Top 11 Most Popular Anime Cats Of All Time

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Cats' meowing is frequently interpreted in Japan as a sign of luck. They may also serve as human protectors. This is why it shouldn't come as a surprise that ... read more...

  1. Fujio created the imaginary character Doraemon for the Doraemon manga and animation series. Doraemon, a male robotic cat without ears from the 22nd century, travels back in time to assist a small boy named Nobita. The character's official birth certificate shows his date of birth as September 3, 2112, and Kawasaki, Kanagawa, the city where the manga was created, as his residence. Japan's Foreign Ministry designated Doraemon as the nation's "anime ambassador" in 2008.

    As the manga developed, Doraemon's appearance evolved. His initial appearance was that of a kingfish, with a blue tail, a white stomach, and hands and feet that were flesh-colored. He was hunched over and his torso was much bigger than his head. Later issues featured him with a smaller frame, white hands and feet, and a red tail, which is the look that people now most commonly associate with him. He has a remarkable pocket where he can create an infinite number of tools to help Nobita. Despite being a robot, Doraemon demonstrates empathy and emotions, which endears him to viewers of all ages.

    In terms of popularity, the mascot has been compared to Mickey Mouse from Walt Disney and is recognized as an iconic figure in Japan. The second-strongest manga character of all time, behind Son Goku of the Dragon Ball series, according to a 2007 Oricon survey of 1,000 respondents, was Doraemon.

    Anime: Doraemon

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    A fictitious character named Luna appears in the Sailor Moon media universe. She is a black cat with the capacity to communicate and acts as a role model for the main character and her friends, the Sailor Guardians. Each version of the series opens with Luna making her first appearance. She introduces herself to Usagi Tsukino, reveals her identity as Sailor Moon, and gives her a brooch that enables her to transform.

    Although she is a supporting character for the remainder of the series, Luna plays a significant role in the first story arc. She continues to offer advice to the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask, and the series also explores her relationships with her partner Artemis and their daughter Diana from a distant time. The most distinguishing quality of Luna is her capacity to converse and interact with humans. Only Artemis and their daughter Diana possess this quality. In the first anime version, Luna uses an arcade machine to open a hidden lab beneath Game Center Crown, demonstrating her mechanical aptitude.

    Luna was ranked eighth out of thirty-eight characters in the first official Sailor Moon character popularity survey. With fifty options available a year later, Luna was the twenty-second most popular character. No wonder why it is one of the most popular anime cats of all time. Rupert Giles' character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been likened to her role in the series. According to author Mary Grigsby, Luna and the other cat figures combine ancient notions of feminine mystique with contemporary notions, like the lucky cat.

    Anime: Sailor Moon

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  3. Luna's male counterpart from Queen Serenity's vanished country, who has white fur instead of black, is clumsier but yet just as devoted and brave in his own way, even if he occasionally irritates Luna. He displays his commitment to the Silver Millennium by sporting a golden crescent moon on his forehead, just like Luna does. More substantial than Luna, he is.

    Similar to the manga, Artemis is characterized as Minako's slightly sluggish and lovesick father. He frequently gets into arguments with Luna, and at one point he is expelled from her presence for what he actually did was stare at the church and "hope to one day get married there," not at a nun. Still trying his best to assist Minako in realizing and pursuing her goals, Artemis occasionally takes notes and audition materials from her desk and submits them in her place.

    A cherished and essential figure in the "Sailor Moon" world is Artemis. He has left a deep impression on the Sailor Senshi as well as the fans of the series as the smart and devoted guardian cat of Sailor Venus. Artemis' presence gives the narrative depth, charm, and emotional impact through anything from giving direction and advice to sharing amusing moments and strengthening relationships.

    Anime: Sailor Moon

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    In the Pokémon franchise created by Nintendo and Game Freak, Meowth is a species of Pokémon. It is also considered as one of the most popular anime cats of all time. Meowth, a character created by Ken Sugimori, originally featured in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and other installments in the series. It was also one of the Pokémon to receive a Dark type Alolan Form variation.

