Top 4 Things about Virgin Islands You Should Know

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There are some Things about the US Virgin Islands You Should Know about that you should know before your next visit. Yes, aside from the fact that St. ... read more...

  1. The US Virgin Islands, which are located close to the right of Puerto Rico, have been a US territory since 1917 and do not require a passport for entry. With that minor annoyance out of the way, if you're feeling adventurous and want to make the most of your beach time, direct flights to St. Thomas are available from Atlanta, Boston, New York, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. Spirit Airlines frequently provides direct flights from Fort Lauderdale to New York for less than $300. Bonus: Once you arrive, the local currency is the US dollar, and the islands have ATMs.

    Visitors must now ask for entry authorization in advance, as they must in all Caribbean countries. This can be done online at with documentation of a negative PCR test, a negative rapid/antigen test, or a positive antibody test received within five days after your arrival on the island. Vaccinated tourists are not exempt from the testing requirements at this time.

  2. The Virgin Islands were heavily influenced by Pirates of the Caribbean in the late 1600s. Its crooked governors got wealthy after accepting bribes from wandering pirates in exchange for safe harbor. Captain Kidd, Jean Hamlin, Stede Bonnet, Tempest Rogers, Bartholomew Sharp, and Black Sam Bellamy are just a few of the noteworthy ones.

    Norman Island (named for a pirate) is located just off the east coast of St. John and is the scene for Robert Louise Stevenson's Treasure Island, as well as Stevenson's Dead Chest Island. The park's piracy archaeology is ongoing, and two sites are discovered that could very possibly be 17th-century pirate hideouts.
  3. As previously indicated, the British, who are infamous for driving on the left side of the road, owned the US Virgin Islands. What's even stranger? The country's cars are U.S. imports because it is under US rule, hence the steering wheel is on the left side of the car, and you drive on the left.

    The United States Virgin Islands (USVI) is the only territory under US authority where driving on the left is the norm. Due to the importation of American automobiles, practically all passenger vehicles are left-hand drive. Although cars travel on the left side of the road, practically all of the vehicles on the island have left-hand steering columns. Roads are frequently narrow, steep, and take sharp curves due to the terrain. They usually have a rough surface.

    This may take some getting used to, so if you're worried about driving around St. Thomas during your vacation, call a taxi or use the Dollar Ride bus. It's really safe, and a few dollars will get you around the island. This is one of the top Things about Virgin Islands You Should Know before traveling to this beautiful islands.
  4. About fifty islands make up the USVI but only St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix are the three most prominent ones. These three islands, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, have distinct personalities. This is one of the top Things about Virgin Islands You Should Know and you remember them this way:

    • Cultural St. Croix is recognized for its historic villages (particularly Christiansted and Frederiksted), shops, and pastel-colored houses. TRY: Touring the 12-acre Estate Whim Museum, the only sugar plantation museum in the Virgin Islands ($10,, which includes 18th-century slave quarters, a sugar factory, and a windmill.
    • Natural St. John is a nearly-completely protected United States national park, consisting of two-thirds of green hills and an underwater reserve, as well as the beautiful beaches of Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Maho Bay. TRY: Packing a lunch and heading out on the Reef Bay Hike, a three-mile downhill hike through tropical rainforest, sugar mill ruins, and ancient petroglyphs. The hike, transportation to the trailhead, and a boat ride back to the Visitors Center are all included in the $30 cost (
    • Cosmopolitan St. Thomas is famed for its shopping and restaurants, on the other hand. TRY: Relaxing on the well-kept white sands at Magens Bay, which has been dubbed one of the world's most beautiful beaches and is staffed with Red Cross-certified lifeguards and snack and drink bars ($4).

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