Top 10 Surprising Things That Have Never Happened

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It's common for people to reflect on their past and consider how their lives may have been different. If only you'd chosen to do this rather than that. Of ... read more...

  1. The point structure should be obvious if you have any general knowledge of how American football operates. Six points are awarded for a touchdown, seven for an extra point kick, or eight if a two-point conversion is successful. You can also score three points by kicking a field goal. The one-point safety is far less well-known.

    The idea of a safety is not particularly uncommon. A safety is a tackle that results in a player being stopped in their own end zone, and it awards two points. They occasionally take place. That is, nevertheless, a two-point safety. One-point safeties are extremely uncommon and have never occurred in NFL history.

    A lot of extremely bad things need to happen for a one-point safety to happen. After scoring a touchdown, a team must attempt an extra point. Typically, this is run-in for a two-point conversion or kicked for one point. The team attempting to score the extra point would need to somehow make it to their own end zone, nearly 100 yards back down the field, and then get tackled by the opposing team while they are there in order for the one-point safety to occur. Really, there is no logical justification for it to occur, which likely explains why it hasn't.

  2. The same warning stickers are probably there at every gas station you've visited in the previous 20 years if you've ever stopped to get gas. Some clearly state not to use a cell phone while pumping gas since doing so could result in an explosion. Others simply depict the phone itself. You will be informed that sparks near a fueling pump could cause fumes to ignite by those with more detailed warnings. Of course, sparks can actually ignite gasoline fumes. But when did your phone start shooting sparks?

    These stickers are required by the National Fire Protection Association because there is a possibility that your cell phone could start a fire. Do you recall the reports of people's phones catching on fire? There is still a potential that this might occur. You're not supposed to use your phone since there's a chance.

    The only justification for the ban is actually that chance. No one's phone has ever caused a fire to start at a petrol station. Other safety organizations have recently reevaluated the risk and found that there is really no need to keep your phone hidden because the risk is so minimal.
  3. Naked mole rats differ from other rodents in various ways, in addition to their lack of hair: They appear to be immune to cancer and have an uncommonly lengthy lifespan for a rodent. Researchers have now identified a natural substance that is present between the rodents' tissues and may be the cause of their resistance to cancer.

    The peculiar nature of naked mole rats is obvious from their name alone. The fact that naked mole rats do not contract cancer in the wild is one of their most amazing characteristics, despite their very peculiar look. In fact, a naked mole rat bred in an unusual environment with higher than usual oxygen levels was the only one ever to be found to have cancer. It has been hypothesized that this caused the cancer.

    The scientists discovered after studying tissue cultures from naked mole rats that these tiny, underground rodents create a distinct, high-molecular-mass type of hyaluronan they dubbed HMW-HA. The removal of this molecule caused naked mole rat cells to be more prone to tumor formation, which suggests that HMW-HA plays a significant part in the rodents' resistance to cancer.
  4. Cats' purring is one of their distinctive characteristics. Even some big cats emit purring noises, which helps make animals like lions seem a little more human-like. Years passed with science still unable to explain how cats even produced the sound, despite the fact that we now know it is caused by the dilation and constriction of muscles close to the cat's larynx, which allow the noise to occur as the cat breathes. While it's wonderful to understand how cats purr, we still don't understand why.

    It's very evident that the phrase "cats purr" is used to convey contentment. It makes sense that your cat would purr when you pet it. However, studies have indicated that there must be more going on than meets the eye.

    Early on in life, a kitten's purr could be regarded by the mother cat as a sign that the kitten is doing well. As previously stated, a content cat purrs when petted. However, a cat may also purr if it is hurt and in agony. It's been reported that cats purr when they pass away.

    are known to purr on their own when left alone and secretly recorded by a camera, according to research. The reason for the activity is obviously not as straightforward as we assumed because fear and stress also appear to be purring triggers.
  5. One of those commodities you cannot just find somewhere is land. There isn't much space that is unclaimed, and even unexplored territory is still theoretically controlled by the government of the nation in which it is found. With the exception of one location on earth where nobody claimed any of it. The Antarctic is where you may locate Marie Byrd Land.