    The evil sidekick of Team Rocket never stops talking. He will battle anybody or anything in the attempt to acquire Ash's rare Pikachu and other Pokémon, but it's more arrogance than bravery because he typically ends up flattened. At least he is aware that there are some circumstances in which it is preferable for him to use the enormous robot version of himself to obtain his desired object. That is typically a bust as well. Even if his ideas constantly fail, you have to admit Meowth's capacity for wicked genius is very astounding.

    According to Meowth, who put him fourth on Game Daily's top 10 list of Nintendo characters deserving of their own games, he is "adorable" and has more depth than other Pokémon because he is intelligent and speaks. Meowth, one of the most well-known Pokémon franchise characters, has appeared in a number of promotional activities and collectibles. Merchandise for fast food restaurant businesses like McDonald's and Burger King has also featured Meowth.

    Anime: Pokémon

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    In the movie Kiki's Delivery Service, Jiji is Kiki's friend. Kiki is accompanied by Jiji while she completes her witchcraft training. He once had to pose as a stuffed cat to deliver a gift for a boy's birthday. He was the identical replica of the real stuffed cat that had gotten away in the woods. Black cat Jiji has big, white eyes with black pupils. His ears have iris purple inside. He lives a considerably longer life than a typical cat because he is a witch.

    He can talk and ramp up the sass, but it seems that only Kiki can hear him. Whose cat gives other cats the side look and sneers at them? Even though he is frequently snarky and even comes off as almost conceited, he is still Kiki's guardian and will go to great lengths to protect her. Only the most devoted pet would act like a toy cat after his owner misplaces the real one that was a gift for the boy she is crushing on.

    Jiji was supposed to represent Kiki's childishness, according to Miyazaki, therefore it's possible that Kiki projected these ideas onto Jiji during her voyage in order to hear what she needed to hear.

    Anime: Kiki's Delivery Service

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    Next one in the list of the most popular anime cats of all time is Korin. Over 800 years old and living atop a massive tower is Korin, also referred to as Karin. Korin's eyes are closed because Akira Toriyama drew him while his own cat was dozing off using the cat as a model. In the manga, Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu, and Dragon Ball Online, Korin has blue fur. In the anime, it is turned to white.

    Korin just has one life, as opposed to nine, yet it has already lasted him more than 800 years. Perhaps it has to do with him being a type of deity who transitioned from the afterlife to the world of the living. While Korin could come out as a severe teacher, in reality he's a really sweet guy. Goku changed his mind and decided not to steal the holy water when he went to retrieve it while Korin was fast asleep. This act of integrity and decency delighted Korin, who vowed to give Goku the best training possible.

    The fluffy white cat who resides in a cloud-piercing tower is actually a legendary martial artist and warrior who is frequently portrayed as being far more terrifying than he truly is. Despite having so much status that sounds human, Korin still has a certain feline trait he will never be able to get rid of. He hates dogs.

    Anime: Dragon Ball Z

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    Sango's devoted nekomata companion and primary mode of transportation is Kirara. Kirara was Kohaku's traveling companion after Naraku and the Sacred Jewel were destroyed. She is Setsuna's half-demon companion in Hany no Yashahime and the partner of Sango's youngest child, Hisui.

    Kirara typically has the appearance of a cute adult-sized cat with a kitten's body type. She has two fluffy tails with two stripes on each one, black paws with a stripe, black pointed ears, diamond-shaped marking on her forehead, and light yellow fur. Her eyes are black with red sclera. She did, however, manifest in two different ways: as a cat and a larger form that resembled a saber-toothed cat.

    Kirara is a nekomata, a cat with two tails that can change its shape, and is another kind of yokai. She doesn't behave like the demon that she is said to be. She stands by the side of demon slayer Sango and her brother Kohaku as they attempt to ward off bad things, rather than terrorizing people. Her fidelity endures. She comes dangerously close to giving her life to save Kohaku, who has been poisoned by the half-demon she is trying to kill for him. Don't be fooled by her adorable appearance and undervalue her abilities. Kirara may transform into a ferocious, gigantic cat if necessary.

    Anime: Inuyasha

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  8. The Catbus is a fictitious character from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro. It's a huge, happy-go-lucky twelve-legged cat with a hollow body that doubles as a bus, replete with windows and fur-covered seats and a large bushy tail. While whatever this monster is may sound weird, and no one knows where it came from, crawl inside and you'll find warm, fluffy seats that far outweigh harsh plastic. It will also transport you to your destination while leaving no trace.

