe 6 ‘Vault Anniversary’

Nike released a limited edition Kobe 6 'Vault Anniversary' sneakers in 2011 to commemorate Nike Vault's first anniversary. The Nike Vault in Los Angeles, situated outside Staples Center, houses various unique footwear, including Bryant's trademark shoe.

Although the palette of these Kobe Mamba shoes is pretty modest (black, white, and gold), they do come with a special safety deposit box and a Nike AW-77 hoodie. The huge $5,100 price tag is understandable given that only 24 pairs were made available, with the number 24 representing Bryant's jersey number during the latter portion of his career. Therefore, the shoes appear on our list of the most expensive Kobe Bryant sneakers.

Price: $5,100

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Photo: GOAT
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Photo: Pinterest
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Adidas The Kobe Storm Trooper

The Adidas Kobe, often known as the "space boots" owing to its huge white outside, was debuted in 2000 and was Bryant's primary shoe for the duration of the 1999-2000 season. The shoe has a mostly white color scheme and a design that is reminiscent of the Audi TT Roadster. Although Kobe was an important aspect of Bryant's early career (he scored 28 points per game while winning the NBA championship), it was the last sneaker he ever wore for Adidas. Bryant chose to end his contract in 2002 owing to disagreements with corporate management about how his shoe was being produced. In 2003, he signed with Nike.

In 2006, Adidas re-released The Kobe, but deleted all Kobe branding and dubbed the sneaker the 'Crazy 1.' One colorway of the original Adidas Kobes, rather than the Crazy 1, has made its way to the online resale marketplace StockX and is going for $3,100. The Kobe Storm Trooper has a white upper and a black midsole.

Price: $3,100

Photo:  The Sole Supplier
Photo: The Sole Supplier
Photo:  Modern Notoriety
Photo: Modern Notoriety
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Adidas Golden KB8

Bryant was a part of the Three Stripes for the first five years of his career prior to his spectacular Nike tenure, which saw the release of the Nike Zoom Black Mamba line. One of his more popular Adidas sneakers was the Golden KB8, which was never released to the public but still managed to sell for $3,000 on the auction website eBay.

Bryant wore this retro sneaker during the 1998 All-Star Weekend, which has a bright yellow coloring and significant wave motifs. There were just two pairs ever created.

Price: $3,000

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Photo: FunCage
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Photo: Thể Thao Đông Á
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Nike Kobe 5 ‘Big Stage Home’

Unsurprisingly, the sneakers Bryant wore on his way to his fifth NBA title are among the most expensive Kobe Bryant sneakers. The Kobe 5 'Big Stage Home' has a white upper with a tattoo-style design all over and gold accents.

Bryant wore the sneaker during the 2010 NBA Finals when he averaged 28 points and eight rebounds while guiding the Los Angeles Lakers to a hard-fought seven-game triumph over longtime rivals the Boston Celtics.

Price: $1,800

Photo:  Hoop Jordan
Photo: Hoop Jordan
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Nike Zoom Kobe 6 ‘Grinch’

Nike debuted the Zoom Kobe 6 'Grinch' in December 2010 to mark the NBA holiday season, and it quickly became one of the most popular Kobe sneakers of all time. The sneaker comes in a brilliant green color that matches the character it is based on: the naughty Christmas legend The Grinch. In addition to the two-toned green scales, the shoe has a black Swoosh and red Kobe logo on the tongue. The Kobe 6 Grinch is also considered one of the most popular Christmas-themed sneakers of all time.

Bryant first wore the sneakers on Christmas Day 2010, when the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Miami Heat, who had recently added All-Stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Even though the Lakers lost, supporters who sat courtside were rewarded with a win when they received a special Kobe 6 Grinch gift bag following the game. The sneaker would be re-released in December 2020 for $180, but due to its limited availability, resale prices have soared to above $1,000.

Price: $1,000

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Photo: Authentic Shoes
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Photo: KicksGeeks

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