69shu (久久书院)

69shu (久久书院) has emerged as a prominent platform among the best sites to read raw Chinese GL novels, captivating readers with its extensive collection of captivating stories. Developed and released by 69shu Literature, this website has gained significant recognition since its inception.

Among the top-read Chinese girls love novels on 69shu, several notable titles have captured readers' attention. Works such as "Falling in Love with a Rival" (与情敌相恋) by Xia Qingyi and "Love You 59 Seconds" (只恋你59秒) by Ye Fei Ye have become fan favorites. These novels are praised for their compelling plots, well-drawn characters, and tender romantic relationships.

69shu has become famous for its vast library of GL novels, offering readers a diverse range of genres and themes to explore. The platform's user-friendly interface, regular updates, and interactive features contribute to its widespread acclaim among BL enthusiasts.

With a significant number of monthly visitors, 69shu continues to attract a large and dedicated audience. Its captivating storytelling and immersive reading experience make it a preferred choice for fans of Chinese GL literature.

Founded: 69shu Literature
Founder: Unknown
Headquarters: China
Official Website: www.69shu.com

Screenshot via https://www.69shu.com/
Screenshot via https://www.69shu.com/
Screenshot via https://www.69shu.com/
Screenshot via https://www.69shu.com/

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