    An international treaty that governs Antarctica stipulates that various nations may claim certain areas of the continent for scientific research. There is no military there, and it is essentially a cooperative. Marie Byrd Land is still unclaimed, though. It was reserved for the United States because an American made the initial discovery and because the country formerly established a research base there. However, the base was abandoned because of the hostile environment, and any ownership claims were never recognized by the Antarctic Treaty, therefore nobody is in possession of it.
  6. You might not be familiar with candlepin bowling if you're not a huge bowling fan. Although it is fairly similar to traditional 10-pin bowling, the main distinction is the number of pins. Candlepins are long, thin pins that resemble candles. Additionally, because of the lower size of the ball being utilized, knocked-down pins are not cleared. Bowlers face a greater task as a result of this. It's so good that no one has ever bowled a perfect game, in fact. Despite the fact that the game was created in the 1880s, this.

    A perfect game in traditional bowling is a 300 total, and candlepin bowling is no different. The current record in candlepin, though, is 245 points. Chris Sargeant earned that score after 20 years as a professional candlepin bowler. He had previously averaged about 125 per game. His accomplishment actually linked him with the previous record holder, and more than ten years later, it appears that score is still the highest in the world.
  7. Mount Everest has been climbed by about 4,000 individuals. Only 400 people have successfully ascended K2. Numerous other summits have been conquered by thousands of additional climbers. The genuinely daring daredevils out there even free-climb some of them. Despite this, there are countless mountains in the globe that have never been scaled. Gangkhar Puensum is the tallest of all of them. With a height of 24,836 feet or 7,570 meters, it is Bhutan's tallest mountain. It is therefore around 1,000 meters shorter than K2. So why hasn't anyone tried to climb it? Not at all.

    Mountain climbing is not permitted in Bhutan. In the nation, you are permitted to climb smaller peaks, but anything over 6,000 meters is prohibited. No one had ever reached the top of the mountain despite previous attempts. If anyone is going to have the opportunity to climb the mountain in the future, the Bhutanese government needs to change its mind about the law, which has been in effect since 1994.
  8. Haunted homes start to pop up again around Halloween time to get folks in the mood for the holiday. Although there are still some fairly mild haunted houses, the hardcore horror lovers always demand more and better, which has resulted in some horrifyingly extravagant horror experiences. None are as well-known as the haunted home at McKamey Manor. 40,000 eager horror lovers visited the house over the years. Despite a $20,000 reward upon completion, nobody ever managed to complete their adventure.

    You could watch some of the McKamey Manor's YouTube videos to get straight to the point of why it was so difficult to defeat. In essence, it was torture done voluntarily. Eight hours would be spent on the scene, when people would be waterboarded, assaulted, terrified, and more. Nothing, of course, that they didn't formally consent to. (However, some attendees assert that they did not agree to everything that took place and charged McKamey with assault and other offenses.) According to Russ McKamey, no one is ever tortured and acts like waterboarding never take place. Participants had to submit to extensive waivers and test negative for drugs. However, nobody ever completed.
  9. The majority of us are unlikely to have heard of or travel to Tristan da Cunha. It is the world's most remote inhabited island. There are about 250 people living there, and supply boats arrive a few times a year. Additionally, there is essentially no crime there. As of 2010, police inspector Conrad Glass had never actually made an arrest in his 22 years of service.

    On the entire island, there are only six surnames, therefore everyone is related to someone or at the very least is familiar with their family. Additionally, they claimed that crime "was low" even as the island searched for new police in 2019. Glass acknowledged that there were conflicts, but they only arose amongst acquaintances and the majority of his work was to defuse the situation.

    The island seems to desire an officer for community support rather than to crack down on crime, which again doesn't seem to exist in any significant way there for the 2019 job posting. The last time the prison cell was utilized, according to Glass, was in the 1970s, before he was an officer. Knife fight on a fishing boat proves that the crime, which occurred some 30 or 40 years earlier, didn't truly take place on the island.
  10. There are around 800 different species of eels in the globe, yet most people probably only know a few of them. Even though unagi and lamprey pies aren't as common as they once were, you may still find them at Japanese restaurants if you look hard enough. Eels are plentiful and available for everyone. But from where do they originate?

    Eels are fish, therefore it seems to reason that they reproduce, mate, and produce baby eels as the globe continues to turn. Obviously. However, have you ever witnessed eels spawning in a river or at sea? You are not alone, and you have not. Nobody has witnessed that. Even an egg has never been discovered by us. Because eels can be bred in captivity, even if it's not the easiest thing to accomplish, we know they don't have strange, sci-fi mating behaviors. But scientists have never seen it in its natural habitat.

    Of course, the mystery is increased by the fact that their life appears to have begun somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. Eels have been observed traveling countless distances by swimming from freshwater to the open ocean. But their real hatching sites and final resting place are still a mystery.

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