Top 10 Most Popular Anime Dogs Of All Time

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Dogs are known for appearing in a variety of anime programs, movies, and even video games. They are renowned for their loyalty, which is why people have long ... read more...

  1. The best friend of Nina, the family dog of the Tuckers, is a German shepherd named Alexander. After her father reprimanded her for keeping Alex restrained, they became more intimate. Before that, he frequently drew himself in her drawings. Realizing that Nina and Alexander were destined to become even closer is the hardest thing of all. The mind-numbing and heartbreaking scene that viewers saw in the 2003 television series "Fullmetal Alchemist" continues to haunt them now.

    Despite their strong relationship, the conflict and their individual obligations force the two to split ways. Even though it is difficult to see them depart, it is lovely to follow their journey and the extent they would go to reunite. Due to their close friendship and the fact that Nina's father was becoming more and more involved with his alchemy studies, Alexander was rarely seen without Nina despite his size and loud bark. Alexander was typically very friendly and lively.

    Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
    IMDb: 9,1

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    Netflix India

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    If the next dog on the list of the most popular anime dogs of all time resembles a well-known breed, it probably is. Ein, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who gained notoriety for looking like the Queen's pets, has a significant part to perform in the anime "Cowboy Bebop". Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a "data dog," which means that a research facility considerably improved his intellect. Nobody knew for sure what was done to him. Edward was close with Ein, who joined the Bebop team.

    His intelligence has been sharpened via diligent investigation to the point where he is now referred to as a "data dog." Maybe he borrowed a couple letters from Einstein for his name? Watching Ein interact with the main characters is made more interesting by the fact that he cannot communicate.

    This dog, who is close to Edward, has done a lot for the Bebop gang. Ein assisted in solving several of the most significant plot twists that altered the course of the series, such as when he discovered what the sunstone performed and when he realized in advance who Vincent Volaju really was. He can play Shogi fairly well, talk with animals, and hack a system using nothing but his mind. He can also drive a car, answer the phone, and watch TV.

    Anime: Cowboy Bebop
    IMDb: 8,9

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    Netflix Anime
  3. Sadaharu is a Yorozuya member and pet, but he also serves as the group's mascot. He is mostly taken care of by Kagura, but Sakata Gintoki occasionally has to walk him, much to his chagrin. He also saves the planet by stopping an alien cockroach invasion.

    Sadaharu has a big part in a lot of the "Gintama" anime's events. As you can expect, the "Gintama" anime is filled with a lot of tragic situations, and this dog is crucial to the plot. The sisters quickly outgrew their ability to care for this large white-furred, red-collared dog. He was shortly delivered to the Yorozuya, with whom he has been ever since (let's hope they don't keep giving him milk and strawberries).

    has unquestionably earned his position on our list with amusing incidents and all the times he appeared in disguise. But that habit of biting your head! Outside of his change, Sadaharu was a skilled fighter who could take on the Amanto soldiers with his allies. He has the ability to control the flow of Altana within the points because he is the protector of the Dragon's Veins. But as a result, he is kept in a sealed state, between life and death, in order to keep his body connected to the planet.

    Anime: Gitama
    IMDb: 8,7

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  4. A character from the Naruto series is named Akamaru. He is one of Naruto's closest buddies and is a white dog with black markings. Akamaru, a ninja dog from the Konohagakure Inuzuka clan, is Kiba Inuzuka's constant friend and the series' main source of happiness.

    Originally, Kiba and this adorable puppy were connected while the kid was a student, and the animal had been a gift from his mother. Akamaru is special in that he can 'sense chakras' with nothing but his nose, which makes him very useful to Naruto in battle. Akamaru is also incredibly active and devoted, which frequently leads to some of the most enduring anime thoughts about dog lovers. This enables him to evaluate an adversary's power, which has proven very helpful to Kiba.

    Akamaru and Kiba are the inspiration for some of the most endearing canine-person sentiments in anime. They are equally dedicated and active. We observed the fairly amusing internal thought processes of Akamura's dog mentality in a brief narrative from this show. This doggo with the brown nose and the squinty eyes belongs on the list. On the back of his head, there is a charming mohawk-like fur stand that is hard to miss.

    is one of the most popular anime dogs of all time. He is also no stranger to conflict; at one point, he even faced off against Naruto. He put up a solid fight even though he didn't win the contest.

    Anime: Naruto
    IMDb: 8,4

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    The Amagi
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    In the Naruto anime series, Pakkun is a companion animal that can be summoned. The main distinction between this dog and the others on this list is that he is a little, white pug who is a member of the 'Animal Summoning' class of pets.

    The fact that Pakkun is older and wiser than he is cute and mischievous makes him stand out from the other dogs on this list. This dog doesn't add much humor to the performance while being grumpy, educational, and leading. But when it comes to the jobs he needs to complete with Kakashi, he makes up for that by being precise and sincere.

    He is very dedicated to his work and takes great satisfaction in it. The smallest member of the crew, this stern-voiced pug ninken is yet the most devoted and eager to help. He is also the tiniest member of the group, yet he is fiercely devoted and eager to help.

    Every time he detects a scent, Pakkun can tell what kind of scent it is, how far away it is, and how hazardous the person is. He was even revealed in the anime to be able to recognize a target's scent even when it had been disguised. He has also demonstrated incredible speed by being able to outrun grown-up human ninja, even defying others to keep up with him. Shikamaru was dragged along by him when he refused to assist in finding Sasuke, demonstrating the strength he possesses.

    Anime: Naruto
    IMDb: 8,4

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  6. Makkachin is definitely one of the most popular anime dogs of all time. Poodles are very adorable canines, and Victor Nikiforov is frequently accompanied by this one in the "Yuri!!! On Ice" anime. He has been with Makkachin for a very long period. This gorgeous silver-beige poodle with curly hair occasionally resembles a bear, but he is a true representative of his breed.

