Top 7 Most Expensive LeBron James Sneakers

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The Swoosh brand has long been associated with LeBron James. He had signed a seven-year, $90 million contract with Nike even before he had played a single NBA game, which remains the highest rookie shoe deal in basketball to this day. More than a decade later, James is still with Nike, and the two companies appear to have developed a strong relationship that might survive long after James has retired from sports. Unsurprisingly, the collaboration has resulted in extremely valuable sneakers that have only increased in value in recent years. The seven most expensive LeBron James Sneakers ever released are as follows.

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LeBron 8 "MVP"

The LeBron 8 MVP is the most costly shoe in LeBron James' collection. The shoe is black and red in color, with the MVP logo on the heel counter.

The sneaker was never made public because it was designed to commemorate James' expected MVP victory in 2011. Instead, the title went to Chicago Bulls All-Star Derrick Rose, who at the age of 22 became the league's youngest MVP. The LeBron 8 MVP is one of the most costly basketball shoes ever created, owing to its scarcity.

Price: $15,000

Photo:   snkrvn
Photo: snkrvn
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LeBron 9 "Watch the Throne"

Since the mid-2000s, an increasing number of sneakers have been created as a result of partnerships between sports businesses and celebrities. One of the more well-known collaborations is the LeBron 9 "Watch the Throne," which is also another shoe on the list of the most expensive LeBron James sneakers that never saw a retail release.

The sneaker was inspired by Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative album "Watch the Throne," which included gold flower aesthetics. These LeBron 9s feature the same aesthetics: gold highlights and speckles, as well as flowery laces.

Price: $6,500

Photo:  Swagger sneaker
Photo: Swagger sneaker
Photo:  KicksOnFire
Photo: KicksOnFire
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LeBron 9 "What The LeBron"

The LeBron 9 "What The LeBron?" is one of the most expensive resale shoes ever. These bright sneakers, rumored to be introduced shortly after the Kobe VII "What the Kobe?", never hit sneaker shops and were only available through online resale marketplaces and auction sites.

This sneaker, like the What the Kobes, has a multicolored upper, a speckled midsole accent, and Watch The Throne-style laces. The following LeBron 10's and 11's were also given the "What the..." treatment, but it wasn't until the LeBron 10 that these sneakers were made available to the general public.

Price: $6,000

Photo:  Twitter
Photo: Twitter
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LeBron 8 "HWC"

The LeBron 8 "HWC," like the LeBron 8 James Dean Denims, is a limited edition LeBron sneaker. The shoe was previously unavailable, but it will be available again in early 2021, albeit in limited quantities.

The sneaker has a blue and orange color scheme reminiscent of iconic jerseys worn by James during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2003 to 2010, 2014 to 2018). Those hunting for the original pairs will have to set aside a hefty $5,500.

Price: $5,500

Photo:  Sole Collector
Photo: Sole Collector
Photo:  Authentic Shoes
Photo: Authentic Shoes
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LeBron 9 Low “Arnold Palmer”

The LeBron 9 Low "Arnold Palmer" is another sneaker inspired by another favorite of LeBron's, the Arnold Palmer iced tea-lemonade drink. This drink, named after famous golfer Arnold Palmer, who constantly ordered a drink that blended iced tea and lemonade, has now become a favorite not just of athletes but of anybody who enjoys drinking a variety of beverages.

The LeBron 9 Low Arnold Palmer has a tropical style, with a floral print in a bright yellow tint and teal embellishments.

Price: $5,000

Photo:  Sole Collector
Photo: Sole Collector
Photo:  Jofemar
Photo: Jofemar
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LeBron 4 “Fruity Pebbles”

The LeBron 4 was released in 2006, along with one of James' more colorful sneakers, the LeBron 4 "Fruity Pebbles." This sneaker is named after the popular multi-colored cereal Fruity Pebbles, which also happens to be James' favorite. The shoes are also one of the most expensive LeBron James sneakers.

It has a white top and a rainbow of colors on the midsole and outsole. The sneaker was never made available to the general public because it was a "friends and family" exclusive, but when it did hit the resale market, prices skyrocketed to as much as $4,000.

Price: $4,000

Photo:  Authentic Shoes
Photo: Authentic Shoes
Photo:  Sneaker News
Photo: Sneaker News
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LeBron 8 “James Dean Denim”

These limited edition LeBron sneakers, released in 2011, were created by DJ Clark Kent and have a denim exterior inspired by renowned actor James Dean. Dean, who was known as the actor who transformed American fashion with his characteristic denim trousers, has remained an influential figure even after his death in 1955.

The LeBron 8 James Dean Denim is made of blue denim and has a gum sole with gold embellishments in the Swoosh design. This high-fashion sneaker is presently selling for $2,500 on resale sites.

Price: $2,500

Photo:  StockX
Photo: StockX

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