    When Mei, Satsuki, and Totoro are waiting for Tatsuo Kusakabe's bus, the Catbus emerges on the forest road. The females make a random noise of surprise after the bus speeds up and then backs up, meowing with its bright car light eyes and smiling like the Cheshire Cat. To function as tail lights, mice with luminous eyes are taped next to the destination sign. It always has a big smile on its face and may come and disappear at any time. It is capable of traveling to any location desired by its passengers.

    Because of the character's popularity, it has inspired a spinoff film, toys for children, an art car, and a position in the Ghibli Museum. Many chain fashion stores, like Hot Topic, sell goods featuring Catbus and other well-known Studio Ghibli characters. That's why it is listed as one of the most popular anime cats of all time.

    Anime: My Neighbor Totoro

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    Happy is Rebecca Bluegarden's pet cat and hails from the planet Excede. Additionally, he is a crew member of the Edens Zero. Small blue cat Happy has a white belly and a tail with a black tip. He has a rectangular head, pink ears, large black eyes with thin, small eyebrows, and pale blue cheek marks on either side of his face, next to his tiny whiskers. Happy can move straight ahead thanks to his unique body type, unlike other cats.

    Happy is a young cat who is kind, sociable, and playful and who, like many machines, is capable of feeling and expressing emotions. He is typically more level-headed and serious than his more lively colleague Rebecca Bluegarden, and he freely admits that their joint B-Cube channel, Aoneko Channel, has not been a commercial success.

    Tragically, when that was the only way to keep him alive after being suddenly hit by a car, he turns into a feline android. He frequently appears on his human's B-Cube channel, a futuristic social media platform. The crew of Eden's Zero is content to have Happy as a versatile weapon. He has the ability to transform into two ether-firing blasters that can be upgraded to cannon or assault rifle modes.

    Anime: Edens Zero

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    Blair would be the next most popular anime cat of all time. Maka Albarn and Soul Eater once mistook Blair, a cat witch, for a real witch. Later, she moved into Maka and Soul's apartment and started working at Chupa Cabra. On occasion, she assists the DWMA, Maka, and Soul in their respective missions.

    Blair is a bakeneko, a mythical cat from Japanese tradition who has various supernatural abilities and is more than just a mischievous being. This one can converse, perform almost whatever magic her humans Maka and Soul can, possibly with the exception of cooking, and teases Soul nonstop by roaming around naked and unbothered in human form. She also had nine lives in actuality. She possesses numerous souls, and if one is lost, she takes on another.

    She assumes the appearance of a young, tall woman with ample breasts and a seductive physique in human form. She has long, violet hair that is cut short and curls up and around her face on either side to resemble a tail. She has a long, curling tail, pale bushy ears, and wide, bright eyes when she transforms into a cat. She is dressed in a scaled-down version of her witch's hat and a collar decorated with a spherical ornament with three triangle-shaped etchings that mimic jack-o-lantern faces.

    Blair excels at empathizing with others and even extending empathy to those who are struggling. She may sometimes act overly friendly to Soul, yet despite being a cat, she is not at all nasty. Whether it's safe or not, she's always looking for some entertainment. She's a very friendly individual who enjoys having fun and playing.

    Anime: Soul Eater

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    The ghost of a cat that Yuzu Kurosaki once fed is known as Raku. The cat Raku has long ears and whiskers, short blonde fur, and a white underbelly. Its eyes are a vivid green that resembles emeralds. Raku may not have had nine lives because, like Happy, he tragically lost one after being hit by a car, but being a ghost has its benefits.

    When Hollows threaten to eat the soul of his human, Yuzu, he can transform into a spirit and take the form of a lion with a blazing mane. Raku can surround himself with fire when in this form and has amazing power and speed. It can easily defeat a Huge Hollow on its own, demonstrating that its strength is comparable to that of a ranking Shinigami officer.

    They have no chance against this morphing attack, known as the Karakura Lion Jet for the incredible speed and power it unleashes along with its flames. In this form, Raku can even take on a Hollow who is three times his size. This is made possible by his strong reiatsu, or spiritual force.

    Anime: Bleach

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