    Like the majority of poodles, Makkachin is energetic outside, indolent inside, and hardly ever barks. Makkachin is well-trained, able to follow Victor or Yuuri Katsuki when they're in full-on attack mode, and capable of waiting at an airport without creating trouble. Makkachin is incredibly devoted to Victor and frequently sleeps at his side. Makkachin also likes to have fun in the water. Like the majority of dogs, Makkachin is drawn to food that is left unattended.

    Makkachin has shown exceptional loyalty to Victor. When it was revealed that Makkachin, the show's main character, would die, fans of Yuri!!! on Ice were inconsolable. However, when it was revealed that Victor took a vacation from competitive skating in order to spend time with his cherished pet during what fans have come to realize were the doggos' final years, many people felt heart-warmed.

    Anime: Yuri!!!! On ice
    IMDb: 8,3

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    nightshade fisher
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    Heen is a tiny, extremely old, white and brown dog that only appears in the film. He serves Madame Suliman as a covert, albeit unreliable, spy and errand runner. In the books, he appears to take the position of Percival. Waif, a little white dog, appears to be a reference to the movie character.

    Sophie Hatter, who is posing as Howl's mother, is being escorted by Heen, Madame Suliman's personal errand-dog, who is dispatched from the palace. Heen is dragged up the interminable stairs to the palace by Sophie, who believes Heen is Howl Jenkins Pendragon in disguise. Sophie starts a one-sided dialogue with Heen. Heen takes her to Madame Suliman's personal entrance and brings her away from the Witch of the Waste.

    Madame Suliman is seen at the end of the film peering into the orb in her staff to see him and asking him why he did not report earlier, hinting that she dispatched him to accompany Sophie to Howl's Castle to act as a spy. He shows Suliman the joyful ending scene behind him, for which Suliman brands him a "little traitor," though he doesn't appear too offended.

    On any list of anime dogs, he must be included. Heen is referred to as a "little traitor" by Madame Suliman at the conclusion of the film. Although it's unclear what he did that was so awful, it's possible that he assisted mankind in some way. But Madame Suliman, the witch he was sent to guard, is not the object of his loyalty. Heen, though, continues to be utterly devoted to his youthful master, Akko.

    Anime: Howl’s Moving Castle
    IMDb: 8,2

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  8. A character from the well-known anime series Kuroko's Basketball is named Tetsuya #2. He is also considered as one of the most popular anime dogs of all time. The reason this dog is called "2" is because Tetsuya Kuroko, the main character, is closely followed by him. He shares ownership of Tetsuya #2 with the Seirin group, making him a sort of team mascot.

    His legs and belly are snow-white, and the top of his coat is black; his breed is unknown. His eyebrows are two white dots. His most distinguishing characteristic is how much Kuroko's eyes mirror his own; they share the same hue and have the same oval shape. He is known as Tetsuya #2 for this reason. He has many characteristics of a regular dog and is gifted with keen intelligence.

    In many ways, he's an ordinary dog, yet his brains and lovely characteristics make him stand apart. He can discern the Seirin team's mood and bark as necessary. He immediately feels a connection to Kuroko and spends time with him frequently. In addition, the two white spots above his blue eyes give him a distinct personality that is impossible to resist!

    Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball
    IMDb: 8,2

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    Microwave Noises
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    Wanta is a devoted dog who makes an effort to defend those he loves. No matter what, he is always there for his family. After escaping her cruel parents, Mayu first runs into Wanta on Yuigahama. Mayu was about to walk deeper into the ocean, a potentially deadly maneuver given her inability to swim, when the dog's sudden arrival and affectionate expression saved her.

    Wanta is ferociously protective of Mayu and the other Maple House occupants, despite the fact that his diminutive stature prevents him from being a serious threat to outsiders. Given that Wanta's size doesn't seem to fluctuate over the course of the series, it appears that he is merely a small breed of dog.

    Wanta is unquestionably one of the best anime dogs ever, and his time at Maple House is worth seeing. She is the perfect pet for any home because she can comprehend complex instructions and obediently executes them. The Maple House events and the residents' antics are shown in the anime. Even though it may not be the most well-known anime, Wanta's antics are worth seeing.

    Anime: Elfen Lied
    IMDb: 7,9

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    Zeke's contribution to keeping the Takashi Komuro group safe from breakouts has earned him popularity among all anime lovers. That's why it is listed as one of the most popular anime dogs of all time. Zeke plays a significant role in the plot of "Highschool of the Dead" as a guardian and alarm for those he cares about. This white puppy stands out on his own due to the black ear flaps. It's important to note his scarlet collar with the bone decoration hanging from it.

    Zeke is the lone unofficial member; he is a puppy that Alice Maresato found and adopted from Takashi Komuro's group. Prior to the main story's events, Zeke was seen to belong to a young woman, whose current condition is unknown but who is either dead or has in some way become one of "Them." Zeke, despite his diminutive size, is courageous and eager to defend Alice from "them" while she is being attacked.

    Zeke has consistently displayed keen senses throughout the series and is frequently the first to spot "them" before the other survivors. Kohta Hirano gave him the name Zeke, which he drew from the codename "Zeke" used by the American Army to identify the WWII Mitsubishi Zero planes. And as depicted in the anime, "them" never ever attacked Zeke; instead, they quietly passed him by.

    The story of "Highschool of the Dead" emphasizes outbreaks frequently, a plot component that new viewers may find appealing considering the ongoing Wuhan virus pandemic. Zeke the dog is a star in our book because he performs a great job of guarding and warning the people he loves.

    Anime: Highschool of the Dead
    IMDb: 7,2

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