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Arnold & Son, a watch brand with a heritage rooted in British watchmaking history, has been rejuvenated in the 21st century as a symbol of technical prowess, artistic excellence, and horological innovation. Named after John Arnold, an eminent 18th-century watchmaker, the brand pays homage to its founder's legacy while embracing modern design and craftsmanship.

Arnold & Son
is celebrated for its intricate complications and haute horlogerie expertise. The brand's timepieces often feature complex movements with multiple complications, such as tourbillons, perpetual calendars, and moon phase indicators. These watches exemplify the brand's dedication to pushing the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking.

Collections like the Nebula, HM Perpetual Moon, and Time Pyramid showcase Arnold & Son's blend of contemporary aesthetics and traditional watchmaking techniques. The Nebula, with its innovative overlapping movement architecture, highlights the brand's commitment to visual and technical innovation.

With a commitment to precision and artistic refinement, Arnold & Son's watches are often recognized for their distinctive aesthetics and attention to detail. Each timepiece represents a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, making the brand a favorite among horological connoisseurs who appreciate both technical excellence and artistic beauty.

Founded: 1995

Founder: John Arnold

Headquarters: London, England




Photo by Arnold & Son via Instagram
Photo by Arnold & Son via Instagram
Photo by Arnold & Son via Instagram
Photo by Arnold & Son via Instagram

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