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A variety of amusing or holiday prank calls are available from Comedy Calls and can be delivered to anyone. The website provides a large selection of amusing calls in a variety of areas, allowing you to pick your favorite call and make fun of your pals. It is a great place to laugh and doesn't have any obtrusive calls that could upset your buddies.

Comedy Calls
function easily. Simply select the funny call type and enter the mobile number of the recipient. To make the prank call to your friend's number, click Send Now. Additionally, a premium version is available that enables you to fake your caller-ID and use a different number to place the calls. Additionally, you can use an ad-free interface and arrange a call for a later time.

Here, you just need to follow 3 easy steps to call your friend and annoy them.

  • Choose a Comedy Call: From this list, pick any one practical joke call.
  • Your Friend's Telephone: Enter the number of pals you want to call as a joke right now.
  • Send that! By selecting the "send now" button, you must now send the call.

All the categories on the site's left side are available if you wish to send a certain category of prank call to a buddy. So trick your friend by using this website once.


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